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10 Things You Did Not Know What They Are

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Text Comments (10060)
ghoulunathics (3 hours ago)
why is this same fake easygoing music on every second youtube video like this? it's just plain annoying in it's painful attempt to make these videos more joyable to watch, sounding like it has been originially composed to children's cartoon.
Fam 3AT (16 hours ago)
What if i *did* know bout these?
sn1persunite (21 hours ago)
Jarvis? Anyone?
SHDC1234 (22 hours ago)
waste of my time to see this useless video
Scott Aheadjoy (23 hours ago)
Wrong the loop on back of shirt was created to hang on hook. The hole in the pen cap is to let air out while recapping the pen. The pasta spoon hole whaaat?
Nathan Staples (1 day ago)
He doesn't mention, and so probably doesn't know that the hole in the pasta spoon is to measure a fistful of DRY pasta "sticks" before boiling them. 1 serving per hole-full of DRY pasta.
Farrukh Saeed (1 day ago)
Uuuuuh boringggg!
Husk Patrol (1 day ago)
Expect to at least not know one of them....this list is too common
kueKuatsue (1 day ago)
I thought the loop in the shirt was for a sword...
Writermist (2 days ago)
I feel like half of these were bullshit. O_o
silverleaves (2 days ago)
I've always used and still use the little pocket on my jeans for my zipo.
Kyle Harman (2 days ago)
Scarlett jo is 🔥🔥🔥
XxBOSS BEAGLExX (3 days ago)
I carry a pocket watch
Renee (3 days ago)
The extra pocket on jeans, keep money (dollars, etc.) hidden there.
Mastiwala Baby (4 days ago)
watch my video baby eating lemon very funny https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ghkqq_QX-A
Whoflung Pooh (4 days ago)
The little pocket is for condoms. Thats why only mens jeans have them.
brummbehr33 (4 days ago)
Schade das es nicht auf deutsch erklärt wird.
Nancy Jewel McDonie Fan (4 days ago)
I found this strange.... I always use the little pocket in my jeans as my holder for my coins/pennies does it look like weird?
Darren Lake (4 days ago)
thinkerbud channel (5 days ago)
Mungkin haha
Dede Vaughn (5 days ago)
I can't imagine people don't know that small pocket isn't a pocket watch pocket! I've known that my entire life! Some of his facts are stupid like the hole in pen cap and spaghetti spoon!
Love Blues Everyday (5 days ago)
Nor care what they are
Pat Benny (5 days ago)
When I was in grade school in the mid 60's, the loop on the back of the shirt was called a fairy loop. The loop isn't sewed, so it could be pulled out with a good tug. If you still had the loop on your shirt, that meant that no one had the guts to take it from you. ie you were a bad ass.
Bonya Gogoi (6 days ago)
good one .... #noizyboycolors <-check it out
i dont have a name (7 days ago)
Awolfnamedgarry (5 days ago)
john turner (8 days ago)
Plastic glass?
Harrison Engle (8 days ago)
3:18 they are used for condoms, you are welcome
velia garcia (8 days ago)
Great info, thanks
Mario Campos (9 days ago)
Jesse Cole (9 days ago)
Ok cool!
Jesse Cole (9 days ago)
Zhang Junyi (9 days ago)
Save me don’t understand complex english
Steve Robinson (10 days ago)
What did it do wrong to deserve that ? haha nice one I can do bananas, cucumbers and rhubarb but sometimes the rhubarb can be a hard nut to crack.
4HorsemenCome (10 days ago)
The small pocket in jeans is awesome for putting cigarette lighters in
Muhammad Abbas (13 days ago)
Well.., you mean to say I don't know anything right...?
Squishy Chim (13 days ago)
Lol I put money in the small pocket of my jeans though 😂😂
Kailer Dingle (13 days ago)
U are dumb every thung was about decoration
Emerald (15 days ago)
Thank got there is a 0.75 speed
Yaswanth Vedula (16 days ago)
That pen cap was a creepy one ..Who will swallow the cap lol
jan yoshi (17 days ago)
so ayou say that small pockets are for decoration '? AND HAS NO PUPOSE ?? YOU MUST BE A REAL DUMB PERSON
gspot mop (18 days ago)
so terrorists just have to block that little hole of their aircraft window.
jalen young (7 days ago)
gspot mop lol
relentlessmadman (18 days ago)
the s in the alpbet is so we can spell stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Holly Jaye (18 days ago)
stupid...every one of them.
monedita de plata (18 days ago)
#11 the volume button on your computer! As soon as the commercial starts! push mute and just wait till the real bullshit is up!! then push the volume button on, seat back and enjoy!
Katchme Ifyoucan (19 days ago)
Levis began using rivets for the pockets when gold prospectors would put gold nuggets in their pockets while mining. The jeans would rip and precious gold would spill. Hence the rivets. The down side was when sitting by the campfire the rivets would get hot and burn the miners skin! The little pocket was added to hide smaller nuggets and "gold dust".
ArtD2 (19 days ago)
10 Things you didn't know what they are for... and after watching this video is gonna still the same, because we neither know it XD
R l (23 days ago)
The loop music killed it for me
arianefr78 (24 days ago)
Somehow I am back here again and even the first one about the shirt 'hook' is so ridiculous... It's so that when you are ironing the shirt, first you find the middle of the back at the bottom of the shirt and then gently pull on the 'hook' and that will form the pleat that you can then easily iron in... The 'blue' side to an eraser was originally to rub away a typewriter error, then they invented typex...
Robert Marshall (27 days ago)
I would like to see more Lawn and Garden Equipment.
Yummy Snowflake (29 days ago)
The little pocket in the jeans is what I use for holding a little charm thing.
joseph Rapoza (1 month ago)
Another waste of time.
Gearshifter G (1 month ago)
The most amazing thing about this video is they had to point out what a watch pocket and rivets were on jeans. If you don't know those 2 things, you don't have the ability to understand what they are.
Максим Л (1 month ago)
Пособие по английскому языку
Khoo Cheng Im (1 month ago)
Dalia Lopez.N (1 month ago)
Say What ?!
William Ableman (1 month ago)
The small pocket in blue jeans -- their explanation may have been fine 100 years ago, but 60 years ago it was used for change (pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters) something unheard of now I suppose.
Rui Messias (1 month ago)
Nothing new...kkkkkkk
C Sparklingeyes (1 month ago)
Holy shit so I've been over eating my pasta lol 3- 4 portions 😂
triumphmanful (1 month ago)
Alan Legg (1 month ago)
06 is easy how do you think people don’t know what a pasta drain is for
Alan Legg (1 month ago)
The shirt loop is to hang on hook when hanger not to hand
Ko Thant (1 month ago)
XSpiral TV (1 month ago)
How to make thumbnail Add a picture then add an arrow and a circle LOGIC
Renato Barbosa (1 month ago)
Ralph Williams (1 month ago)
Mostly BS
The Secret Gamer Mr AFZAL (1 month ago)
Starguard ! (1 month ago)
The First one about the shirt makes no sense whatsoever
Sebastian A. (1 month ago)
Nobody knew the actual purpose of youtube was for people to post did-you-know shit.
Jessicat (1 month ago)
Moms spagetti
Pan Masztalski (1 month ago)
Ist die Übersetzung in Deutsch? Viel Text, wenig oder gar kein Sinn. Ich schätze hier war „Google Übersetzer“ am Werk. Typisch Google: viel weiß, aber nichts kann. Und das ständige Wiederholen der unteren Zeile macht die Verwirrung perfekt.
Juanita Dudley (1 month ago)
How would a shirt loop help tie a tie???
MonJess John Jayce (1 month ago)
Helpful tips hehe ^_^
ImaGod ImaGod (1 month ago)
The small pocket on Jean's is used for many other purposes since its invention
KD Stable (1 month ago)
Who cares!!
mosha vai (1 month ago)
What if I hold the hole in the window of the plane??
Toastyness (1 month ago)
The grammer in the title though 😂
David Carter (1 month ago)
Very interesting, although in all honesty I did know the function of most of the items you folks mentioned... I will disagree with you guys that the small pocket is obsolete now that pocket watches aren't popular anymore, they're incredibly valuable for storage & easy access of small amounts of pocket change, pills in small quantities & condoms too! Hehehe 😁
TOTAL CLICK (1 month ago)
Excellent video..... We invite you to watch our channel and you will see 10 things you did not know about U.S.A
Tiemen Glastra (1 month ago)
"10 Dingen die je niet wist wat ze zijn"" Did you use Google Translate to come up with that Dutch title? LOL
Daro Bruno (1 month ago)
This video sucks but the comments are priceless. Thank you, YouTube viewers, for your outstanding critiques.
The gaming boss vlogs and remixes (1 month ago)
The small jeans pocket is useful for money
Ameen Toys (1 month ago)
GOOD....! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Evil Gary (1 month ago)
The most useful of useless information.
Wandering No More (1 month ago)
At least he got the spaghetti spoon right
The Power of Zen (1 month ago)
How can the loop help you fasten your tie?
Kj Bladen (1 month ago)
Back in the day I used the little poket on my jeans for my beeper
precision Brown (1 month ago)
The little pocket I used for big bills or change
adam G (1 month ago)
Little pocket is a condom pocket
youcef bouzidi (1 month ago)
That shows how Americans are really stupid... Lol
acrock21 (1 month ago)
i keep my guitar picks in the small pocket of jeans =) very useful
rae L. (1 month ago)
the little pocket is for a sack of dope?
Guitar Overkill (1 month ago)
Paul Berry (1 month ago)
GaMzEe MaKaRa (1 month ago)
The title hurts to read
K Kates (1 month ago)
I thought the small pockets in the jeans were "Change Pockets" and I would use it for such...
KEAN bryant CRUZ (1 month ago)
Man you said i dont no what they are, of course i know them all tho
Thrashaero (1 month ago)
the hole on the pencap has fuck all to do with your fucking lungs. it's like the hole in the window, it equalizes pressure so that you're not going to put bubbles into the ink and otherwise pull the ink out and of course make it easier for the cap to remove/replace, you tit
Robert Del Vecchio (2 months ago)
Useless! Audio cuts out 5 seconds into video....
Patrick McIntosh (2 months ago)
The hole in the top of the pen cap is for cocaine. Use the clip to dip, let the coke slide into the cap and raise to the nose. Or am I the only guy to survive the early 2000’s club rave scene here? Lol🤪❤️😎
Karma Daniels (2 months ago)
That tiny pocket is for holding a knife so it dose iterfer with any thing else in you pockets
1000 subs with 1 video (1 day ago)
Karma Daniels it’s for guitar picks