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UPS Info Session For Seasonal Drivers

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an info session held by a UPS rep.for Christmas time seasonal drivers.
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Patriot 1 (3 months ago)
I was a driver for UPS. Shittiest job ever and management doesn’t give a shit about anyone. Do yourself a favor, find something else. Ball busting work for little reward. Run
Sharon Nusbaum (6 months ago)
Not the best speaker! Lol! Hey, Lady...Do you anything besides push a pencil???
GlobalJdmAutoParts (1 year ago)
From 5 item we send by UPS 2 of them becomes damage with UPS, don't lie to people
Justin Schmiedel (1 year ago)
anny phone call line one, anny line one
American made (1 year ago)
Love U.P.S.
Michael F5 (2 years ago)
klazzikk (2 years ago)
by regular truck is she talking about the trailer or package car.
Cutter J (2 years ago)
+13kevinof ...the truck in the vid.... Cutter