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UPS employees deliver surprise package to co-worker

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The employees chipped in to buy a car for their co-worker who was walking 10 miles to work every day.
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ALEJANDRO CORTEZ. (4 days ago)
John barfneck (11 months ago)
U.P.S. could at least pick up the tab for gas and insurance and maintenance of the yeep while he owns it.
John barfneck (11 months ago)
strong??? the employees/hourly wage workers  bought the car for him not UPS ..a multi billion dollar conglomerate...if anything it shows how weak UPS is.............
Adonias Yoseph (11 months ago)
This is humanity.
C17H25N FTW (11 months ago)
Props to Derik (sp?) Well deserved, good luck to you and your mom.
King Cobra 187 (11 months ago)
2 days later he's selling crack and busting drive bys with his hommies. niggas these days
lynsey McGaugh (11 months ago)
I love this!! this is wonderful!!
Chuck Fina (11 months ago)
Walked 10 miles everyday? Couldn't he afford transportation fares? Then, how could he afford the oil price?
Dewey-Lee McDavis (11 months ago)
See, when you live in one of the poorest, most rural states in the US, you don't have luxuries like "transportation fares" because there is no public transportation. Be grateful.
Chuck Fina (11 months ago)
+Toronto Breaking News spot on. He might suffer another payment because of this surprising gift.
Toronto Breaking News (11 months ago)
Pugking Thugging what about insurance ?
Chuck Fina (11 months ago)
cruel world
GEETHREEGROUP (11 months ago)
Make it right Jeep ... Give this man a New jeep
Mr. SoRandom (11 months ago)
I love seeing these types of videos.
The Meme Man (11 months ago)
That was so heart warming 😭