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First day driving | Amazon Flex

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Ride along with me on my first day as an Amazon Flex driver. This is how it went and how I feel so far about the program. https://flex.amazon.com/ IG @ouiouocherokee Snapchat- ouiouicherokee Dodolashes “ouiouicherokee”
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DIYWithDara (1 day ago)
Awesome, love this video! very helpful!
Heather Christina (1 day ago)
adil Naqvi (2 days ago)
6351539210 adli naqvi I m job me
Maria T Morales (2 days ago)
Can you please tell me how I can get stared please
Heather Christina (1 day ago)
Hi! Just go to https://flex.amazon.com/
painreliver 2020 (5 days ago)
Why don't you call clients before dropping off package maybe they aren't at the place n y need to know before you go, am I right
Heather Christina (4 days ago)
Each stop has special instructions if they want to be called it will tell you. If you need access to the property or if there is a dog and you cannot reach them it will also provide you their number to call
Scott Bynon (6 days ago)
what makes me nervous as you keep looking at your phone and you could kill somebody and that should be against the law and that's one thing Amazon needs to fix immediately it only takes less than five seconds to take away from what you're looking at through that windshield and your dead and there is no restart button so that scares me right there with you look at your phone constantly and driving if I was a cop I'm sorry I pull you over and give you a ticket until you look stay off your phone or mini-site you again you know you're causing something is very dangerous
dante espinoza (7 days ago)
I would say it in a phrase ,:Amazon is a piece of shit and thats it!
Justin Carrigan (7 days ago)
You in Greensboro?
Heather Christina (7 days ago)
Brian Lester (11 days ago)
Amazon is a rip off
SJW 4LIFE (11 days ago)
That little angel in pink is the one who truly made this video
Malunggay Smoothie (12 days ago)
I thought i saw you on "the walking dead".... Tara???
Andrés Maganda (12 days ago)
Somebody can help me with that i already apply with amazon flex but it takin to loong
ellieminnow (12 days ago)
Holy shit that's a beautiful baby! That little button nose. So cute.
Giorgio Gazzola (14 days ago)
I will never understand why middle class people vehemently defend a few billionaires getting richer off the backs of other people who can barely scrape by.
bryan_with_a_why (16 days ago)
Wth is that sound? Is your camera in a jar of jelly beans or something!?
Heather Christina (16 days ago)
Oh Bryan with a big WHY 🙄....it’s the metal clips on the side for the neck strap.
TheWorlds Greatest (16 days ago)
You delivered a package to me you was looking so good and thick😘
Heather Christina (16 days ago)
Lol did I really deliver to you??? That is too funny. Well thank you! 😊
Chue Moua (19 days ago)
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Marina Caruth (21 days ago)
Hi please answer this haha I really hope you see this, but do you think they would allow you to do this with your kids, like if I had them in the back seat, I know it'd be hard for me to do and no I wouldn't leave them by themselves, I just need to know please if they would allow me, have you ever seen someone else with their kids at one of these Amazon warehouses, or can you please ask the next time you go if that'd be possible, I don't have anyone to watch my kids but I need to make some money very desperately please, thank you thank you so much!
Marina Caruth (10 days ago)
@Heather Christina Oh okay that sounds so great so how did Amazon Flex work for you, was your car able to make it through the work as well?
Heather Christina (21 days ago)
Hey! Yes you can bring your kids! People ride with their kids all the time. It is fine as long as they do not deliver any of the packages for you.
Create something (24 days ago)
Me also feel exploited many working as amazon customer service representative
Awesome Scenes (26 days ago)
Plz don't be nervous
Luis Macias (28 days ago)
how much do you get per packages, i meant money talk straight
Heather Christina (28 days ago)
You don’t get paid per package you get a flat rate per block
Tim L (29 days ago)
It's a minimum wage job at the end of the day. It's a shit job with a shit pay but it's better than starving. I've done it several times and have no desire to do it anymore due to the low pay and high stress.
rob z (1 month ago)
I'm a delivery driver, my tip would be to organize by stop not size(or use a paper to write where the packages are when you load, so you can find them easily), and use a different map app for directions. Lotion is your friend, packages get slippery when your hands are dry.
jitendra singh bhandari (1 month ago)
Is it good or not?
jitendra singh bhandari (1 month ago)
@Heather Christina please start reviews of hollywood movie specially content based movie.
Heather Christina (1 month ago)
jitendra singh bhandari thank you ☺️
jitendra singh bhandari (1 month ago)
@Heather Christina you are awesome,
Heather Christina (1 month ago)
Marcus Houston (1 month ago)
I use a numbering system and a partner my wife writes the names down as i number and load the car. As i pull up to the stop i give her the name she tells me the number. This system works great for me and it makes the block go by faster.
Tresfaye Williams (1 month ago)
I want to do it
Tresfaye Williams (1 month ago)
Can you do more than one shift in a day?
Tresfaye Williams (1 month ago)
Have you ever did more then one block?
Heather Christina (1 month ago)
Yes if the blocks are available
Donna Leddy (1 month ago)
Side hustle is a big thing these days.
Adam Blacketter (1 month ago)
I used to be a mailman. I’d deliver 200 amazon packages a day in 8 hours and letters to 500 houses. It’s all about having your truck setup in order of delivery. Every single package needs a big number on it so you can find it easily. This Flex stuff is a cake walk.
Ryan Shippen (1 month ago)
I put the boxes in the back, the big packages in the back seat, and the small envelopes up front with me. The app will show you the size of the packages. After a few deliveries it gets way easier.
Emin Aliyev (1 month ago)
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Hector Morales (1 month ago)
Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m thinking about doing something like this, or Lyft, Uber Eats, Door Dash, etc. Not for too long, but at least until I can make what I want to make.
Johnny Ray (1 month ago)
Can you do 2 4 hour blocks? If so I would buy a reliable van to make deliveries in, or just buy a reliable used car to make the deliveries. Also why can't you do this as a fulltime job? 108 dollars for 4 hours of work? That is 27.00 an hour. How many miles did you drive on your first day? Are you compensated at all for fuel or wear and tear on your vehicle?
Johnny Ray (1 month ago)
Do you have to use the navigation from the app or can you use google maps, and if you can't use google maps, why can't you. My suggestion would be to come up with a plan. Where you some fingerless gloves maybe to help with the dry hands.
Heather Christina (1 month ago)
yes from the app because it maps your stops
Michael Anderson (1 month ago)
I don't know if the people that deliver near me drive a white tall van wear yellow vest they run in and drop the package in front of our mailboxes I live in an Apartment and live on the 2nd floor they never drop it at my door even the people on the first floor find there package in front of the mailbox as soon as package thief's know this they will follow them and
MIX_MASTER_ ICE (1 month ago)
So Amazon, in their attempt to overthrow UPS and FedEx, is using random, clueless people driving around in their compact cars with a backseat and trunk full of packages unorganized for delivery? lol this is pretty ghetto of Amazon and these poor people trying to do this are making short money, particularly factoring in all the wear and tear on their vehicles. It's crazy and laughable at the same time.
Billy A (1 month ago)
Steph Dee (2 months ago)
THIS APP SOUNDS HORRIBLE.... I'll skip this ONE....
Shante' Kaneisha (2 months ago)
Can you make your own schedule?
Heather Christina (2 months ago)
Technically yeah. You chose whatever block you want
titans nation (2 months ago)
Good exercise
Tim Curtis (2 months ago)
Love your honesty, but this newly retired guy wants to do this; new distribution center, huge, in my neighborhood, Amazon........tell me, how do I get started?..............and thank you very much; btw, I did Uber last year for a few months and did good.........Tim.
Heather Christina (2 months ago)
Not sure what state you’re in but just go to https://flex.amazon.com/get-started?cs=az_bs&c=us_us_us&cid=bnd_19102_ext_go_mb&tag=hydsma-20&hvadid=340854326353&hvpos=1t2&hvnetw=g&hvrand=9080033512144950033&hvpone=&hvptwo=&hvqmt=e&hvdev=m&hvdvcmdl=&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=9009654&hvtargid=aud-646675774026:kwd-352816547007&ref=pd_sl_6rn0sq0gkl_e&gclid=Cj0KCQjwt_nmBRD0ARIsAJYs6o0dv_jc481ghVHVR6cv9OOF91Vld-BqM5HNh-m3nmKE9ZRYxoOOBFYaAr2WEALw_wcB and apply. It will let you know if your area offers the flex program. You may enjoy it!!
Roommate University (2 months ago)
Does it tell you if you are delivering more than 1 package to the same customer or have you ever had to do more than one run to the same customer
Heather Christina (2 months ago)
Yes it will tell you 1 of 2 or something like that depending on how many boxes
le on (2 months ago)
Ich führe mal aus, wie Amazon Auslieferer ausbeutet und den Steuerzahler betrügt: Amazon beauftragt Subunternehmer zum Ausliefern ihrer Pakete. Wer die striktesten Zielvorgaben erfüllen kann, wird von Amazon beauftragt. Die Zielvorgaben werden dabei derart strikt gesetzt, dass häufig mit Subunternehmern zusammengearbeitet wird, die die Ziele nur erreichen, indem sie ihre Auslieferer mit illegalen Arbeitsverhältnissen ausstatten. Eine häufige Praktik der Subunternehmer ist dabei, vollzeitbeschäftigte Auslieferer mit 450€ Jobs auszustatten. Der Rest wird unter der Hand gezahlt. Hierbei entgehen den Auslieferern ihnen zustehende Sozialleistungen einer Vollzeitbeschäftigung, das bei 40-60 Stunden Arbeitswochen das einzige legale Angestelltenverhältnis darstellen würde. Die Subunternehmer zahlen durch die Praktik zudem weniger Steuern, wodurch Steuerzahler, Staat und Gesellschaft betrogen werden. Amazon nimmt diese Nachteile für Auslieferer und Gemeinwohl billigend in Kauf: Durch die strikten, gar unrealistischen Zielvorgaben werden legale Praktiken quasi unmöglich. Viel mehr noch: Amazon ist sich dieser Praktik natürlich bewusst. Die Subunternehmer sind ein Mittel für Amazon, indirekt Steuen, den Mindestlohn und Sozialstandards zu umgehen. Wie kann es sein, dass eines der reichsten Unternehmen der Welt, das den reichsten Menschen der Welt produziert hat in derart großem Umfang Sozialstandards und Steuern umgehen darf? Direkte oder indirekte Ausbeutung hin oder her: Die Politik wird von der Praktik wissen, unterbindet sie aber nicht. Das Ganze ist mehr als unanständig und passiert direkt unter unseren Augen. Was kann man dagegen unternehmen? Ist links wählen oder den rechten Arm heben und Sieg Heil schreien etwa die einzige Möglichkeit die man hat, irgendein Zeichen zu setzen? Derweil unterstreichen Unternehmen wie Amazon ihr soziales Verantwortungsbewusstsein. Gleichzeitig bezeichnen sie sich als besonders klug dafür, möglichst wenig Steuern zu zahlen. Getreu dem Motto: “We don't pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.“ - Leona Helmsley. Ein Zitat aus den 80ern, das mir persönlich ganz gut gefällt, da es wahr ist. Ich habe zwei Freunde, die derzeit solche Angestelltenverhältnisse für zwei verschiedene Subunternehmer von Amazon haben. Wer mehr wissen will, soll sich melden.
kuty patooty (2 months ago)
Hi how is amazon flex
Heather Christina (2 months ago)
They stopped the program here in NC
pokey0urgirl C (2 months ago)
Btw if only we can do Flex paperboy style 🤣🤣🤣🤣...but damn it lol we can't
pokey0urgirl C (2 months ago)
Assuming your route is 42 stops, 42 packages, if they're all houses you'll be done in 1 hour. Houses are so easy, you're in and out 10 to 20 seconds, the only thing is just load accordingly and try to remember the customer name, because you'll know exactly where their package is.
Shannon Woody (2 months ago)
are you still doing this...after watching your video it seems stressful and exhausting
Heather Christina (2 months ago)
No. They stopped the flex program here in NC
Jesse perez (2 months ago)
Ooh lol I know the feeling. I struggled with my first 3 blocks. New obsticles presented themselves everytime I thought i had it all figured out im talking apartments, off road terrain, long distances, bussinesses. The important thing is to develop a quick and effecient method of organizing your packages
Hughey Donald (2 months ago)
Basic logistics.
Angel F (2 months ago)
I came on here cause I was Expecting a Mercedes van but I seen a normal guy in his car delivered my packages, didn’t know about amazon flex
AliciaAndAmarii Williams (2 months ago)
If you are worried about the prime deliveries or bulk deliveries you can always do the fresh deliveries which is with WholeFoods under Amazon. Still great money and usually only about 6 stops.
disgruntledgoatinthehouse (2 months ago)
Is a Nissan versa 4 door too small?
disgruntledgoatinthehouse (2 months ago)
@Heather Christina Ok thanks. I shouldnt have a problem with a 3 hr block. I'm in Tucson so it shouldn't be that bad. Thanks for your reply.
Heather Christina (2 months ago)
Nope! They line you up with a load that your car will accommodate.
Noseefood (2 months ago)
Flex is a scam. You will get avg of 40 pkgs for 3hr block. After navigating looking for address find parking finding pkg walking finding apt etc. It took me avg 30 mins to deliver one. It's an impossible game Amazon plays.
triplestack22 (2 months ago)
Do not work for Amazon! A horrible job and even worse money
Nikki Reynolds (2 months ago)
Are you still driving for Amazon Flex since doing this video?
Heather Christina (2 months ago)
No they stopped the program here
odd4sout Mapping (2 months ago)
Better hope they dont drop you without any reason.
likes vs subscribers no notifications (3 months ago)
Today was my first day with amazon flex and it was a disasters. I almost cried and wanted to go back and quit. I had 46 packages to deliver. I chose a block from 3-6 pm for $54 bucks but end up delivering till almost 8 pm. The GPS was not was working most of the time it was frustrating cuz I would have to exit and use the Google app. I dont know if they had it organized by area to deliver or if I did a big mistake by scanning the packages randomly and loading it to my car. I kept going back to deliver a package in the same neighborhood I was in before . I agree its not worth the added mileage and the wear and tear to the car.
Maria Orozco (3 months ago)
I work for the USPS for 26 yrs till today. I'm 52 yrs old and delivered mail and packages for 23 yrs. everyday for all those yrs I would go home crying that job takes the best of you it was a nightmare I survived for all those yrs. It would be 1am I would still be out there in the dark cold hungry frustrated angry anxiety panic attacks afraid terrified it was horrible. The supervisor watching every move I made I was constantly inside the office getting fact findings with my union shop steward. My route was a 7 hr. route it was an awful experience. I used to deliver mail in Pasadena CA. Now days I moved to another state and still work for the Post office and I'm just loving my new job just love Life
Jayson Tatum (2 months ago)
Maria Orozco graveyard!!! Why!!!???? I’m Massachusetts you would never have to wait “that long”. And I understand seniority.
Maria Orozco (2 months ago)
@Jayson Tatum Working for the postal service is a great privilege. In very proud to work for the post office. I first applied in 1987 I took the written test, after that I still waited 5 long yrs to be accepted me in 1992, When they finally hired me I had to start from the bottom lower seniority at that time I was a PTF I was the relief person I was the helper delivering mail for different routes everyday. Physically it's very challenging, anyways . 22 yrs later I was just done delivering mail. So I applied indoor jobs believe it or not I applied 162 applications for different positions within the postal service. It took me to be hired indoors another 2 yrs. I was hired finally to another state. So I decided to move to a new city and I couldn't be happier. I just love my job so much. I work graveyard I work weekends two days off and now I earn more money than been a mail lady.
Jayson Tatum (2 months ago)
Maria Orozco good 4 u. What made u stay with not such a great job for so long ?? 😔😔😔 ❤️
Angelica Smith (3 months ago)
Thank you for doing this. I am deciding on whether to do this or not. I think its a great way to lose weight, I work at a desk job and i am tired of it, i gained 45 pounds !!!! I need to move my body....figured doing this work would do it.
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
You will definitely feel it if you’re use to a sit down job like me!
El Ameena Bey (3 months ago)
Adorable baby
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Thank you ☺️
mark fein (3 months ago)
my first day was a nightmare in hell from 3pm to 1am!!! how do i demand payment of 9 hours...$162...what is the best way to contact a flex supervisor
Nelson4207 (3 months ago)
Ya work faster next time jack ass. 😂
Rebecca Fountain (3 months ago)
She is gorgeous!!! You look amazing mama please keep the videos coming!!
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Thank you so much girl 💗
Oliver Mungcal (3 months ago)
still beautiful after a 4 hours work
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Thank you so much
Nick Pyecroft (3 months ago)
Just get piece a4 paper with an image of your car then when scanning the parcels write on the paper first 3 letters of the name/address to correspond with where your placing them in the car . Then at your first address just check the paper....job done! Quicker than looking though it all.
jey lee (3 months ago)
wear thin, high quality rubber work gloves. rubber on the palm and fingers for grip, mesh on top so they don't sweat. one day at time.
AliciaAndAmarii Williams (3 months ago)
As a Amazon Flex Driver in DFW area I can say I actually enjoy it. When you get to the pickup location you scan the cart or the big duffle bag, pull it to your car then check your itinerary in your phone. Lastly, you load your car based on your first stop that way you can make your stops faster. I did a 3 hr block in 1 hour and 15 minutes and made $54 bucks. The next day I selected another 3 hr block and finished in 1 hour and 40 minutes and that one was $63. So, really it is all about how you load and get it going from the station.
Jacque Tyson (2 months ago)
AliciaAndAmarii Williams great advice. So what app do I downloaded to get the schedule and I’m here
Mustafa Yıldırım (2 months ago)
AliciaAndAmarii Williams what do you need to bring when you getting the packages? Do you need a dolly and stuff or you just go there with driver licence and get the packages?
Trebol Clan (3 months ago)
is there an update to this?
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
No they stopped it in my area
Trebol Clan (3 months ago)
what if theres not enough room in your car for all the packages?
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
The people at the depot won’t place you with a load bigger than your car space
dogpetdog (3 months ago)
42 packages?!!
dogpetdog (3 months ago)
@Heather Christina how many stops did you make? i I was thinking of doing this, but after seeing your video I'm like....
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Exactly lol 😆
murdoch1717 (3 months ago)
That baby is a dumplin. Que linda!
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Thank you so much ☺️
Brittany S (3 months ago)
10:44 omg she's so adorable! She's at the perfect age 😭
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Thank you 😊
Above The Line (3 months ago)
Not worth it. like a buck and some change per delivery. A lot of work for that amount. Maybe if someone loaded and scanned everything for you it'd be worth it.
lovelife02 (3 months ago)
That does not sound too bad, you just need to get organized
lovelife02 (3 months ago)
and wear gloves ;-)
mustapha kamal (3 months ago)
It sounds like it is worst than driving Uber / Lyft
MASON091 (3 months ago)
Let USPS deal with mail
Leonard Snead (3 months ago)
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Victor Velez (3 months ago)
40 stops for 100 bucks ohh hell no🤗🤗🤗
Victor Velez (3 months ago)
Heather Christina it looks exhausting
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
😆 right!
InspirationalGrandma8 (3 months ago)
Thx for sharing. I learned from your experience.
JoshuaJayseph (3 months ago)
Stick to Door Dash or Uber. This is a joke. i did it for a week and it was a hastle. If you want to do 2 blocks you need to drive around like a maniac and be amount u make does not make up for the gas u have to spend. Uber and Doordash are literally 10x easier and make more money
John Harvey (3 months ago)
Ha! So random your in Gboro!
Vedder10VS (3 months ago)
do they give u training or do u just sign up and start working?
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Via the app that you download to accept work, you have to complete training courses which is nothing difficult at all. You never actually meet in person or have to take a test it’s just information on what you can and cannot do.
jlopez9382 (3 months ago)
If ur not familiar with this kind of work it’s very time consuming and frustrating but once u get the hang of it it’s not hard at all. When I first started working for the post office I was all over the place and it was so frustrating but now it’s easy but still exhausting lol
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Thank you. I actually work at a law firm. One of my friends did flex on the side and I just thought I’d try it. I have a few friends that work at the post office and I have thought about it before!
jlopez9382 (3 months ago)
Well best of luck to u. The post office is usually always hiring at least down here in Rhode Island if ur still looking for a job and they pay decent
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Exactly. People think I’m just lazy. But like you said if ur not use to it , it’s frustrating. No they stopped the flex program in North Carolina so I don’t do it anymore.
jlopez9382 (3 months ago)
Are u still doing this job?
CanadianQueen76 (3 months ago)
I was exhausted my 1st time, too.
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Right! I was not use to all that movement 😆
Stoney Aldridge (3 months ago)
Eye brows on point
alan smith (3 months ago)
Have you given up? Or are you still driving?
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
They stopped the program here in North Carolina
James Newberry (3 months ago)
Bae, this is something u could and should have researched on YouTube before you started. Two videos would have probably done the trick. Don't give up after one day. $108 for 4 hours is not bad
Crypto Glenn (3 months ago)
why are you sooo skiddish, you just pull up hey I'm Heather with Amazon Flex where do I go to pick up my load? Then dropping them off. Have the loaders put them in by order and then section them off in your car. Do it just like postal workers do. You're a postal worker but Amazon.
Crypto Glenn (3 months ago)
@Heather Christina could be, could also have many kinks to work out.
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
Maybe it was just our depot but they were not really helpful
Crypto Glenn (3 months ago)
@Heather Christina No, it just principal from one job translates to the next. I have heard 1 other person on youtube say the didn't like how packages weren't group together gave him the same suggestion said it worked well for him.
Heather Christina (3 months ago)
So you’ve done this job? Because that’s not how it worked here.
Aaron Robinson (4 months ago)
Any buisnes through Amazon is a rip off!
Cher Bartlett (4 months ago)
I didn't hear how much you made that day......?????
David Rivela (4 months ago)
Amazon makes you work like a slave, reason why Jeff bezos is so rich lol are you still there?
David Rivela (4 months ago)
Heather Christina it must of not of been that profitable for Amazon. I’m about to start working for Uber/Lyft. Have you ever worked for them? I’ve done research, but I’ve noticed people have mixed feelings on Uber/Lyft.
Heather Christina (4 months ago)
Not at all. They actually stopped the flex program here
Mountana Berry (4 months ago)
Big thumbs up for the lovely share
CARLOS On AMAZON (4 months ago)
EnjoyLifeNow24 (4 months ago)
Heather Christina, girl you are beautiful, you are a truly Southern charm. I wish you the best honey in your Amazon Flex adventure.
Heather Christina (4 months ago)
You are so sweet. Thank you so much!
My2 Cents (4 months ago)
Any company that has a reputation for not giving its workers bathroom and lunch breaks is not worth working for. Shame on Amazon.
srgtdonut (1 month ago)
As an independent contractor you control your own schedule and when you choose your breaks
the EMT Gamer (4 months ago)
Still doing this ?
the EMT Gamer (4 months ago)
Heather Christina I hear ya!
Heather Christina (4 months ago)
Not really lol. I feel like it was a lot of wear and tear on the car and after gas you made an average of $50 for 4 hours which sounds decent for a part time gig but it’s tiring and again it’s wearing on your car.
the EMT Gamer (4 months ago)
Heather Christina bummer! Was it good while it lasted ?
Heather Christina (4 months ago)
They stopped it in my area
Eagle Eye (4 months ago)
come drive for uber in nyc for $200 a day
Lucy Huang (3 months ago)
Uber is not good
Versa Lane (4 months ago)
Chloe is so cute
Heather Christina (4 months ago)
Thank you ☺️
Cubamus Prime (4 months ago)
The way you look with all those packages people be thinking like "is this lady the thief that stole all those packages and returning them back?" 😂😂😂
Heather Christina (4 months ago)
Probably. Lol
Charles Tannehill (4 months ago)
Amazon and Google need to work something out for navigation routes.
K Clark (4 months ago)
You guys realize u can buy a cheap electric vehicle like he Nissan leaf and safe over $300 per month right? No gas cost, no transmission oil or engineer oil change, no engine flushes, no brake pad changes. Really only thing is tires