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Kamala Harris: I'll give Congress 100 days to pass gun laws

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) pledged that, if elected president, she would take executive action to enact sweeping gun control measures if Congress fails to send comprehensive legislation to her desk in her first 100 days. #CNN #News
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Vann Craig (19 hours ago)
What's laughable is most believe a democratic party even actually exists. Smoke and mirrors folks But hey everyone needs that enemy they can rail against every so often aye ? Lol
Cecilia Moncada (1 day ago)
And Kamala, your bodyguard don’t have a gun????
t1tacal (1 day ago)
I would give her 100 days in office based on her comments.
Robert Crawford (2 days ago)
Everything that she has proposed is already law in California. They still have major problems with homicides from gangs. Their “assault weapons ban” has been on the books for 33 years now. The ban hasn’t done shit. Why is gun control being sold as crime control? Why are Democrats soft on crime? If you put criminals in jail, you loose votes from their Family members. Loose votes, loose your job. Can’t collect pay for play if you’re not in office. Ask Hillary
T Frey (3 days ago)
This Bytch will Never be POTUS, the people see right threw her. Tulsi destroying her last debate was awesome.
S Griffin (3 days ago)
Kamala Harris, you will never be elected as president first off. Second anybody who tries to do executive orders like that will definitely be sued for fileted eating the constitutional rights. Just like the Democrats have done with Trump and his executive orders you too will be nailed with endless lawsuits. None of the opposed laws for gun control would have stopped any past mass shootings. Mass shootings have happened because people got guns illegally not legally. All Liberals are idiots.
Stefin Salvator (3 days ago)
Fuck her.... All she wants is power just like all Democrats and liberals. Dam communist Nazis. Ain't they're the ones talking about prison reform but yet they turn around and want to send everybody to prison. How can you be so worried about illegals coming in and getting separated from their families but Democrats and liberals are okay with separating American families. Communist Nazi hypocrites that's all Democrats and liberals are......
A Padgett (3 days ago)
Look at this females state & her citizens
I Insult the prophet (4 days ago)
Thank goodness Tulsi Gabbard has ended this nutty negro’s career.
Kasey Hedrick (4 days ago)
You have to have a background check to have a conceal permit tired of hearing background check I think it is pretty shity that you can get a conceal permit online now but she don’t even know how easy it is to get a permit how I got a question how many gun are on the streets that they are not goin to do background checks on
sniperhat1 (5 days ago)
So thousands of infringements aren't enough, huh? You won't be president, but if you were i would congradulate you for starting the 2nd civil war. Tyrant.
john doe (5 days ago)
So the first hundred days in her office if the government doesn’t comply she’s going to take executive action . We already have universal background checks and every day your identification is being ran in every database for any criminal activity the only people that don’t get their background check just criminals who always buy guns off the streets because they break into peoples houses and steal their guns or they break into peoples cars because they can’t bring their guns into a certain location so they steal their guns. We already have background checks and they work just fine she if elected would put us in Civil War.
john doe (5 days ago)
And who listens to this woman anyways she’s a government official in California and California is a complete crap California is a complete Desiree California is nothing but a homeless in the poor and the rich getting richer who would listen to this woman she is a complete moron
john doe (5 days ago)
We have background checks most school shooter uses parents guns or steals them. Criminals will always have guns and knives. More people are killed with knives. The Dems want control over the people. Just like Hitler did. You ban guns we go to civil war. Our gun rights are to protect us from criminals and Tyrant government. It’s not for hunting.
terrell newman (5 days ago)
Great take our guns and bring in illegals
justaregularguy (6 days ago)
Last week 4 people were killed and 2 injured by a person using a knife in California, are we going to ban or require extensive background checks for those next? If so everyone go to you kitchen and get rid of every knife you have before Kamala makes it illegal for you to own them.
mugseyone one (6 days ago)
Any hope this WACKO US president applicant had just went out the window , making statements and the usual rhetoric that politicians make , all lies , that are forgotten after elected , look at trump ( if you can keep from throwing up ) what an embarrassment to the UNITED STATES of America .
Buffalo D (6 days ago)
Kamala Harris has attitude issues and she is nothing more than a disgusting racist moron.
rk h (7 days ago)
if im elected president, i would ban every black nagger in america
jperiodchapin (7 days ago)
Duck and cover drills from the A-bomb. Evacuation drill for tsunamis. Earthquake drills in California. Seaver weather drills for the east cost. Hurricane drills for southern states. Having drills to prepare students is not a bad thing. It prepares students and people the best way to respond to emergencies. What the coffee colored woman while the white lady hair is not saying is the Democrats want to remove your rights. The do not you to speak freely, they do not want you to have any firearm. They do not believe you should have due process. You should not have privacy even in your home. Democrats are the tyrannical government that the founding fathers warned us about.
Manny Mann (8 days ago)
Mark S (8 days ago)
You're not only not going to be president you're racist ass is going to be voted out of office.
Caleb from Fresno (8 days ago)
Kamala ur so hott!
Ant Kec (8 days ago)
Democrat politicians are the best worst actors and script writers. Republicans are bad too, but the Dems are the masters at it
Ant Kec (8 days ago)
The Constitution does not give us any rights. It recognizes that our rights are giving to us by our creator, that they are all inalienable and helps protect them
N Marbletoe (8 days ago)
Ant Kec (8 days ago)
Yet they defend criminals
Ant Kec (8 days ago)
The atf is only so big. Law enforcement is only so big. The military is only so big. If American Patriots nationwide refuse to allow the Government from taking away our rights they can’t win. Hunting has nothing to do with the 2A? Hahahahaha no executive action can strip rights away
David Webb (9 days ago)
What is so damn funny. She and the others just gave trump a hell of slot of votes. There are some hard core Democratic NRA members. That just changed party.
Ant Kec (8 days ago)
David Webb the NRA supports gun control, they support red flag laws. They are a fraud
How to channel Angel Daniel (9 days ago)
Hitler took the guns, just saying.
John Mendoza (9 days ago)
Kamala Harris would suck as President just ask Willie Brown 🤔
Papapoo Do (10 days ago)
Ugh...Cringe...Her acting and posturing are horrible...Why do people keep falling for these lying turds?!?!
Jonathan Ruiz (10 days ago)
Fugitives can’t buy hand guns not any kind of firearms fucking liar.
Jonathan Ruiz (10 days ago)
All those background checks are literally done every year.
Gary Mendonca (10 days ago)
Kamala the Ugandan nightmare Harris you will never be president of the great country never ever you bitch. Your the kind of bitch that you shoot your load of cum on her tits then she rubs her tits together and then sucks her own nipples.
Gary Mendonca (10 days ago)
You little boy are a faggot that needs to be beaten, raped, brutalized, tortured then killed.
jestice john (11 days ago)
Ms. Harris, no power on this planet will still my resolve to protect my rights. They are not for you to determine one way or the other.. The bill of rights is not yours to decide. It is not given by government to decide one way or the other. You shall not ever by force or otherwise take my firearms that I, well within the law bought. Of my own free will. Not by your direction and order. I bought my rifle because I wanted this rifle. I thought it and I still think it a good idea. The rifle I have has never moved on it's own. It has no unjust influence on me what-so-ever. It has never done anything as it cannot act without me and it shall remain in my possession. It is not for sale, it is not your property one way or the other. The magazines I have were purchased within the law. You own no part of my rifle. It is not now nor will it ever be yours. Ms. Harris am I to understand that 0 through 10 rounds are not able inflict and kind of harm? Does the firearm not work or how does zero thru this mystical ten rounds work? Are they Kamala rounds? YOU will never touch my rifle. Content yourself with that.
Bobby Hill (11 days ago)
Only way this bitch should open her mouth is if she is inserting my dick inside.
Kitten Sausage (11 days ago)
Democrats promise all this free shit and have no idea on how it's going to be paid for. They hate capitalism yet are wealthy because of it. They want to take our guns while they have armed security. If it wasn't for double standards, the Left would have no standard at all.
Kyle (11 days ago)
The 3 latest shootings, El Paso, Ohio and Gilroy were by individuals who would have passed a background check, all three of these individuals in their 20's and very into video games and support for both Parties so none of what Harris, Booker, Warren, Orourke, and other Democratic Candidates have suggested will work, just hot air to get the misinformed on their side. The reason Trump will win again is because he is the common sense President that does what needs to be done, the one who has cleaned up messes made by Obama and Bush, both afraid to call out China, Iran and stupid politicians like Sanders and Warren who want to give everything away for free without an explanation of where the money is coming from, hatred and anger on the side of Liberals who have been on a Trump Hunting Spree for 4 years is the cause of all this partisan misinformation, stop already and just do your jobs.
joshchapo (11 days ago)
For every gun owner out there, (I am a responsible gun owner like 98% of you) we all know they don't know what their talking about! But I know it won't happen, but in the event they decide to ban assault rifles, people say we need them for 2nd AM. In case of government tyranny. Problem solved for us: let them try to take your "assault rifle" go out and buy yourself a .460 weatherby semi-auto rifle and 10 gauge semi-auto shotguns and let the tyranny begin!! LOL I personally don't own any guns that aren't meant for hunting. I own multiple shotguns (mostly 10 gauges) and rifles as well as the rest of my family. We already own 2 .460's one semi-auto one single shot. And a lot of non gun owners don't understand how many guns legal gun owners have. One of my family members owns 37 guns alone. (All meant for hunting) legal responsible gun owners like myself and many of you out there we will never let them take all our guns away! It will be a fight they won't win!!
Maurice Michael (11 days ago)
Are those audience members medicated? Absolute drones
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (11 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (11 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (11 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (11 days ago)
MadManLooch (11 days ago)
The kids have to run and hide because you are too pussy to arm schools with guards and metal detectors.
zane cole (11 days ago)
Gun control will never help an law abiding citizen!!! Gun control never works, just look at Chicago!! There's no such thing as assault rifle, AR stands for ArmaLite rifle, the 15 stands for design 15!! Gun free zone are the problem, teachers should be able to carry guns if they want to!! The Second Amendment is not for hunting, it for fighting the government!! And also AR-15s are used for hunting!! Banning guns will not stop evil, it will only make more victims!! If government bans one gun, they will never stop!!
David Webb (9 days ago)
And California
Guida Mopazan Rabinowitz (11 days ago)
The laws are already written. But you already know that Kamala
kb csDJvno \]][,. (11 days ago)
Dumbass Harris can't distinguish between "weapons of war" and AR-15s and seems to think AR-15s are imported. "Either you don't know much about guns or you're pandering. Either way, it doesn't look good. The military doesn't use semiauto AR-15's. A semiauto means 1 round fired every time the trigger is pulled. Most guns in the US are this style. Take the time to go learn at a gun range." ---Nathan Speth 6 August 2019
RAIDER GAINZ (12 days ago)
10 months? bitch please! Say anything for votes. But do nothing.
Donald Rider (12 days ago)
The kid looks like a pp toucher would be worried what's going to happen when he stands in front of God burn in hell forever
Political Incorrect (12 days ago)
This ho. Come get mine personally. I bet she would have armed security. . I would also have armed friends. So come on over you crazy dems.. she talks shit. But. It will not be her personally.. wuss
Fred Davis (12 days ago)
Kamalatoe no need to worry , your poll numbers are going down faster than the time you met Willie Brown
Andy Ozburn (13 days ago)
Me being a 18 year old young adult seeing stuff like this truly does put a sense of fear into me of how my future in this country will turn out.. and I just pray that the citizens of this amazing country will open their eyes to the completely absurd & socialistic rhetoric being so dangerously normalized by the left wing politicians & media.. and I don’t believe that these people that are condoning this ludicrous ideology even know what they’re actually proposing.. this is the exact thing that Hitler did to his nation, he came into power, he stripped his people of their firearms and then just a few years later those same people who had their firearms taken from them along with their rights were killed by the millions and that is what scares me. Call me crazy if you want I really don’t care, but if you have any bit of common sense you can put two & two together and literally see what kind of evil outcomes these socialistic ideologies (i.e communism, fascism, socialism, etc.) in fact produce, & if you do not believe me, before you get your panties in a wad and attack me for merely stating the obvious facts, use that energy to go do the research for yourself and then see if your mind isn’t changed then because I promise you that you would begin to seriously question the agenda of these naive leftists. I’m just praying for this country and every citizen that resides here, because we all deserve the same equal chance to succeed in life but folks we will NOT achieve that by allowing the government to control every single aspect of our lives!
OG Sinatra (13 days ago)
Biggest fraud in this race next to biden 1776 2020trump
steve Janet (13 days ago)
Cars and trucks kill , she will take them away next.
Garrett Radcliff (14 days ago)
We need to come together and get these people out of power. All they do is tax us fine us take our money take our rights and kill our troops by sending them into war for their own greed. Wake up America look at what’s happening they do not give a shit about our safety all they want is for us to be defenseless against them so they can do whatever they want.
alex black (14 days ago)
Kamala is an idiot. Enforce the immigration laws. Deport all illegals because a lot of murders are in U.S illegal and will be voting for Kamala.
yolanda hernandezmelendez (14 days ago)
What they need to do is stop making violent movies, and video games. Blame Hollywood! Taking away guns don't help.
Outlaws (14 days ago)
They should ban murder next so it won’t happen anymore
Outlaws (14 days ago)
What a faggot
Marco Polo (14 days ago)
*"A free people ought not only be armed and disciplined, but they should have sufficient arms and ammunition to maintain a status of Independence from any who might attempt to abuse them. Which would include their own government"* - George Washington
Wreckanize (14 days ago)
The only thing she'll accomplish is starting another revolution.
Zoomer30 (14 days ago)
Just saw Harris on CNN 5 mins ago. She's got my vote. She's the only politician who stated the number 1 function of a assault rife : To kill as as many people as possible as quickly as possible. This was NOT what the authors of the 2nd Amendment had in mind. People who spout off about the 2nd Amendment (the worst Admendment in human history) should be forced to use the guns of the period. Front loaded muskets that had a fire rate of about a week and a half and were just as likely to blow up as shoot. NOT EFFING AR15s! That's a machine gun, not a hunting rifle.
D.A. Hill (14 days ago)
Only if old camel toes screws the right people will that happen,,oh wait she is
H- MINUS (14 days ago)
Pass all the laws you want,you will never get my guns bitch
ravin747 (14 days ago)
Politicians are slaughtering us without guns
Bill Pardew (15 days ago)
Or what
crazy white boy (15 days ago)
Gun control means control of the people they want to get rid of our guns so that they can control us when they want to throw our asses and FEMA camps my message to the gun controllers we will Lock and Load you come for our guns and blow your fucking Nazi fucking heads off because that's exactly what the fucking Nazis did during World War II and they ban the guns so that they can throw everybody in concentration camps I Will Never Surrender my Thompson machine gun it's my baby a has a 100 round clip and I will use it to fight tyranny
Chona Figuerres (16 days ago)
Let me see  her TAME Congress and Make them OBEY and Comply....Maybe in her Dreams.
T S (16 days ago)
Oh no....she sounds like trump!! "I will"??? That's the same damn attitude problem that we are all dealing with now!!! This nation is NOT RUN BY A PARTY OF ONE!!
bridgebuilder1225 (16 days ago)
Kamala says the current administration took fugitives off the list of prohibited people for purchasing a firearms? But she came in to save the day put the fugitives back on the prohibited list? This woman is a habitual liar and con woman. What a bunch of BS.She needs to go back to Commie California.Trump 2020/2024/2028/2032 !
Michael Stewart (16 days ago)
Do you seriously want to pass a law to protect the people ? Capital punishment ! 1) If you commit a crime with a gun, you get the death penalty, PERIOD !!!!! TAKING GUNS FROM THE GOOD PEOPLE DON'T HELP.
NateTheGreat1997 (16 days ago)
How about you open stat owned nut huts the only ones who are crazy enough to shoot up schools are the crazy ones. Why take everyones guns for one persons action, I dont see alcohol and cells being outlawed for car accident deaths. Gun control is all in the finger. And id like to see her try to all the guns from the millions of americans in the country it would be the 2nd civil war. There's only about 2 million military personnel and theres tens of millions of civillians with guns. Kamala harris is a tyrant.and ahes a prime example if why we have our 2nd amendment, her and all other democrats want to take our guns because they would have all the power. Without the 2nd ammendment we might as well have no other rights. TRUMP 2020!
Jimbo B. (17 days ago)
All I can say is BITCH!!!!! Your scanky ass can have my guns....NOT EVEN AFTER IM DEAD BITCH!!!
Christian Backmon (17 days ago)
These kind of people make me sick and they need to shut up and leave the country as soon as possible
Underground Miner (17 days ago)
She will require things that are already laws???
Underground Miner (17 days ago)
Shootings in school didn't used to happen . Stop substituting drugs for coping skills.
Underground Miner (11 days ago)
@N Marbletoe I think back to highschool when we were told no guns on school property any more. Well most everyone had guns in the cars so we asked the principal about it. He laughed and said how about no guns in the school? Never an incident. In the late 80s there was an explosion in gangs and suddenly you were not supposed to fight bullies. Also, the mood altering drug craze took hold. Now loners shoot people.
N Marbletoe (11 days ago)
looked up in wikipedia, school shootings go back at least to the 1800s agree drugs like ritalin are not the answer for most kids... need to change school structure so kids can be active and not sit 8 hours a day
Travis Walls (17 days ago)
Just gonna leave this here. https://youtu.be/Bpzmvz2aXoQ
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (17 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (11 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (17 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (17 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (17 days ago)
mark baughman (17 days ago)
Harris u can't do shit. Look at California. Isn't that the state ypur a senator in.
Nick Houck (17 days ago)
2nd amendment is not for hunting why do all these idiots keep tricking people and refer to the right to go hunting. It's to protect ourselves against Tyranny so if the police and army have machine guns then we have the right to have them too. Everything is a weapon so you plan on outlawing everything? Gun control is unconstitutional and Not American. So if you want to be fair then you will have to take firearms from everyone on all sides including the police and military. That right is there so that we can hold an armed revolution when a tyrant like you tries to take our firearms.
Juul Mike (17 days ago)
Dont tread on me any gun control law is unconstitutional the founders didnt put the 2a in place for hunting it was for people like you
Annie Kycek (17 days ago)
Outdoor Avenger (18 days ago)
Criminals do not follow laws. Universal background checks is just a gateway for confiscation. Criminals will not go through a background check. I haven’t heard one of these politicians say anything about taking guns off of the criminals just law abiding citizens. These people want to disarm us so they can push their socialist bull crap on us. As long as the American people are armed and they cannot control us and They know it that’s why they are trying to disarm us.
multisphere1 (18 days ago)
Kamala should fuck off , ASAP!
David G. (18 days ago)
So basically the government should pay for our education and all of our medical bills, okay.. And where is this money coming from again.
Donald Ross (18 days ago)
She just lost most of her votes
Jraddd (19 days ago)
Literally all the things she said is the LAWS ALREADY ON THE BOOKS! These Democrats are idiots!!! PS.. What would you do to give me free loan debt granted for a financial agreement I signed before participating in school
Jraddd (19 days ago)
Every person that sells gun has to do background checks its called FFL, this lady is fuckin retarded
Jraddd (19 days ago)
This lady is such a tool!
Zee3P0 (19 days ago)
Better bring a damn army.
Tholin Nothing (19 days ago)
Kamala: I've been working in Congress for years, but once I am President, if Congress doesn't do their job within 100 days, I will take Executive Order against those failures. Does she ever stop being a hypocrite?
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (19 days ago)
Zaneta Horvatovavavarenzanetavndor (17 days ago)
Christopher Burnham (19 days ago)
Arm the teachers if they don't want to wear a gun and use it fire them
TehkNinja (19 days ago)
What about kent state? The government killed students.....
Devin Hinkson (20 days ago)
Don’t worry Kamala, you will not have to worry about getting elected.
Ivan Shivolski (20 days ago)
Does this bimbo not know there are already gun laws?
Jenna Denjern (20 days ago)
I doubt this woman has ever picked up any kind of gun in her life. She doesn't know shit about them.