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Rare Earth Elements: China's Vibranium?

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It makes more sense if you watch the video. Music provided by bensound.com
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Roen (5 minutes ago)
China has a fictional highly technical advanced country in it as well, just like Wakanda.. but i forgot what the name was............
Infected khunt (15 hours ago)
china owns it china controls it. simple
Fontanna Anzonetta Kennedy (1 day ago)
China is gonna get targeted after this video....
Ibrahim Nabhaan (1 day ago)
Francis Tham (2 days ago)
Shere hypocrisy from the US & Australia, when they also have huge deposits of RE which could easily be mined but they chose not to due to environmental hazardous due to contaminations.
France (2 days ago)
China will be the new Wakanda but asian
Dr. Matty PhD of all Greenery (2 days ago)
I guarantee you africa has rare earth minerals somewhere that we (the US) or China will exploit and leave the locals with nothing but a mess and a wealthy president
knessi ng (2 days ago)
*"Wakanda Forever!"*
Gjallahorn (3 days ago)
USA and China? Schoolyard bullies. Not the teachers or principles...
OMG OMG (3 days ago)
This is the reason why you shouldn't buy a new phone when you don't need one or already have a new one that isn't the newest phone on the market...
Max SMoke (3 days ago)
There are huge deposits in the US, we just need to strip-mine *HUGE* chunks of the United States. You might be able to guess why that hasn't been popular. There was an old man a few years back that was working hard to promote opening up several new mines in the US, but he said environmental restrictions would have to be eased way back before that could happen. Getting these elements is a nasty and toxic business.
Christian Johns (3 days ago)
Chinese are filthy backwards thinking people that can't think for themselves. If it weren't for copying the wests tech they would make nothing. The U.S will create another revolution and overthrow the chinese government, putting one they like in place.
Gummy Bear (3 days ago)
Africa has heaps from e wast . crush them old pc and ph up recover it. and environmental impact for rare earth added to chicken feed is a consequence, its not utopia you speak off
One-Soul-a-Time (4 days ago)
this is why we must invade China.
Steven Liang (4 days ago)
That's bullshit !
mrramos _ (4 days ago)
*wakanda has left the chat*
Unauthorized Expression (4 days ago)
There's a very simple explanation for this. China employees slaves which allows them to make a profit extracting these ores. I'm sure there is no more rare ores in China than anywhere else. The rest of us just have morals.
Ksortakh Kraxthar (4 days ago)
Where is the nice landscape with the white rocks that we see at 8:50?
i420x Gaming (4 days ago)
Lol that's so ironic a made up material that is unobtainable is called unobtainium lmao that's smart on there side lol
Taikamuna (5 days ago)
Is this what vibrators are made from
Atlas Pro (4 days ago)
Actually the vibrating motor in phones do use rare earth elements so... maybe?
Ramin Taqdeer (5 days ago)
Thumbs up from me!
Red Rooster (5 days ago)
Rare Earths are eroded out of Granite then concentrated by wave action in ancient sand dunes contrary to what this guy says. In fact, most of what he says is absolute bullshit.
p4g3 (5 days ago)
Lol, If China has the most rare earth elements it's "not good" but if US has it, it's okay?
anth benit (5 days ago)
where's rubidium ?
1101 11100 (5 days ago)
nice video, my one constructive criticism is the added sound effects and the volume of the clips. other than that good video thanks :)
YS Chan (5 days ago)
yah great try. you've almost convienced me that Jewish are actually not evils
Time Laps This (5 days ago)
Freddo Flintstono (5 days ago)
I'm guessing Trump's diminishing the EPA will encourage mining (and the associated pollution) to resume..
yu77fd anonymous (6 days ago)
That means they're killing slaves in mines, just like South Africa. F' them both!
yu77fd anonymous (6 days ago)
China also has control over gangstalking. F'China!!!!!@ F'China, F'China, F'China; but, F' the US more.
Alpharann Omega (6 days ago)
So Wakanda is in China?
Leonardo Peña (6 days ago)
Is this anti-china propaganda?
Jeroen Heijmans (6 days ago)
When you dont have subscribers so you have clickbait the YouTube community and compare China to Afrika and Rename a earth metal to vibranium ffs man
Bino Dino (6 days ago)
You can’t blame a country for not selling you THERE ORE
John Kirenga (6 days ago)
I did not hear you mention Tanzania as one of countries with rare earth
Lonely Paint Brush (6 days ago)
Chinas vibranium is steel
Chad Simmons (6 days ago)
The Chinese pay lobbyist in washington dc to get politicians, to over regulate mining
Mason sweetman (6 days ago)
Let’s just let china mine all the rare earth ore till they run out
Uni B (6 days ago)
Internet Cancer (7 days ago)
But why use Hong Kong clips? Felt like i could already be in one of those clips when i was on the bus or something
Internet Cancer (7 days ago)
America is just finding excuses to colonize the universe
Neo Theone (8 days ago)
So many CHINA lovers here.. I suppose CHINA's propaganda Internet ARMY has been unleashed here. A tyranical government.. Nobody likes china except chinese.. SUBSCRIBED!
yereverluvinuncleber (8 days ago)
Bad generic voice with no intonation, a drone without a pause. Unlistenable.
Lofts Sympatico (8 days ago)
very nicely put together and explained - and I am a geologist.
Kyle Speer (8 days ago)
Fake every element could be called vibranium because everything has a vibrational frequency it responds to, click bait move along
billdale1 (8 days ago)
I winced when I heard your pronunciation of "scarce". There were a few other issues... as EVs continue to take over the car market from ICE cars, the terms "engine", and "motor", which have been used somewhat interchangeably in years past, are now being used with specificity--- "engine", is used when speaking of internal combustion; "motor", more and more, is being used exclusively when referring to the drive system of electric vehicles. To help avoid confusion, please go by that convention in the future.
ouroesa (8 days ago)
Would be quite the inconvenience of the relations between china and US continue going south and the stop exporting RE to US and demand the US pay them their debt. US will have no money left to do anything and people will have to start working again and stop driving 600l V80 Chevies. Russia 2.0.
Timothy (8 days ago)
Unobtainium, lol.
Natural American XR7 (9 days ago)
Wakanda had to be fiction😆
Fortune (9 days ago)
"Rare" Earth Elements aren't rare, they're just difficult to process at large scales: The West refuses to get into it because of the environmental costs (radiation from refining processes), because the "safe" methods are too capital intensive.
Ilidio Almeida (9 days ago)
Dont look rare to me, it can be fould everywhere. So how can it be rare?
Loop44 (9 days ago)
clickbait title F U uploader
jad hzim (9 days ago)
nothing is rare on earth thats why all the strong nation they made a treaty in Antarctica there lots of resources there but they are not telling anyone about them they are hiding it from the public
Sannesthesia (9 days ago)
Why the triangle sound!
Newbroken (9 days ago)
diss iss the most stoopid vidio i ever seen...
Nikeo Games (9 days ago)
I’m sure Hillary will be happy to give China control of 20% of the United States RE
Newbroken (9 days ago)
i do nut understand +Nikeo Games
Nikeo Games (9 days ago)
Newbroken Well she was happy to give Russia control of 20% of the United States Uranium
Newbroken (9 days ago)
whay ar u sure abott that?
Allostasis (9 days ago)
Is promethium really the rarest element? Because i remember years ago a documentary about an element on earth that there is only a few grams of, not 600g.
Atlas Pro (9 days ago)
You might be thinking of Astatine, look it up! Less than 30g estimated in Earth's crust
Skyler McBride (10 days ago)
The us should mine in Africa and pay the locals 15 an hour to mine for the us.
nitz vision (10 days ago)
China is blessed with everything except milk of cow
Newbroken (9 days ago)
diss iss the most stoopid commandont i ever seen...
James West (10 days ago)
The U.S. has more than enough Rare Earth elements. Thorium is usually found in conjunction with Rare Earth elements and is not mined mostly because of misguided public opinion blocking their being mined. To get a better understanding of what we need to do is nicely explained in the video entitled "The Problem With Thorium". We are severely hampered, as the late George Carlin referred to, as Well-Meaning A..Holes!
Riccardo Zandrelli (10 days ago)
I've learned something new today!
Zeek M (10 days ago)
One step closer to wiping china from existence.
MISC BITS (10 days ago)
The single largest problem with rare earth extraction is thorium - very slightly radioactive and _SHOULD_ be a valuable nuclear fuel. They can be used in LFTR designs. The hard part is "disposing" of the thorium - and the odd part is that if we developed LFTR reactors then "Rare earth" mines would be thorium mines with rare earths as a side business. Thank Richard Nixon for killing research into this in 1973
R.INNOVATIONS UK (10 days ago)
Good old China is doing what the west did, they have indirectly colonised Africa, got the corrupt leaders in their pockets and now control a lot of the food mineral exports and rare metals without and wars yet but let the natives revolt then their navy ready ports they build for almost free will have another use !!!!! and yet the west wants to wage war with China (and Russia who was a good ally once and will be again maybe )
tony francesco (10 days ago)
Try the asteroid belt.
RWBHere (10 days ago)
1:36 - That's a really outdated copy of the Periodic Table. Elements up to 118 have been synthesised, now have official names. Check the Periodic Videos channel for the names, if you're interested.
Gamingwith Gal (11 days ago)
Neodymium isn't naturally magnetic, it needs to mix with iron and boron to make a strong magnet.
Jimmy Amato (11 days ago)
He absolutely butchers the pronunciation of Zhengzhou LOL! "Jung-Joe" is closer to the real way to say it.
SriJishnu .s pagadala (11 days ago)
Have u noticed only the most powerful countries have rare earth metals deposit
Thomas Backstedt (11 days ago)
better start looking at mining them asteroids then
johnny fong (11 days ago)
rare earth not oil.you can't resist it
Acacius (11 days ago)
So the west attacked China to give them more RE? Tf
Carson Betsinger (11 days ago)
uhhhh don't ever reference the movie black panther if you want to sound not retarded. Kbye
zymethpwn (11 days ago)
China played its cards. Soon they'll have nothing to offer.
tien tien (11 days ago)
Maybe they have something like wakanda air force ?
Черная Кошка (11 days ago)
Brazil has 98% of the Niobuim in the world and the new president Bolsonaro is an USA ally
Chris A (11 days ago)
Smart money is to learn how to recycle the REM's from obsolete technology
Sean C (11 days ago)
Why the hell is everything vibrating all the bloody time? Ridiculous nonsense.
xk y (11 days ago)
Where is our Taiwan and Hainan?
Hamdael Himrail (11 days ago)
Its called rare earth because its rare where you are
Hamdael Himrail (11 days ago)
You totally disqualified Africa, where you can find oxides of these metals requiring no or little processing. Where you can find them along the rift valley.
Rex Mueller (11 days ago)
There REE deposits in US and Canada. Time to Mine our own.
rapskallion (11 days ago)
Great report. Thank you.
Évariste Galois (11 days ago)
He forgot to say that apparently North Korea has much bigger reserve than China of rare earth, is also A source of chip labor and provide as well others minerals more conventional.Plus the nuclear threat give China more leverage in the region to pursue his military expansion in the China sea. They have a reserve o rare earth estimate of 10 TRILLIONS !!!!!!!!!(the links are below) https://www.forbes.com/sites/ljkelly/2017/07/14/why-north-korea-is-an-untapped-goldmine-for-tech-companies-and-for-china/#5ea55aea711f https://www.businessinsider.com/theres-a-10-trillion-resource-that-north-korea-cant-tap-2017-9?IR=T
Techbit (12 days ago)
The earth will end very soon as the homosapiens compete for supremacy, bleeding the earth.
Omotola Oyeniyi (12 days ago)
So you mean China is crazy and lawless that's why they profit from REE, but u claimed the US is aspiring to do thesame. Conspiracy is immortal lol
Hookers n' Cocaine (12 days ago)
LOLOL, Americunts are mad. SO mad they might want to threaten to nuke chuna if they don't get their way... too pad for USA that china has nukes too.
Jacob Slasher (12 days ago)
its fake.. anything in china is fake
lol today (12 days ago)
jeeze everything is made in china, even captain americas sheild.
CozmicSaber's Opinions (12 days ago)
A bunch of dumbasses in the comments contradicting themselves on both sides. lol Some of the most uneducated opinions and analysis I’ve ever read.
Van Allen (12 days ago)
China's vibranium VS Philippines Deuterium who wins????
spudnic88 (8 days ago)
I expect that question from Nicola Tesla.
#NoSoyBoy (10 days ago)
Brennan Rolater (12 days ago)
If you give rare earth elements to a T. rex and make him grow does that make it... Rawr earth elements?
AriVovp (12 days ago)
Forget China. japan soon rule the RE WORLD
Neo Geo (12 days ago)
The US is smart let's use up all Ur stuff and when it's done we still have lots in our back yard
PeterDad60 (12 days ago)
To each and every Chinese posting negative comments here about the U.S.A., I say go stick it up your yin-yang! You sound like spoiled children.
Jan Karel (12 days ago)
Blame the Chinese for a dirty industry and at the same time demanding them to expand their delivery to US companies? Typical American imperialist conduct. And at the same time waging war on Afghanistan in order to mine their precious minerals so that the Chinese can't trade with their neighbouring Afghanistan people. Yes, the US war om the Middle East is not just about oil, it's about those minerals, too. Sanctioned by US Congress and Senate. And keeping their own resources intact to use when the foreign countries can't deliver anymore. That's how USA über Alles works out.
dezastruos (12 days ago)
Trumpf :))
Clyde A (12 days ago)
M Jave (12 days ago)
Like previous generations we will lcill ourselves by exposing ourselves to dangerous materials, no wonder we have hundreds kind of cancers and other illnesses 👎 short term greed long term intinction🤔
Tayshaun Maierhofer (13 days ago)
There's something on earth that's super special called Oxygen and doesn't deserve enough appreciation