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This Chinese carmaker wants to take on Tesla

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At CES 2018, CNN Tech's Samuel Burke takes a first look at Byton's electric car concept.
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ISURU THIWANKA (1 month ago)
Truth is the, This Byton is still concept..May be Tesla is 5 year old. But This "Byton" is more advanced than any Tesla..They will produce tons of them in future.."Tesla" sould go home...
Cameron Harper (9 months ago)
armag an (9 months ago)
tesla 5 yrs old, theyre still concept
ISURU THIWANKA (1 month ago)
huh...look at man..Your junk tesla is behind this... They will produce this concept in 2020..SO no one need to buy peace of junk like "Tesla"
Deivs Hdz (6 months ago)
AnilAslan Nope they are not, innovation is very lacking, economy is another story.
Sky Xerxes (9 months ago)
armag an Concept that moving forward from previous generation. Saving earth? Check. Life Savior? Uncheck. Because peoples still think Tesla's tech unreliable. Battery does not have changes since gasoline banning electric car. Be the wave buddy. Wave that change.
AnilAslan (9 months ago)
armag an To be fair, Chinese innovation is growing at an unprecedented rate