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The 45th (1 day ago)
2:50 isn't bad parking it's a dick person destroying his neighbor's car after telling him not to park in his own driveway I seen that full video already
Lance Roark (2 days ago)
Man them Chinese don't fuck around.
mrmeanmachine1971 (2 days ago)
most actions are absolutly rediculous. wrecking a care with a crane etc..if they did that with my car theyd never walk again if a car is parked wrong or in a wrong spot you can remove it or get it removed without destroying it... the ones here are just plain criminals that should be taken to court
Diane Green (3 days ago)
I see an ad for dropshipping.
cipher88101 (3 days ago)
Wait until that happens with somebody who not only parks like an asshole, but is the kind of jerk that leaves their child unattended in their car. How is that "revenge" going sit then?
Dark Nova (3 days ago)
@2:45 A person with a tiny penis appears
Tcmtech (4 days ago)
When you have hydraulics no fucks need be given.
Skankhunt 42 (4 days ago)
I park how I want, where I want, when I want. And I can beat down anyone if they ever try to confront me about it.
Philip Ivers (4 days ago)
I'm glad that shit like this doesn't happen in Germany
Kim Jong-un (4 days ago)
If you do this to my car No matter who you are that is going to be ur last ever.. I'll shoot u on the head i swear 😬🔫🔫
Amber Maynard (5 days ago)
Next time I call the junk man to scrap a car, I'm going to record it, post it to YouTube titled "This is what that asshole gets for parking in my driveway!" Everyone will watch it and say "That's fucked up man."
Tloh Bor (6 days ago)
the intelligence of the commenters is so low i would wager they arent human just ai's u cant park on private property. he has a job to do and the company is losing money
kitez opo (6 days ago)
Revenge of the transformers hydraulic arms!
Everyone Can Do DIY projects (7 days ago)
I see vandalism and jail time
OMEGA CRUSH (7 days ago)
a couple moments of satisfaction are apparently more important than having to pay back $100+ in damages
Jorge millenia (7 days ago)
Why would people blocked equipment Hope the people who do this in any Country Learned from this video.
Babaca Na Webb (7 days ago)
Fake thumb 👎
Acciangelo Magari (8 days ago)
TheMainClan (8 days ago)
Making farm deliveries to dairies I've seen so many cars parked blocking tanks. I'd have to wait till the boss woke somebody up to move their car. One diaryman got tired of his farm hand parking in my way, He came, picked up the car with his big dozer and moved it. Pre cel phone days, but the kid never parked there again.
Ham ster (9 days ago)
We had a guy park his MG Midget in a loading zone AFTER we told him not to. As soon as he was out of sight, the 4 biggest guys we had, picked his car up and placed it bumper to bumper between a dumpster and a brick wall. When we saw him coming back out, we all decided to leave for lunch.
damon-st (10 days ago)
I hope all these guys went to jail, destroying other people's property is a crime you know ? also the one with the blue truck, that car was destined for demolition, it has nothing to do with parking.
joe v (11 days ago)
MACAN, Those people weren't breaking the law! None of those cars appeared to be parked illegally. But your breaking the law aren't you? You hate America don't you? Your here illegally aren't you? MACAN, You like watching those Communist machines fucking with law abiding citizens shit! You think that's funny? Here's what's funny! They should scoop your whole illegal family up with the bucket of one of those machines,..and chuck you fucking dirt-bags right over our shiny new wall!
GAR A (11 days ago)
is USA this is multi million buseness dolla....... fucking towing people once i almost got towed
embrj145 (11 days ago)
Assholes are the ones damaging other people property...
Toku Floyd (12 days ago)
What has all that film got to do with the cover picture? Click-bait.
Boxer Blake (13 days ago)
That's some fancy bucket work
TheTeamster Local282NY (14 days ago)
2:27.....I fail to see how that tiny car couldn’t get out of that spot.
Asad Hafeez Yousufi (15 days ago)
It's doesn't make any sense, just tow them away, do not have to destroy the car
Brandin Swim (15 days ago)
Seems a little extreme
Greg Moonen (16 days ago)
I once had a '77 Chevy Nova with the rear end jacked up a few inches. When I got parked in by yuppie assholes, I'd just put her into forward, then reverse, then forward, then reverse until the little Japanese yuppie go-carts were totally destroyed. Serves 'em right. The Nova suffered ZERO damage.
Tuksarny DJ (17 days ago)
dragon 68 (17 days ago)
all American Asshole the Devile Fuck your President
Lao Coste (17 days ago)
Over parking?! Really?! If only people had this much passion for when something actually bad happens. Getting beat up by a group of random people. Everyone drives by and doesn't bat an eye. But take a parking spot and they go crazy on an object that can't fight back lol. You're just as scummy.
Kodak Black (18 days ago)
this deserves more likes i see asshole like this every day and would do anything to stop them
Jasminder Singh (19 days ago)
I see some M.F.s who are bullies. The best thing to do is to get a Glock go there not to kill but to maim. A bullet for each knee and it’s disability till the end. Never lose your composure, no questions asked cause we don’t want no lies . That is precisely what I would do without going bing it a second thought. The only the law can do Is send me back to prison for a year or two and reason for that is , the whole mess was started by these dogs. That in the court of law carries a whole lot of weight etc. etc!!! Nobody appointed these dogs as anything damn thing and my blood is still boiling from watching this clip. Imagine how they owners feel. Jesse956.
TheSRBgamer63 (19 days ago)
Pff ,if someone would do that to my car,i dare him.
Ryan Barber (21 days ago)
The B pillars on that VW are amazingly strong.
David Cichocki (23 days ago)
CHINA takes it literly like...
RR - 855 (23 days ago)
Ryuichi Sakuma (25 days ago)
I'm disabled, and I live walking distance to a park where the city shoots off fireworks, so people park on the street all around me, but they're NOT supposed to park in private driveways. I went to the store one fourth of July and came home to find that someone had parked their HUGE-ass, new-looking silver pickup truck in MY driveway when I was having an especially bad day of walking. I took my keys, scratched "ASSHOLE" and an arrow pointing up to the driver under the driver's side window and went inside my multi-family house. Fuck them for parking in the driveway that we renters PAY for!
723lion (25 days ago)
car towing in other countries are straight brutal
robert distasio (25 days ago)
It's called grand theft auto as well as malicious damage to property. Both felonies.
Amiga A1200 (26 days ago)
Many years ago, an Austin Mini blocked my driveway. So l called my mates over and 4 of us lifted the car out of the way.
Karen Amster (27 days ago)
Vandalism of other peoples' cars for revenge for bad parking? That's illegal.
DJ Statyk (27 days ago)
I'd happily murder if ANYONE fucks with my car in ANY fashion. Buy me a car or give me your wife, or die.
Mr. Lee (28 days ago)
Vandalism is taking it too far!! an makes it clear on who the asshole is
Meme Rider (1 month ago)
Who else came for the z28 Iroc z thumbnail?
dhaneyart (1 month ago)
A good and simple revenge for someone parking so close that you can't open the driver's door is to take four bb sized pieces of gravel, remove each of the valve stem covers, place one piece of gravel inside each cover, then screw the valve stem covers back on until you hear the air start to leak out. The asshole will return to a car with four flat tires, but you haven't done any real damage.
herbert mcherbert (1 month ago)
That digger driver has flipped
Tjay88 (1 month ago)
I only see assholes damaging cars for a little thing
Bob Dillion (1 month ago)
6.12 wasn't bad parking it was a wanker that didn't pay for his car haha
CHILLS_275 jeff (1 month ago)
That's not revenge they are just fucked up smashing other people's car's that's not there's so they can only touch there own shit
Charles Fontanello (1 month ago)
I loved to see the expression on the persons face when they notice their cars are damaged or taken...lol
DEAD SKELETON (1 month ago)
Sarge Misfit (1 month ago)
I want to see some of the car owners' reactions :-D
Scruffy2469 (1 month ago)
Heck, I started this back in the 70's, when a neighbor had me blocked in with their Olds Delta 88 & wouldn't move it so I could get to work. No damage to either car. I just pushed the Olds onto the state route we lived on. Man, could that guy clear steps when he wanted to. LOL
1 Trillion Views (1 month ago)
Wanted to see the Camaro they put in the thumbnail... Didn't happen! That shit pisses me off! Thanks for blowin 9 minutes of my time waiting to see the car you put in your thumbnail. I appreciate it, pal.
karrezza (1 month ago)
Dumb. Half of these are repos or broken down cars
Shaoru Zhu (1 month ago)
What country?
Michael Kirst (1 month ago)
3:50 I would have pulled right up on the other side and done the same thing!
Travis Thacker (1 month ago)
That's ah more like gonna Repo the shit out of your car and destroy it in the process cause you put a Lean or some other method of sales prevention on the car and the Loan company can't sell it even if the Repo it some how. So instead of doing it the right way they just damage the fuck hell out of your car when they repo it and then still have the balls to ask you to pay the payments.............nope 3 simple letters to the credit reporting Agencies and within 90 days the Repo company and the Loan company will be to busy with other shit to respond to the filed claim and loose the right to keep the collections notice in place with Trans Union and the other 2 Reporting agencies and then never get it put back on the Credit Report cause then you wait 30 days and file another complaint with the Reporting Agency called a False or ID Theft Report and it will take the Bank so much cash and time to figure all that out that your credit score is back to normal by the end of the year.................yup done it the hard way once and learned myself it's not gonna scare me ever again to owe a little cash and let the big banks try to run my life.
bria6094 (1 month ago)
i said dont park in front of the dumpster!
Splendid Mendax (1 month ago)
None of this is amusing except to asshole losers.
Rancid Jane (1 month ago)
Most of it seems excessive.
idontgive mercesthethird (1 month ago)
instant dislike cause lazy dubstep
MC Vitus (1 month ago)
1:09 shows us the rough side of asia!
Jimmy Cox (1 month ago)
at 4:29 the person in that truck is an idiot
dirtyhavoc (1 month ago)
Jag (1 month ago)
Give me a ticket. You break my car, I break your d!¢k.
Fahad Shaikh (1 month ago)
i want to ride this shit
Man Z 90 (1 month ago)
That excavator angry like angry optimus prime..
Michael Jack (1 month ago)
Why Do People Parking Like Dumb-Asses... Because He Drunk
Jackson Barinowski (1 month ago)
I miss the Ford Excursion
meyou245 (1 month ago)
A good portion of these are junk/recalled cars being picked up for scrap.
Pro_ModernGamer (1 month ago)
What is wrong with these people? I hope they had to pay for every cent of damage they did
Noob_PlaysYT (1 month ago)
2:58 I believed was staged. It was his own car and he decided to destroy it before dropping it off at the dump
Carl McDonald (2 months ago)
I guess in shithole countries they don't have tow trucks
sports place football lacrosse (2 months ago)
people are douche bags
Daniel Christy (2 months ago)
So the excavation operator.. better not show up to work the next day.
Chuck Finly (2 months ago)
2:48, sorry but just because someone parks like a dick doesn't allow you to drive your asphalt princess onto someones hood.
Matthew Heilman (1 month ago)
Chuck Finly there's a video on YouTube somewhere where the truck guy complains to the white car guy about parking in the shared apartment parking and the car guy doesn't listen. After multiple complaints the truck guy makes the video of him running it over. The truck guy gets fined and evicted and the car guy just gets a slap on the wrist
Sytijinx (2 months ago)
1000 assholes, who are guilty of parking illegally, disliked this video.
Larry Gillis (2 months ago)
See boxing a person who parks like an idiot is fine, damaging a person's car is a criminal offence. They should just either tow the vehicle or give a $400 fine.
Adui13 (2 months ago)
Third clip looks like something i used to do when shitheads parked in two spaces to "Protect" thier car. I had a beater, it was small.. I slipped in on the driver side and blocked the door while ensuring I was legally parked!
Adui13 (2 months ago)
PS yes I am an asshole when I see a reason to be..
Adui13 (2 months ago)
Sorry; first clip looks like someone stealing an excavator and showing off.
Charlie Cullen (2 months ago)
MrSCOPACINO (2 months ago)
Scott Walsh (3 days ago)
Jesus doesn't care about some assholes BMW
Zoli Kat (23 days ago)
Nick's Garage Me? No, not usually.
Nick's Garage (23 days ago)
lol a religion troll.
REPENT TODAY (1 month ago)
Zoli Kat you will, some day soon. Unfortunately it will be too late for you.
Zoli Kat (2 months ago)
MrSCOPACINO Not really, sorry.
Can't Remember (2 months ago)
What country?
OptimisticPessimist (2 months ago)
Sometimes someone needs to be somewhere and can't park in a better spot in the time they have. All of a sudden someone spots a car with better spots available, that weren't, and has a shit fit. Stupid dumb asses think they know what's up from a snapshot of a situation. That is an alternate take on a presentation that doesn't show context to prove otherwise. Most people are awe struck when they encounter or are pulled into such a stressful situation, so they don't think to start recording immediately. But they should.
OptimisticPessimist (2 months ago)
As for the line, "Stupid dumb asses think they know what's up from a snapshot of a situation." Those people take charge of every situation they encounter and when they ask questions they're leading as if to purposefully get answers that support their premature judgment.
Chris Welcome (2 months ago)
Become a delivery driver. You'll see this shit everywhere lol
Rick Johnson (2 months ago)
Hitachi. Great tools.
OnlineCarShow (2 months ago)
Meanwhile in China ...
APPLEYKING (2 months ago)
I understand don’t park like that but don’t destroy people stuff
Vaginablades (2 months ago)
0:45 fucking savage dude
hiram esquivel (2 months ago)
Don't park like a dick and maybe this won't happen in the first place
CNCmachiningisfun (2 months ago)
Back in the 1800s, they used to do this with badly parked horses. They'd let the hoofbrake off, and all sorts of mayhem would duly ensue. True story ;) .
Christian Moss (1 month ago)
CNCmachiningisfun 😂
Tristan Causer (2 months ago)
I see revenge. The assholes parked incorrectly. This is what they get.
Lobo Ferroz (2 months ago)
eh it'll buff out.
DeviouS (2 months ago)
Some of those had nothing to do with parking .
I AM T2 (2 months ago)
28 seconds STRAIGHT SAVAGE 😂😂😂
Mark S (2 months ago)
4:50 that is how your deal with those who can not park.