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White woman calls cops on black UPS driver for making her "nervous"

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Morningv0dka (4 hours ago)
He was fired for filming a customer and the harassing/swearing RIP
Kristen (4 days ago)
Is that Oren Anderson who is talking to the lady?
catothewiser (4 days ago)
UPS is hiring some pretty trashy people, though. They are probably using the job to case houses and cars to rob.
Bet Alemu (4 days ago)
If he is making her nervous she should be back in her house, not hassling him. What an entitled evil woman harassing a man who is doing his job😳
Mowza (4 days ago)
"I have the jacket on, she smoking crack" 😂😂😂
Mowza (4 days ago)
Oh so the white man is safe lol 😂😂😂
Vile Nation Gaming (5 days ago)
She wasn't even afraid. She just wanted to be racist.
karen jones (5 days ago)
What area in Atlanta is that? She has to be nervous all the time because there are black people everywhere. She really needs to get a life and stop harassing a hard working black man
gsweater (6 days ago)
She's got a point.
SC Guy (6 days ago)
Lady, if your car wasn't fucked up before, it's gonna be now...
Karolyn kopriva (6 days ago)
You're making me nervous so I'm gonna walk up closer to you.
Chris M (6 days ago)
This woman is EXACTLY what's wrong with this world
QemeH (7 days ago)
Okay, so... If he is making you nervous, then WHY THE F YOU TELL HIM WHERE YOU LIVE, BITCH?!? Sorry, suburban soccer mums with a prescribed drug problem really get under my skin. Also: I would have given the white UPS guy a raise, if he went: "Oh, you're talking to me? Sorry, he is my superior. If you wanna talk to him..." :D
Tonya R (7 days ago)
People usually don’t interact with people if they feel threatened and heshe walks right up to this man. A working man at that. Get a life!
John Daugherty (7 days ago)
"I'm a stupid feckless morons, and I want to complain about YOU DOING YOUR JOB!" /Twunt
Gabriel Prosser (7 days ago)
White people have lost their racist minds.
DARTHSKATER7 (7 days ago)
You see how she started changing her story when the white guy came and even said the black man was cursing her out.....smh
Christina Copeland (7 days ago)
White people 🤦
LaToya Ravenel (7 days ago)
She lied at the end said he was being a jurk cursing me out
Mark Hoover (7 days ago)
This cretin and people like her are the reason for Trumpgate (and other 'gates' throughout the ages, regardless of which party, really — think about it), the reason why mainstream America stood by while a DEMOCRAT president ordered the round-up of Japanese-origin CITIZENS into camps (most of whom lost EVERYTHING including their lives in some cases), etc, etc. It's not her racism (which isn't even racism adopted by some sort of intellectualized consideration based on debunked theories of pseudo-anthropology, etc), it is her fear. Fear is the mother of violence, every bloody time — follow the fear to find the root of all conflict. Moderate, non-partisan, rationalist view based on my own consideration, not any party literature or screeching, polarized pretend-radicals/reactionaries 'theories.'
Janell VAN DUNK (8 days ago)
Don't these idiot women have anything else to do but harass black people? Get a life already.
HardlineSoul (8 days ago)
Tell this guy to go somewhere!!!
Jessica Aguilar (8 days ago)
I would have called the cops on her for being suspicious that she might steal the packages.
OMEGAPSYCHO (8 days ago)
She's not crazy or racist, only wants to be reelected; she's trying to protect us.
Hydra Jamm (8 days ago)
Wait are tou delievering packages on foot? Ive never seen it done like that its always out of the trucks here
Terri Kost (8 days ago)
She definitely has some deep serious mental issues. The police need to know about her and her mental status. She is going to get herself shot if she comes up on the wrong person....
billybrooks1 (8 days ago)
This lady is crazy. Much like all of these college students who feel threatened by conservatives on campus. Strange times we live in
billybrooks1 (8 days ago)
I dont get it. Wasn't he driving a UPS truck?
S. Cole (8 days ago)
Come on! This woman isn't white! Listen to her voice!
V. A. Odin (8 days ago)
It's a typical tactic for a "lady" like that to complain about one thing, set the guy up to get upset, and then drop the initial complaint to then complain about the fact that he was rude. Cant wait for these people to just die off.
westwood123x (8 days ago)
Reprobate needs to burn in the LAKE OF FIRE 🔥
Billy G. (8 days ago)
That lady gives me the creeps. I'd have to move if I lived next to her.
blushandcannabis89 (8 days ago)
Bitch if you don’t have several seats with your racist ass!!! This is absolutely INSANE. *Working while Black*
jrod776699 (8 days ago)
She wanted some weener..he turned her down..now shes mad and tries to retaliate😛
Rumple Stiltskin (8 days ago)
Even if the police weren't called at the time, now that the video is common knowledge, the police need to go find herr and give her a summons of a ticket. They should be able to find a charge.
big gewers (8 days ago)
LMAOOOOOOOOOO fucking white ppl
sapher2020 (8 days ago)
Maybe if these fucks put numbers on their houses their wouldn't be any problems!!
tlolovestats (8 days ago)
I'm nervous, I live right here. You are suspicious, so I'm going to stand less than 3 feet from you at most times. Bitch leave this man alone and mind your damn business!! I hate people who act like this...stay in ur lane lady
Adama Salawan (8 days ago)
Her: My car has been broken into twice>" Me: "and what the fuck that got to do with me?"
Adama Salawan (8 days ago)
This shit is why I carry a piece. Obviously trying to get me killed, so I might as well do unto you before you do unto me.
Billy Masterson (8 days ago)
When women in their late 20s brag about being alone with their cats and wine — I imagine this is how they will turn out.
C N (8 days ago)
To be perfectly fair, I've never heard of this "SqU" delivery company.
thejakeyboi (9 days ago)
"I ainn't givin' you shit!" / accidental boob zoom / This lady is either drunk or crazy....
Brrent Bay (9 days ago)
She's feeling lonely.. and just wanted some big black diiiick that all folks
IrishLincoln (9 days ago)
25% of women are on medication for mental illness. The other 75% are walking around untreated.
Karol Olszynski (9 days ago)
and this right here is the problem with our country; dumb, uneducated, untraveled, and prejudice people.
arkham_4 (9 days ago)
say no to drugs kids
The Tae Kwon Doe (9 days ago)
1:05 Hahahahahahaha!
G G (9 days ago)
She is mentally ill just like the entire GOP.
Carlos Granados (9 days ago)
What a crazy old bitch.
Rotchell Farley (9 days ago)
She wants that black d@%$ she doesnt know hiw to go about it
Teddy Jam (9 days ago)
Your skin color makes me nervous and you appear to be very suspicious. Signed.... A white supremacist.
Lisa Blythe (9 days ago)
delivering packages while black there should be law about racist people who attack and harass others for just existing there should be a fine make these hateful trolls pay for wasting tax dollars for their hate charge them a fine
Khandnalie (9 days ago)
This lady racist as hell
I am Weazel (9 days ago)
Let's hang this bitch from a tree then
DOSTGOYEVSKY ! (9 days ago)
That's a Jewish woman. Not a white woman
Jorge Bustillo (9 days ago)
She sued him for making her nervous. That's not even a crime, she just being racist.
eloh ssa (9 days ago)
Fukin crack baby bitch twaked out lol
Touched Tickler (9 days ago)
This is just a old white lady thing. They assume if you cus you aren't working/try to get you fired. Actually pretty common they expect everyone respect them yet give no respect back
Nabeel Khan (9 days ago)
Filthy frank has hit a new low
James Kuller (9 days ago)
Normally when nervous you dont approach the thing making you nervous
Ascetic Blur (9 days ago)
Racist ass lunatic.
Pascual Morales (9 days ago)
She's high as fuck! Clearly drunk to hell!!
Mindchime Official (9 days ago)
Let me tell you why. Because meth is helluva drug.
Jess Capps (9 days ago)
That lady is freakin nutts!!! How dare her dumbass. She should be picked up by the cops and charged with harassment. I really wanna mush her in her face!!!! She is a horrible person!!!!!
Melted SnowGirl (9 days ago)
YoU aRe MaKiNg mE NeRvOuS
Professor Professor (9 days ago)
So where do i watch the rest of this at? LivePD? COPS?
andres ZL (9 days ago)
why every nigga talks like(behind the camera) this and use the same slang
I love Russia (9 days ago)
That's a woman ??
dicaevoli1 (9 days ago)
She must be russian or chinese
speed of link (9 days ago)
yeah you can tell by hear American accent.
Esacus (9 days ago)
”’I’m just trying to understand why you walking around this neighborhood with packagings” Because that’s his job?? Like wtf? You never seen a mailman before?
The Oracle 007 (9 days ago)
It's amazing, she is just as nervous as I've seen the police! She walks right up to him with a no problem, even point out which house she lives in and her car! She looks, sounds and behaves like some big brawny lumberjack hobbling like some pirate with a wooden leg and accusing this guy of being a jerk! Yeah, she looks scared out of her wits!😒
FoolingAround (9 days ago)
"you're making me nervous..." proceeds to roll up her sleeves and get up in his face
Adama Salawan (8 days ago)
I owuld have loved for her to even get in my face. My state says that getting up in somebody's face is a threatening gesture and I basically can put her in the ground. Karens should be put to death.
Ahmad Haruman (9 days ago)
Yup, she's racist.
HowtoSomething (9 days ago)
Statistically she is right. But what a dumb woman.
Gabriel Rodriguez (9 days ago)
She's right. His driving slowly and knocking on neighbors doors. What weirdo does that
Gabriel Rodriguez (9 days ago)
@Erfan its called sarcasm
Erfan (9 days ago)
A delivery driver
Ohgizzle (9 days ago)
Is it really that crazy for her to be concerned? Stupid ass people assuming race has anything to do with shady activity.
speed of link (9 days ago)
Do you honestly think she'd act like this if it was a white delivery driver in her street?
Player2 (9 days ago)
The black man in a ups jacket looks suspicious seriously lady
MrMysteryy (9 days ago)
I thought it was a guy at first lol
Ronnie McNuggit (9 days ago)
This bitch lives In a HOUSE with a walk up in what looks like a nice neighborhood and her front covered in gorgeous English ivy and she she has the AUDACITY to harass a man working cause of his skin color...bitch, go inside! Have some tea, read a goddamned story, be thankful for all you have instead of being a racist piece of garbage. Your car got broken into-BY WHO??? neighborhood teens or a random black man doing his job? I'm so jealous of what she has and pissed at how she's so used to her privilege she creates problems cause she's bored
Ozzy Mandias (9 days ago)
Just tell the bitch to fak off ,why do you give them power like that
Raoul Duke (9 days ago)
I know this guy, he dresses up in random uniforms and works full shifts just to get close to and break into her ‘05 Carolla.
DEVIL DIO (9 days ago)
Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha I'm sorry what a bitch but Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha hahahahahahahaha what a crazy bitch
Jae_Amp_Jamp (9 days ago)
I work for the Post Office, driving around in a mail truck and white folks beep their car alarms 2-3 times when they see me get out to deliver a package to the front door. I guess in their mind, the Black mailman is making them nervous driving around delivering mail, looking to break into their vehicles?! This happens atleast once a day where I deliver. Beep the alarm [multiple times] then look at you like they accomplished something. I just laugh. Ignorance man😂
Youbones (9 days ago)
White Americans are redefining RETARDATION. Example, the current US president. Fuck with me.
Hype Chaos (9 days ago)
Let's be honest most of us can't be bothered to go back to Reddit and comment there.
Great Wazzoo (9 days ago)
Black guys crime plan #1. Dress up as UPS guy and borrow UPS van full of packages so that you can steal from cars,...
that aint ordinary bruh (9 days ago)
This shit keeps hapening because black people are just too nice to these assholes. This dude keeps saying "OMG seriously"" like wtf? Tell the bitch to fuck off and go on with your work. YOU call the cops on her and tell her she's threatening you and you will defend yourself. The more we're nice to these assholes the more this continues
Organon (8 days ago)
Well if either of these people spoke proper English, none of this would happen.
Adama Salawan (7 days ago)
@Organon Midwestern United States. Most Englishmen say that the American accent sounds atrocious.
Organon (7 days ago)
@Adama Salawan I'm fine with that. I'm from Westerhope. Where you at bro?
Adama Salawan (7 days ago)
@Organon let me put it another way: no one can lay claim to speaking proper English unless they are from England. Does that help any?
Organon (8 days ago)
@Adama Salawan do you mean 'No Americans speak proper English' or 'No, Americans speak proper English.'
Adama Salawan (8 days ago)
No American speaks proper English.
Untraced (9 days ago)
I love the part where she INSTANTLY believes the white UPS guy.
Kohontsi Karakhwa (9 days ago)
She probably secretly is mad he doesnt want to fuck her
AnonymAlkoholiker (9 days ago)
Rasist in the flesh
Dave D. (9 days ago)
I thought this cunt was a dude!!
H- TOWN (9 days ago)
WOW! I'm so shocked by her behavior. THIS IS AMERICA!
El Mariachi (9 days ago)
Bitch is crazy.
Chris Tos (9 days ago)
What a b*tch
Jonas Polsky (9 days ago)
"I don't understand why someone who is delivering packages -- would be walking around with a cart full of packages."
Liz Abella (6 days ago)
Your ppl has lost their mind🤣🤣
Tonya R (7 days ago)
He could also be making pickups
dover maskot (9 days ago)
SOunds very..suspicous to me :P
KamiTV (9 days ago)
Bruh wtf...
Super Slovak (9 days ago)
She thinks you stole every one of those packages
Eidelmania (9 days ago)
I know who she voted for.