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An Astrologer Guesses Strangers' Zodiac Sign (Ray) | Lineup | Cut

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Text Comments (29717)
Spongebob Is king (8 minutes ago)
Aye me and the Aries girl have the same birthday 😂😎
Shewhoshallnotbenamed 101 (21 minutes ago)
B r u h
Sarah F (23 minutes ago)
Black Magic
Jakanddyl Sample Text (1 hour ago)
Astrology is not real science
Dolan twin Stan (2 hours ago)
my birthday is also dec 24 🤣
Yawn (2 hours ago)
i need the Pisces girls jacket oml
Pragya Chaudhuri (4 hours ago)
My friend ana is also capricorn and born on 24th dec woww
Pragya Chaudhuri (4 hours ago)
May your son rest in peace💐
Pragya Chaudhuri (4 hours ago)
I am a taurus and I felt tremendously awful for my star sis🌻
Appletun (4 hours ago)
Omg that old man is so cute when it can to the trans woman
Angie Martinez (5 hours ago)
I’m over here crying about the woman who lost her son. 😩😭
Crusty Narwhal (7 hours ago)
I’m a Leo and I don’t think I’m ever that energetic 😂
Malakylin Hayward (9 hours ago)
It's not an 'Astrologer' or 'astrology', it's 'astronomy' and an 'astronomer'.
Shooky shooky (13 hours ago)
Gemini is the hottest!
Pokémon Center (16 hours ago)
Bruh I’m a Leo and I feel worthless and I’m still a child
Whatevernoir (17 hours ago)
I love him!!!!
Morgan Felt (17 hours ago)
Man... I’m a Capricorn/Aquarius cusp, so it kinda feels like neither apply to me but I also draw traits from both? It’s a weird one 😂
Noe’ll Harrison (18 hours ago)
Let’s talk about how to Pisces had her feet like that
Angelique Valadez (19 hours ago)
i don’t know why i’ve never seen this video i literally suggested it in a lot of comment sections in the past few months 😂
April Vassell (21 hours ago)
I knew that girl was an Aries lol Aries gang ♈️ 💯
TheSam (22 hours ago)
Transgender, here it goes cancer
Blob K (23 hours ago)
I’m a Leo and the moment she stepped up I was like she’s a leo
the the (23 hours ago)
I lost it when he said to the trans "here you are, Cancer" lmfao 😂🤣
Thanmay Naz (1 day ago)
I'm a gemini and i am always switching sides what the fuck is wrong with us "II"
Alex Guerrero (1 day ago)
i was born on april 19 too
liane (1 day ago)
5:29 oh my god how he turned around made me adore this old man.
rebel ana (1 day ago)
when he says its fun i dont care if dont i get any of them right he just rocked it!
Dava Gunananthan (1 day ago)
3:23 “there you are, cancer”
Haydepn Cornwell (1 day ago)
I love how he say I am proud of the Trang’s Eder and says here is cancer
Vsco Cat (1 day ago)
I like him
Nicholas Claus (1 day ago)
Yooo he looks like a fucking alien that's not fair
Kristie Trigger (1 day ago)
TheLittleWeirdo (1 day ago)
Ahh you were born at 3:15 PM? When you were five years old you had a traumatic experience...
Eden Chanel (1 day ago)
6:27 there are women out there who love men who call their partners when they are needy I am on of them! Keep your head up dude! 🙏🏻
•niveya • (1 day ago)
awe i felt that cancer 😔✊
Angie Ferino (1 day ago)
Leo gang were you at 🙃
Essynce (1 day ago)
#Aries Gang♈️ April 18 Everything he said about Aries is so true. (about me)
Skull Killer (1 day ago)
He is kinda scary with saying there back storys
Karstyn McDaniel (1 day ago)
I'm a Leo but my birthday is 2 minutes off from being a Cancer. (Born at 12:02 am) I really feel like he'd have a hard time guessing me
Jodie K (1 day ago)
Sooo weird the man who ended up being a cancer, as soon as he stepped out i felt strongly that he was a cancer like i cant explain it but I thought “he’s definitely a cancer” and i am a cancer
J.J The Dancer (1 day ago)
omg thought she was a pisces too bc she was wearing all black nd looked like she dgaf which reminded me of me nd i’m a pisces yeooo😭😭😭😭😭
Jett Tag (1 day ago)
I’m a Sagittarius and I just saw a page that said don’t fall in love with a Sagittarius because they will teach you to put others before there’s elves
jootai (1 day ago)
Replace the word astrologist, tarot reader, psychic, medium, priest, preacher, pastor, rabbi and so on.. with the word scammer and you ll be alright in life
Amparo Ballerino (1 day ago)
the fish teeth girl stand like a ballerina
Pat riciah (1 day ago)
lmao the gemini just gemining all over the place
Andy’s Club (2 days ago)
I want to meet this man
Majo is a larrie (2 days ago)
The man is the cutest
Ariel Ali (2 days ago)
I guessed the sag as well shes like me
Patatas Fritas (2 days ago)
That second guy from the left that had a story about their parents arguing.. I felt that he was like me the moment he talked. I don't know why lol. Not because of his backstory, but how his energy was like warm and nurturing of some sort. I was thinking he was a cancer like me.. Also goddamn all of the Sags that I know travel a lot. Like I had a friend who would go anywhere and it would just tire me out lmao
Astronomy 101 (2 days ago)
Pretty clear how the position of the stars has nothing to do with our personalities lol
Anna Phillips (2 days ago)
The Aries girl and I are Birthday-Buddies :D
Tim Haug (2 days ago)
“Professional” astrologer lol The entire profession is just making up stories and being good at picking up body language, how does one claim being “professional” there. And I mean he got only a third of people correct, I could literally just randomly guess everyone and probably get the same results.
kip0o (1 day ago)
stfu man
Amaliah Cruz (2 days ago)
One of the girls and I have the same name!!!! 🥰🥰🥰
Ren Tachibana (2 days ago)
Literally nothing about libra. Laaaame I’m on the cusp as well, though. Five hours away from Scorpio.
Julia Kopacz (2 days ago)
could anybody else tell that second guy was a cancer? like he gave me such softie vibes.
Julia Kopacz (2 days ago)
Tbh, how could I not sense the gem???? She even cracked a joke. @.@ But I could tell that the girl with purple hair wasn't one.
Level The Devil (2 days ago)
I was born on a cusp too it's something
Evan Cormier (2 days ago)
Why did the virgos have to get a trans
Dominatrix (2 days ago)
i feel personally attacked when he was talking to my fellow piscean.. HOW TF.. is it a common thing that pisceans have shitty parents? xD i too was close with my grandma and loved her very much. she was my friend when my parents were too busy fighting to death -_-
Irene Dong (2 days ago)
i have never seen a more leo-y leo.
Luka Artusa (3 days ago)
I did like this channel before i saw this (just bc the astrology)
I'm Worthless (3 days ago)
9:19 when he said "Worthless" I felt that 😔👊🏼
angelmari (3 days ago)
astrology is more than your sun sign guys
daisy wey (3 days ago)
5:37 lol the leo.. i cant 😂
Andrea Lepe (3 days ago)
The only ones that I got right were sag and Libra, I knew she was sag because my crush acts like her, and I knew the artist was a Libra because I hated him, I hated his vibe and everything, so I was 100% sure, plus... I’m a Libra too :(
JON (3 days ago)
I’m a Capricorn and have Capricorn ears 😐😐 WOW
Kassandra Thomas (3 days ago)
If you want to hear more from him he’s got a youtube channel called ‘Ray Couture’
Sciencegirly blood fan (3 days ago)
HOW DID HE NOT GET THE GEMINI RIGHT!!! I had a feeling cause I’m a Gemini...... and a red head!
K (3 days ago)
I knew the second guy was a cancer because he kept looking at his shoes and I also have a parent who is a virgo
camillemarie asmr (3 days ago)
i want this man to guess my zodiac sign
recurrentTopology (3 days ago)
Getting 4 out of 12 is quite impressive actually. If he were just assigning randomly, the chance that he would get 4 or better correct is only around 2%.
Melanie x_x (4 days ago)
❤️s a g i t a r i u s❤️
Jee Mocha (4 days ago)
They probably just use tropical zodiacs lol bet he got their real zodiacs right.
Miri Schorpp (4 days ago)
I‘m a capricorn ♑️ 😍😂
Athol Boto (4 days ago)
So this just proves it . . . Astrology is total BS!
Sweet Lee (4 days ago)
Shit got deep.
Tony Maynard (4 days ago)
Wtf just happened???
alo ha (4 days ago)
i'm leo and i don't even feel like one wtf
SummerDoe (4 days ago)
When the artist guy came up I was like “Wait... he’s like a genderswapped version of me...” Turns out he has my sign too
Graham (4 days ago)
Holy hell this is fucking retarded edit: ok he was wrong for most of them
Angie안지 (4 days ago)
He literally became a counselor
loonature (5 days ago)
Lmao I love how the leo looked Leo and as leo I was like "yeah for sure sis, this is how we should live"
skuu (5 days ago)
Im sorry but the gemini woman was to obvious Funny, straight in her ideas, change the conversation rather quickly without realizing it Like a gemini would be
Anton Gunnarsson (5 days ago)
So much bullshit crammed into one single video. Good job.
Paola Obando (5 days ago)
the scorpio girl is SO obvious - red shirt, black pants and shoes + black nail polish lol
Leo Rexare (5 days ago)
Astrology is just saying things about people that are so broad it’s usually going to be right
toshi (5 days ago)
i am so happy thank you for this video and thank you for this man
ashleyy Xx (5 days ago)
As a Leo , I knew who the Leo was right away 🤣😭😭😭.
Silvin Pancarina (5 days ago)
Im a gemini, the first time i play the video i knew that the pink clothes is gemini, i can feel she is me
Unicorn Galexey (5 days ago)
I'm an aquarius and if you google it, that's the absolute definition of me.
A. Hahabas (5 days ago)
When he said that the Ears of a Capricorn are chiseled I WAS SHOOK My mom and my brother who were born on Jan 13th and 16th have that.
Hollaback Girlzxx (5 days ago)
Watching this film to prove a point to my dumb-ass friend Sam
Jaelynne17 (5 days ago)
As a Pisces, my grandmother was my rock and I got things from her that I couldn’t get from my parents. I was also an art major. Funny thing is that I guessed more of these signs right than this guy, but when he started talking about life stories, I was like... *hold my beer, deep shit’s bout to go down. Lol!
burned potatoe 1923 (5 days ago)
Ok boomer
Guillermo (5 days ago)
288k believe on astrology, the way of the future lol
Pinky Steinbrenner (5 days ago)
I want to be friends with that leo girl lmao
lu in wonderland (5 days ago)
the scorpio girl sounded so much like remi ashten in the end!!!
Genny McClements (6 days ago)
This man is so sweet omg 😭
sybylo (6 days ago)
I knew my Taurus in a heartbeat!! Bless her.
5Gonza5 (6 days ago)
How did he guess so mush stuff about their personal lifes!?