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The Very Best - Chalo

76 ratings | 27777 views
"Chalo" by The Very Best. Interesting blend of genres.
Category: Music
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Text Comments (10)
Jenny Burkhart (1 year ago)
what is this song about?
Nice fella (5 years ago)
Maaaan, I remember this when this was just Esau Mamwaya & radioclits version on Myspace about 7 years! Tune!
Greg Kozak (5 years ago)
Extremely infectious and absolutely wonderful! 
Wester Faust (7 years ago)
Whoever dislikes this music has seriously bad taste.
Greg Kozak (3 years ago)
No- psychological problems.
thatssomething1 (7 years ago)
I'm thinking Van Halen's Jump when I hear the synth, ha
Andrew Michalko (8 years ago)
@Waffuhl positive!
carlo ozi (8 years ago)
Daniel Craig (8 years ago)
nope song is not Chalo
Krysta Kirk (9 years ago)