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Will Circular runways "take off"

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Will straight runways disappear and circular runways take over. In todays episode I will give you an overview of what circular runways are and what problems, if any, thy have. I will only give you a few of the issues I see with this concept, there are many more, but I hope you will like the overview. If you want to learn more about how pilots handle Engine Failures after takeoff, download the FREE Mentour aviation app using the links below. IOS (apple): https://appstore.com/mentouraviation Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.teamta.mentouraviation
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127mar127 (2 days ago)
Good thing about circular runway is that you can never run out of a runway
Wilson Flyer (4 days ago)
Digging the RC planes flying behind you. Had my private ticket for 30 years and been flying RC for almost 40.
The Artificial Society (6 days ago)
There is a very easy answer to capacity deficiency, raise prices. But the politicians subsidize the industry.
Dudley (9 days ago)
Make all of CA a runway. Solve several problems.
RealyRandomStudio Savage (10 days ago)
*Swiss001 Has joined the chat*
svesom (12 days ago)
But there could be other Solutions of the well known Problem of lets say, Crosswind. So lets take look outside the Box and see how other Pilots handle this. A Hangglider Pilot has two Problems. He can´t control the Yaw Axis independetly to the Roll. When there is Crosswind and he must follow a Path on the Ground. He is landing Sideways. The same when it comes to a Tow Start with Crosswind. Turn the Nose into the Wind and Run Sideways. When Aircrafts where able to do so, they will have much less complicated Landings in Crosswinds. For me the Solution is clear: The Maingears should be able to rotate, for making Sideway Landings and Starts possible. This comes with other Benefits. If Airplanes can do this, they become also more maneuverable on the Ground.
Brian Davies (12 days ago)
How about a new aircraft design where the passenger section is detachable from the rest of the aircraft? Surely that would reduce waiting times, and increase safety of passengers in the event of catastrophic malfunction?
Sierranite (20 days ago)
And where is the ramp area? Outside the circle means that the aircraft has to taxi up the banked side. Possible tail strike? Inside is impossible for passengers to reach. Much more difficult for fire rescue to access The surface area for the entire airport including terminals would exceed that of straight runways.
Christopher Dunn (21 days ago)
I can remember seeing many years ago an article designed during WW2 for a circular runway for the RAF. A Tower in the centre that rotates then cables attached from it to the aircraft wing and it would take off same way as a Control Line model aircraft. Then once in flight release the cable. If I remember right the idea was you could make these runways using very little space, plus get the aircraft up quickly. I would imagine the idea was dropped because chances ripping the wing off, can imagine it would also be a nightmare for the Pilot.
Beren Scott (25 days ago)
Or you could just learn how to land a plane in crosswinds.
why-not.tv (1 month ago)
Needing to go in a circle defeats the original intention of avoiding cross wind. (A pilot Will be changing the heading of the plane as he /she goes in a circle) yes during final approach, the plane will be lined up with the headwind. But if the plane is too high or too fast, then the landing will have to be on a further point on the runway. To follow the runway, the pilot will need to constantly change the magnetic heading.
William Jones (1 month ago)
Pardon the pun, but I do not think this idea will fly. One consideration is since the aircraft will be traveling in a circle, one set of wings will be traveling faster than the other, creating problems with lift.
Bad Cattitude (1 month ago)
The runways should be shaped like a tesseract so you can land on any of the sides at any time
Vincent Vega (1 month ago)
Fist time I saw this idea it was close to april first. So I expected on the end of this podcast you would say : by the way this idea is made as an April first joke. Me as a little bit flight scared person don't want to feel during a landing any sideways G-fors because we're on a fucking roundabout. LOL! 🤣
Old Hippie (1 month ago)
Vertical takeoff/landing for commercial liners... that would make a "run"way obsolete!
Sultan Alshamsi (1 month ago)
what about square runways?
Mike Smith (2 months ago)
im thinking this circle would have to be GI_NORMOUS to even work properly
Jim Crosby (2 months ago)
High-speed belts. you land on a belt that is spinning much like a treadmill. You can shorten runways by half. I just made that up, I don't know any of the physics.
engines and more (2 months ago)
Mentour: "standing on a straight runway while talking about a circular runway" Me: "unexpected, but not surprised" 🤨
Antonie van der Meer (2 months ago)
Do pilots test these things in simulator because it would be fairly easy. With emergency procedures.
Steve K (2 months ago)
It's a great idea but in the US it will be banked ovals. The interesting thing would be what radius the planes can negotiate. Airports could be built on the inner section so that space is utilized. There would never be a need for cross wind landings or severe braking. By the time aircraft were at the downwind side their speed would be reduced. The main problem would would be keeping the Brits from going the wrong way.
RAKANKAN (2 months ago)
A better Idea will be something like a "Airport walk belt conveyor" for a runway that will spin endlessly once the plane lands - Sort of like an exercise TREADMILL - Imagine, You land and you look out the window and nothing moves outside!! - What a rush!!! If you decide to go with my Idea then I want my cut of the action!! Do I have to do all the thinking every time!! :)
Mustafa Shulqamy (3 months ago)
The Nosewheel will Collapse!
Fear Me (3 months ago)
Sounds like it's possible but it would mean a complete overhaul of nearly all airports and aircrafts, very interesting!
André Pennington (3 months ago)
I always like to see guys wearing your cap. That just puts the cherry on top
André Pennington (3 months ago)
Hello. Where is your helmet Mr. Caprain.??? Looking pretty smart, just the cap missing. The full atire is so much more professional. Andre South Africa, Gaureng. Enthusiast
Matthew Hamel (3 months ago)
nice vid!
Private (3 months ago)
In a corruption free democracy it would be perfect! Just make it 10 km diameter that gives it 13.4km runway. Retard and touch down with water draining because of the slight bank. The engine manufacturers would sell less engines as one could just let it run out on a quiet day. Brake makers would sue airports for selling less brake consumables. Oil companies would even more corrupt governments to add costs as less pack fuel would pollute. Paint factories would corrupt newspapers for the loss of paint sales and ask them to print fake news. No more piano keys, greedy music barrons would sell less copies of "ebony and ivory" and threaten pilots who would support this concept. Papi light makers would sulk for having to use their brains to re design working lights. Communists would refuse to give priority to needy planes having issues with crosswind. Boeing would sulk most as the new Chinese planes would have long enough "legs" to support 80m fuselages. Noise administrators would commit suicide when the Chinese bring in their electric planes and some would be made redundant...
bcgrittner (3 months ago)
Noteworthy concept. Probably won’t see it in my lifetime.
Shadow_Hiker (3 months ago)
ILS? Hope so.
DREW JEERS (4 months ago)
Judging by the title screen the mentor pilot isn't sure about this circle runways buiseness.
Tony Thompson (4 months ago)
Now lets see if the wind is blowing oh say around 45kts. You start with a crosswind turn into the wind touch down and then roll out into a crosswind form the other side. Every pilots dream, then add some wind shear and you could have airplane parts all over the runway all the time. Ice snow and rain, on the runway, any pussy could handle that! How about rubber bumpers on the wing tips and engines. Or maybe a rubber room for the jackass who came up with the idea.
Mr. E's Mysteries & Magicks (4 months ago)
Odd that this Dutch guy is getting credit for the idea from watching YouTube videos. I remember reading an article about this concept decades before there was an Internet, let alone YouTube.
Reeta Tassberg (4 months ago)
We should just build a square runway, much easier.
Reeta Tassberg (4 months ago)
I’m thinking the circle has to be even bigger. The airport buildings have to be situated under the runway so they don’t hide anything. That means the embankment could be a little bit flatter. The question is where is a place so big and flat this would be possible.
James Kenyon (4 months ago)
Such a ridiculous concept
Kaiser SwagHelm II (4 months ago)
Why does this runway look like a green screen, is it just me?
Reeta Tassberg (4 months ago)
Because it is
Agent Smith (4 months ago)
London already has one called the M25. We just need to get rid of the cars.
DSLeicester (2 months ago)
How childish and pathetic. Grow up.
bbsonjohn (4 months ago)
Circular runway: Dumbest idea ever
Hank Bridges (4 months ago)
NO! Emergency planes need straight. At night, they can't be seen clearly!
Reeta Tassberg (4 months ago)
Hank Bridges why not?
muhiuddin khan (5 months ago)
@mentour When aircraft is accelerated more than 90 knots at the time of take off the nose weal is at 90 degrees, and not turn either right or left . Then how come circular runway works here ?
German Turtle (6 months ago)
Hey @Mentour Pilot just thinking all the issues would be solved if we had an equally ridiculous, oversized, and overly expensive overlapping style octagonal runways? One long runway for each 45 degree wind angle, with moving / rotating ILS and antennae!? That could potentially work and it would eliminate the sliding and centrifugal force based issues, it just wouldn't completely eliminate the cross wind issue, however, it would allow a more favorable angle.
Reeta Tassberg (4 months ago)
German Turtle maybe just a square
Gordon Anderson (6 months ago)
I have no idea why this dumb idea ever got any interest or attention from anyone.
mary ward (6 months ago)
Just add vertical thrusters to all planes, like the Harrier Jump Jet.
Patrik Hägne (6 months ago)
Is shoe polish going to happen?
Hugh Riddle (6 months ago)
The diagram shows a banked runway with a concave cross-section which reduces wing-tip clearance. But there seems no reason for that concavity so clearances should be unaffected. Banking should also improve water run-off.
bajelankan (6 months ago)
Landing will be a problem tbh
bajelankan (6 months ago)
Landing will be a problem tbh
Snazzlecat (6 months ago)
Take offs would be a whole new experience - the plane is tilted as it lines up on the runway, and will feel that way until speed creates sufficient centrifugal force. At that point it will feel as though you are level, but then you’ll get totally disoriented as you rotate and have to level the aircraft to begin climbing. That transition period will be made exponentially more complex in any sort of unstable atmosphere conditions, or mechanical issues or bird strikes etc. As if taking off from a flat straight runway didn’t present enough challenges, taking off from an embankment would require extensive additional training as well as aircraft and ground systems/equipment development. Trying to solve one problem creates many others and a whole lot of additional costs.
Elli P (6 months ago)
Petter, your left shoelace is making me nervous. Pull up! Pull up! ;-)
Chic Zara (4 months ago)
I want to unread this comment
Jasmine Jeanine (6 months ago)
That sounds like a absolutely HORRIBLE idea. Yes there is crosswinds but I rather deal with that any day then deal with a wingtip digging in and the plane breaking up as it cartwheels down the runway. Plus they'd have to change planes to allow one side to take more weight as well as having the issues of take off since the entire pt of a banked road is to make things NOT go airborne.
P T (6 months ago)
What about 5 straight, flat runways configured into a pentagram? If each runway is 3 miles in length, that allows 15 square miles inside for taxiways and airport structures. Plus only 5 approaches. Perhaps this concept could handle more traffic easier without undo traffic pattern changes from nearby airports.
Reeta Tassberg (4 months ago)
P T that or just a square
Jason Lambek (7 months ago)
When I first saw the title/thumbnail, I thought this was a joke. Turned out not to be all that funny.
YK Chan (7 months ago)
Planes and landing gears were not developed for higher speed side load in a turn on runway still maintain skidding ... let alone side wind and bad weather. unless runway surface also bank at an angle conforming plane’s banking at a specific speed and turn rate.
Deano TheSaxman (7 months ago)
The other thing you also have to see & talk about, is that an aircraft coming into an airport in an emergency situation Undercarriage failure or engine failure ... if the aircraft lands short of the runway and is in a belly down situation ... it's not usually going to slide in an arc ... it's gonna want to slide with a forward motion in a straight line ... How does a circular runway work in that situation ... ?
Dimi Noise (7 months ago)
What is that aircraft in the background..?? 👽
Stefano Barone (7 months ago)
I think of another problem as well: asymmetrical wear of tyres and landing gear
Hayden and Jack’s Gaming! :D (7 months ago)
Stefano Barone also the wings might clip on the runway
Daniel Mottram (7 months ago)
surely if you were going to make a runway that could be approached from anywhere you would just have a flat open area or tarmac *not saying its a good idea*
James Millson (7 months ago)
The problem I see with circular runways is that you would have to change all the approach procedures, and sequencing which means retraining the air traffic controllers. Traffic patterns and takeoff procedures would also change meaning you would have to retrain almost all the pilots to. Those are just my thoughts and I might not be being opened minded enough but I’m not sure if it is worth all the changes that would be needed. All this being said I am only 13 and haven’t even starting pilot training yet so I am no expert.
REA987 (7 months ago)
That sounds like a Soviet idea from 70s or 80s. :-P
noname117spore (7 months ago)
I would like to add on to the discussion about centrifugal force. Since the runway is banked, gravity will actually pull the plane slightly inward. The faster you move, the greater the centrifugal force pushing the plane outward is. As such, you have a constant force pushing the plane inward and a “force” pushing the plane outward which depends on the aircrafts speed. The relative strength of these forces compared to each other also depends on the banking of the runway. Because of this, you could balance the banking of the runway so that at takeoff speeds the aircraft is not being pulled to the inside or outside of the runway, which would make the point about engine shutouts moot at takeoff speed (although if the plane isn’t at takeoff speed and the outer engine shuts off then the plane does get pushed to the inside, but if your banking is curved then this may not be an issue either). If there are obstacles in the way, you could just limit the angles planes are allowed to approach or leave at, although this does partially defeat the purpose of building one in the first place. The circular runway seems to be an interesting idea, with some advantages compared to straight runways but also some impracticalities compared to straight runways (which probably outnumber the advantages tbh). Given that we’d have to rebuild our planes and airports to accommodate for circular runways, I just don’t see them as practical.
Amir Khalid (7 months ago)
There might also be design issues from having to fit the airport complex inside the circular runway.
Sagecedar (7 months ago)
Errr the title
Max Waterman (7 months ago)
Make planes that never take off. Easy.
Cesar E. Garza Lozano (7 months ago)
awesome, i wanted to see the point of view from a pilot.
tek87 (7 months ago)
That plane flying behind you must have been doing Mach 20.
Jørgen Ramdahl (2 months ago)
Its an RC plane
BedTime (7 months ago)
How is anyone even supposed to get IN or OUT of the airport
BedTime (7 months ago)
@babar akbar haha that'll be great for congestion
babar akbar (7 months ago)
Under ground access
Sali Mall (7 months ago)
End of 2018 , MIT did a first solid state airplane , which in 50 years may change the aviation world changing wing shapes , landing and take off distances and cross wind may become a more critical parameter than length . So I see circular runways in 80 years or so ( which I will not be able to see actually)
The Lowmein (7 months ago)
VTOL passenger aircraft. Boeing 838 will have VTOL and still carry 200 passengers. That would be cool and if reliable make congestion a lot better, you could land way more aircraft at once.
r ms7766 (7 months ago)
Realy i like it round runway excellent
Cary Swoveland (7 months ago)
That's a pretty strong case against circular runways, but what about the "HW" runway planned for Chicago O'Hare? For readers unfamiliar with that project there is a huge vertical loop in the middle of an otherwise straight runway. The idea is that aircraft will remain in the loop until they have achieved sufficient velocity to be able to take off shortly after exiting the loop. It's been calculated that the runway requires only 63% of the length of a conventional runway. As the aircraft approaches the loop entrance, if its speed is insufficient to provide the centrifugal force needed to keep it in contact with the runway at the top of the loop the pilot can abort by directing the aircraft to an escape ramp. There are several safety advantages. For one, there is no concept of V1. If a problem occurs in the loop, no matter the speed, the pilot can simply remain in the loop until velocity has decreased to the point where a safe exit from the loop can be made. The surface throughout is as flat as that of a conventional runway, so existing aircraft can be used. The loop has been engineered to balance forces so precisely that passengers may not realise they are upside-down during parts of the takeoff. Little additional training will be required for pilots and that can be done on an iPad.
G (7 months ago)
TitanicTom1912 (7 months ago)
Mentour Pilot DESTROYS circular runways with LOGIC and FACTS!
Andrea Chiavazza (7 months ago)
How about airports with runways placed like the shape of an asterisk ?
Shing Wong (7 months ago)
Take off may be ok, landing on the other hand would be a disaster.
Ernest T (7 months ago)
How about a square runway with curved corners?
Prussian Blue (7 months ago)
What was wrong with the traditional triangular arrangement of runways that covered most crosswind eventualities? Oh, that’s right . . . Airport expansion confined within existing towns and villages meant losing the third (least used) runway for terminal buildings.
Lowe Eklund (7 months ago)
What about a rainbow road Runway?
John Pratt (7 months ago)
This whole thing is just too scatter brained to be practical. I think the guy that came up with this is not playing with a full deck.
Steveo thinkingoutloud (7 months ago)
Hey. What about building sectional pop up defuser walls on both sides of the runway in the landing zones. Must have small gaps in it.
Warren Bergner (7 months ago)
Let see how an ILS landing would work?? Maybe we can mount the radio beams on a trailer that gets towed around as the wind changes???????????? Guess this needs to be VFR only!!
Lift Pizzas (7 months ago)
VTOL would probably be a better solution.
Robert Dougherty (7 months ago)
Will circular runways takeoff?🥴 Will circular firing squads takeoff?😂
IELTS Expert (7 months ago)
If the airplane successfully takeoff from a circular runway, there is a very high possibility the plane could stall or go into spin which may eventually lead to crash.
red_array (7 months ago)
This is a great idea, but a better one would be to just create a round airplane that can just bounce its way across any terrain therefore not requiring an airport at all.
Hashim Awad (7 months ago)
Captain you need to change the 737 max from your intro, it's being banned all over the world.
David Cox (7 months ago)
Americans have “um”, mentour has “ehrm”
Mad Wax (7 months ago)
New nanomaterials could perhaps make a kind of huge windshields possible, running on both sides of the approach corridors. But then some smaller plane would probably end up flying in it, so there goes the safety factor. Airports have so many requirements, it's hard to come up with new ideas unless you know a very spesific issue that needs a solution.
World Traveler东北 (8 months ago)
That could go new meaning to "Go around"
rottis (2 months ago)
He he he
mad ass (8 months ago)
Sounds totally spastic.
scott stutzman (8 months ago)
Circular runway? Really it creates more issues than it fixes. Wasted thought and money for sure the sad part is if this got money from tax dollars which I’m sure it did.
Jacku Dark (7 months ago)
scott stutzman Its a concept,it was never built mate!?
Jeff Couture (8 months ago)
This is a horrible idea, but people like horrible things like Justin beaver and not putting ranch on pizza.
penn707 (8 months ago)
This idea is fucking retarded.
Viggen (8 months ago)
Dutch smoke too much weed
Marcu5_9 (8 months ago)
Lol so crosswind we let the Wong land first?
Rami Masoud (8 months ago)
All that physics aside ... if the runway circled the airport how will passegers get in and out of the airports ?!! Where will cars go ?!!
79.havanna (8 months ago)
Tunnels ya idiot
Joe-Susan Healy (8 months ago)
The real problem is, you will need more sick bags, because the circular motion of the runway will make people dizzy. And also, the fuel will all run out to the outside wing, making it lopsided in takeoff.
Robin Larsson Framnes (8 months ago)
Imagine landing then you hit the brakes and go all tokyo drift
S Malik (8 months ago)
How about a big ass treadmill? .... it’s circular (infinite) not in the horizontal way but vertically always spinning ...
InopGauge (8 months ago)
How would you set up ILS approaches around a circular runway?
Avionic7779x (3 months ago)
Simple. Ya don't
John D (5 months ago)
They would probably have to set up antenna arrays at specific points around the circle, and then switch the transmitters to the appropriate array when needed. They could also use separate transmitters for each array but I think that there would still be a limited number of points of approach instead of having a 360 degree approach from any heading process.