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The Betamax Man (4 months ago)
I would love it if spats can fix that sony sl-5400
The Betamax Man (4 months ago)
how are you Harley have you found new employment yet I hope you and spats aredoing good hey spats are you going to do any more vcr videos
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (1 month ago)
Hey! I'm self-employed now. Doing pretty good! There will be more, actually pretty soon.
kraig 88 (4 months ago)
Just got your email Harley. Thanks again. You guys rock.
Justify Wolf (4 months ago)
I just subbed to your channel.
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (4 months ago)
Thank you
Maxxarcade (4 months ago)
If the CT-100 turns out nice, are you planning on giving it regular use? The CRT integrity still scares me. I'd be afraid to even move it!
Spats Bear (4 months ago)
Maxxarcade Yup, the reds will be very deep and nothing like what is reproduced today. Same with the other phosphors as well. I know the green will look truly green instead of a yellowish green.
Maxxarcade (4 months ago)
+Spats Bear I hope so! I've been dying to see how Zootopia and other animated stuff will look on that special phosphor. Wasn't it supposed to be really good with red tones?
Spats Bear (4 months ago)
Semi-Regular. We are going to try to use that Vacuseal stuff on it as a precaution, but want to enjoy this piece of history as much as we can. The getters show no sign of vacuum loss, they are completely black. And the few surviving ones out there are all the same way too. So I have a feeling this set will be good for a good long time.
kraig 88 (4 months ago)
Hey dudes I just sent an email to you guys. Let me know though if something gets screwey. My phone is acting wiered.
kraig 88 (4 months ago)
Hey Spats and Harley, is there anyway I can get my gift to you guys? I don't want it to break at all and my mom & dad don't take care of stuff sometimes.
ToryTheFanMan (4 months ago)
You guys do waaayyy better than i do with uploads. I just upload whenever wherever lol Btw i still have a gift in my garage i need to send off to yall..
Trance88 (4 months ago)
GGGGGGGGPX!!!! I got a good few laughs from this video. You guys are amazing! Keep up the great work!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (4 months ago)
Lake Nipissing (4 months ago)
*Enjoy being with your family. Spend all the time you can with them.* One day they are gone. My Mom passed away in 2011. Five years ago today (Halloween) my Dad went to the hospital, and never came home. Halloween is an annual reminder of a miserable event. After work today I went to the skatepark and took my mind off it skating until the lights went off at 23:30... and when I got home there's a video from Spats and Harley to watch, and October 31 is officially over! Keep up the great work guys!!
Harley Badger - from Spats & Harley (4 months ago)
Thank you. And I am genuinely sorry you had to deal with this unpleasant reminder a few days ago.
D. B. - Vintage (4 months ago)
I never mention personal stuff on social media. No issue on your uploads - I do good to get 1 a week out.
tallboyyyy (4 months ago)
I've said this before when you made an apology video for not posting, I understand that sometimes real life situations get in the way. I've been a subscriber of you guys for several years now. Sometimes like recently you put up a lot of stuff regularly and other times there are long stretches without a new video. I'm not about to unsubscribe just because you get busy sometimes and You Tube has to take a back seat for a time. When you guys come back I'll be here.
kraig 88 (4 months ago)
I'll be here also dudes
matthewbestdfghy (4 months ago)
Spats catch phrase "GPX"
Ryanny Dragonwolf (4 months ago)
you will get 1 mill subscribers one day
mspysu79 (4 months ago)
Wow, the first commenter, thanks for the update, lift happens! The CT-100 is a BIG project so it taking time is not unheard of, a big internal layer cake of components!