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Incredible Pilot Skills. Emergency Landing Without Wheels.

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Text Comments (981)
[OCB] (14 hours ago)
*B U T T E R E D*
Chichev Aleksandr (1 day ago)
Какой тут героизм? Если выбора нет 🚫 у каждого подвига есть как минимум 2 пути, а тут только один, не судите строга, это лично моё мнение......
Lucas bolsomito _o21 (2 days ago)
Alex Kyshtymsky (3 days ago)
This pilots awesome pro guy's!
Dimus23 (6 days ago)
Странное название ролика, "случаи героизма", а те пилоты которые не захотели героизм проявить, так и висят в воздухе не севши?
Aleksandr SivSan (2 days ago)
Случай фарта
Barti WW (10 days ago)
Ooo Polski samolot wylądował! Lot Polsih Airlines
michaelbooster2 (11 days ago)
i found out that the 1st clip is not an emergency, but the pilot forgot to put the gear down lol
Deluxe (12 days ago)
In Russia you no need landing gear
M1st3rMinecraft // mr. Minecraft (12 days ago)
It’s called a landing gear you uncultured swine
Emirates 001 (14 days ago)
Ryanair: I have the butteriest landings ever LOT: I’m gonna end this mans career
Lolz (15 days ago)
At least they landed better than Ryanair
watchgoose (15 days ago)
all because the backup system circuit breaker was off.
sam sam (15 days ago)
here for the RYNAIR jokes
FatBoyzRacing317 (16 days ago)
Wow that 3rd one of the egyptian fighters was beautiful. Obviously a very skilled pilot.
M P (17 days ago)
It's like a wheeled landing, but a lot more harsh and no brakes. Also the repair bill.
Bartek Zyzman (17 days ago)
Polska przejmuje kanał segey
Ariel Pamarang (18 days ago)
Landed without wheels LANDED WITHOUT WINGS
Dapoptart (19 days ago)
Why is there no picture
Bartek Zyzman (21 days ago)
Giorgi Bestavashvili (22 days ago)
Les avion n'ont pas de chance
33mtgear (22 days ago)
6:22 that was on my MEU, pilots were badass
Gaming Bros (23 days ago)
Why does LOT always land without gears?!?!
E.F higher-self (23 days ago)
There must be another mechanical landing gear procedure in case of emergency. Holy shit
LIL-_-DonnKEY (23 days ago)
That plane looks like it needs a polish
Claire Watters (23 days ago)
Average Ryanair landing
Pagana Jonas (24 days ago)
Polish pilot "the best"
wojakpl 700 (24 days ago)
Capitan Wrona is Hero
Haile Diangca (24 days ago)
Hello this is not a good landing
Ant0ix 90 (24 days ago)
Kapitan Wrona mój ulubiony
Srapek (25 days ago)
Polski lot, elo
Zihan Lin (25 days ago)
Ryanair would just crack the plane In half like a egg.
Alex Roux (26 days ago)
the first landing is not an emergency… they forgot to get the wheels down …
François BOUIX (26 days ago)
For peoples who don't speek french, in the first video they just forgot the landing gear
spring 0509 (26 days ago)
Nguyen Nathanael (27 days ago)
LOL first one was a pilot error, tunnel view, forgot to bring the gears down! Shouldn't be in this video XD
Afnan Bin Haque (27 days ago)
There's LOT's pilots Then there's Ryanair pilots Ahem.Ahem
Bill Olsen (21 days ago)
I get the impression from all these comments that Ryanair doesn't have a real fine reputation
Jay Garcia (28 days ago)
No landing gear? No problem!
A Trail Warrior (28 days ago)
The long beeps in the first one were the pilots swearing. They changed the tone based on which one was swearing louder at the moment.
Krzychu (29 days ago)
8:00 PoIish pilot <3
if finland (29 days ago)
Expect server landing
John Yves (29 days ago)
Did someone mention that checking for the landing gear circuit breaker would have solved the problem? Plus, a no gear landing is a piece of cake compared to a partial gear landing . My credentials? 50 years of solid flying all the way up to 747-8i..
Rodney Sanders (30 days ago)
Guy telling fire truck k ah k like get tf out way there emergency don’t just stroll across street
MelCanuck (30 days ago)
0:47 ...perhaps there should be grass strips running alongside the runway for landings without wheels?
mark gorospe (30 days ago)
what flight sim is this? the graphics are mind blowingly realistic
Alex (1 month ago)
It hurts so much to see a propeller get bent...20k $ for potential shockload aswell
Duong Chu (1 month ago)
The first one look like a hard landing
Fuji Chrome (1 month ago)
The RCMP plane came in hella smooth
Jayknowstheway (1 month ago)
You came for 7:38.
Wolf c18 (1 month ago)
That Polish Airline LOT landed better without wheels than most retarded airlines like Ryanair with wheels
alexander miller (1 month ago)
that second one tho.. butterized
FBI Sinon (1 month ago)
And the co-pilot
Cupcake (1 month ago)
For the first clip... What the heck is that space shuttle landing?
THEGAMINGO (1 month ago)
Cupcake that aoe was like 30 degrees lol
Raghupathi R (1 month ago)
Amazing Skills can be appriciatable 👌
thelegend160 Iman (1 month ago)
8:33 passengers be like: Thanks a LOT the pilot is good
Dykolap HD (20 days ago)
LOT in Polish means "flight"
Adrian Czerw (1 month ago)
So that is why the bottom of engines are flat
Игорь Михайлов (1 month ago)
Какие гегоизмы? Толстобрюха посадил на брюхо - Мастер!!!
Игорь Михайлов (1 month ago)
@Stifmaster 69 ужасы, согласиська, сплошные ужасы?
Игорь Михайлов (1 month ago)
@Stifmaster 69 Диванные Войска могут картоху,моркву и всяких вкуснячиков посадить, ягоды грибы собрать, рыбы накоптить и засушить, картоху с вкусняшечками собрать и конечно в башку тебе без сомнений бахнуть перепёлочка ты неотличившаяся умом.
Stifmaster 69 (1 month ago)
Да ты даже так не сможешь, хуйня диванная..
Игорь Михайлов (1 month ago)
130й то почему на крыло упал?
Md ali Ashraf (1 month ago)
If these are the cases why not making the lower portions of aircraft with hard rubber or something similar
Yeah i see lot did much better
Survival【TV】 (1 month ago)
маленькие самолеты не интересны.
iIKORGAMEIi TV (1 month ago)
That B767LOT land better than me landing Cs172
Konstantin Kalaydzhiev (1 month ago)
Actually LOT without gear landed better than RyanAir with wheels :D
Edward Barrett (1 month ago)
The first landing isn’t an emergency... they just forgot to lower the gear
Mr Coucou (1 month ago)
@44R0Ndin thanks for your insight. It's crystal clear now. I've learned something cheers!!
44R0Ndin (1 month ago)
@Mr Coucou No need for it as they always calculate landing distances as if the aircraft never had thrust reversers to begin with. If the landing damaged one engine so the reversers wouldn't come out, it would have spun the plane and made things worse.
Mr Coucou (1 month ago)
Good catch! Also I wonder for the last LOT landing if the pilot could I have use some reverse thrust that plane was total loss anyways.
M Suzuki (1 month ago)
It reminds me the German Comets in WW2.
MrWilczek YT (1 month ago)
No polska to polska
ProGAMER DOMMSDAY (1 month ago)
The second landing had a wheel
44R0Ndin (1 month ago)
It had two! But it didn't have the front one, so it counts.
S hmal (1 month ago)
С трудом можно назвать это все героизмом, вот профессианализмом да!
Colman Tieszen (1 month ago)
When you in a flight simulator and forget to deploy the gears
Another Victim (1 month ago)
Pilot be like: “ if I can land this on flight simulator I can land this in real life”.
Char._. Lotte (1 month ago)
Yes planes do have wheels but they have a specific name which is landing gears
Sanjay Sharma (1 month ago)
Life are more costly than any thing else in the world and the skills of pilots are praising.god had saved them.a spl salute to all the pilot's of the flight.
Nick Mo (1 month ago)
The second pilot on the Canadian RCMP plane... didn't even scratch the fusilage... change the prop and fix the front landing gear.. ready to go
Viwk Kesi (1 month ago)
Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul."
Tymek Janusz (1 month ago)
MD Sufiyan Ali (1 month ago)
That's Great pilot to save passengers life during landing without wheels!!!....👍👍👍
Nasko tv (1 month ago)
1%everyone :wow so good pilots 99%everyone:LOT HAS LANDED SO BUTTERRY OMG
Cheesecake Warrior (1 month ago)
Did you mean landing gear
Tanz (1 month ago)
I was thinking for situations like this, they could just put a couple sets of wheels on the runaway and the pilot tries to land on it and it latches to the plane somehow. Also, nice job putting the main video all the way at the end so we would watch 🤣
Noah Weston (1 month ago)
Tanz that wouldn’t work
TheStarlaki (1 month ago)
Что за модель самолета на первом видео?
JOwisz (1 month ago)
I watched 2011 live this moment is so scarry 🇵🇱 jestem z polski
Tojamichal (1 month ago)
Perfekt inglisz
Lutfi Aminuddin (1 month ago)
Imposible if landing turbofan landing no wheel be safe
erez Bravdo (1 month ago)
Yes wheels that what they call them...
SennaFranky (1 month ago)
Alpha Q (1 month ago)
LOT was incredible but 1:35 C-GMPM is a masterpiece.
Umesh (1 month ago)
The guy who slid down the emergency hatch of the c130 makes it look so easy!
Splinter 6662 (2 months ago)
Capitan Wrona from LOT, who did this landing, was fired few days ago. F to pay respect
Splinter 6662 (1 month ago)
@44R0Ndin I was wrong with term "few days", but still
Splinter 6662 (1 month ago)
@44R0Ndin he did, like a month or 2 ago
44R0Ndin (1 month ago)
No way he got fired for that landing. He did a textbook "no gear" landing, nobody was injured, and the I bet the plane was repaired and put back in to service.
NPro Gaming (2 months ago)
Atomic_Typh00n (2 months ago)
It's called gear... -.-
bon bon (2 months ago)
The dislike are the passengers who did not think what the pilot just did to them
MIchael Martin (2 months ago)
8:30 that LOT BUTTERED though lol props to pilots
andy nguyen (2 months ago)
Wow. I personally think a good pilot would land the plane on the grass runway if it’s doesn’t have wheel not concrete because it’s possible cause 🔥 and blow up the plane.
Kar306 (2 months ago)
i from poland
Rodak_ Pl (2 months ago)
Thanks a LOT :D
Noice Shinyplamz (2 months ago)
no engines either
Lheng Gomez (2 months ago)
Its not called wheels its called landing gears
wojenny Kubuś (2 months ago)
jaspermemenl ;-; (2 months ago)
I can only say ....... *MY EARS*
Валерий Vel496 (2 months ago)
Очень интересный ролик. Достаточно часто смотрю твои видеоролики. Больше конечно про работу полиции, но и этот очень качественный и интересный. Спасибо
hello world (2 months ago)
Do pilots get in trouble for those kind of accidents?
RENOVATIO (2 months ago)
Ofc no. They are mechanical failures
Вячеслав Бородин (2 months ago)
Посадка в кукурузу ещё есть
Raviteja tangedupally (2 months ago)
Real life hero's