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When Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley Roasted Each Other on Oprah.

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Hilarious! From the Oprah Show 2005, back when the two NBA legends were still friends. I do not own this footage nor intend any infringement of copyright. Video published under FAIR USE.
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Abdul Karimi (40 minutes ago)
Hahhahahhahhahaahh sooooo original Charles 😀
Antonio Harris (5 hours ago)
Charles is Jealous of MJ.. Lol
Antonio Harris (5 hours ago)
MJ don't like him.. Smdh
James Sweeney (1 day ago)
two of the best trash talkers, on any level, in any sport, to ever live.
Cdog Plays (1 day ago)
i love this video it made me laugh a lot like if u agree
Sajiky (2 days ago)
Shows how great a game golf is, he said he had the problem for 5 years, this was in what 2005? So that's 18 freaking years now he's had that godawful swing. But he still golfs. That's addiction and dedication in equal measure to something he loves. Suffering like that should make him emperor of the world in his next life.
Howard Johnson (2 days ago)
nbm49 (2 days ago)
Best interview man, I'm crying lololol that golf swing though
Sean John Sr (2 days ago)
That's a friend to have, charles barkley you're the realest.
J.S. Paek (2 days ago)
Charles so hilarious, i never laughed so hard in so long!
MRFANCYPANTS777 (3 days ago)
I love how close they really are.
Gerry Hall (3 days ago)
18:30 Still true today...
Tyson (3 days ago)
This is almost exactly as long ago now as the Dream Team days were when this was filmed
Daniel Lew (3 days ago)
This is hilarious
Mickey Romeo (4 days ago)
wow so Michael Jordan is cheap.. what a fucking piece of shit
Justin Smith (4 days ago)
This is why I love Sir Charles...speaks truth
King Vortex (4 days ago)
Jordan hatin on LeBron back in 2005. Well MJ, he got his $$$ and alot of people say he is better than you and the stats prove he is.
Cindy (4 days ago)
I think this show is awesome. Truly cannot stand Oprah.
Dallas Cowboys (5 days ago)
The rings and the weight is old shaq always bringing that up.
andrewdorie (5 days ago)
Standing out on the streets and begging for money is not equivalent to working a job. This idea that homeless people are pulling one over on everyone is about as credible as the theory that the immigrants at the border are pretending they are in crises when they ask for amnesty. Some people just need help. Why is that so hard to accept? Why is it so hard to accept that some people are not capable of working today, but should still get to eat today and live under a roof. We live in the richest country in the history of countries, a country that would be even richer and stronger if we helped boost up our most vulnerable demographics. Assuming they can work at McDonalds is just an assumption with no evidence. Walmart has a history of paying wages that are so low the government has to subside them with food stamps. If you don't want to help, don't help. Respectfully, go fuck off somewhere. & please stop perpetuating myths that were created so as to help selfish people like Michael Jordan justify not helping the needy. Selfishness perpetuates poverty, not charity.
Meez Da Prodigy (5 days ago)
Charles is honestly more funny and perhaps more accurate on his description on Michael, but I don't give a fuck about Bubble head Barkley either and Michael is just...whatever, i don't know, he's just too damn conceited
Fishing Sailing (5 days ago)
just WOW!!
I am Hassan (5 days ago)
The power of true friendship.
Kashara Johnson (6 days ago)
MJ 😛😛😛
Konad B (6 days ago)
This is so funny.
ok22245 (6 days ago)
Lol when he says the handsome he not handsome thing he sounds like Muhammad ali
BIG KOLE (6 days ago)
barkley is one of the best players ever to not have a championship ring
Patrick Ware (7 days ago)
why does it constantly look like mj is about to cry?
nomar manuel (7 days ago)
Damn, jordan talking bout riding a bike you see his passion and intensity...its the mindset that made him the greatest.....idk if bron is even that intense....noone is that intense...jordan is one of a kind...even more intense then tom brady...
Taurean Whitfield (7 days ago)
Man I love Charles Barkley he’s so down to earth and real. He calls it as it is and he’s not ashamed of himself very comfortable in his own skin. I love My MJ too Chicago Bulls Baby he’s not very personable thou but he’s a winner in every aspect of the Word.
Panda Elite Squad (7 days ago)
What is it with my boi jordan rubbing Charles belly like 3 times?!! 😂😂
vincent luppi (8 days ago)
Michael gets salty
vincent luppi (8 days ago)
I hated Barkley , but this video made me smile:)
F Vids (8 days ago)
This is a great interview. MJ is so right with the kids today. They get they don’t earn and they won’t play as hard... what’s the incentive.
Megalodon Unlocked (8 days ago)
Jordan's got those little retard ears.
Kevin Barragan (9 days ago)
What type of air Jordan's are those I need some reply if you know the name of those j's
IAEMKAI (7 days ago)
Kevin Barragan The Air Jordan 20
Dean Finley (9 days ago)
Hasan Muhammad (9 days ago)
I really enjoy this old clip they up there laughing and having fun that's what life is all about
georgehernandez1313 (9 days ago)
Charles played with Scottie Pippen in 1999!
Aerus Ph.D. (9 days ago)
" He never understood what it takes to be a winner. " #SAVAGE
Ms. Ladybug (9 days ago)
Glad Oprah said I'm you don't have to be that honest!😒😌..... fr bcuz it's not especially black ppl wanting you to pick up a bill may be it just who he's with!!..sounds like Mike isn't the only one who may be cheap! 😐 THTS a horrible comment
Jean Ray Frane (10 days ago)
charles reminds me of karl pilkington
RyanQB13 (10 days ago)
Charles is a savage
Tdot (10 days ago)
MJ is deep listening to him speak is like reading a NOVEL
mexican whiteboy (10 days ago)
love how honest and sincere and confident charles is. truly someone i look up to and is the father i never had. i will continue to study and watch videos with him. truly inspiring
josh d (10 days ago)
Sir charles swinging at the golf ball tho😂😂😂 funniest shit ever
Tomas Gomez (11 days ago)
The truth starts at 18:26 trust me young players and potential draft picks should see this vid and learn from the GOAT himself.
ronald mabitag (11 days ago)
wow i didnt think of that. if a person can say can i have some change they can say may i take your order! liberals will not like that though.
Miss V (11 days ago)
I like Charles Barkley. MJ use to hangout at the clubs in our city, and not talk to know one. Never idolized these athletes, or stars. We all bleed red, do the number one, and two. Money does not buy you happiness, but it does give you access, but you better be grounded, or this world will eat you alive!
Marc Stamos (11 days ago)
So that’s where the meme came from
Marcus Carter (11 days ago)
Shade after shade after shade
Jim Robinson (11 days ago)
Had a friend like this. Very funny interview.
Doppler Boy (12 days ago)
DANTASTIC MANIA (12 days ago)
As much as l Iove and brutally respect MJ, Sir Charles Barkley is always tell it like it is.
Be'a Okintikkaj (13 days ago)
If it was2017- NOW there is no way they could speak on BLACK FOLK being cheap and freeloaders without being called a sellout or Coon or WHATEVER ANNNNNDDDD Charles shouldn't have told that story about the homeless person...
Kingkai Sauce (13 days ago)
19:53 "When you get something so easy, you're not gonna work as hard." -MJ... Words of Wisdom💯👏 Lebron All day doe..
stephen kost (13 days ago)
charles is racist AF
Mickaël Holladay (13 days ago)
Charles "The Truth" Barkley!!!!
King Ace (13 days ago)
“Well how many rings you got ? “ Lmfao Jordan’s an asshole
Dave Espinoza (13 days ago)
They got a real brother bond I love it lol
Gabe Fletcher (13 days ago)
Julian Harmon (13 days ago)
You see why they modeled the character "Balled Bull" after Charles Barkley. Lol
Frosty Gamer17 (13 days ago)
jordan was low key funny asf
Sweaty Clowns Are Like A Hotdog Sucking On A Pickle (14 days ago)
How to learn if there's a CHILD MOLESTER near you. 😐
son goku (14 days ago)
michael doesnt seem like a fun friend to hang out with but chuck is damn funny
Splash'n'Skillz #37 (14 days ago)
0:09 and a meme was born
Bud (14 days ago)
They need to make a movie together besides SJ.
Shonte Banks (14 days ago)
I have always been a Fan of Charles Barkley☺
Junio Gwenedez (14 days ago)
I went homeless because I refuse to build a wall in Mexico, so they filed my immigration papers that day...I now live in NEW mexico,because NEW means Fresh start
Pixel Kingz (14 days ago)
Charles is Jordan’s reality check
Gore (14 days ago)
oprah was thic here
ICEYBOY1990 Nash (14 days ago)
Jordan quit rubbing your brother's belly
Nicholas Matyas (14 days ago)
😂 when we were coming back from a hard days work doing concrete and masonry in the muggy Florida summer heat, we saw a guy that had a sign that said "I need a beer and that's the truth". I was in Times Square few years ago, and ran into a guy that had one that said. "Why lie I need weed". Got a pic somewhere, pretty funny.
Pasta Penguin (14 days ago)
wish i had a friendship like this;(
MannyT Supra (15 days ago)
Best video on You Tube that I have ever watched. Dam I enjoyed this.
lazy Fingers (15 days ago)
Chuck was such a great baller , that he actually would steal MJ's shine from time to time back in the day
Davon Benson (15 days ago)
Jordan is rubbing Charle’s belly. Lol.
Rambod B (15 days ago)
Charles is legendary LMFAO
BlueMoney Benz (15 days ago)
He never puts Shaw in his place though lol
Live Vibration (16 days ago)
Sir Charles is hilarious!
sultanabran1 (16 days ago)
i love hwo charles is happy to make fun of himself. also his honesty is refreshing.
Jas Garrett (16 days ago)
Larry Bird said "I am pretty sure he is God disguised as Michael Jordan." 😂
JayQuezz 2x (16 days ago)
Why u keep rubbing him lol
Yung Dynamic (16 days ago)
0:10 meme
Mr. Hall (16 days ago)
Chuck funny as hell 😂😂.. MJ gotta lil sense of humor too still not relatable like chuck
Dario Incredibile (17 days ago)
goddamn, if you are in the NBA, better pick up that tab
Rene Villarreal (17 days ago)
You can tell Oprah has never played a sport in her life lol. She doesn't get it. It's a brotherhood thing. Team is family. It's a life style. It sets you up for the right kind of mindset for the rest of your life. It shows you to never stop or quit.
carlos martinez (17 days ago)
bruhhhhhhhhhhhh, the bromance between these two man lmfao. never seen michael like this.
Frank Gonzalez (17 days ago)
So this was how the GIF began
Harden Soul (17 days ago)
What a Goat 😭
CJLAKE123 (17 days ago)
Hahaha Michael Jordan was right about the homeless guy lol.
Mas (17 days ago)
18:23, nothing is more accurate than this.
I Am Geezus (17 days ago)
This where the gif came from? Lmaooo
Albert Acosta (17 days ago)
Mike's selfish ass fuck lol
C. R. (17 days ago)
When Charles brought up baseball....i lost it hahahahahahah
Going Coastal (17 days ago)
I remember well the Michael Jordan era, In my opinion he was and is the greatest player to ever touch a basketball, he had a great team ,Scottie Pippen could get 30pt regularly, Charles Barkley is the greatest player that didn't win a ring, he didn't ever have the team around him that Michael did. I saw Steve Kerr hit 4 3pt shots in a row it seemed one game there were many others too I would leave out someone if tried to name all. I always wondered how many championships would the Bulls have won if Barkley and Jordan would have got to the Bulls early on hmmmmm.I know there are other great players past and present but this was an incredible era,thanks.
Andro guy (17 days ago)
0:10 you came for
Ahmed Chaibi (17 days ago)
That golf swing 😂😂😂😂😂has me dying
Matt Riley (18 days ago)
Being in greatness will do that for u
Gaz Matic (18 days ago)
19:30 I watched a LeBron interview before this and I remember when he said that right out of highschool he turned down $10million from Reebok. So Jordan knew what he was saying