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Mixed results in UPS drone delivery demo

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Delivery company UPS is seeing how drones could help them make their drivers more efficient. The plan is to see whether drones can successfully launch from UPS's ubiquitous brown delivery trucks and then re-dock. They conducted a first-of-its-kind test just outside of Tampa, but their big reveal didn't go exactly as planned. MORE: http://www.fox13news.com/consumer/237172578-story
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Text Comments (9)
A Santi (8 months ago)
Oh good wait until the family dog destroys the drone once it lands and the family finding it cute.
Lisa Adler (8 months ago)
Amazon and Walmart will make this work and put UPS out of business, finally. UPS will go the way of Blockbuster and radio shack
Roger Rios (11 months ago)
Give the engineers a break, it's still under development.
Randall Bagwell (11 months ago)
will never work will be lot more trouble than its worth
NYGHT TRAIN (1 year ago)
Maybe it might save money on imported fuel.
DCARA06 (1 year ago)
you know that the next story will be that one of those farmers shot the drone down
James S (1 year ago)
DCARA06 You DO NOT own the airspace over your property and Helicopters by the police operate cameras that can see inside your home. Drones are the least of your concerns.
broomstreettd (1 year ago)
people used to be afraid of airplanes too. Cameras don't steal people's souls. It's all about educating and acclimation.
Daily dose of Daddy (1 year ago)