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Ben Shapiro and Piers Morgan on guns

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Guest Ben Shapiro debates Piers Morgan on gun control, and the need, or lack thereof, for assault weapons. For more CNN videos, check out http://www.youtube.com/cnn or visit our site at http://www.cnn.com/video/
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Text Comments (8875)
Lil Noe (1 hour ago)
you know when someone resorts to 10-year old insults they know they lost
manotor32 (4 hours ago)
I'm mostly liberal, and still think that this brit is insane.
Aaron Garrett (10 hours ago)
Love Ben love this guy
Aaron Garrett (10 hours ago)
The leftist no doubt have a sinister agenda in this country get ready my people be ready
Aaron Garrett (10 hours ago)
Fuck you Morgan you illegal pile of shit go back to that shit hole you came from I can’t believe this scum is still breathing
samrudi (12 hours ago)
What an arrogant, entitled, short sighted prick. Speak out of your mouth for once, your ass is overused, Shapiro.
Ghetto (12 hours ago)
Nobody: Me: Piers Morgan predicts Greta thunberg
Mark Sesum (16 hours ago)
I don't actually mind Piers Morgan one way or the other, but Shapiro is waaaaaay out of his league here.
Chuck Valdovinos (18 hours ago)
Ben Shapiro is my hero.
edward smith (1 day ago)
Poor pierce he doesn’t want kids to die but is ok with abortion so YES he does stand on the graves of children
Mikey Meatball (1 day ago)
Ben Shapiro is dead on. Morgan “waves the bloody shirt.”
Killian Barrans (1 day ago)
Ben: I’m not smirking Also Ben: *is smirking
David Sprague (1 day ago)
Meanwhile as Ben slaughters the competition
R C (1 day ago)
how about they arent "assault rifles" at all!
Brice Macaluso (1 day ago)
If piers morgan would so his research, on history and facts, it was the very tyranny colonists fought against the redcoats in this country to become an independent nation. Free from Englands taxes and rule, even their tyrannical rule with their iron fist and lies to the people
Gearjammer (1 day ago)
Piers Morgan is a freakin dumbass liberal ❄️ snowflake!
Andrew Gerety (1 day ago)
So this is where Greta got her idea from
Dario Spirit (2 days ago)
The shootings are staged, so you can be forced into giving up your guns.
Dario Spirit (2 days ago)
You people do realize that Ben Shapiro is a joo with dual Israeli citizenship? He couldn’t care less for you. They will make sure you give up your guns so they can kill you easier one day.
Mattis Asdf (2 days ago)
Piers "Moral highground" Morgan
Anice Brennan (2 days ago)
how dare you is what a person says when they know there wrong and got nothing to say back
mickymac (6 hours ago)
how dare you is when a person responds to an accusation that is both inaccurate and wrong.
lovedeep sadhra (2 days ago)
Piers is a person who I either agree with completely or disagree with completely. Here I disagree with him
Comp Rendo (2 days ago)
Time to change the subject Piers or your career, you have been humiliated by your own stance.
Uzair Usman (2 days ago)
It's amazing how people can Defend something written by a slave owning, gentry from 300 years ago and let the children of other people die cause of it. Guns will help you fight tyranny? r u kidding me, last time that happened, there was a civil war hello? Ask the parents who lost their children if the 'Second amendment' means anything? it's obsolete, grow up
JohnnyBlade68 (2 days ago)
Piers Morgan is to substantive debate what dog feces is to good grooming
R M (2 days ago)
I agree with most of what Shapiro says, but there's absolutely no reason assault rifles should be legal. Americans are just completely off the rails about guns. It's actually unbelievable to watch for all of us non-americans lol
CptTimRice (2 days ago)
It’s the constitution 😜
Dunez (2 days ago)
Legend is he still never talked about handguns
kyndakrazy (2 days ago)
The stupid Brit is leaning on the 50 killed in mass shootings and totally ignoring the hundreds killed by handguns and gangbangers. I hope to see Ben run for the Presidency soon. 2024, after President Trump's second term perhaps? God willing.
Dom (2 days ago)
Ben Shapiro Low key sounds like Porky Pig if you listen with your eyes closed.
greatmastercory (2 days ago)
Man if cnn give Ben his own show 🤯
Brittany Smith (2 days ago)
My man Ben
EN89 (3 days ago)
I am against private gun possession, but Shapiro made some arguments that Piers Morgan refused to answer to.
Granny and Me (3 days ago)
The government has nukes and drones, and people think they can win against the government with assault rifles
-ZINC - (2 days ago)
Bruh the government isn’t gonna freakin nuke a city if it revolts. Like seriously say a rebellion broke out in D.C. or something the military isn’t gonna be like “oh frick let’s just nuke the capital”.
Dean Sal (3 days ago)
This might sound shocking but I actually agree with Piers. I know the insults didn't have to come out and he does come across as an ass about other things, but the fact remains that America has the highest gun related deaths in the world and despite the background checks, these criminals are still able to get the guns from elsewhere such as from a family member or friend as is the case of Adam Lanza. Also, that whole statistic about there being less crime in areas with more guns is out of context. How about the fact that this might be true due to the fact that there just happen to be more criminals in those areas? Also, what is the point of needing guns to defend yourself when you can't even carry them out onto the street without a conceal and carry license? How often are people likely to break into your home? Australia hasn't had a mass shooting since 1996 following a gun ban which then took place making it only possible to obtain a gun after being granted a license which can be a very lengthy process. Also, when the founding fathers made the law to protect citizens against oppressive governments, that was during a different era where there was much higher political unrest and no democracy often present. Whilst Mexico does have the highest crime rate, it would be even worst with guns so again, that is a flawed argument. So is the argument that cars kill people as people get drunk as they don't hit and kill people intentionally as they do with guns. I rest my case.
michael 25 (3 days ago)
Why is someone from the uk having a discussion about guns in the USA ur laws ain't got nothing to do with us the British government love sticking there nose.
househansa (3 days ago)
Shapiro : Get the guns out of the hands of BAD people. Morgan: Who are these BAD people? Shapiro : "Smirks Aggressively", I meant irresponsible...
Nat L (3 days ago)
wth is this pierce clown even doing in our country. all he wants is to eliminate our bill of rights. kick him out
kasykah (3 days ago)
So, basically what Piers is saying is that law abiding citizens can protect themselves with a small pistol while a criminal shoots at them with an assault weapon. Nice!
David Gonzales (4 days ago)
Omfg!! Haha bullet kills coming out a hand gun or rifle lol dont matter, thank god i live in texas..
ShamRock1938 (4 days ago)
What a piece’O’shit.. Piers saw his own future flash before his eyes, had to pull the parachute, the ground was coming at him way to fast💨
Mikey Flango (4 days ago)
There is no such thing as an assault weapon and as for the fact that "assault rifles" are the weapon used in most shootings NO it's not the weapon used in most shootings is actually a pistol. 🇺🇲 Trump 2020 🇺🇲
Fliyo MB (3 days ago)
Ironic since Trump supports red flag laws, which is as bad as disarming the jews in 1930'
Jeremiah Mcmiller (4 days ago)
Lol not assault rifle or assault weapons
IcanBeatUpElonMusk 2240 (4 days ago)
Gifford can die of AIDS and I'd throw a parade at my expense. Fucking idiots 😂 Come and take it..ran out of moving targets at the ranch anyways
IcanBeatUpElonMusk 2240 (4 days ago)
end up a ghost if ya try to take my pieces. I'll die before I give my shit up
Epic BRUH Moment (4 days ago)
Piers Morgan is related to Greta Thunberg confirmed. Evidence - "H0w dARe YoU?"
NickTheNerd (4 days ago)
Ben is the only person allowed to have the constitution in his jacket
1 Alsaidi (4 days ago)
No one can win an argument with Ben Even his wife!!!!
bonaford craccawallen (4 days ago)
only four ? and what about all the other murders not done by "assault rifles"?..
bonaford craccawallen (4 days ago)
how dare you!... the lefts new battle cry
Sean Lynch (4 days ago)
Piers Morgan cared more about being offended than actually talking about issues. That's his thing, you can't disagree with him or he just shuts you down. He's like a little kid.
Walter Sickinger (5 days ago)
Why does this little twerp not shut up long enough to let someone else speak.
Bobbito Baker (5 days ago)
I love how Ben Shapiro gave piers Morgan a copy of the Constitution.
S M (5 days ago)
Piers: I thought that Greta's speech with 'how dare you' was a little dramatic. Ben: You use cheap tactics to win your argument. Piers: How *dare* you.
OriginMultislayer (5 days ago)
As an european I find it very confusing that a very intelligent person like shapiro stands so strongly behind a civilians right to carry guns of any sort. Pierce morgan is an imbecil but god damn, americans, you have to understand that with power comes responsibility. And most civilians are not responsible enough to carry a gun, let alone have high enough moral base. Now I am as right wing as they come, but ban the guns for fucks sake, you are insane.
DADDY (5 days ago)
Ben smiles like your little brother after he talked your mom into letting him play on YOUR playstation
Tom tdh (5 days ago)
I agree assault rifles should be banned. Just like civilians should not be able to own missiles and bombs.
Gabriel Ramos (5 days ago)
I'm here to say that in Brazil, it's exactly like this. Here, the media is all in the "left" side and hates guns, of course. The thing in Brazil is that we CAN have gun too, but we must prove that we NEED it. Among all the steps to get your own, our president (Jair M. Bolsonaro) only wants to take this out of the way: the prove of necessity. Dude, I live in BRAZIL, I NEED a gun to self-defence and to protect other people... But all people that think "GUNS ARE EVIL, GUNS KILL" are against him. If I want to kill someone, I have my big kitchen knife or I can make a Molotov, anything... Homemade explosives. Wish luck to you, american citizens. The second amendment lives! And pray for Brazil, please. (Not only for our guns problem, but for everything) Sorry for my bad english, tried my best.
David Brown (6 days ago)
That was a talk? He completely ignored everything the man said twisted everything around and refused to make a single point at all.
§paethon (6 days ago)
And to think that 6 years later, Pierce would be a guest on Ben Shapiro's 1-hour Sunday podcast with a good healthy discussion. Funny, this is probably the 1st time I've been on CNN YouTube in years. I prefer the analysis of Tim Pool. Someone who is a more trusted name in news, not fake news.
Magic Man (6 days ago)
Piers Morgan is a bully and interrupts every five seconds. Not so much in this video but in a lot of videos he does
Ben Cobley (6 days ago)
Piers Morgan could be a brilliant non biased interviewer, but he isn't.
Ben Cobley (2 days ago)
He seem's to shout his point across without letting the other person speak. That pretty much happens daily on The Good Morning show in Britain. I don't know if interviewers purposely do this sometimes to get reaction so people start talking about the issue. Ben Shapiro is intelligent though. Without sounding too much like a hater, he pretty much shut Pier's up before he even started. I believe if someone is giving up there time to be on your show, show them some respect. Let them speak, if you can prove what they are saying is wrong with fact then you should intervene. That would be a non biased approach i think.
Stoner (3 days ago)
Ben Cobley elaborate
JB Weld (6 days ago)
Piers is such a cuck.
Dennis Waterman (6 days ago)
Not much spree killing going on in 1776. An amendment that’s cost thousands of civilian lives. Invite me to the White House roof top party when the body count gets to 100, and we’ll celebrate the constitution.
wolf argo 44 (6 days ago)
Not only have I seen Piers Morgan do it I've seen AOC Nancy Pelosi Rashid talib miss Omar Beto O'Rourke they've all done the same thing which is stand on the graves of the dead children of Parkland and Sandy Hook and it just makes me sick to see what these people it's sickening
Austin Malsbury (6 days ago)
Piers : so she went from good to bad? Ben : no she went from responsible to irresponsible Piers : so she went from good to bad?
Don Miller (1 day ago)
Every time I hear that piece of shit (Piers Morgan) I want to take a shower.
ByJDog0811 (6 days ago)
They didnt use "assault rifles" in sandy hook. Good try tho
Hot Slice (6 days ago)
Piers invites Ben to a debate and than gets angry when he actually has to debate
Bruce Wayne (6 days ago)
2:27 But the thing is, aren't assault riles capable of killing more people / sec so while yes I understand Ben's point, there's still the issue of it being very easy for someone who wants to kill a whole bunch of people at once to do it using such a weapon. Piers should have said he wanted to remove the killing machines which kill a lot of people at once.
M1 Garand Guy (6 days ago)
Piers is such a dumb fucking cunt.
Tyson Vincent (7 days ago)
Ben Shapiro got his as fucked
Fliyo MB (3 days ago)
*Piers got his ass fucked
Joe Kidger (7 days ago)
This Ben's voice goes through me 🤢
Nux Matty (7 days ago)
shapiro “ why don’t we talk about banning handguns”? pierce “ we’ll come to that” -never comes to that-
Sherman adventures (4 days ago)
Well ya that’s the left wing right there
jack brown (7 days ago)
Yes we should do as England did that's great Listen to a Brit for answers We have an issue to deal with so let's do the right thing and take the rights of law abiding people away and piers has made us all safe and happy What a joke Give up your freedom for some sense of safety and security and you will end up with neither
jack brown (7 days ago)
You know what gets me the most? Is these sheeple whose comeback is "what tyrannical government are you so worried about?" Or the defeatest who say things like " the government has tanks and airplanes and drones what are you gonna do with your little rifle to stop that?" Do people really think this government won't turn on them? Look at how big it already is look at what's happening right now with a soft coup taking place Look at all the cans of worms being opened up and all the cockroaches being exposed All the money and the politicians getting rich off our backs and selling the country out from under us And the lefts answer to this issue is remove the 2nd amendment and ban guns Amazing that people vote for this view and will go along with it I say we had about ten years left at best before the Constitution is dismantled Remember Obama said we will fundamentally change the country and we certainly are doing just that
Michael Daniels (7 days ago)
I think banning guns would make a difference in America but I don’t live in America and therefore my thoughts don’t really matter! It’s up to Americans what they want to do so I think we/ Piers should stay out of it really
Dr Jewlittle (7 days ago)
I want Ben Shapiro to adopt me
David Wright (7 days ago)
Yeah the assault rifle is obnoxious....Do people really need those? I think guns are cool but assault rifles? puleaze!!
Paul Morgan (7 days ago)
When piers got owned ....schooled......and left with his ass red raw ! Should of been the title ! 😂😂
Hard Diplomacy (7 days ago)
i gues Greta took lessons from Piers "how dare you?" meanwhile 16 years boy planted 130 hektar teritory with trees for next 20 years not carring for fame.
Severo Bastardito (7 days ago)
0:21 - 0:28 Look how his face changes, he alien confirmed.
JB Weld (6 days ago)
Master of the universe he is.
Gabriel Perez (7 days ago)
Get rid of these UK pukes.
Wayne Mitchell (7 days ago)
I'd vote for ben
Noam Dallal (8 days ago)
"I'm not smirking" *smirks*
David Kim (8 days ago)
It's cute how Piers tries to wiggle himself out of Shapiro's legit arguments but fail miserably.
Joe O' Reilly (8 days ago)
Guns are not the problem in the 🇺🇸 Mental health is the problem caused by a corrupt government dividing society.
Fliyo MB (3 days ago)
"then provide free mental health care" "No ThAt'S sOcIaLiSm"
Lewis Anderson (8 days ago)
Fuck piers Morgan
Jendoubi Med Amine (8 days ago)
Morgan Piers did a Gretta Thanburg before Gretta herself 😂
ISawYourVideo BostonMA (9 days ago)
Piers: How dare you accuse me of standing on the graves of victims Also piers: “ was Adam Lanza mother a good person?” Implying that this one incident would of been prevented if his mom didn’t have guns. I can’t stand Shapiro or piers
Skippy Dingle Chalk (9 days ago)
Now imagine Jordan Peterson debating piers
The Camberwell Carrot (9 days ago)
Answer the question pee ass.
TomaszKa (9 days ago)
Clinton news network dilemma
Judah Niknam (9 days ago)
Ben ripped him a new one 😂
Lebron James with a leather headband (9 days ago)
How dare you ..... i don’t agree with Ben on a lot but he’s right you do stand on those graves .
Chester Eloise Ragas (9 days ago)
Piers morgan got owned right from the start. Haha
Kory Howard (9 days ago)
Why don’t people understand that criminals don’t care about gun laws? If someone were to drink and drive ,and ( unfortunately) kill someone Is it the alcohol’s fault ? Is it the cars fault? Or is it the decision of the individual that caused the entire scenario?
Austin Wood (9 days ago)
Ben, you are SOO good with words. You were a little overly insulting to Piers, but you were a friggin' ace in this interview.
Brenda Pulido (9 days ago)
"The faster I speak, the more truthful I will sound". -His stupid, BULLY logic.
83 babyPOOF (9 days ago)
Fuck piers
SomethingStupidYT (9 days ago)
Assault weapons should not be banned in case there is a whole gang after you at your own house... very rare situation but it could happen...