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Text Comments (1143)
bbigrocker1 (28 days ago)
ytcarol (28 days ago)
Well that doesn't do anyone any good. Makes the one taking revenge even more of an ass/hole.
Debbie Knight (28 days ago)
If you park the wrong way you piss people off
Marty Schrader (28 days ago)
Good way to get yourself shot. This could only happen in places where they don't have property protection laws.
CLIFF, DR. DETROIT, LYNCH (29 days ago)
its all fun and games when some moron damages a vehicle, but when they get that ass beat, they want to boo hoo, anyone who damages a vehicles over stupid shit, gets what they get
Gioftsos Nikolaos (29 days ago)
This is bullsht. You don't have to right to treat in such way anyone's property even if he parked like an idiot.
diana g (29 days ago)
man do i need a crane lol
Diamond Slasher (29 days ago)
Drivers are assholes XD
Sam Newell (30 days ago)
Did not show car on wire cage. Why? You get a dislike and two thumbs down
TheeConductorist (30 days ago)
Thumbnail is NOT in the video. This guy is garbage
Max Stafford (30 days ago)
Sooo many lawsuits
Michael Moreno (1 month ago)
I would have beat the living shit out of him
RDPproject (1 month ago)
0&:00 Skip truck operator suddenly realizes the skip is on the other side of the street.... *SHOULD HAVE GONE TO SPECSAVERS*
hebneh (1 month ago)
There's no way of knowing the actual stories behind these clips. The car that got grabbed by the roof and placed in the truck was probably a non-functioning junk that was going to the car graveyard; not parked illegally.
John Wright (1 month ago)
Last was the strangest tow truck ever. Why design a tow truck that puts all that stress on the roof. Would probably warp frame ever time he tows someone. Everytime it rains would probably leak.
Himself Lee (1 month ago)
8:15 wonder if that was illegal parking or getting impounded for not paying on the note.
Gwenifar100 (1 month ago)
Sorry guys but to take the law into your own hands attended with demolition is not funny and has nothing to do with justice. It's more criminal than illegal parking.
Joe Kandinovich (1 month ago)
Sorry, thumbs down for clickbait. And there was no revenge. Those were vandalism.
Michael Wall (1 month ago)
Digger driver needs a blade in his ribs
EdisonD316 Youtuber (1 month ago)
Fucking Asshole if they do like this I swear I'll fucking punch him right in the face🖕
Ran Tothon (1 month ago)
If I owned that digger, SUV owners had better watch out because I'd crush the fuckers.
Napalm Sticks To Kids (1 month ago)
Snipe him dead and then laugh at the blood fountain coming out of his face.
Андрей Севастьянов (1 month ago)
Vandalism ((
trbcop Rrrr (1 month ago)
GTA @ 1:45
Aleksandar Pejovski (1 month ago)
Dont get how destroying a car was a solution to revenge.
glen2003 (1 month ago)
My issue is that when i parked properly and some assholes going to park too close on both sides of my car, by the time i managed to get out, i leave their car with long a line
Dr MTB (1 month ago)
Goddamm u bichezz fukdup ezzwoopss that bmw wos mine u fukheadz ! I jus wos inda houze club danzing and woud dansed likk ezzupps u now.. btw you maddahfakkahz mustnt do that shitz if u all are anvry coz u havnt bmw.. its not right to be a angry of thoze richi guyz woz hav it an buy it by hard azz workin, not by destroyin other carz while aint happy of shitty life! Goddamm u bichezz anyway i buyed another bmw after thst, the newer model ! By helpin u moddahfokkarz ! So Ty.))
Filipe Silva (1 month ago)
Youtubing like an asshole
Peter Edin (1 month ago)
I don't understand at 3:19, all she did was reposition her car.
cashmny78 (1 month ago)
3.8k thumbs up, and 3.8k thumbs down. The definition of controversial.
Following Phan (1 month ago)
The Chinese one was funny. Only in other countries can you get away with this, in the US, everyone gets sue for this
Rob B (1 month ago)
another video where the thumbnail DOESN'T appear in it. FUCK YOU!
Mens B (1 month ago)
i dont get it, just vandalizing peoples cars??
Ano Nony (1 month ago)
Last one looked like a repo to me
Tracy Hurd (1 month ago)
Damaging someone's property is not right either. The police should have been called. The construction workers were also in the wrong!
indiana146 (1 month ago)
Bad Parker’s are ignorant bastards
juan-k sporty (1 month ago)
deyum the owner of the bmw about to get really piss off
daniel (1 month ago)
They are lazy to find out the owner nor search for them but are fast to act for destruction! Also why does some ppl park stupidly!
auskalang (1 month ago)
such overkill.. they couldn't call a proper tow truck?
Mohibullah khan (1 month ago)
i dont think that people should act like this if someone has parked like an asshole,what if theres an emergency? what if one day u park ur car like this due to some emergency?
Jack Woods (1 month ago)
In Italy in the 70s if you parked illegally a truck would come along with these big copper colored jaws and pick your car up and put it on the truck and take it to the yard.
Johnny Utah (1 month ago)
2:20 "yeah that'll buff right out probably. Maybe."
Thomas Raahauge (1 month ago)
HeadNtheClouds (1 month ago)
So, they don’t have tow trucks in these backwoods towns!
Tapper21 (1 month ago)
The homie with the skip truck did less damage than most tow truck drivers............... Guess because he A: actually has a truck license and B: isn't high on meth..............
Brandon Candelario (1 month ago)
Click bait. No Camargo, for that alone the poster should be shot
John Graf (1 month ago)
No reaction from the drivers? To me that's what would have made the video awesome.
Nana Ann (1 month ago)
Boy, if the two examples past 4:12 are the definition of what happens when your car is "towed", I'd be damned sure I never parked improperly. The 2nd was somewhat better, but the 1st did major body damage to the car besides just broken glass...very punitive in that country!
Dê Jr (1 month ago)
Click bait!
Socairnone (1 month ago)
if the image in the thumbnail is not featured in the video they should take it down
glockumollie (1 month ago)
I think it's a real asshole that does that to somebody makes somebody pay tens of thousands of dollars for parking in he wrong place I mean how bout some proportion here. Tow it if you must but don't purposely destroy their car. Just remember KARMA IS A BITCH!!
SittingMoose Shaman (1 month ago)
... so, - where're the attributed credits to the "respectful owners?" Farming YouTube content and simply publishing a terse statement of non-ownership of the content then, claiming "all credits belong to their respectful owners" without _actually_ stating the publications of those owners w/in the context of a printed bibliography/index in rolling, end credits (in the published video) or in printed form in the published thread's Description platform constitutes violation of the US Copyright Law. This is like tearing pages from books in a library...collating the heist into a publishable form. Then just printing the statement on the Edition page: 'well, the chapters aren't mine. However, I will give credit to the respective owners of each chapter's content.' Then, reaping whatever can be had from the 'new' publication after it goes into print. Well? To *_WHOM_* doth this media content's attribution go?! This thread is _not_ a direct satrical, critique/editorial, or journalistic report on each author's content. Which is pretty much the only way unsolicited (visual media) copyrighted material in the USA may be published w/o the copyright owner's direct permission under US Copyright Law. Audio (music) is a bit different... Ennyways, just a heads-up. Doing anything about it - is the responsibility of each of the media's content's respective authors/owners...not me. "Ethics?" Be a Boss! "Well, there... We are a land of laws!!" - Barack Hussein Obama.
Mr. Smith (1 month ago)
If we were driving cars in the 1870's wild west...
Marvin Meeker (1 month ago)
in the US of course, the parking area to be cleared must be marked with date of restriction some time in advance. then they can call a tow. then the owner will pay hundreds to get their car out of impound.
Oliver Vapor (1 month ago)
The one at 7 minutes... Wth kind of towtruck is that? Dont you ever come around and lift my car off the ground by the roof lol! The weight needs to rest on the wheels asshole!
adaptiveagile (2 months ago)
Whuddy know...an illegally parked BMW...
Justin Smith (2 months ago)
where's the one on the cover!???? Dickhead
B Povish (2 months ago)
Borderline click bait title. It seems obvious that the Taurus was there JUST TO BE crushed by the truck. the blue machine with the empty box on the back was there to pick up the car that was clearly pushed out of the spot it was in, into the middle and was probably an abandoned car. The red truck was "repossessing" that convertible as that was from antoher video NO WONDER the like dislike buttons are almost 50/50 LMAO
Yeon Sha (2 months ago)
Buy many car and park your whole car in that parking lot at the same time and do your best double park or whatever you want.
miguel Arroyo (2 months ago)
Rednecks love this videos
RompotMechanikos (2 months ago)
This isn't cool, and you're not cool. I hope all the retards destroying property go to prison. If someone is illegally parked call a cop and a tow.
Henry L (2 months ago)
I'm here for the thumbnail, you could've at least put it in the video.
Forwen Eymnorty (2 months ago)
It'll buff right out
Mike Murrey (2 months ago)
so satisfying to watch
bourbonick (2 months ago)
fix your fucking audio
Donavan LoForte (2 months ago)
John KaBang (2 months ago)
Click Bait.
jay garcia (2 months ago)
spikey 27 (2 months ago)
Dents? What dents? Let them try to explain that to the insurance company!
AJ Boughner (2 months ago)
Really smart just hitting someone's car while you have your license plate in full view. I dont care if they park illegally, hitting their car doesnt make it right, thats also illegal and damaging to that person's car.
steve robbins (2 months ago)
maybe you can make a PARKING LIKE AN ASSHOLE video on my street, its full of idiots who cant park here
Rick Sabian (2 months ago)
I've always wanted to do something like that. I was starting to pull into a parking spot along the right curb once... had my turn signals on, the whole bit, when along came some hotshot in a pickup truck from the other direction, who suddenly cranked the wheel and parked there, facing the wrong direction, then he and his buddy just casually walked away like it was no big deal. It took me awhile to find another space, but I eventually did, came back, and broke off a toothpick in his driver's side door lock. A valuable lesson learned the hard way.
Irish Viking (2 months ago)
A mate of mine, who was pissed off with his continually DUI neighbour, used his forklift to put the guys car sideways in his driveway. next morning was hilarious as he tried to remember how he had managed to park like that whilst drunk. Lesson not learned, a week of so later, he left his house in the morning for work to find his car on TOP of the phone booth (british red one) outside his house. He spent half an hour just staring at it and shaking his head, again trying to work out how he had gotten it up there, got out of it and STILL shut the door, then survived the 9 foot drop and gone to bed uninjured. To this day I think he still doesn't know it was us..He does now though, and he still drives drunk!
yourleftnut1 (2 months ago)
Just put nails under the bad parked car..
Sophie Latterno (2 months ago)
Some of these are actually repos.
TechSys Engineer (2 months ago)
LOL moved it like it weighed nothing
Vorraboms (2 months ago)
No need to destroy cars with earthmovers...tow them & and hefty fine works better for all. F. 21st century, losing civility will not make people park better, rather making them going toward extremism..
Beach2018 (2 months ago)
I think for the first one they could have had them towed instead of taking a loader and pushing them.
Raymond Smithson (2 months ago)
My car, this guy would have no dick or balls,,, gone machete .
Allysa Smith (2 months ago)
the one starting at 0:29 I think is staged or some kind of event with those type of loaders, then the one at 4:12 don't think the car was being damaged because of bad parking more than I believe the car was being junked so they moved the car there before video was rolling,
Eric Scher (2 months ago)
Speaking as an experienced excavator operator... It could have been SO much worse for those cars.
Odd Doktor (2 months ago)
7:05 there are so many more efficient ways of towing a vehicle... Why does this even exist (the truck). It's wayyyyyy overkill. Not to mention that shit looks dangerous af
Odd Doktor (2 months ago)
5:28 that's fucking beautiful XD
G D (2 months ago)
A friend of mine had an inconsiderate fool park extremely close to it, so after moving his car he got the shrink wrap he had in his boot, went back to the other car and completely wrapped every centremetre of the offending vehicle.  He had quite an audience while doing it, some assisted him.
Truls Pedersen (2 months ago)
wtf why don't them use a tow truck instead of breaking the car to pieces. In Norway it cost up til 600 gbp to get it out from the towing company. 600 gbp. That's a lot of money in Norway too. Close to a week at work and it hurts enough because i have experienced that one time. So to trash the car is just evil and unnecessary.
Anime Life (2 months ago)
If that my car I will shot that person who control in track
Backyard-Built-Trucks (2 months ago)
3rd one is fake .
Fuzzy Butkus (2 months ago)
Must not have lawyers in the country where the second clip was taken.They woulda smelled all that damage and there would of been a frenzy. All of them running around with their pathetic little peckers all hard or vaginas sopping wet.Next thing you know in 9 mos.more or less another horde of those horny, born without morals little bastards would be unleashed on the world like super Goonies. Not even a need to be wet or fed after midnight to be turned into the gutless little monsters wearing cheap suits,Non-matching ties and socks and smelling of cheap cologne,Alcohol and call girls paying off their legal fees.Casey Anthony’s lawyer and any lawyer representing sex offenders were hatched or born in this way.
LJG781 (2 months ago)
Good way to get shot....
Rita Buckley (2 months ago)
Chair expensive punishment laser unfortunately foundation sponsor state culture milk.
Cro Magnon (2 months ago)
This video is full of assholes on both ends. (joke there somewhere)
Credible Mulk (2 months ago)
Some good use of plant machinery there.
Hans De Haan (2 months ago)
The second one is an impound.
Public Public (2 months ago)
We do NOT own the video materials and all credits belong to their respectful owners. In case of copyright issues, please contact us immediately for further action. <<< errrr no you have used all copyrighted material without permission so expect at some time to be sued. fukwit.
MACAN (2 months ago)
Public Public i think You are a hatter.
dqwaszx (2 months ago)
Most of these don't qualify as revenge.
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ChevyBoy86 (2 months ago)
Some people park "badly" by taking up two spaces so nobody can damage their expensive car or car theyve had their entire life and are really attached to, so no, they aren't doing it to be an a-hole, they are doing it to protect their property from real a-holes that would scratch and dent their car with their doors
manny alley (2 months ago)
Reminds me of the movie "Goldfinger".....Whats in the trunk?
1wor1d (2 months ago)
0:29 "Park Assist" 😆😆Chinese style!!
Indiana550Spyder (2 months ago)
Please edit your videos, they could be half the length.