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Analysis: Why Trump is not a pro-business president

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President Trump considers himself a business-friendly leader, but his recent attacks some of America's biggest companies and tariffs on steel and aluminum and Chinese goods suggest otherwise. CNN Chief Business Correspondent Christine Romans reports.
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Text Comments (86)
Wenny Dornan (9 months ago)
Take that orange head
future Programmer (9 months ago)
cnn is going to tell people about money management lol
GoldiorTM (9 months ago)
Libturdss... everywhere....
Your left Nostril (9 months ago)
Jonathan (9 months ago)
Did you ever see CNN make a piece about how Obama is not a pro-business president? And yet under trump the economy is booming, the stock market is soaring he just signed into law corporate tax cuts that has made businesses give pay raises and hire more people and CNN has the audacity to say he is not pro business. What a joke
ndgo (9 months ago)
joshua ginoza (9 months ago)
How could anyone watch this and see news? How could someone watch this and not see that this is an intentional attempt to set a specific tone on the barely covered details of this story?
Keepo (9 months ago)
1. do you retards look at q4 earnings, which are through the roof thanks to the tax reforms? 2. do you get that military strikes have nothing to do with long term economic growth? 3. do you understand what a market correction is???
Dan Wald (9 months ago)
Fact is business is booming can't say the same about when Obama was president.
Alvor Real (9 months ago)
Eat a gun you aged, artificial sow. And ask your producers to please stop raping so many people.
Jupiter Eye (9 months ago)
So, CNN has downgraded to an even lower bracket of journalistic outlets, now they are openly projecting misinterpretations, toxic demagogy, and outright lies.
National Death (9 months ago)
Spin that $hite
joshua ginoza (9 months ago)
Watch them sit there with a banana and tell us it is an apple...
Keith Richardson (9 months ago)
Muh At&t merger Kick rocks CNN
Schnick (9 months ago)
Not letting China conquer the world markets is ANTI USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Christopher Howland (9 months ago)
CNN... please... you're just making things harder on yourself.
John Wayne (9 months ago)
I didn't know CNN was still in business. Globalist communist views are not that interesting to anybody with half a brain. I wonder when CNN is going to come out with a book called "Why do we LIE so much". CNN is basically unwatchable because of their lies and propaganda.
r k (9 months ago)
"1 = 2" - cnn
SvendleBerries (9 months ago)
(yawn) Obvious propaganda is obvious. Boring. Youre boring, CNN. Boring and predictable.
r k (9 months ago)
we understand you cnn
British Patriot (9 months ago)
MultiRokusho (9 months ago)
Why the hell was this after a styx hex and hammer video? CNN is fake news.
SmashBrosBrawl (9 months ago)
Slashing business tax rates in half is "anti-business". Surely not even CNN viewers are this stupid
Michael Todd (9 months ago)
And they wonder why people see them as fake.
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
Michael Todd What do you expect from a man who has Alex Jones as a friend?
Niko0902 (9 months ago)
Fake News
Tramaine Terrance (9 months ago)
Greetings, Humans. You hear that? It's the sound of 7.5 billion Humans walking around on Earth. Sometimes in life, you realize not only are you not alone, but you live on a overcrowded, shitty planet. What is one to do? Well, as soon as possible, it would best for me to get off this planet. I'm sure there are other planets for me to go to. Hopefully, a planet with little to no Humans. That sounds like a paradise. Maybe I'll just find a way to create my own planet. The possibilities are endless, when you have willpower and determination. TERRANCE OUT
Manuel Gracie (9 months ago)
What else is new, he s not even a real persident.
SAMZIRRA (9 months ago)
Yep, he's a real dick.
Aaron is Loud and Wireless (9 months ago)
Analysis: What a well-crafted slice of turd.
Laughing Eyes (9 months ago)
Crying News Network
brbnews (9 months ago)
Clown News Network
HondaRidgeline Enduser (9 months ago)
Cuck news network back at it again, fuck fake news!
Mad Patriot (9 months ago)
I don't like the guy , but didn't he just gave you guys a big tax break you greedy SOB's on the backs of the working poor
Real Californian (9 months ago)
Great example of one sided reporting. You can feel it in her voice.
Rico Man (9 months ago)
Dillon (9 months ago)
Oh, and on his family. Michele was right about school nutrition, I just think she was wrong about where the issue was. The meals themselves aren't any more nutritious than the chips and soda in the vending machines she wanted removed.
Dillon (9 months ago)
I vouched for Obama a lot in high school. I am not a partisan hack. I thought Trump better represented me by a hair, although I was a Fiorina guy in the early election cycle. Please stop looking at us versus them, we are all people. Plus, every sitting president has lied to the country about this or that, it all comes down to which ones you believe and disbelieve. Your attitude, and the way you look at things is why the nation is so divided. At least give people the benefit of the doubt at first. I said one thing, and it had nothing to do with being liberal/conservative, only civility, and you immediately jump at me like I'm an asshole. Don't be a douche, and you will get respect, act like a dick, and you won't.
Rico Man (9 months ago)
Were u honest or nice with Obama or his family .. what libs say is jus the truth ...we want a honest president or your wasting everyones time
Dillon (9 months ago)
Rico Man You can't even be civil. Do you ever wonder why we don't respect you? Also, their*.
SPL (9 months ago)
This is why CNN is not a reliable news organization.
SPL (9 months ago)
To learn how propaganda works.
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
SPL Why? Well, you're here at CNN, aren't you? You can answer your own question.
SPL (9 months ago)
Dumb comment! Why would I watch stupid Fox news or any other corporate news outlet? Every single one of them is in the business of telling you wart you want to hear. Quit your fake news addiction and you will love yourself for it.
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
SPL Fox News is listed by the FCC as entertainment, not news. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/2017/04/01/fox-news-for-entertainment-purposes-only-disclaimer_n_15727044.html I'll stay with CNN. You go to your source of "fair and balanced" entertainment and we'll both be happy.
quercus alba (9 months ago)
What a load of horse manure
seinfan9 (9 months ago)
Don't believe that the economy is doing it's best since the housing crisis, says the propaganda outlet. It may feel that way, but you need to swallow this BS first!
Aglahad (9 months ago)
This propaganda is getting tiring...
Jordan Haddad (9 months ago)
Why cnn is not pro news
GooseBurt (9 months ago)
What a well crafted piece of propaganda.
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
eburtv6 Propaganda? "I know more about ISIS than the generals, believe me." "I read the Bible more than anybody you know, believe me." "I had one and a half million people at my inauguration." Over 2,000 lies in his first year in office.
SPL (9 months ago)
Not really. It only works on idiots with TDS.
Dillon (9 months ago)
Oh no, Trump is trying to bully monopolies? Tell me more, CNN, about how impeding monopolies is anti-business! It's so anti-business, that all those small businesses that would benefit are getting angry at him. This is laughable. Become a real news agency, or die.
Dillon (9 months ago)
Matthieu Pageau Definitely not because their money is the only thing keeping their heart beating. It couldn't be that!
arbknight12 (9 months ago)
Of course he’s pro-business Him and his family’s business(es). Everyone else can go to hell.
mztryz (9 months ago)
The Clinton News Network is dead. Bury it.
matt sinco (9 months ago)
Yet you people want him to go to war in Syria. Look people, both sides agree on something...MORE WAR. Fuck CNN and their propaganda
Kurt Cyrier (9 months ago)
CNN ducks
Scott Dilinger (9 months ago)
He’s getting out of debt lower taxes bringing jobs and companies back to America he’s doing great
Great Owl (9 months ago)
b 276 (9 months ago)
Hahaha CNN is as low as u get fake news reported by fake people paid for by Clinton. CNN Clinton news network you people are a joke
Wendy Alexander (9 months ago)
Trump is NOT pro business. Corporate business rate if 20%? He's a bully when it comes to business and bankrupted his own companies. Farmers as Collateral damage? He lied to the Farm Bureau. He's putting the WTO and the TPP against each other.
Dillon (9 months ago)
Wendy Alexander TYT, good reporting? HHAHAHA! Thanks, I need that laugh! But in all seriousness, all of the big crops suck, and so do a lot of independents. Everything is on video or saved online nowadays, better off doing your own research, truthfully.
Wendy Alexander (9 months ago)
SmashBrosBrawl sorry, TYT isnt. They do have good reporting and calls out FOX when needed. Sorry, keep Trump if you want, I don't.
SmashBrosBrawl (9 months ago)
>TYT? How about Secular nation? Washington Post? MSNBC? Bloomberg? Leftist outlets. TYT are socialist, you should watch them cover Venezuela for good laughs.
Wendy Alexander (9 months ago)
Matthew Jackman look at my subscriptions, Mr. Jackson. You're so wrong. I like PbS too among others. As for being a big girl I hate Fox except for two journalists. Ever heard of TYT? How about Secular nation? Washington Post? MSNBC? Bloomberg? Those are among my subscriptions.
Matthew Jackman (9 months ago)
Almost all of your liked videos are CNN Ever considered stepping out of line for once and being a big girl? Nah you're just gonna let huge media conglomerates decide your opinion for you. Good girl, know your place - CNN
DARK ENERGY (9 months ago)
He is promoting himself, and fire anyone disagrees with him.
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
Fake news. Anything that doesn't match the snowflake agenda is automatic fake news.
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
Why is a four time bankrupt salesman who cannot control himself not a business president? Don't know, tell us.
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
SmashBrosBrawl Here is some info on some of those 500 businesses. https://youtu.be/SggCPE2eQWs
SmashBrosBrawl (9 months ago)
Trump has had over 500 businesses. This puts him in the upper echelon regarding bankruptcy rates you fool.
seinfan9 (9 months ago)
I see a different number every time somebody mentions his bankruptcies. You all need to learn to count first before mouthing off about finances.
Bayou Profit (9 months ago)
CNN stricken with #TrumpDerangementSyndrome. You sorry mofo's NEVER said anything about Obama's sorry anti-business administration.
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
Bayou Profit CNN most definitely doesn't have TrumpDerangementSyndrome. That's what Evilgelicals have that led them to Mulliganize Trump, the serial liar, serial adulterer and sex pervert into God's Kingdom. Now that's derangement! lol
RedEyeJedi (9 months ago)
He's not a pro he's still a rookie
mztryz (9 months ago)
DeadEyeBedHead, you're a troll.
DARK ENERGY (9 months ago)
He is a Twitter veteran though.
TheDesert IsPatient (9 months ago)
Cuz Trump isn't actually a good business man. He's been bankrupt 6 times and US banks would no longer finance him so he turned to Deutsche Bank. Trump is best at losing other people's money.
mztryz (9 months ago)
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
C. Lincoln (9 months ago)
*He turned to Putin Bank. :)
Jason (9 months ago)
MAGA TRUMP 2020 Bitches
the third eye (9 months ago)
Jason ur profile pic ugly as hell
the third eye (9 months ago)
Jason shut up
KB The Rapper (9 months ago)
You and I both know that the Republican party is very soon going to distance themselves from this perverted man who has been a loser in everything he's ever tried: marriage, family, education, citizenship, politics, fidelity and truthfulness and integrity. The Republicans are as sick of him as the 60% of America who is also sick of him.