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FRUIT NINJA of INDIA | Amazing Fruits Cutting Skills | Indian Street Food

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Badshah juice center is small street food truck located in Goregaon west, Mumbai. They serves up some amazing thirst quenchers and summer coolers with fresh fruits and ice-cream. From milkshakes to fresh fruit juices, ice-creams and fruits with cream, Badshah never disappoints when it comes to cooling you down. They also have seasonal sundaes with fruits like custard apple that ice-cream lovers will not want to miss. Address : Badshah Juice Center, Road No. 2, Jawahar Nagar, Goregaon West, Mumbai
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Text Comments (25329)
ThatsGreat (12 minutes ago)
Ritav shah (9 hours ago)
How to contact them
Ritav shah (10 hours ago)
Hello I want promotion for my snacks corner
German Aguilar (1 day ago)
Lo que me gusta de esta gente es su inocuidad al preparar los alimentos totalmente igienico!!!!! Jajaja jajajaja provecho!!!
Jhanpool Rivera (1 day ago)
His hands are cutting fruit and touching money(with hundred of bacteries,just dirty. India is poor in regulation of health
LeonaRD Russo (1 day ago)
Il paese più sporco del mondo... e si vede!
Wavy Ant (1 day ago)
Idc but that mixer looked nasty and hes nails
Camila Araújo oficial (1 day ago)
mrtxjjst hzbxjskd (2 days ago)
give proper address
Sonam Sonkusare (2 days ago)
Mitch TheRonin (2 days ago)
6:12 he doesn‘t even know how to use a spoon
BWS_ ROD (2 days ago)
Esse cara poderia trabalhar com uma luva neh tem que ter higiene
BWS_ ROD (1 day ago)
@Julio da silva eu não iria comer isso não mano namoral
Julio da silva (1 day ago)
Neh mano, cortando rápido e as frutas caindo, anemm
Kyah Brow (2 days ago)
Sir TroLLington Da 3rd (2 days ago)
His nails look like he's been digging in his bootyhole for 10 years straight.
U&T official (3 days ago)
Food Nation (3 days ago)
He is not cutting it like a ninja
days921 (3 days ago)
they're getting what they're paying for, it's that simple. the people buying these don't care about the no gloves blah blah. If they had the money to care, they would go somewhere else that was more hygienic = more expensive
embrj145 (3 days ago)
India, were no one needs pesty vaccines...
Ramin Abdeshahrei (4 days ago)
Y forgot put on gloves 🧤 good for business
Dreams Abhi Baaki Hain !! (4 days ago)
Please subscribe my channel food crushes https://youtu.be/ILzDHpbPRL8
ugly x (4 days ago)
Y'all just disgusting lil piece of sh*t
Butcher God (4 days ago)
Fast forwarded video nothing else
M.L. Flagg (4 days ago)
Never cut towards yaself, unless you are the Fruit Ninja
eimy carolina morales osorio (5 days ago)
Ya hasta se me antojo, ese sr es bien agilidoso con el cuchillo yo así primero me corto el dedo. Me ha encantao 😙
Yo me cortó el brazo
YSLICKA (5 days ago)
This it’s a video about an Indian guy cutting fruit and got 70mill views
Cheftain Chao (5 days ago)
yup! handling money while slicing
Bhabesh Baruah (5 days ago)
Hath ke nakhun kat liya karo
Jeiner Hernandez (5 days ago)
omg, his nails
liph gato (6 days ago)
Esse cara faz essas coisas na rua, sem luva e sem nada com a unha suja, c ta é doido...
Julio da silva (1 day ago)
Tem cuidado nenhum
Mr. CringePants (6 days ago)
Everyone talks about gloves But we should really talk about the condition about that mixer and the table he works on. Seriously, a cutting board is that hard to find?
Wavy Ant (1 day ago)
Ikr that mixer looked so nasty
Costco BearVlog (2 days ago)
@AtomicBlood Agreed
AtomicBlood (4 days ago)
Mr. CringePants u have to take account that he probably only make enough profit to support his family let aside upgrades for his business
Jignesh Barot (6 days ago)
Iss chutiye video ko 70 million views kaise mil gaye..
Leyla Novruzova (6 days ago)
Ronivon Santos Da Silva (6 days ago)
Fhiwts eyths lhywasts glkutff bstwy qhwodh baby
Leonz Fortunato (6 days ago)
Oml just to settle this with my late ass comment since youtube recommends me absolute shit. One, if you are bringing race into this because you see people commenting about health standards, you are the ignorant one who needs to reflect. Two, Just cause he is in India does not mean they can't keep clean health standards, you do NOT have to be fucking rich to keep a clean hygiene. Three, shut the fuck up & watch the damn video. Those with common sense can see he doesn't have the cleanest area, it's not a big fucking deal; you aren't eating there. Sucks for those who are. Goooodbye.
Dany Donzogpa (7 days ago)
Those who are talking abt glovee u know people use same gloves for weeks and months
Aamer Zein Khuhro (7 days ago)
We People of subcontinent don't give a shit about so called hygiene still we live longer than so called hygiene conscious Western people... We are average people we can't take that much burden, and still we are happy living. those who are complaining about hygiene should wash their rectum and hands after "💩" instead of using tissues... Hats off to this guy and his amazing skills and recipes.. Love from Sindh, Pakistan. ❤️
Dany Donzogpa (7 days ago)
Right Those who are talking abt glovee u know people use same gloves for weeks and months
Joao Kalluf (7 days ago)
Top dirt
Iza Bona (7 days ago)
*drooling* 🤤
Renno Bagas (7 days ago)
Wait that knife is saw? 😅
Jasmine Ennovy Gomez (7 days ago)
Hope that his businedd will have it's own shop,😍😍
Ahmet ŞEKER (7 days ago)
Çok pis. Hijyen yok.
walter paredes (7 days ago)
las manos sele miran bien susias
nichevo1 (8 days ago)
I'm suspicious of the hygiene there but his skills are incredible and I want to know what those knives are and where I can get them in the United States.
Gandokazi ! (5 days ago)
Omg yes that cloth eweee
Almat & Balausa (8 days ago)
Гигиена кайдааааааа ужаас
Mehmet Karaalp (8 days ago)
Kudret Keskin (8 days ago)
Im stay for pineapple
zeusun kızı (8 days ago)
Adam ustura ile kesiyor sanki. Bu nasıl keskinlik
Dany Donzogpa (8 days ago)
Those who are talking abt glovee u know people use same gloves for weeks and months
Patrik Persson (8 days ago)
Dany Donzogpa - Drop it Dany. Latex gloves are impossible to re-use, even once. But latex gloves are not cleaner than washed hands. Using gloves are mainly for protecting skin and making customers feel safe. Just like an airport security control. They wont find any terrorists that way, but the travellers will witness it as actually being a safety control, which it isn’t, in reality. It’s all made to make people feel safe. A fictive drama act to fool us.
peach (9 days ago)
Pour moi, il devrait avoir plus d'hygiène
The Critic (8 days ago)
Let me just answer all the hygiene comments here, Yes it is unhygienic, no doubt about it, but because the level of hygiene in India is not that high, not many people get sick by this or mind this type of hygiene. The immune of Indians are really good because of this. Also it's Street food = unhygienic in India, it isn't like this everywhere in India, but just at Street food. The amount of money you pay for Street food is way too low for them to make everything clean and tidy. That's the reason. If it has high price the hygiene will be definitely better. But if it's cheap as fuck ofcourse it isn't going to be that clean.
Dany Donzogpa (8 days ago)
Those who are talking abt glovee u know people use same gloves for weeks and months
Andrew Aquino (9 days ago)
Look at the their nails! 🤣
Urwatul Wutsqo (3 days ago)
Andrew Aquino I see 😅
janie helms (9 days ago)
Such a nice clean towel love it
SoliDav's Empire (9 days ago)
Poor hygiene. I wouldn't buy from him.
Diane Johnson (6 days ago)
SoliDav's Empire oh my god... really? You really think I’m depressed? THIS IS WHY I DONT GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA. BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU JUMPING TO CONCLUSIONS. I’m very happy with myself thank you and I would be dead by now if I weren’t. It annoys me deeply when people go OUT OF THEIR WAY to make a comment that has nothing to do with the video just to hate on it. Nobody said you would buy from him or that hypothetically you would. It’s about how good he is not that people buy the food. That’s their problem not yours and I’m sure they know. Stop jumping to conclusions and saying I’m depressed. I have friends and a family and happy with every aspect of my life. You are about to make me depressed tho by just SENSING THAT IM DEPRESSED THOUGH THE SCREEN WITHOUT EVEN SEEING MY FACE. Go to hell
SoliDav's Empire (6 days ago)
@Diane Johnson looks like you have a problem with yourself. My opinion, my choice. I didn't abuse or use rude words to him. I simply said I wouldn't buy from him cos of his poor hygiene handling the fruits. Period. Pls go get some anti depressants and help yourself cos you sure have a big problem with yourself.
Diane Johnson (6 days ago)
Oh just shut the fuck up. It’s about how good he is at it not about the damn hygiene. Do you know how much he has washed his surface and hands? No you don’t idiot so don’t assume that he doesn’t use good hygiene because you don’t know that
j g (8 days ago)
not the blender being brown 😭😭😭
Dany Donzogpa (8 days ago)
Nothing wrong
Naila Tasnim (9 days ago)
Watch this at 2x speed!!!
GachaMaster 123 (10 days ago)
Dude india aint rich,i would be more than happy to get something like that.
GachaMaster 123 (6 days ago)
@Leonz Fortunato No you understood me wrong,i meant i saw lots of comments saying that india is poor and doesn't have like clean foods or wotever,so i just said that i dont care if ist like that,food is food nothing else.
Leonz Fortunato (6 days ago)
Seriously what are you trying to say? Lol you don't have to be fucking rich to keep clean health standards... I ain't rich, I wash my hands before & after I cook or handle any food, if it's my own or I'm making it for someone.
Dany Donzogpa (8 days ago)
What ur trying to say
jay lopez (10 days ago)
Them nails tho 😂 and touching the money with the same hand hes touching all that fruit.....hell naaaaa lol
Dany Donzogpa (8 days ago)
@ShN Fatehah stfu man
ShN Fatehah (8 days ago)
@Dany Donzogpa Money has been everywhere and many people has touched the money. Bacteria could spread easily. Should atleast have a bucket of water to wash his hands. Or maybe keep one hand clean for fruits and the other hand for tools and money.
Dany Donzogpa (8 days ago)
Nothing wrong everyone do the same Those who use gloves they dont change it for months
l l l (10 days ago)
Why are there so much cars honking in the background
Iza Bona (7 days ago)
Coz probably he’s selling fruits in the streets, idiot.
aalikane (8 days ago)
Seriously? Hes a street vendor...
swopanil g zende (10 days ago)
Usako kuch nahi karana ata sirf usako profilty karni hai
Shadow Wang (10 days ago)
очень гигиенично. аж плохо стало.
Khwaab Mt (10 days ago)
OMG my mouth's watering 🤤🤤
Medi Rudiantoni (10 days ago)
Does he washes his hand?
Dany Donzogpa (8 days ago)
Go n ask
Dany Donzogpa (10 days ago)
Those who are talking about gloves u know people use gloves for months
Ozan Poyraz (11 days ago)
Bizimde adana tostcumuz var jjdjdjddx
raja sekhar (11 days ago)
You wasting some food
Vishal khot (11 days ago)
Alex (11 days ago)
That pineapple looked 10 times more appetizing after it was cut
JOKER (11 days ago)
Youtube health inspectors are coming.
Dustin Surprises (11 days ago)
How much did that fruit cost?
Dustin Surprises (11 days ago)
The fruit does look good.
Dustin Surprises (11 days ago)
Do those plates look like fake rims or dog dishes?
aalikane (8 days ago)
The disposable electric stovetop liners..
roger ashar (12 days ago)
Tht guy doing all hard work this guy making money on youtube
Michael Abednego Tobing (12 days ago)
Poorly knife, bare hands, tossing the fruit. Yeahh.. *a real fruit ninja*
BassManBobBassCovers (11 days ago)
If only American food industry workers cared this much..
Dany Donzogpa (6 days ago)
@Mr. CringePants i saw that
Mr. CringePants (6 days ago)
@Dany Donzogpa where did you get that info?
Dany Donzogpa (10 days ago)
@BassManBobBassCovers People use same gloves for weeks
BassManBobBassCovers (11 days ago)
@Youssef Bousada sometimes
Youssef Bousada (11 days ago)
atleast our food system is more sanitary than this
ONE lick Rick (12 days ago)
Worst part is you can’t see him licking his fingers. 🤢
Kempleng Wer (13 days ago)
Ada yg dari Indonesia?😂
Dany Donzogpa (10 days ago)
@Kempleng Wer what that mean
Kempleng Wer (10 days ago)
Salam kenal
Dany Donzogpa (10 days ago)
English plz
Me HBHN (12 days ago)
Akisi Luca (13 days ago)
Y'all be talking about hygiene and all like people it's a different country with different people. They're out in the streets working for money and y'all probably sitting on the couch in y'all comfortable zone judging ... Why no judge the cutting skills he got coz I know 90% can't cut fruits as fast as him
Dany Donzogpa (10 days ago)
Amech Lester Cabacang (13 days ago)
Diarrhea shake
Shikha Singh (13 days ago)
Please be safe while cutting d fruit 🙏🙏
Thobela Gedze (13 days ago)
Handling money and fruit.. NOOOOO!!!!
RangaRoo (13 days ago)
He handled MONEY AND FRUITS with the same hand.
Mr. CringePants (6 days ago)
@Diane Johnson i give a fuck about contamination.
Diane Johnson (6 days ago)
Please shut up. Please. Nobody gives a single shit. Not one person except you. It’s not about the damn hygiene it’s about his skills with a knife. Just deal with it
RangaRoo (13 days ago)
That spoon being poured out of the cream carton is a big health and food safety inspection FAIL.
BAKU RETSU (10 days ago)
rohit i dont fall ill is the every indian excuse to the complain about basic human hygeine ....what a mentality i was not expecting any other response from you anyways
BAKU RETSU (10 days ago)
rohit ok then you guys dont care about hygeine then that make you selfish because you dont care about people coming from different countries to try authentic indian experience ....
rohit (10 days ago)
@BAKU RETSU a single stand like these attracts more than 100 people a day..i myself have eaten countless times and have never gotten sick..if ur from india u would not raise your question... we're used to it.
BAKU RETSU (10 days ago)
rohit earning less is not an excuse to remain unhealthy like using at least a glove is gonna cost him a fortune but instead being hygenic will bring him more customers dont you get it...??
rohit (10 days ago)
Don't be a Spoiler brat..they earn less than average money.
Amar Shahputra (13 days ago)
i very hate this because so dirty 😬
SincerelyUmmi (13 days ago)
I love how we have foam or whip cream and they use actual ice cream omg 😍😍
Numaan Ahsan Rana (14 days ago)
joselyn mendez (14 days ago)
Las uñass ASCOOOOO
Abhiraj Abhi (14 days ago)
He wasting The Food...😏😏
Gigi malngiang (14 days ago)
The only guy in India that doesn't use cheese 🤣🤣🤣🤣
GamexNiteo (14 days ago)
Tu to barbaad jyaada kr Raha hai Kya ghanta Superman hai chutiya
Domi Raruchi (14 days ago)
If my man cant peel my fruit like this i DONT want him 😂
Kevin Trinidad (14 days ago)
He cuts like people in Mexico, but I the blenders need to be washed they look like they got mold growing. No hate fr
Jason Aguilar (14 days ago)
I can't stop thinking that the fact he might be serving warm fruit can't leave my mind.
norm4ndy (14 days ago)
Kuroyukikaze Kanade (14 days ago)
Video title: Fruit Ninja Indian man with skills Everyone: hygiene No one: Literally no one: Me: some kickass knife he using there
Geiko Martinez (14 days ago)
This dudes nails are fucking disgusting holy shit. Basic hygiene would make this guy into a fruit god.
Jerrymc1975 (14 days ago)
Hubcaps for plates
Will Nixon (14 days ago)
Your fruit killing skills are remarkable
남자_ (15 days ago)
09:55 ok, i won't eat it 😫
남자_ (15 days ago)
his skill is good though
둥근만두 (15 days ago)
위생의 상태가?
Sasa (15 days ago)