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The Shocking Amount I Made From My 3 Viral YouTube Videos

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Want to find out how much I made on videos with 1 million, 2 million and 3 million views? Well I am about to show you! The first time anyone finds out I make youtube videos, the first question they inevitably ask, is do you make any money from it? Why yes, yes I do…. I have been incredible fortunately to have three video go viral so far. One video has gotten a million views, another two million and another three million, but that’s enough beating around the bush, I’m going to tell you how much I have made from each of these videos. First, we’ll talk about my pushup video that got 1 million views. Here is the funny thing about this video. I published it two years ago and it got very little attention. Suddenly one day the traffic spiked and it picked up over a million views in a one week period. I nearly deleted this video from my channel about 6 months prior, but decided lucky decided to leave it. For a little over one million views, this video made me $3,250. My second viral video was about how I got back at my old annoying neighbors and their loud TV. One a whim I just decided to shoot a quick video telling the story all my buddys got a kick out of. I didn't edit the video or anything, I just recorded it and was done within 5 minutes. This video only got 70 views in the first four months. Then it began to pick up steam, eventually rackin g up a little over 2 million views. You’d think it would make me double what my 1 million view video did, but actually it only made $3,012 dollars. Still not too shabby for 5 minutes of work. Now for the big boy, the 3 million view video. The reason I almost deleted the 1 million view video is because it initially did so poorly, I reuploaded it with a different title and thumbnail for this video. This video began taking off almost immediately and has climbed to over 3 million views. For slightly over 3 million views, I made a fat stack of $7,311. These three videos have made me $13,573. But wait… there's more, that is just Adsense revenue. I also use Amazon affiliates to link to products I use in my videos and through Amazon, I’ve made an additional $5000 dollars. Well, with any luck, maybe this video will hit 4 millions views! Then I’ll be back with another video about how much this video made. So smash that like button and subscribe if you haven’t yet and I’ll see you again next time.
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Text Comments (19)
Kory Zapatka (2 months ago)
oh my ive been wrong telling my little brother theres no way he can make any substantial income on youtube. HMmmmmmm
Kory Zapatka (1 month ago)
@Simple Man agreed!
Simple Man (2 months ago)
There is money to be made, but I wouldn’t make a career out of it. It won’t last forever
adrowsypoet (2 months ago)
You forgot to share how much you made for YouTube ^ ^
Amar Karia (2 months ago)
Smart cookie
ADRIAN OCONNELL (3 months ago)
That’s a tidy payout 😉 I’ve subscribed let’s hope you have more success 👍🏻
Simple Man (3 months ago)
Thanks buddy, I appreciate it!
Miller2h41 (3 months ago)
Much respect
travis maes (3 months ago)
Good job man. Happy to say you inspired me to do 200 pushups a day for 30 days. So you not only have you made a decent amount on money for yourself youve changed someones life in one way or another.
fknwht mail (3 months ago)
Oh yea? Well when I was on work release I made approximately 9¢ an hour throwing trash.
Dan Conlan (3 months ago)
Cool! I am glad that you are making money on these vids, you deserve it buddy! I still wish you would post a fishing video, maybe the interest would surprise you and you could have a 5M vid! Thanks, DC
Rob Palmer (3 months ago)
Thanks for sharing, I don't think many other content creators would be so open and honest! 👊🧡🇦🇺
Simple Man (3 months ago)
Thanks man!
Tuned- VXR (3 months ago)
Lovely mate, just need one of mine to go viral now haha 🤙
Simple Man (3 months ago)
I hope it does for you man!
Robbie TwoScraps (3 months ago)
Way to go!
Simple Man (3 months ago)
Thanks man!
Powell’s At The Parks (3 months ago)
Very nice man! Always enjoy your content.
Simple Man (3 months ago)
Thanks man, I appreciate you letting me know!