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What It Means When @UPS Transfers Your Package To Local Post Office For Delivery

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I hate seeing "As requested by the sender, this shipment has been transferred to the local post office for delivery to the final destination." This basically means my package will be late. Often very late. Even more frustrating is when UPS was coming to my Office anyway to deliver something else. There is however nothing you can do about it.
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19buseye71 (1 month ago)
I actually prefer sometimes for UPS to transfer my packages that I order to my local PO because sometimes the UPS driver either can't locate me or else he is just too damn lazy to deliver them. For me it saves a lot of aggravation and unnecessary additional wait time where all I have to do is go out to the post office and pick my packages up.
Relentless_Animal (2 months ago)
Ups said transferred local post office for delivery 2 weeks ago and has not updated since
Tactical Overload (2 months ago)
I'm going through this same bs right now, I went to the post office and they kept saying the package never arrived then they proceeded to tell me is was in a ups in a different state. I called that ups and they verified that the package was delivered to the post office in my state and usps won't take responsibility for it. ups even told me the exact time it was dropped off. Then the usps manager told me 7 other people came in the same day with the same issue. So I'm assuming someone in the post office is very negligent or taking high value packages from there.
AnythingBenz (3 months ago)
post office didnt even let me pick it up before delivery, i hate those fucks
Pat Calkins (3 months ago)
Had a package by UPS said delivery date yesterday by end of day and it never came - now it says “package transferred to post office for delivery” sooo hopefully it comes today
NBA BC (4 months ago)
If offset and ups had a baby the company would now be called upset
Mz_Skittles- (4 months ago)
This legit happened to me 2 weeks ago where i pre ordered link's awakening on amazon and was suppose to get here on Sept 26 then second promised date on October 1st then it was considered lost :/ contacted ups and got told that they cant really do anything since its been transferred already so i went to my local usps where i talked face to face with a supervisor only for him to say that they never recieved anything and still awaiting item thats y my usps tracking number wont work and ups tracking hasnt updated since then. I ended up getting a refund from Amazon but it just sucks cuz i still want what i ordered :( Hopefully the video is right and ill just get it late
NBA BC (4 months ago)
Krusti Memez (7 months ago)
Ups can’t even deliver a package in one piece more less on time. I waited 5 days for a overnight delivery just for some douche to leave a notice saying attempted delivery but there was no “attempt” involved. Like would it seriously been that hard to knock on a door?
Pyramidion (8 months ago)
its so annoying this is happening to me with fedex
ItzzGeorgieTHG (9 months ago)
I need help what do I do when it says exception date tentative tracking actions are limited can anyone help this is on mobile
Lazaro Marin (9 months ago)
Highlord Ynot (11 months ago)
pretty sure the transferred postal carrier thing is illegal. or atleast should be.
kos22us (9 months ago)
its up to the shipper how their item is shipped because they choose & pay for the service, "surepost" is a contract between ups & usps and "smartpost" is basically the same contract but between fedex & usps there is nothing illegal about it in anyway shape or form, these are the cheapest methods of shipping which is why your shipper is shipping it that way, now you're up to date
Scarecrow (1 year ago)
That last part was just straight up condescending. I think we all realized that little detail.
Benny (1 year ago)
Been waiting for my Vinyl Record since 21 June....
ARMO ZEC (1 year ago)
Ups redirected my package to a "party rental" place in my area. Wth does a party rental type of business have to do with ups ..
Jamey Summers (1 year ago)
This happens to me when I order next day, and I usually get it in the morning on time.
Merrick Kent (1 year ago)
Can I have my package shipped to my post office instead my address?
kos22us (9 months ago)
yes if you have a PO box
Ashli Ali (2 years ago)
I ordered something from Ulta and when I tracked my shipment from Ups they sent it to a local post office and It's been 2 weeks already that I haven't received my package
Tahroo (2 years ago)
My package just did this and all it has me thinking is Why the **** does UPS still exist if they just pass the delivery off onto the post office? USPS could have got it here faster on their own, FedEx would of got it here on their own faster.. but UPS? Nope, we need to drive this past your house to the Post Office and let them deliver it to you tomorrow! Worthless.
Arnold Bass (2 years ago)
What does ups surepost mean
Buck Shot (2 years ago)
What it means?? It means you got ripped off
Arnold Bass (2 years ago)
Buck Shot what does ups surepost mean
Clutch Cakes (2 years ago)
I had to wait nearly a week for a package that could have made it to me in 2 days if the post office shipped it to me. UPS got my package in NV, they then shipped it to Sacramento CA, then shipped it to a county in LA, then shipped it to another facility. After all that they sent it 20 minutes away from where I live to the UPS facility here. That Package went to 3 places it didn't need to go. THESE PEOPLE HAVE THE NERVE TO TRANSFER THAT PACKAGE TO THE POST OFFICE WHEN IT'S THAT CLOSE TO ME?!!!! Now, I will have to wait for the package to be sent to the other local post office and make me wait another day when I could have had this package today... I could have just picked it up lol
J. Maiden (2 years ago)
amber leigh (2 years ago)
please what does departed usps facility mean? its in ny and im in fl and am going on vacation.
kos22us (9 months ago)
@amber leigh ... so fucking tired of dealing with people like you at work, yea ok lady wait 2 days before you leave for vacation and order something you have to have then melt down when it doesnt fucking work out, how about getting organized, how about some self discipline, this is an area of personal fucking responsabillity which yu obviously dont have
amber leigh (2 years ago)
Arnold Bass ? no clue never heard of it. mine came thank god
Arnold Bass (2 years ago)
amber leigh what does ups surepost mean
HeatherFeather (2 years ago)
I hate it!!! It's just a way to prop up the post office. I won't do business with companies that use USPS as the final shipper. Even Prime has been late using this stupid method
mark wright (2 years ago)
Complaining doesn't help
Sky1 (3 years ago)
my Post office will no longer will deliver packages over 35lbs. They say they are too heavy
Blurr Plays (3 years ago)
Are you serious?
sunnycloud69 (3 years ago)
Because they are fucking Jews
Teresa Sproles (3 years ago)
I had an Amazon package due yesterday but tracking yesterday said it was delivered to the wrong post office and being corrected. No further info and still not updated. Didn't get it today. I hope I get it Monday. Ugh. They had 1 job! lol
Teresa Sproles (3 years ago)
Jordan Baptiste yes, I got it Tuesday. Took 9 days instead of 5 but better than 4 mo. lol
King Açe (3 years ago)
Teresa Sproles did you get it yet?
Matthew Turner (3 years ago)
it means that you package is now 30% more in danger of harm during drop off
Double Ceres (3 years ago)
yeah i have a package coming from ups mail innovations since nov.14 2016 left their office and transferred to local post office. until now its already DECEMBER and i dont have my package. WTF ups
Nubian Queen (3 years ago)
Sure post sucks, really unnecessary!
Xolotl (3 years ago)
Getting tired of UPS transferring USPS.
Liliana Healy (3 years ago)
That's an extreme exaggeration I've always gotten a day or that day after that it said that
ruralkansas (3 years ago)
So what would UPS done with the package? Deliver it to where you no longer live?
alexkg1 (3 years ago)
relying on USPS to deliver on time is like expecting Santa Claus to slide down your chimney. It'll probably never happen, but if it does, it's a miracle.
Charles Hodge (3 years ago)
This isn't UPS's fault. This is a very basic shipping option (cheaper than ground) that is selected by the SHIPPER at the time the package is shipped. If there is any blame to be dished out, it should be directed at the company you ordered your products from. They have the option to ship fully through UPS, but they don't.
__ (1 year ago)
That's like a gas station offering an option to have someone come out kick you in the fucking nuts if you select the wrong option at the pump. No one expects UPS to do this bullshit when they are setting up shipping options.
OneManArmy (2 years ago)
so true i ordered some stuff online (1/07/2017 ) from Tempe, AZ and it just kept delaying for some reason they don't even bother to tell you why or what happened. Right now, the tracking detail shows from 'shipped' to ' Transfers Your Package To Local Post Office For Delivery' after i chased the company and sent them FIVE emails but they told me UPS had made a 'mistake' scanning the product. WHAT ??? Just wtf is going on here? Do they need a lesson on how to scan stuff or what. I'm in Australia and looks like it's gonna be a looooong wait.
jeffw1267 (3 years ago)
True, but it doesn't explain why the parcel disappears for up to a week while going from UPS to USPS. I'm a mail carrier and even I don't know why this happens.
Morgan Knight (3 years ago)
I got 2 day shipping with prime and they sent it to the post office. I have no clue how long it will take now because it won't be today....
StarRoseAngelic (3 years ago)
How much longer did it take?
Waxman (3 years ago)
How in the world did the federal government ever get into mail delivery in the first place? Was the pony express somehow run by the government? Was the now corrupt Wells Fargo stage coaches run by the government? It seems anything run by the government is bloated and notoriously inefficient. Typically, it's a home for people who don't have the drive or intellect to get a real job. Which leads me to Amazon Prime. If you don't buy into Prime, you get put on the bottom of the list. This has made me so angry that I avoid buying anything from Amazon. For electronics, I now shop at B&H Photo in NYC.
biffmercury (3 years ago)
Start canceling your order when they turn it over to the post office and they might stop doing that.
Alex Hollst (3 years ago)
I ordered an item from Japan and I've had issues getting it here. Amazon says there was a delivery attempt made and they left a door tag but they didn't. People were in the house so there is no way it was attempted or we would have heard the mailman knocking. The carrier of my package isn't even listed on the tracking page.
jeffw1267 (3 years ago)
Did this happen on a Sunday? I'm a reg so I don't work Sundays but the new CCAs do. Lots of parcels get scanned on Sunday but are never delivered. Then I get stuck with the extra Amazon parcels on Monday. If I could do anything about it I would.
DeepCupsChan119 (3 years ago)
I order mine 1 video game on April 1st,2016 and than its got arrival on May 10,2016 arrival at destination post but right now on June 1st,2016 it didn't show up oh my god it took for long that never came to my house mail package =_=
Macy Penna (3 years ago)
When I order a package and pay for delivery I am deeply offended when UPS or Fed-Ex sends my package to the post office. It takes TWICE AS LONG and the post office will only make ONE delivery. If I want my package I have to go to the post office if it is delivered when I am not at home and the post office leaves those stupid orange notes. The reason I chose UPS or Fed-Ex is because I do not want to lift those heavy packages and the post office SNAIL mail will eventually deliver them but they never tell you WHEN they will be delivered. Thus I am either held "hostage" in my home for days or eventually go out and the attempted delivery is made. Since I have a note on my door to not leave packages the post office carries the package back to the post office and I am forced to go there if I want my package. The take twice as long as UPS or Fed-Ex.
Dan O Qam Yasharahla (3 years ago)
I bought a $2000 and I payed to have my package to be sent in 2 days, now UPS took the easy route by not delivering it... I have gotten broken items through USPS before and they do not take responsibility for broken items. I hate this type of fuckery, I payed USP to deliver my package not USPS!!!
Justin (3 years ago)
@Jo Mormont If I could do that I would not need a job
Jo Mormont (3 years ago)
I wish I could buy $2000
Justin (3 years ago)
WOW YOU BOUGHT $2000!?!!?!?11!1!?1!1?!1
gaivskakashi (3 years ago)
so when it says delivered and this transfer happens it wasn't delivered finally to me?
TechHelp (3 years ago)
gerald myers (4 years ago)
can't stand the USPS( incompetent) and ups is most stupid in making this deal, when I order from amazon and the seller does ups/USPS I get burned.
fred gurney (4 years ago)
You can pay for a member ship and ups will upgrade your package to ups ground for free and it will never go to usps
Kyle Foster (3 years ago)
+fred gurney you are paying them to do a job not handing a job off to someone else its like if you pay mcdonalds to cook a burger and they go to burger king to order it there
Kyle Foster (3 years ago)
+fred gurney see heres the thing you shouldnt HAVE to pay for a membership when your already paying S/H charges
Shane D (4 years ago)
You can set your delivery preference up on ups my choice to always deliver via ups even when it's that surepost option but it's a $3.50 charge per package... Worth it to me though. Just sayin
Louise Belcher (4 years ago)
This is probably the only way USPS can get any business, by being in cahoots with UPS.
William Connor (4 years ago)
I got a confirmation on Amazon and UPS that my package was delivered to my front door.  My neighbor next door didnt get their package either which the site stated it was delivered 45 minutes before mine.  Tonight the UPS tracking states it was delivered to another town where there is a UPS shipping facility.   Why state it was delivered to me at my address?
simplicio ramirez (4 years ago)
it happen to me too can i just pick it up in the local post office?
One1nThEw0rld (4 years ago)
Guys if you press the Live Chat button on the bottom left of the screen it will send you to a page that says. "Live chat is not available for UPS Surepost packages that have been sent over to USPS." Under this message you will see a tracking number that you can use on the USPS site to track your package.
jeffw1267 (3 years ago)
+Theresa Burden  You could call your station but they wouldn't be able to help you. If the scan hasn't been updated in a while then there's no telling where the parcel may be. It sucks, but there's nothing to be done until it gets scanned again.
Theresa Burden (4 years ago)
+One1nThEw0rld what if it just says Pre-Shipment Info Sent to USPS, and it's said this for 6 days. do i play the waiting game? who do i call?
Louise Belcher (4 years ago)
+One1nThEw0rld Just thought I'd add one more tracking number tip, in case it may help someone. Once you highlight & copy the tracking number (ups, usps, and fedex usually all work this way), paste it into google (just the tracking number & nothing else) and google will give you a link to take you straight to the tracking info. It can be a bit easier than navigating the specific website sometimes.
IsaifieGaming (4 years ago)
+One1nThEw0rld Hey thanks a lot! I was looking for this :D
Drew Peterson (4 years ago)
Literally just happened to me, so I had to google it. Thanks for the explanation. This angers me a lot.
Null (4 years ago)
I'm going to complain about it to Amazon because it's not going to be here on time. I swear to fucking god Amazon I needed that book today you fucks, I pay for prime and this is bullshit
Amber Lin (4 years ago)
This has happened to me a few times (I do a lot of online purchasing too) and you are right it always lengthens the delivery time when they transfer to usps. My theory is they quote you a time when you make the purchase via original shipment method, if they can't fulfill that then they pass it off to usps so they cannot be blamed. Or maybe as you said it might be cheaper to them, but this is crappy customer service. I wish there was a way to specify who one wanted to ship through when ordering, I think I would pick Fed Ex every time as I never have any problems with them. Great video.
smb28 (4 years ago)
Fedex does this too all courier services have a system in which packages can be handed off to usps
Hoyum Toy (4 years ago)
+Amber Lin Mostly, it's cheaper and more practical for UPS, FedEx, other couriers to hand off package to USPS. This happens most often with small packages because again. it's cheaper for them to do so, and still gets delivered within the stated arrival time :)_
Matthew Lieff (4 years ago)
You can continue to track your package by going to and enter the UPS tracking number. It will work at
geoff (4 years ago)
did this really need to be explained lol. you just said what was in the title without a offering a reason.
Luz Stella Bueno (4 years ago)
i paid 1 day shipping does it mean ill get it today? when it says out for deliervy
Maxwell_ Edison (4 years ago)
God dammit UPS, thanks for adding days to shipment.
GuitarForLife (4 years ago)
So does it come to my house or the mail man will ship to it . Or I have to go to local posted office to pick it up ?? Cuz I just bought something online.
Frank Davila (4 years ago)
@TheEgyptianOne I have a R9 390 8GB lol. and its been in my city for 2 days.............................
TheEgyptianOne (4 years ago)
@OMGitsAndyI im gonna go to my closest post office right now and ask them if they have it. i got a gtx980ti on this bitch
GuitarForLife (4 years ago)
Please someone answer me:(
Unknown Player 0889 (4 years ago)
Blame your shipper for choosing Surepost as a way to deliver your package. UPS just picks them up and deliver. They are not the one that created your label.
Teresa W. (4 years ago)
I ordered Zumba products from & they selected surepost as my shipping! This sucks, now they said my package is at the post office. Smh this the first time this happened to me. They are not s good service at all.
Alex Bravo (4 years ago) Direct Delivery Only (DDO) is a shipping service that ensures a package is delivered to the address on the shipping label and prevents a recipient from rerouting the package to another address. DDO packages are eligible for driver release and are available for residential and commercial addresses.
Will E (4 years ago)
For FedEx and UPS, a Cheaper Route: the Post Office
Hannah Sovis (4 years ago)
I think we all understand that it's going to the Post Office (usps) for final delivery... But why is what people want to know. Did they not want the responsibility of delivering my package? Is it a way to save money? This video is just telling us your story of your packages.
X x (3 months ago)
Its the same as FedEx Smartpost. For small items its cheaper for FE and UPS to hand off to USPS- as USPS is going to every home every day. Though FedEx is changing their economy SmartPost and will soon be delivering all of those and not handing off to USPS.
Eric Downs (4 years ago)
The worst thing anyone can see in their tracking is that it's in the hands of the USPS. I agree Scott Husted
Bernard Dailey Jr. (4 years ago)
Yes ...but how do I stop this?????
SticksFishing (4 years ago)
Seriously, who the hell is actually clicking the like button? UPS and FedEx employees? I've never came across a single person who likes these services. I'm so sick and tired of packages being in my city, ready to be delivered, only to get transferred and delayed for days because of this retarded SmartPost and SurePost. Nothing certain or smart about either of these services, you just want to save yourself money and throw USPS a bone, since they can't manage themselves or their money. If a company that makes billions of dollars a year can't manage to stay afloat, maybe they should just sink. Yes, it's extremely unfortunate for all the people who would lose their jobs, but that's life, get over it. Times change, people change, places change and obviously USPS has made some severe mistakes. Yea, just let everyone else suffer at your expense. Basically the way of the world, everything just keeps getting shittier. I used to actually not mind UPS at all, until this and the fact your drivers don't even wait for anyone to answer the door anymore. I can hear your drivers knock at my front door, which my bedroom is very close by, I can get to the door mid knock and I swear your driver is literally running away from the door. As soon as he knocks, he's already gone and just leaves my package outside for anyone to take. As if your employees weren't bad enough, now you all have to be cheap about sending packages and we can't even get them when their scheduled anymore. Why the hell am I even paying for shipping for such a dumb service then? I've had better service with free shipping.
Amber Lin (4 years ago)
+SticksFishing This is what happens to me whenever my package is transferred to usps. The item will be in my town but then transferred and sent around a bunch and delayed by several days. Ugh so frustrating. I am going out of town next week and I wouldn't have ordered this item had I known...I don't want it sitting on my front porch for a week...but at least if the mail (usps) delivers it I think they will put it in my mail box at least.
gasdorfy munchy (5 years ago)
UPS SUCKS hope there company fails
md9680 (4 years ago)
@dreke1020 He shouldn't have to. He paid to have it delivered to his door!!
dreke1020 (4 years ago)
Can you go to the post office and Pick it up?
gasdorfy munchy (4 years ago)
happened again ups dropped off my package to usps delayed it a week this is a amazon 3 day package I paid for stinkin ups burn in hell
PinSeeker (5 years ago)
I have a big problem with ups transferring to usps. Every time this happens to me, I get one of those notices In my mailbox telling me to come to the post office and pick up my package because nobody was home (that's a lie). I live in an area where for some reason usps will not deliver packages that won't fit in the mailbox to my home. The mailboxes are at the end of the road. At least Fedex doesn't do usps transfers as far as I know. I prefer home delivery. By the way, we used to have a nice new usps provided mailbox system with a large container for bigger packages, but a big truck ran it over and It was never replaced.
md9680 (4 years ago)
@RarPcGaming FedEx does it too! The reason I specify FedEx for shipment is that I live in a semi-rural area with one of those large multi-box units with several extra large boxes for packages. I don't believe they even check to see if the package(s) will fit anymore. They just put one of those pinK "Sorry We Missed You!" slips in my regular mailbox, forcing me to go to the post office, which is only open 9-5 M-F and 10-Noon on Saturday. Since I commute 70 miles each way, I can't just "swing by" the Post Office in town on the way home. It's after 6 pm when I get home and on Saturday I have to be late or miss certain commitments in order to wait in line for a package that should have already been delivered to my door by FedEx. The only reason I pay more for FedEx is the expectation that the item will be waiting on my doorstep -- NOT STUCK AT THE POST OFFICE WAITING FOR ME TO PICK IT UP MAYBE WEEKS LATER!!!!!!!!!
Will0417 (5 years ago)
Total BS: UPS SurePost   UPS SurePost® is an economy, residential, ground service. This service combines the consistency and reliability of the UPS Ground network with final delivery typically provided by the U.S. Postal Service. Note: UPS My Choice® Members can upgrade a UPS SurePost package to UPS Ground for an additional fee. Once upgraded, Members can use the features available with their Membership to reschedule or redirect delivery to an alternate address or to The UPS Store®. Upgraded packages typically arrive one day earlier.
me999 (5 years ago)
The company that handles UPS' so-called "smart post" product where UPS handles it partway and then hands off to USPS is a horrid product, and the fault is with the company that handles the transfer, called "Neugistics" - I can't accept deliveries from either UPS or Fedex, so sometimes companies that don't offer USPS shipping offer me this, and I refuse, and instead find a different company that does offer direct USPS shipping, with no UPS, Fedex, or Neugistics involved.
Got Dank? (5 years ago)
I have that same tv   UPS SUCKS!
SKEL45 (5 years ago)
for 30 dollar shipping and handling it better be a brown suit  XD
Scott Husted (5 years ago)
The worst thing anyone can see in their tracking is that it's in the hands of the USPS.  This happened to me just last week on a Prime delivery package.  I ordered a pack, battery pack for robot vacuum - less than $50, and the USPS said there was no "secure location" to deliver the package on my front porch. Mind you, I've had multi thousands of dollars worth of computer equipment left on my front porch which is about as secure as you're going to get outside of putting it in my house.  The delivery person never left the note on the window as they are suppose to.  So the day after I don't receive it I check tracking and that's when I discover they didn't deliver for that reason.  So my wife calls the number given and they say it's at the Lehigh Valley Post Office, you need to pick it up there.  My wife drives there and they said its not there, it's at your local Bethlehem Post Office.  My wife then drives over there where they can't locate the package. So I open a call with Amazon, I open an investigation with the USPS, and after another day they call and said they located my package and the the USPS delivery person put it in a hold box for the wrong address on our street.  They said the package would be delivered to our home, and left there.  So 4 days late, I finally received my package.  And yes, this WAS an Amazon Prime delivered package. 
David F (5 years ago)
This is fucking horseshit
John (2 years ago)
Did you get your package yet?
James Gayaldo (5 years ago)
I want to dislike this video as an expression of my frustration at my package delivery delay. But you know what they say, don't shoot the messenger...
angel curry (5 years ago)
This totally suck's,it's happened to me twice this month,stupid and annoying what good is ups if they don't complete their deliveries;might as well go out of business and let the post office do all the work! 
gwenhazelstone (5 years ago)
I ordered boots from Easyspirit. They were sent via UPS but then on November 5 UPS handed my boots over to the USPS per the shipper's request. I finally received them today. Today is November 17!!! This is totally unacceptable service. 
Vince (5 years ago)
Just got this today. My package was supposed to arrive today, now has been switched to a later date due to transfer to USPS. Really annoying and a bad way to do business. 
Creationsh (5 years ago)
I got hit by this "transfered to local office" delay.  This sucks. 
grandma susan (5 years ago)
Do not like!!!!!!  I pay for  shipping rates, I expect my goods to arrive in a timely manner
HeroofWinds1 (5 years ago)
I did 2 day prime and its been 4 days because of this problem...
apple butter (5 years ago)
I've run into this issue a couple times now. I actually did drive to the post office to pick up my package that was supposedly transferred to them and they couldn't find it. It's enough for me that I'll look for other places to order from and will avoid Amazon whenever possible.
deathwish139 (5 years ago)
Explains why the dam post office is broke
TwoAMBlacktop (5 years ago)
Dave Raiman (5 years ago)
I presume this is because UPS can save money.  Unfortunately, I have UPS, FEDex and all the other local shipping but no USPS where I am because it is a vacation home.  Got 3 packages since I've been here but first one ordered just got notice it was sent back to sender as undeliverable.  Grr.
Suren Bechan (5 years ago)
I'm just curious. Does it have anything to do with the size of the package? Every time this transfer has happened to me, the package was always able to fit in my mailbox. I've ordered phones, clothes and other small things but I've never had a large package delivered by the usps regardless of the price, type of merchandise, or where I purchased the item. Do you think size is a factor at all?
GrowMap (5 years ago)
I suspect it does and am researching how heavy a package needs to be to avoid ending up at USPS. UPS has delivered on time, every time and friendly, too. USPS guy clearly hates having to deliver packages so I need to make sure they don't transfer if that is humanly possible.
DJ AKADEMIKS Stepdad (5 years ago)
Screw ups I've been waiting for a hoodie like a week and it won't arrive I'm really upset :(
Shawn Miller (5 years ago)
Dude. Your hands never stop moving. Like. I was distracted. Like really distracted. 0.o. I may also be sleep deprived. 
MrEunderhill (4 years ago)
+Shawn Miller Dude, your finger is always under your nose. It distracts me big time. Now I am even losing sleep over it.
Ari P (5 years ago)
?? TOTALLY DIFFERENT EXPERIENCES.  I get packages from both all the time from ebay and amazon, but mostly ebay. Maybe more shipments with usps. As long as usps ships priority I get it in 2-3 from across the country even. UPS ground which most use, takes a week or more.  Even first class usps is pretty quick, maybe another day or so. Both are the same rate roughly, maybe usps is less. If it is a few states away, they ship in about the same time. If you want across country with ups faster, you have to pay much more for 2 day or 3 day.  The kicker is that for the same price, usps sends air, and ups ground is only on ground which is why it takes longer.  I have never consistently had those kinds of problems with usps. No more than anyone else. I am not sure why you say that. I have had change overs like that from ups to usps a couple of times. Maybe it adds one day for the change over, maybe no longer at all. 
Express Highlights (5 years ago)
The worst part of the transfer besides waiting longer is the lazy usps mailman leaves a peach note in your mailbox so you have to go pick it up at the post office because he won't knock on your door. So after overpaying for ups you get cheaper usps. Looks like a serious class action lawsuit!
akocs (5 years ago)
please stop moving your hands when talking. so distracting!
THY BCX (5 years ago)
UPS is the worst carrier. They lie about weather delays yet there is no weather on the southern states where my package is coming from. I've been tracking it all week.
alwaysm.i.a. (5 years ago)
Shopping online was an addiction for me. Because of this one instance I'll only do it if mandatory.  I'll probably end up going to the post office my damn self for my package. Screw online shopping!
jeffw1267 (3 years ago)
+ittybitty5609  We do get lots of parcels late, after we carriers have already left on our routes. Several trucks will arrive during any given day. If they come to the station after cut-off time (I don't know what that time is myself and I'm sure management won't tell customers what the cut-off time is), then they don't have to be delivered that day, unless sometimes when the parcels have already been scanned as "Out For Delivery" We are not allowed to hold those for the next day. Sometimes I'll come back from my route and find one or two parcels sitting on my mail case, and I'll have to go back out and deliver them. I don't mind because it is easy overtime. Anyway, calling the station is a good idea if you know where the parcel is.
alwaysm.i.a. (4 years ago)
@ofowlsandcities One of my packages arrived at the post office after the mailman was already out for delivery and they told me I could come get it. You just have to call in and give them your tracking number and they'll let you know if you can.
ofowlsandcities (4 years ago)
@ittybitty5609 are we able to go to the post office and get it ourselves?
gasdorfy munchy (5 years ago)
@ittybitty5609 ups transfers package usps they leave it on my door haahaah  
alwaysm.i.a. (5 years ago)
@Glenn Taylor Yes. I feel more comfortable having UPS and FedEx deliver to me personally. I live in apartments and USPS has a habit of leaving stuff in front of your door or not delivering it all if they "run out of time" filling the mailboxes.
admiralcrash1 (6 years ago)
XXgoblinmonkeyXX (6 years ago)
fedex and ups are merging.... they'll be called fedup.
Vladimir Putin (4 months ago)
NBA BC (4 months ago)
@Depth Charge 😂
Depth Charge (9 months ago)
Lol i see this post is 5 years old, yet i heard it 20 years
len200 (2 years ago)
XXgoblinmonkeyXX Fedup with all the packages they have to ship daily
MrEunderhill (4 years ago)
+XXgoblinmonkeyXX No FedEx and UPS are not merging. They are already called Fedup among other things.
jimmy stephens (6 years ago)
I read my packages from Amazon were just 'tendered to USPS'. That's stupid as the Brown Truck will be in my neighborhood anyway! UPS is being lazy. 
Lquan Richberg (6 years ago)
Noooo I must wait longer now.