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Assigning a SAS Library in SAS Enterprise Guide

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SAS in 60 Seconds: In this episode, Alistair Horn shows you how to assign a SAS data library in SAS Enterprise Guide. To find out more, join us on the SAS Expert Channel on This material is similar to content covered in the SAS training course, "SAS Enterprise Guide 1: Querying and Reporting. " To learn more about this course, visit
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Text Comments (4)
Alex Michael (1 year ago)
Thanks for the video. I was wondering how you added all those files to the library myDATA in the video? I didn't see anywhere where you added files to the library in the video. Many thanks
Alex Michael (1 year ago)
SAS Software I see. Thanks!!
SAS Software (1 year ago)
Alex, We are creating a library reference in SAS Enterprise Guide that points to a Windows folder called c:\workshop. All the data files already exist in c:\workshop folder, we are creating a link from SAS Enterprise Guide to the existing files. Hope that helps.
SAS Software (1 year ago)
We are checking into this for you!