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How Courier Company UPS Operate Knowledge Videos

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Sandra Gayle (28 days ago)
This is the worst company to carry packages that whole company are nothing but morons. They had my package for three days claiming they could not deliver it because no one was home which I had been home all day. Then they Said the next day they could not deliver it again because they couldn't get to the door. There is NO! Gate's around our apartment. It is walk up. Then they said they made an attempt and left a notice on my door. they left nothing on my door and all my Neighbors say they had not even seen UPS in a week. This is the most hairbrained morons to call an America company. eBay sellers use these fools a lot but they can save their customers a lot of frustration by using USPS trust me. Amazon got the right idea. Stay away from UPS . They had one of my packages for one week saying this same crap. I threaten them with the lawsuit because they lied to me about my package knowing that had it all the time. eBay sellers should stay away from this stupid ass company.
Jaqueline Sekatane (1 month ago)
Guys I'm confused here someone sent parcels via ups all the way from London to South Africa they said I must pay R681 to clear the good so I dont whether I should pay or not please help guys
david John (5 months ago)
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Yunus Zamzam (7 months ago)
Ups Indonesia bad service ever