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Rare Earth Elements: China's Vibranium?

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It makes more sense if you watch the video. Music provided by bensound.com
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Text Comments (1803)
Coleman P. Carrier (19 hours ago)
This is such clickbait
Thomas Lee (1 day ago)
Don't you just love people who are big authorities on everything and feel they must share their smarts with everyone but can't put a sentence together worth beans? They end sentences with prepositions, have poor punctuation (ever heard of an appositive?) and fall in love with a single word such that it appears 5 times in the same sentence. Okay, I guess I am as insensitive as they are. Someone give that guy a Dictionary for Christmas.
Peter Campbell (1 day ago)
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The Emerald (1 day ago)
anti matter?
Rubens Costa Junior (2 days ago)
Fuck you trump
Charles G. TV (2 days ago)
Wow just wow! 😯😱
Durim Miziraj (2 days ago)
Great videos your making. You should go out in the field yourself, if and when you can.
Nilay Patel (2 days ago)
Costly Earth Elements & Huge Source of Water may lead China to Grab Huge "TIBBAT" Country,,, (Tibbat was as huge as Brazil) China also Litigation on Taiwan, South China Sea, Philipines Sea, Russian land Conflict in 1969, Mongolian border, Many more.. That's why I never Respect China,
Malcolm Ng (2 days ago)
TIBBAT Lol, learn to spell you illiterate Indian.
JRGJRG (3 days ago)
Their background music will put you in a trance.
Jim Mooney (3 days ago)
So maybe picking on China and Hauwei isn't such a good idea.
ryan olson (3 days ago)
I went to the park here in Minneapolis, all I could find was crackheads begging for money.
Kai Kalter (3 days ago)
Watching on a potato...
Pencil Sharpener (4 days ago)
If rare earth is so easy to mine, what's the fuss about this issue. Every country mines her own demand, period.
nizam udheen (4 days ago)
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Mike yo (4 days ago)
China at least they're govt don't give a shit about planet earth, the people that suffer and the environment. They're about the greediest bastards walking the face of earth today. Sad. To think America saved they're asses from the japs in ww2 from being slaughtered . We shoulda let the japs take them out and let Hitler take out Russia. Then deal with Hitler. Wonder how the world would be today.
JoeA1974 (5 days ago)
Ya gawddammed piece of shit. I get all the politics I need elsewhere. Fucking asshole. Fuck the fuck off with your shitty click bait garbage. Idiot. Asshole. Click baiting scammer fuck. Do YouTube a favor and go DIE. When a person is ill, the last thing they want is to waste their time.
Evan Syverson (6 days ago)
"In Idaho And Montana" bruh I live there, I can start apple 2.0, 7:08
Grape Soda (6 days ago)
im sure they can create new elements like synthetic elements
Tom Meyers (6 days ago)
What we need is IQnium. You give it to minorities to bring their IQs up to normal values.
Bryan Channell (6 days ago)
60% of rare earth metals are in China and most rest are in California in a closed mine
SunriseLAW (6 days ago)
USA has immense stockpiles of all vital materials. We have large reserves as video notes. If it costs too much to buy, USA will produce our own.
timothy chung (6 days ago)
Who cares who has what deposits? How does that affect current situation thst affects everything currently. It will take a minimum decade to establish some form of processing. More like 20 years. That is enough time to disrupt a lot of advancements- more for some and potentially put them extremely far behind. Hint... "military".
Jay P (7 days ago)
......... D I N G .....
Tim Evans (7 days ago)
What about asitine?
Andethidial bubabibub (10 days ago)
What a stupid comparison
Thegoodtom 1 (10 days ago)
U.S. likes to keep theirs until last anyway (besides the other reasons). They even pump crude back into the ground as 'reserves' and just hike up prices when things get sticky.
Shawn Gofannon (10 days ago)
Vibranium is a fictional material
am txr (10 days ago)
And now america will send their troop to China, to control new Militant XD
Toi Cest (11 days ago)
I really like your videos in general...keep it up..Anyways, sooo pretty much according to your video, at 8:03, all the rest of the world are potentials for rare earth elements but the exception of Africa(Only about 5-8% of Africa- more precisely South Africa got something). So why you guys mostly in the ass of Congo and their coltan, precious minerals and etc Why making wokanda lol...There are a lot of questions that your videos actually created and unfortunately ...unanswered. I believe, you may mentioned that several places are yet unexplored whether in Africa or deep beneath that vast ocean that, we have not explored yet and etc. Oh well
Justin Brown (11 days ago)
lmfao hahaha I Got a lot of drilling to cover in my Wife’s Vibranium Mine on our Honeymoon in Wakanda!! Haha
l mo (12 days ago)
Life Coaching (12 days ago)
American gone lazier... that’s why. China can continue to shit cheap good which is the number one reason of land Fil and ocea.n and environment pollution
Life Coaching (12 days ago)
You stupid western somehow think China got all the magic. What a joke!!! Stop importing Chinese goods, China is done.
Jesus Belandria (12 days ago)
Research about Russia and China mining in Venezuela
Skully Anderthal (13 days ago)
The Chinese Government's attitude will lead to their own demise,cut off the World's supply to rare earth minerals will bring about long term retaliation ending China's domination.
I (13 days ago)
Wakanda forever Wrong video
Jeff Lith (13 days ago)
Im thinking about something. This earth belongs to all of us. But we (common people) have no control over them. And governments are the ones making decisions for us by using them for wars etc. I mean the earth belongs to all of us and not only to those who got money to exploit them. What the heck.
Imgonnagogetthepapers getthepapers (13 days ago)
Your mom's vibranium was made in China.
mita bekrija (13 days ago)
Sneaky greedy zio-american Liar wants to grab Chinese Resources...!!! By Force of USArmy of course....let's hope he will die in Chinese counter-offensive.
eleven0xi (13 days ago)
:29 well somebody obviously obtained it, can they change the name to weactualyobtainumedit?
Dark sky (14 days ago)
Dion Ross (14 days ago)
Yes let's not forget the American military biggest terrorist of all time
dfpguitar (14 days ago)
surprising that a science channel would call motors, engines.
Hurp Derp (15 days ago)
90% of the global REEEEEEEE production. apparently comes from china.
Hurp Derp (14 days ago)
@Dion Ross I'm sorry sir but I don't think I understand what your saying?
Dion Ross (14 days ago)
And 100% of terrorism comes from the United States Military now what was your point oh you want to pick and choose the facts ok
Meoli Red (15 days ago)
after reading so much chinese web novels i can say its true and china have a treasure vault full of REE
hvuu1628 (16 days ago)
Feeling a bit of anti china from this video on rare earth metal.
Baron von Limbourgh (12 days ago)
@hvuu1628 americans hate competition in general though. And someone chalenging them as a country hurts their pride and is a deadly sin that needs to be punished. It's gonna get ugly...
hvuu1628 (13 days ago)
@Baron von Limbourgh the are made the enemy by butt hurt white americans. Americans do not like to be #2 but because china leap forward in telecom tech with 5G made the US look like a lame duck.
hvuu1628 (13 days ago)
@Grant Smith i think they have. Chinese plan ahead and far. I think a lot of these mines are own by them and im refering not on chinese ground but other nations. Even in the states there are mines that are owned by chinese companies.
Grant Smith (13 days ago)
Kinda what happens when they restrict exports of essential materials they have control of because...well...they can and want the rest of the world to bow to their new-found economic power. Not exactly a friendly move. If they were smart, they would have quietly increased their monopoly instead of instigating a worldwide search for alternative sources.
Baron von Limbourgh (15 days ago)
They are pushed as the new enemy now. It will eventually trickle down to all sorts of media outlets run by people who are influenced by the constant hammering on china. Is to be expected.
ヨーソローちゃん_16 (17 days ago)
Malaysia? Nice! My country, good to know.
Mark Rowland (17 days ago)
Several years back, whenno China was happy to suply, Australia had the greatest proven reserves. When did this change?
Baron von Limbourgh (15 days ago)
Right about the time when china was deemed the new enemy of the world.
James Stripling (17 days ago)
Chinesium. Though it must not be that rare since a lot of imported tools are made out of it.
Bjornex Yaziz (17 days ago)
martin pangggeng (17 days ago)
Tungsten coated with Polyurea will be a vibranium like metal as Tungsten has high melting point and polyurea coating will help to absorb kinetic energy.
Elbert OX (18 days ago)
wakanda is real if u talk abt vabranium... hahahaha... wa china kan da forever
Tom Meyers (18 days ago)
Happy Endium
DigitalYojimbo (18 days ago)
Rare earth metals are difficult to refine not exactly rare.
alexander williams (17 days ago)
He said that
Yao P (18 days ago)
the true situations is, rare earth minerals are not that rare.... but only China has the capacity to process them.
Audley Mclean (18 days ago)
The Japanese recently discovered high density rear Earth potential in the Island of Jamaica,, from Bauxite red-mud lakes,, but for some reason the project was scrapped, maybe for reasons elucidated in this report, I guess.
Aaric Plush Studios - plush videos and gaming (19 days ago)
We could use these to make laser gun laser swords or maybe CAPTAIN AMERICA’S MIGHTY VIBRANIUM SHIELD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EvilHomerSimpson (19 days ago)
all the countries, half the world hates
J L (19 days ago)
Ok get me the Mongols on the phone, ill breach the chinese wall and let them do the rest
Dedalus747 (19 days ago)
Angola in África has just discovered a very big deposit as well. But there are very hard inviromental laws in place.
Nelson Swanberg (19 days ago)
Watch out investors for another Molycorp.
wjdonner (19 days ago)
This is a sad and nonsensical distortion of the facts. The `Top Rare Earth Mining Reserves by Country` list shows China having 44 million MT and the USA a mere 1.4 million MT. As for the production of these minerals we see China producing 120.000 MT and the USA only 15.000 MT. Other producers (in MT) are Australia (20.000), Myanmar (5.000), Russia (2.600), India (1.800), Brazil (1000), Thailand (1.000), Burundi (1.000), Vietnam (400). So China produces almost 3 times as much as all other producers put together.
Juragan C (19 days ago)
Ladies and Gents: The next China's rare earth elements are Viagranium and Vaginanium!
Jerry Sun Music (20 days ago)
Reason is same with the Oil situation before, If China Sell all it's own stuff, they will have to buy at super high prices in the future. USA is best at this game where they exploit and try to buy all your stuff first, and when they have monopoly over the material, they will make everyone beg and pay.
jerome cebu (20 days ago)
Captain America's shield = Vibranium
Erwin Liao (20 days ago)
Reddy Mahesh K (20 days ago)
Amadeus Torres (20 days ago)
whousay Iam (20 days ago)
Rare Earth Metals sound more like smart people than rocks..
Robert Thomas (20 days ago)
“Scars” elements?
voodoo star (20 days ago)
How did we get all this infos in maybe 100 years?
Prabij Shrestha (21 days ago)
So in next 500 years we will be out of minerals . 😣😣
el ro (21 days ago)
great video
Chalky (21 days ago)
Woklanda forever.
Loncey Bailey Green (21 days ago)
Rare proper English lol
Fung Chi Leung (21 days ago)
Very informative ! Clear narration ! easy to understand content ! Thanks for sharing !
Frank T (22 days ago)
Since the US has such large deposits of rare earth, they should start mining & processing of rare earth in the US instead of complaining about the dominance of rare earth by China.
Frank Su (22 days ago)
After deplete china's rare earth deposit then america will start mining just like fracture oil.
Tawidwid Kasit-an (22 days ago)
Trivia :Did you not know that Cain went to Nod?.. Cain was the founder of Chin, China(play of letters minus the h)..He was a builder of cities and his/lineage mandate was granted by the Creator to rule over the children of Disobedience..the mark on his forehead..ancient civilizations names and surnames are 3 or 4 letters(few letters) ..later and newer civilizations names are longer in character...John saw a dragon rising from the sea(china sea) with 8 heads(beginning of all human empires/ civilizations)...Europe is only 1 head with 10 horns...Civilization after the Flood started in Mount Everest or Eberest..Eber(hebrews) was the father of Peleg and Joktan(called it Himalayas or Himlayan where the ark of Noah was Resting)...When Peleg was born , earth was divided by Noah to his 3 sons..The Emerald(green) tablet of Thoth was found by Cainam(great grandson of Noah ,son of Ham?) in China - Famous for Jade(green).
grindupBaker (22 days ago)
What kind of Brainiac thought up ViBrainium ?
Bob Spafford (20 days ago)
Women, of course! Well men, if yours was that tiny and hard to stimulate, you would surely be fighting for your share of vibes too!
William Limarjo (22 days ago)
No wonder China is the biggest Vibrator producer in the world. But wait, America also has Trumpinium.
Bob Spafford (20 days ago)
@Amjad Khan has forgotten how limited Z will become, once the inevitable large portions of Governmentium are mixed in ;-)
Amjad Khan (20 days ago)
America also have Zionistium
Andrei Trimbez (22 days ago)
space exploration advancement can't come soon enough
Hell Knight (23 days ago)
Chaos Space Marines LOL!
Rich Lambeth (23 days ago)
All the research I have seen on this over the years that the refinement process is extremely toxic no matter what the source is and while many countries including Japan do have deposits of rare earth materials it’s only China who is willing to put up with the pollution.
kow loon (23 days ago)
here is a link showing distribution of RE (rare earth elements) in the world https://investingnews.com/daily/resource-investing/critical-metals-investing/rare-earth-investing/rare-earth-reserves-country/
ozzypresident (23 days ago)
mithril is the organisation in Full Metal Panic
lucky saikumar (24 days ago)
at 9:50-10:00, you have put nepal n bhutan into china's map. wrong it is... given their greed for land, they will start that plan by seeing ur video
विजय बिक्रम सुबेदी (23 days ago)
No they haven't you hypocritical , over jealous Indian. Check again. Infact Fact check again. Take Bhutan, but you rascals don't concern yourself with Nepal. You country is the one who's land-grabbing illegally in southern parts of Nepal. MoFo.
Seumateu Tongsin (24 days ago)
Egg foo yong, anyone?
Nexus4 Ever (24 days ago)
Lol.... Only China workers can tolerate toxic by product when producing rare earth elements, that's why they Monopolized global market, you might find a new purple HULK there in China.
Kenneth Dauda Samuel Onwuta (25 days ago)
This documentry clip is all about window dressing and damage control. China shutting down rare earth material to the Western world, particularly the US means the total collapse of electronics industries, Bio-tech industries, military hardware industries, etc, etc, at least for the next 15 years. And before the West catch up with China the great Sam is last. And the world will be talking about a different geo-political issues.
Xu Huiming (25 days ago)
Well the map of Sichuan is wrong.
Joel Acei (25 days ago)
Philippine's, spratly islands probably have vibranium . Maybe that's why China is trying to take ownership of that island. lmao
Yeong Kar Soon (25 days ago)
Malaysia? I am really proud..
Colin Tan (24 days ago)
My kencing is toxic. Should be sent to Australia for reprocessing.
Golf Science Guru (25 days ago)
Another question is how friendly is the USA oil and coal interests, which dominate the US Republican Party, toward rare earths, which make super magnets used in electric cars and electric wind turbine generators, since the US oil barons are fearful of electric cars and trucks that may one day essentially wipeout the need for oil, as 80 to 90 percent of oil is currently used to power cars and trucks? The oil interest US Republican Party had recently canceled the subsidy for buying electric cars.
M Bip (25 days ago)
Your prediction was right, it's just started with US, China trade war.
Charles Platon (25 days ago)
And they end with ium
Oni Sarb (25 days ago)
Such a well-documented video! Thumbs up!
Ramesh Vardhan (26 days ago)
Sounds like magic ✨🎩✨ materials....... Due to Chinese dominance, European & AMERICA AMERICAN🇺🇸🗽 ARE JEALOUS. It
Yurlim Tech (26 days ago)
Yeah if found might sold your toilet issues lol
Yuri Duran (26 days ago)
Simply China have the Aces in the Trade War...ones is the rare earth elements that can stop the technology industry, and second is the one trillion of dollar of US debt...
We The People (26 days ago)
Canada has rare earth elements in Quebec and Saskatchewan. Saskatchewan also has a an abundance of Uranium.