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Wizards Give Bad Directions | CH Shorts

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Maybe wizards should figure out a way to conjure up Google Maps. CH Shorts - Original sketches, music videos, and pop culture parodies spanning the last CollegeHumor decade. See more http://www.collegehumor.com LIKE us on: http://www.facebook.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.twitter.com/collegehumor FOLLOW us on: http://www.collegehumor.tumblr.com CAST Mike Trapp Siobhan Thompson Rekha Shankar Raphael Chestang Ally Beardsley CREW Director - Michael Schaubach Writer - Siobhan Thompson Producer - Shane Crown Production Coordinator - Francesca McLafferty Editor - Sam Geer
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (1770)
Born Justice Rule (9 hours ago)
lol don't get it confused with crow rock lol
TRUTH (2 days ago)
I am a Raven Rock 😅
Énis Samiri (3 days ago)
Scottish wizard?
Chester Rico (4 days ago)
How could they have done this without completely dying every take? This must've taken weeks.
G O (6 days ago)
what's with the black dude's nazi salute at the end though?
Amazing_ Sprinkles (7 days ago)
Damn, so sad Trapp had to miss out on this *Smh*
Kaleb Prichard (7 days ago)
I love how every one here doesn't mind making fun of themselves.
Cullen Jacobs (8 days ago)
Did anyone else see "pat dead" on the wall when the wizard grabs the snack?
Bryce (9 days ago)
Yikes, that makeup on Trapp is looking rough
ImaMemeber (9 days ago)
I love Trapp
J McK (9 days ago)
"the great waterfall that encircles the earth"
J McK (10 days ago)
'Bout damn time. CollegeHumor is funny again.
Dylan Waller (10 days ago)
It's videos like this that make me sad that I can only like a video once
fish butt (10 days ago)
Anime Satan (10 days ago)
This is why i dont use wizard google maps
Nassim Rodriguez (11 days ago)
quickly sales test oktrxc exclude glad distribution education concept four occasional sink.
Bufnitoleu (12 days ago)
This is what happens after a 9gager becomes a wizzard.
Irwin Miguel (12 days ago)
Ive got a bad feeling about this
MapleBalls (12 days ago)
Nice. Thanks CH for putting a smile on my face 49/50 times; year after year! :)
Tadams303 (12 days ago)
Trapp lost a lot of weight
Tegan Cantrell (13 days ago)
I think that character is very funny, thank you :3
Jeff Mcfarlane (14 days ago)
I would love a story all about some old man in a video game/fantasy world who screws over random hero's by sending them on stupid quests that will 100% get them killed.
stratibro's Propane Train Music (14 days ago)
Almost 3 million bottles
Silver Moon (15 days ago)
I imagine adventuring nowadays would largely consist of waiting to cross roads and arrive at where a tree was but is not a car park. Modernity can be boring.
David Whitehouse (15 days ago)
I thought they were supposed to wait until dawn's first light to leave?? It doesn't look like dawn in the video. Maybe that's why they ran into the dragon.
The animator Freak (16 days ago)
666K views lol
dipperpines_su (16 days ago)
dipperpines_su (16 days ago)
hatch82 (16 days ago)
Brayan Morales (17 days ago)
I love Siobhan and Trapp.
Jascha Bull (17 days ago)
I didn't see Katie, so I'm assuming this was all actually just a very elaborate cocaine-fuelled vision of hers. Also, what happened to Grant? Did Trapp shove him in front of Emily's car as well?
louis dubois (17 days ago)
Base tender suck inmate shine dare roll suspect game knock.
HappyCaptin (17 days ago)
I lost my shit when he looks at Allie and belts out “young man!” 😂😂😂
Eric Rasmussen (17 days ago)
Should have a series based of the Wizard.
Pepes Eyelash (17 days ago)
Looks like buzzfeed makeup artists did his makeup...
Basic Vader (17 days ago)
_what did I just watch_
God of Thunder Designs (17 days ago)
I love the wizard character. CH has been very hit and miss lately. But this character always makes me laugh out loud
Alpaslan KILAVUZ (17 days ago)
Every quest giver npc I've ever written..
Kaume Alexander (18 days ago)
I thought you guya might have left the office this time. No well its ok to be lazy i guess. Ive seen the same sets for like the last month. Please... Switch it up a bit.
Sangita Khokale (18 days ago)
poem Marathi
Sangita Khokale (18 days ago)
poem Marathi
Gunther Huebler (18 days ago)
That dead pat easter egg though XD
TonyClark (18 days ago)
brows on fleeeek
Estefania (18 days ago)
Siobhan!!! :D
KRAB (19 days ago)
Did somebody say adventure... More like you shallllll notttt pass 😂
Charles Harris (19 days ago)
Love trapp
andromeda dancefight (19 days ago)
I love siobhan
David Lee (19 days ago)
ITS SO GOOD i love trapp (notice that i didn't say micheal HAHA OBSCURE OLD VID REFERENCE)
Edward Gil (19 days ago)
I swear they've done this skit before. And no, I mean even before Trapp came into the picture.
Blaine Weaver (19 days ago)
What did he grab at the end?
Ghostmeister (19 days ago)
millennials in a nutshell, hey heres the thing you wanted. millennials - ughh its not good enough and not what i specifically wanted GEEZ.
Cesar The Salad (19 days ago)
How did you get to 2,099,000 beers on the wall by counting backwards from 99?
Ninja Channel (19 days ago)
Young man! 😂😂😂
Sy A (20 days ago)
Shut yer trap Wizard. ;)
KrabKringe (20 days ago)
Pat is dead by the way
Stellar Shores (20 days ago)
Please do more sketches with this character!!!!
Nina M. (20 days ago)
I kinda want to know how their adventure is going (assuming they survive the dragon).
ken Gaulthier (20 days ago)
He did not call her “Young Man”💀💀💀💀I can’t 😂😂😂😂😂😂
ЛевМЭХ (20 days ago)
how did trapp do that voice?
Eun Won Park (20 days ago)
Ravenrock... Soslteim?
Undone By The MeMe (20 days ago)
Why do you need a map when all roads lead to Rome? ;D
Mintaholic Chaos (20 days ago)
Wizards live for a long time, it makes sense that they might go senile at some point.
bdbgh (20 days ago)
Hey it's Siobhan!
Aqurd brother and sister moments (20 days ago)
Where is harry potter
AnubisXx (20 days ago)
To be fair the dragon was on the map
im Clever Artist Name (20 days ago)
Shining Star (20 days ago)
*le gasp* NATURAL BARS! actually I recently had my first ever and it was actually pretty good
N Hendo (20 days ago)
but where is Siobhan father?
Paul Haastert (20 days ago)
Is that the treasure planet theme in the background?
YouthFreedomFighters (20 days ago)
Don't you get a sword if you're going on an adventure?
IAmAgainst (20 days ago)
Who unwraps a paper like that, with the content facing in the opposite direction?
NateBit8 (20 days ago)
200,999,900 bottles of bear on the wall.
everestfalls (21 days ago)
Rave and Rock sounds like a club where you go for orgy meat ups.
katelynn Biller (21 days ago)
I'm retarded I thought the map was a foot😕
izybit izybit (21 days ago)
katelynn Biller lol dude you might actually be retarded
Ariel Villalobos Cruz (21 days ago)
This is exactly how we give directions in my country
Floe Davila (21 days ago)
Idky but I’m weirdly attracted to allie(or is it ally). I’m guessing she made it clear she’s into girls(I’m assuming) but something about her is just attractive. Can’t stop looking at her.
The Pixel Kings (21 days ago)
I just want to point out that earlier they said that wizard was good at explaining stuff. Lol.
Aidan Dixon (21 days ago)
The dragon was literally on the map.
Lord Beerus (21 days ago)
I like college humor more than Buzzfeed. Buzzfeed is just cringey and not hilarious. They're just trying too hard. They should stop.
Syafran Muflih (21 days ago)
"NORMAL PACE!!!" Me when my teenage brother drives the car
TheMightyJ225 (21 days ago)
"North Curry Road" *North Korea*
Speedster-Ev (21 days ago)
Ooooohhhhh snacks
TransBiologist (21 days ago)
I need the bloopers and behind the scenes immediately, please.
Aaron Murphy (21 days ago)
when did college humour become so unfunny
JayCeyful (21 days ago)
pat dead at the end
Row Blanka (21 days ago)
trapps the only funny guy
Rock Balancer (21 days ago)
12 million subs and only 500k views. 11.5 million ppl like me tired of this shit but too lazy to unsub. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER STUPID CHANNEL run by fags
TheCoin100 (21 days ago)
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Bad Medicine DC (21 days ago)
"young man..." hahaha
Mr. Hanky (21 days ago)
This is the deadest meme in existence, but *he does not kno de wae*
Aloysius Whiteboat (21 days ago)
The dragon was ON the map, so they should have paid attention.
OrionMcclity 702 (21 days ago)
Why does the wizard look like he got peanut butter on his face?🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜🥜
Jakob Glatz (21 days ago)
college tumor
Jakob Glatz (21 days ago)
traps are gay
James Rooney (21 days ago)
I should have told them about the dragon...... but that is a tale for another time.
Thomas Bassett (21 days ago)
This completely explains Gandalf and dumbledore to me Thank you ch
Laura Goossens (21 days ago)
Necessity suit unlike queen origin organ interview.
Nai Kun (21 days ago)
Capturethe Matrix (21 days ago)
02protoman (21 days ago)
"it's dangerous to go alone......so take your friends"
Jayson Benedict Contreras (22 days ago)
Siobhans back! Yay!