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Rare Earth Elements: China's Vibranium?

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It makes more sense if you watch the video. Music provided by bensound.com
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edbo10 (15 hours ago)
what about chinese chinesium?
Henonaga (1 day ago)
The fascinating thing is China's rare earth deposits have the lowest pollution level in the world while it's sky high for the rest of the world. This allowed China to have a monopoly in this industry and control supply and demand.
Afrodisiac (1 day ago)
I love how you pronounce “scarce”
流星_蝴蝶_剑 (2 days ago)
Let me conclude: China has is a monopoly on the market, China is polluted at the environment, China is bad at law enforcement, China is evil to lower their production, as a Chinese, I feel so guilty to the United States
A Long Yellow Thing (12 hours ago)
*F L O O P* the commie bois
Ismaeel Shaikh (3 days ago)
You make quality videos ... keep it up
Orka DRLJAČA (3 days ago)
Oh, the neodidlium? Cool But, promethium.....hmm we gota keep that thing a secret, unless we want mechanicum of mars on our asses
Dan Conser (3 days ago)
See the book SELLOUT by Victoria Bruce. We could have all the RARE EARTH elements we need, except that the West's own rules on Thorium have forced companies to avoid bringing up Thorium, which is also here many rare Earth elements are found. China just piles up the Thorium that comes with it because they don't have these self made regulations that prevent its mining.
InciniumVGC (4 days ago)
look at all the people probably paid by the Chinese government to defend China here
letsgetverydrunk (4 days ago)
So you're saying that most electronics already contain these elements? Sounds to me like it's not that rare then, we just need to learn to... RECYCLE?
Gordon Fiala (5 days ago)
Obviously you are talking about the alloy that makes steel nearly indestructible, that the USA was buying for years before china chemists found out its property. They have this ore in Britain and are mining it.
Gordon Fiala (5 days ago)
Ope, nope. You're not.
Brandon Carter (5 days ago)
Well time to learn Chinese?
_Paws_ (6 days ago)
8:57 Is this why the current administration in the US is becoming lax with the strict regulations, to compete with China? Make profit out of the expense of the people and the environment.
_Paws_ (6 days ago)
3:33 Yeet
howard baxter (6 days ago)
0:32 AND Captain America. Let’s not forget that Captain America’s Shield is made out of Vibranium too.
Jack Sun (7 days ago)
China is secretly very technologically advanced
n ziom (4 days ago)
Ha I see what you did there
nurkijao (9 days ago)
Lol, if the US or any western country did what China is accused of, nobody would bat an eye.
Evan Hindle (9 days ago)
ontario and quebec province. Points to a location in the territories lol
Poodleinacan (10 days ago)
0:32 Why does everyone forget about Captain America's shield being made of Vibranium? The metal is not "exclusively" found in the fictional Wakanda.
Hendra Yudhapratama (8 days ago)
those vibranium is bought from wakanda, thats why only a limited amount of vibranium they have. you can even see in the movie people steal some of wakanda vibranium and sell it on the black market.
Fighting Monkey (10 days ago)
Eat it you Commie punks! ................HIYAAAA!!!!
Roxy Raccoon (10 days ago)
So sad: Recycling never enters the conversation. Just THROW AWAY your year old cell phone and its' precious metals and purchase a new one. Capitalism is depending on you!
sriteja mekala (10 days ago)
You are an asshole but in a cruel way bitchass
Oil baron 55 (10 days ago)
Wakanda is fictional? You racist or something?
Maline ! (11 days ago)
Derrick McAdoo (11 days ago)
Digging deeper into the sandbox to acquire stones used for throwing at our brothers in God's backyard playground. Boys with be boys .. meanwhile, the girls prefer to play on the swings.
TheCreeperBoy (12 days ago)
1:05 hey that's my laser pointer
Slogan Bargain (12 days ago)
Isn't the view on China kinda biased? Like China is trying to be more green, it produces the most green energy on the world yet no one talks bout it, nor how China is the only nation winning against expanding deserts????
letsgetverydrunk (4 days ago)
Yeah... they also have 're-education' camps for religious people, but people don't talk about that either. (Also, people do talk about china's renewables, anybody knows that).
Rene Valleramos (12 days ago)
Russia's STALINIUM was way better than that...
DRAGON KING (5 days ago)
+π % yaharrg who be sayi'n rum
π % (7 days ago)
No! It's ourum !
Rene Valleramos (8 days ago)
+joseph stalin yes, its youium...
joseph stalin (8 days ago)
Did someone say meium??
Russell Theisen (12 days ago)
America has a great reserve of these Rare Earths but our politicians have outlawed our mining of these elements. The problem is political and not engineering limitations,
SSchithFoo (5 days ago)
Unless you want to live in a smog filled shithole like many Chinese cities it is a good thing too.
Bigg FL3X3R (13 days ago)
Wow 10:50 is my favorite part
SECRET TV (13 days ago)
Captain america shield made from vibranium
the adm (13 days ago)
you in love china cpp
Connor Halleck (13 days ago)
The jittering animation kinda stresses me out...
Im Dumb and I said (13 days ago)
I call it BS, there is no Vibranium on earth out from Wa-ka-an-da.
HypnoChode (13 days ago)
Map highlights looks like I'm playing C&C.
silversurfergw (14 days ago)
Trump has walked over WTO rules, China should do the same and ban all export of rare earth.. Specially to US and its leashed allies.
louis43233 (14 days ago)
Don't the majority of the rare Earth Element Tantalum(It's the element that let's small rechargeable batteries in electronics exist) come from the Democratic Republic of Congo?
Mid Lane Only (14 days ago)
why blame china when u could potentially supply yourself?
Mid Lane Only (14 days ago)
Imagine how many elements are in the Oceanic crusts or Zealandia.
Phoenix 15 (14 days ago)
Mid Lane Only that’s why I’m an aspiring marine biologist😈
Scott Dincorn (14 days ago)
8:48 I need to know where that is.
Devesh Bhosale (14 days ago)
can't it be recycled from already built products ?
Devesh Bhosale (9 days ago)
+Evan Hindle share the tech then ?!?!...for some profit ie.
Evan Hindle (9 days ago)
yes and we do that already
B. Clarenc (15 days ago)
10% downvotes is a lot for a widely viewed video. It usually is around 1%-3%. Why?
Sophia Snuggles (12 days ago)
Politics probably
MrJustyoutubing (15 days ago)
Why are we trippin on the environment? We made WAY more advances in the past when we gave less of a fuck.. Yes, people died back then but it was all an effort to exponentially make more people happy in the future.. AND IT DID, LOOK AT US. Our progress is slowed and murphys law is a lie because we receded into preserving the relatively useless areas and people. If we just shut up and did what we need to do, im sure the people and places weve fucked over will be worth making future generations have better tech. LIFE SAVING TECH. Im not talking consumer tech. Im talking about building these mines, sacrificing thousands, to make MILLIONS have clean water, etc. Agricultural gains in every part of the world, etc. Cancer fighting advances thru the roof, etc. Im part of those useless people, so i wouldnt even be mad, i dont do anything besides type my opinion. I dont contribute to the world. So why are we stopping the people who ACTUALLY make a difference.. We dont matter like they do. We arent even pawns.. Were spectators.... Watching scientists turmoil as they try to protect us, just so we can die of Cardiovascular problems
Sayan guria (15 days ago)
Many space agency is looking for possibilities of asteroid mining. What they want to mine? REE or something else?
Eyerleth (11 days ago)
Those, and many other things. Rare Earth elements, but also precious ones like gold, platinum, palladium, iridium, and the like. Iridium is the rarest element on Earth, but common in metal-rich asteroids.
Tim Khan (15 days ago)
Demoncrats environmentalists weirdos will not allow it.
SpazzyMcGee1337 (15 days ago)
Space. Go to space for rare earth elements. Space is the place.
SpazzyMcGee1337 (15 days ago)
+ロンギヌスNightmareEdits Yes, that's the point. We'd be able to expand industries that rely on them thereby increasing demand.
ロンギヌスNightmareEdits (15 days ago)
If we find Rare Earth elements in space, prices would go down, making it less profitable.
Biohistorical Gaming (15 days ago)
RogerwilcoFoxtrot (16 days ago)
Kill the commie fucks, divide their empire, free Tibet, give Mongolia back her southern half, separate Uyghurstan from core China. Give the Han the spanking Germany and Japan got for choosing totalitarianism, and reduce their domain to their original homeland. Until that happens, humanity will not see peace.
Franklin Allen (16 days ago)
The Rare Earth Elements (REEs) used in electronics manufacturing are not essential for the function of the device, just the miniaturization of them. We could stop using REEs in electronics manufacturing but your smart phone would be 3-4 times bigger, run at half the current speed and 10-20% hotter.
piolit06 (16 days ago)
I did a project on Scandium
jane doe (17 days ago)
Sca- arse? Elements?
zweistein 3 (17 days ago)
interesting video but you simply motormouth it--why do you have to speak so fast,please stop once in a while after sentence so people can digest what was said!! I had to turn this good vid off after a few minutes as the monotonous rabble did my head in....direct opinion-don't take offence
Piano Tiles 2 (17 days ago)
This video is made in CHINA! Haahahahhahahahhahahah.
olden creek (17 days ago)
People's dumb addiction to smart phones. smh
Naulo Sanchar (17 days ago)
4:37 for me It gets tough to understand when mobile and electronic items are correlated with chickens
Duckmouth Cham (18 days ago)
Is there a hidden agenda involved in this video?
Bruno Hege (18 days ago)
Man, every time a video criticises China, a lot of Chinese angry comments flood the video... I'm sorry but Chinese ultra capitalism is rotten. Maybe consider your position in this world, and use it to create change that we direly need, instead of repeating nationalist propaganda. China is a country that deserves respect on many levels, but some other problems are just horrible. I see the problems of Europe, where I come from, it would be so important you saw your country's problems too. Maybe on this specific topic China is being treated unfairly, but it can't be the case for all the angry Chinese comment sections out there.
Seraphina Vasiliev (18 days ago)
if they have those rare elements, why do they need to invade the islands of my nation?
Boi Boi (18 days ago)
how is it possible that any nation is worst than Wakanda at sharing resources?
interrobangings (18 days ago)
is trumpf a real thing
Huangwei Xie (18 days ago)
Neodymium Titan Armor
Junwei He (18 days ago)
You guys are assholes --A random Chinese
Klaus Gartenstiel (18 days ago)
i know one country that would never share. guess which.
psammiad (19 days ago)
I read previously that rare earth elements aren't rare (they're as common as copper), but while not technically rare, they're pretty evenly distributed rather than appearing in pockets like other elements. So that's what makes them rare.
Cheese Puffs (19 days ago)
I have the exact same laser pen in the video
Cian Conway (19 days ago)
What about graphene?
Wiley Coyote (19 days ago)
“When you use them together, their usefulness increases exponentially.” INFINITY STONES IRL CONFIRMED
Zander Heinitz (19 days ago)
Vibranium Isn't A Rare Earth Element, Because it's Not a Real Element. (But It Might be A Mineral).
Wyatt Salmon (7 days ago)
Why did you comment this, and why did you capitalize every word?
Naturenerd1000 (19 days ago)
Doesn't North America have rare earths? Africa, South America and Russia too. Maybe even Europe has rare earths as well. It's a good thing we can recycle and extract rare earths from all ready made electronics so we don't have to mine and cause as much environmental destruction.
zerox187 (19 days ago)
Fuck, those ding sounds are a bit rough on my hungover ears.
Average User (19 days ago)
Black Panther movie sucked.
Graham Cantin (20 days ago)
Uh... 4:11 Electric cars don't have engines. They have motors. Hybrid cars have engines and motors. Diesel/Gas cars have engines. Just a minor nitpick for accuracy.
khestun banga (20 days ago)
all this is actually coming from the west "aka" Tibet
SURENITY ! (20 days ago)
Any Black Panther fans?
Average User (19 days ago)
Michael Salvo (21 days ago)
What is the beautiful location seen at 8:48?
Yasir Irshad (21 days ago)
I think we really need graphene right about now.
Samuel Kristopher (22 days ago)
5:29 Trumpf :D
spaces is tupid (22 days ago)
Nah US worried??? Expect em to create a crisis soon to invade China :/
Black Noise (22 days ago)
Not even an American ship.... That's a Royal Navy flag
Nezu (23 days ago)
I can happily say that China no longer has the only supply. An actual large deposit was discovered inside Japan's territorial waters along the ocean floor. It is suspected that the deposit is large enough to last us nearly 400 years.
Andrew Dowdell-Stent (23 days ago)
I guess you could say it could change in a snap
James Meritt (23 days ago)
Why not? There is no Wakanda; the Pantene is open. Go for it!
Jerry C (23 days ago)
The problem I have with this video is that most of these elements aren't actually rare at all.
aldente (23 days ago)
yo stfu I haven't seen black panther yet, and I wanna see it still, don't spoil that for me
Venmis (24 days ago)
The amount of people defending China here is absurd. Western nations have a different kind of RE material and it's not currently economically viable to extract them. It is for China, so they have a monopoly on the market. Personally I think the sooner this monopoly is taken away from China the better. There's nothing worse than a totalitarian regime having actual power.
02091992able (24 days ago)
Isn't Neodymium used as magnets in high end speakers on headphones?
02091992able (24 days ago)
Well the Dwarves of Moria did mine Mithril that was until they ran out of deposits of it so they dug deeper to find more but this unfortunately for them awakened a Balrog which killed and forced the dwarves to flee the kingdom.
02091992able (24 days ago)
Unobtainium is from a mine the Wolfman owns in the woods of New Hampshire near Clark's Trading Post in the town of Lincoln.
peter tuann (24 days ago)
did you look into Afghanistan? it is supposed to have huge rare earth deposits
thefinalroman (25 days ago)
Smith & Wesson makes Scandium frame revolvers and handguns
IC-FRIEZA (26 days ago)
You could've made the vid wayyyy shorter! Fuck yo shit!
Robert Tinsley (26 days ago)
It's funny how many people are arguing down in the comments below that China imposed export quotas to protect the environment. China didn't impose production quotas, just export quotas to give local manufacturing an unfair trade advantage.
Subeedei Baatar (18 days ago)
+Richard Rivera Yeah, and they also payed children 2 dollars an hour in current money and made they work for 11 hours a day. The Industrial Revolution is nothing to be proud of
Subeedei Baatar (18 days ago)
Its called capitalism. When the Chinese are communist, you hate them for being communist, when they're capitalist, you hate them for being capitalist. Maybe they should become a feudal society to please you and the rest of the dumb West
Lance Trident (20 days ago)
Wow I can make a lecture of double standard just using this comment as reference. Thank you.
Total 2017 (21 days ago)
+Richard Rivera I am talking about 21st century and not the old time where resources were plentiful. come on! don't be so naive.
Richard Rivera (21 days ago)
+Total 2017 I'm not talking about Columbus discovering America, I'm talking about the industrial revolution.
Prof. Hilary L. Chow FRAS (26 days ago)
Why are you using Hong Kong when talking about this? Hong Kong has 0 rare earth, is actually considered "outside of the border" according to Chinese law (meaning any sale to Hong Kong would be subjected to the same restrictions applied on any other country), and Chinese companies have to register in Hong Kong just like any other company from anywhere else.
Farahen Den (27 days ago)
So the one country I expected to see: Sweden, is not a rare earth exporter? Yet the elements are caled Holmium (named after Stockholm) Scandium (named after Scandinavia) and Yttrium, Yterbium, Terbium and Erbium are all named after the Yterby mine near Stockholm.
Brian Leo (27 days ago)
You forgot Australia https://investorintel.com/market-analysis/market-analysis-intel/rare-earth-downstream-applications-new-rare-earth-projects/
Ikaeksen Ratzakuz (27 days ago)
Make video about how the different charges, positive, negative, and neutral affect our planet, please make highly advanced video, like an video essay for pHd. I think it might be most important subject for humanity to study.
Rob Hand (27 days ago)
American "defensive" weapons?? Jesus christ. Unsubbed.
ryan angel (1 month ago)
What about my country indonesia ? There are rare elements or not 😂
BoW Skittlez (1 month ago)
Amazing video and I loved it. He merged two different takes at 5:23. Not sure if anyone else caught that. Nothing wrong with it. Just mentioning that I noticed (;
Atlas Pro (1 month ago)
フェリシア エロ (1 month ago)
Oof, so much for free market China... China: *Reduce Rare Earth Metal Exports* World: *Points Gun* Please sell us more Metals China: Free market? World: *clocks gun* No China: K *sells more metals* World: *destroys China free will* This is why China is a bad country
benish borogove (15 days ago)
China: produce more rare earth metals than anybody - don't care if destroy own people & environment World: Wow! Much cheaper than our own mines - we buy Chinese China: LOL now you have no mines - pay export tariff to get small amount Chinese industry doesn't need World: But China promised to sell equally like the other WTO members - or get out China: Put down gun - all misunderstanding - China _loves_ to export many things to WTO members, just _free trade_ have different meaning in China World: This is why China is a bad country
ROBERT FRIEND (1 month ago)
Straight to the point. Great work.