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DHL Express world wide commercial (Full length)

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Text Comments (32)
Jerry Diamond (10 days ago)
Fantastic commercial, very inspirational!
Darinthorn Jaithep (4 months ago)
Great place to work ...Love DHL Express
Inder Raj (27 days ago)
Hi this is Raj i m employee of DHL delhi india. How are u are on face book...??
Oksana Moyses (6 months ago)
The robot was dabbing!!!!
Chris Durack (1 year ago)
you send me here to arrange a delivery.... and i get a cmmercial.... help
Monika W (11 months ago)
Me to what a waste of time...
The Anton Show (1 year ago)
Click here to arrange delivery wtf
Eternal Sakura (1 year ago)
One of the best commercials EVER
Luis Saneaux (1 year ago)
Luis Saneaux (1 year ago)
Alice Melo (1 year ago)
SATHISH KUMAR (1 year ago)
For people wondering what's the name of this beautiful song: MARVIN GAYE & TAMMI TERRELL - "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" You're welcome ;)
Daniel Ceballos (2 years ago)
vula malinga
Aman Rubey (9 months ago)
yes the astronaut made me smile. best ad I have ever seen Hands down to whoever made this beautiful ad Gave me goosebumps
kaushik kurkal (2 years ago)
Worst carrier ever, instead of making such musicals try improving your services.
V Tech (3 years ago)
I just want to say the awkwardness of your service is unbeatable. I boughg an item that was shipped from the U.S to Germany and you delivered my package to someone called Herr. WKB. Who si Herr. WKB? Secondly, you made an attempt as your tracking record shows but you failed to leave a receipt at my door or in my mailbox telling me where to go pickup my package. For your information, if my smart phone get stolen for the second time, here in Germany, I will make sure that your company (DHL) pay dearly. I have emailed your customer service for more than 10 times and non one is responding to my emails. Isn't there an employee on that fucking desk? A friend of mine your customer hot line so that I can get information where to pick up my package and the employee can't even locate my package on your system or even give account of Herr.WKB. I am keeping my fingers crossed. If this is how your service work here in Germany, You should thank God or take another approach when you are in the U.S. Otherwise, I will sue the hell out of your company. I need an urgent reply where my package is otherwise return it to sender.
Gustavo G. (3 years ago)
wuiro trabajasr ai¡¡¡¿
COCOPITA R.B (3 years ago)
I Like song..!!!
Stanislav Dontsov (4 years ago)
the best commercial ever! 
Moto Viking (3 years ago)
+Stanislav Dontsov U suck
MrRostamo (4 years ago)
The Song name is "ain't no mountain high enough"
Kohdai Hirano (4 years ago)
Ain't no mountain high enough
Daniel Leal (4 years ago)
Lucas Caffese (11 days ago)
Ain’t no mountain high 4 years later but still
Lucas Caffese (11 days ago)
Daniel Leal ain’t no mountain high 4 years later but still
alfense60 (5 years ago)
Alles versturen wij met dhl de meest betrouwbare Coulier world wide Best commercial
Nick Quut (5 years ago)
agree best adv
Ozgur ozgur (5 years ago)
i like dhl very good company
Jeffrey K. (5 years ago)
best advert
Kosmos 501st (5 years ago)
beautiful DHL Global Express Transport
Nita Sandoval (6 years ago)
Valeria Chacon (6 years ago)
I love it!