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T-shaped dark megalith hosts back-to-basics young family home

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To create a light-filled home on a small plot where an adjacent building blocked the southern sun, Tilemachos Andrianopoulos elevated a concrete prism (housing bedrooms for a family of 4) freeing up the space below for indoor/outdoor living and dining rooms. Walls of plants provide “green screens” to give the family privacy inside their otherwise very visible ground floor (three of the walls are all glass). Owners Eri Mitsostergiou and George Toulantas wanted an open space to raise their two sons and there are only three doors in the entire home. The boys’ bedrooms are connected and doors can slide shut between them if they choose more privacy as they grow up. https://www.tensearchitecture.net Also by Tilemachos: Pythagorean home amidst olive grove offers views & protection https://youtu.be/0fs5JxH4qJU *faircompanies https://faircompanies.com/videos/t-shaped-dark-megalith-hosts-back-to-basics-young-family-home/
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Da Cat (16 minutes ago)
11:23 Why did that guy, a stranger, closed the door in the bathroom with the children? If somebody does that in my house with my children i would FUCKING KILL HIM ON THE SPOT
Boreal (23 hours ago)
Interesting house and interesting champagne socialist owners.
Jazz Rush (23 hours ago)
Imagine being a teenager and can’t slam the door lol 😝 beautiful home
The Captain (1 day ago)
I think they like the basement the best, because it is most like a normal room with walls. The rest of the house lacks privacy, and feels insecure. Those kids when bit older, will want their own private space, good luck with that. And as others have said - it is so dark despite the bottom floor having windows all the way round.. If the bottom floor was totally redesigned, and this was a home for a couple with no kids then great. That pond is oversized, parking space?
Delicate Sounds of Satan (3 days ago)
This is, hands down, one of the most unique, well-thought out designs I have ever seen. I would love to live in this place. *So cool!*
Speak Life (3 days ago)
Not one cozy place to relax feels like a glorified fancy prison
Naveed Haq (3 days ago)
docu_graf (3 days ago)
Would like to do a photoshoot in there, so much ideas, esp. on the stairway
Yang Juustine (3 days ago)
No colours at all ... too dull ... lack of warmth
Kaio (3 days ago)
Rick Owens where you at?
Thomas H (4 days ago)
Nice and functional house, but WHY the hell do they let their kids walk around inside and even sit in the furniture with their dirty shoes on? That’s plain disgusting tbh.
RyuHaeGoo aka Estela (4 days ago)
Is this safe from bad people who wants to robe them
Sama P (4 days ago)
Earthquake safety?
Rose Rey (5 days ago)
I love that the kids are always in your videos
DEBS (6 days ago)
The reason why their house is so dark is because they focused so much on “southern sun”. There is no southern sun. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
Lazarus D (3 days ago)
DEBS the sun rotated around the centre of the earth. Hence, northern hemisphere places face south towards the sun, Southern Hemisphere places face north. Towards the sun. C’mon bro
EMPRESS ROYAL (6 days ago)
Teen titans go 😂
count Ola-la (7 days ago)
Confusing. They talk so much about the garden, but the grass and the plants are messed up. The house looks dirty
300bpm (7 days ago)
another 'modern' home shaped like a block. yay.
Gerardo Salas (7 days ago)
I’m hating this new trend of using huge light curtains to create divisions. Its unnecessary and bad for lighting and allergies.
hellfire5674 (8 days ago)
Kristen I have been following you for a couple years now. You are the poop.
Mz L Leathers (8 days ago)
Everything about this house is amazing! It’s futuristic & extremely viable for many weather conditions 😃 Love It 💕💕💕
Leona Lisandro (9 days ago)
The best design and architecture "modern: but still kinda "old "... almost apocalyptic. I LOVE IT IT!!
Golden 47 (10 days ago)
*i like Concrete* What a great way to start a video!
Marc Wouters (10 days ago)
They are constantly talking about the light from outside that comes in but inside it is dark as hell . They use the interior lighting in broad daylicht . Complete wrong color choice inside . Neither does the home radiate domestic warmth . A concrete bunker that originated from the fantasy world of inexperienced architects and customers who want to be different .
Osx42 (10 days ago)
Cool home.
nuffflavor (10 days ago)
One word....... Ugh !?
Teri Scallon (10 days ago)
so beautiful, so wonderful
Volvox (10 days ago)
999 mosquitoes like the open concept of the ground floor
Adrian Mclean (10 days ago)
Love the puddle rain fountain...simple and beautiful. Wish I knew a better way to describe it because I want one in my garden.
Martin Audio (12 days ago)
A home like a Theater. Very stylish. I feel a bit style over matter there.
Pankaj Vig (12 days ago)
Where are the washing machines?
Pankaj Vig (12 days ago)
The only thing I would want to change is the color that dominates the indoors.
Carlo B. (12 days ago)
Wow. Every edge of this house is just instagramble😮
Spetsialista (13 days ago)
what a dumb way to waste of water
CHELSKI9 (14 days ago)
Too dark inside.
Mathieu Morin (15 days ago)
Nice for a space ship design, but i wouldn't more than a week there. So dark, depressive and claustrophobic. The kitchen has a school-vibe.
pr va (16 days ago)
At 13:14 the subtitles say "Because the plot was really small we had to elevate the prison."
pr va (16 days ago)
Square, rectangular or circular tables work better. Full-length dining table in use for a meal - hard to have one big conversation, people will end up talking to just those next to them or opposite them. "Pass the salt please." - a minute while the salt is passed from one end of the table to the other.
GINO IDNANI (17 days ago)
Minecraft building
Moviestar Memories (17 days ago)
Yea, I'd live in that......bet it cost and arm and a leg though.
Steffan Deon (19 days ago)
So fascinating. Just my style of design
Prof. Daniel Garcia (19 days ago)
Legends in portuguese Brazilian please
Lydia Sugarman (19 days ago)
Wow, this is an exquisite home. I'd love to have something like this.
Khá Lửng (21 days ago)
My neibour would call up the council if I have a bush looking house like that.
George Theologidis (21 days ago)
Ελληνας ρε;
Chinese Culture (22 days ago)
Yard is actually ugly as fuck
Steven Kanon (22 days ago)
What an absolutely hideous and depressing house. Brutalism is the worst, this is soulless.
Steven Kanon (19 days ago)
dirk diggler I’m pretty happy. Just really despise this style of architecture.
dirk diggler (20 days ago)
you sound like a happy chap!
GreenEyes 1226 (23 days ago)
Very Beautiful ❤️❤️
Ajhan Mendar (23 days ago)
Teen titans gooo
strongforu (23 days ago)
Beautiful and unusual home.
Sou All (23 days ago)
Power and lightness
Michael (24 days ago)
Europe has so much more style and taste than US...it is sad. Our “custom” homes look identical...stick built...tacky... I love the brutalist/concrete/stone/glass it is function and form married in harmony....I have just always loved this look...
dirk diggler (20 days ago)
not just Europe.......
Elk Darkshire (24 days ago)
interesting, but too narrowsighted, especially in respect to the children concrete is fun but its co2 footprint is still too big for me
mohammad hamza (24 days ago)
Hi.. the house is so fascinating and i love the way how it build.. please can u guys share the floor plan or any links where incan find the house plan.. cs soon i will be building my own n i rely inspire the indoor outdoor living.. i would really appreciate if u all can help me to get the plan
pascal raskal (24 days ago)
Patrik Samju (24 days ago)
totally brutalist, simple and out of the box design...
Michelle Dewald (25 days ago)
Omfg the T house from teen titans!!!!!
tyistrom (25 days ago)
Dark jail and too much concrete but with a little light for mood changes would help . The home nice if you over look the color and temperature the concrete brings. But the home was still a smart choice when it comes to finance. And summer weather conditions and being spacious. They love it so that's that.
ericksunga30 (26 days ago)
RichieT5 (27 days ago)
Its a small house for all those people? 🤔 interesting design though. I like it
GreyMatr (27 days ago)
One of the coolest family homes I've seen
David Cattin (28 days ago)
I have NEVER wanted anything as much as I want this house. Those gorgeous curtains moving in the breeze, the pond, the front door, and that stairway! I couldn't enjoy it fully for most of summer due to mosquitoes here in Indiana. No, it isn't as simple as putting some repellent on. I am a magnet, and now with all the diseases they carry, I just couldn't do it. LOVE seeing a home like this filled with kids, adults, and a cat to see how the space looks when actually used. Photographers often try to get a shot without people, but they add color and scale. Wish more videos and décor magazines would include people. Anyway, if you need me to house sit, call me!
Plaider (28 days ago)
I really think, in case you affected by it, to do as much as you possibly can to learn on how to translate your taste/passion into your way of living in order to intervine it effectively, is so much you get in return when achieve.
James Thompson (29 days ago)
One of the many things I love about this channel is watching your children grow up.
Salam Hamdi (29 days ago)
weather is nice in Greece
David Fajardo (29 days ago)
Looks too dark and industrial for my taste.
Johnny Icarus (1 month ago)
Congratulations on building a depressing gloomy prison block lol
Literalpervertedloser (1 month ago)
I loved it, but hated how dark and dead it feels, even with much sunlight to try to make it appear alive, it looks dead.
Weibo Jian (1 month ago)
Impressive Architecture.
I Wrote All My Stories in Florida (1 month ago)
Fantastic. All of it except the curtain room-dividers in the basement. Love, love, love.
1 Super Star (1 month ago)
In my opinion the kitchen should be lighter. But the rest of the home is one's taste to what anyOne would like. Thanks for sharing your video. 🙃
abin pathrose (1 month ago)
The narration is so specific that I can actually feel the space along with her reasoning of a design approach. Love the house, the design, the architecture. Throughout the video, I felt wanting to stay in a house like this.
Manos Filopoulos (1 month ago)
ΜΠΡΑΒΟ!!! είναι υπέροχο ...
Adriana Almeida (1 month ago)
Loop Water (1 month ago)
It’s smart of lordland
William B (1 month ago)
the upstairs is ugly
Grinsi Kleinpo (1 month ago)
Is it zombie safe?
ASKAL DESIGN (1 month ago)
wonderfull concep👌👌👌
Rickey White (1 month ago)
It's amazing what happens when we are thoughtful of the environment we want to live in, as opposed to selecting an off-the-shelf, cookie-cutter solution.
Yushi Kuang (1 month ago)
I always like when people try to maximize the use of space. This one is like a bunker on stilts...how can we qualify the interior? A modern cave. It’s pretty cold and dark. Not enough cozy for me. But i’m impress that they can fit a family of 4 kids inside.
Hans Hoerdemann (1 month ago)
A cute and creative family.
Ashley Clark (1 month ago)
I think it’s beautiful. People talking about why focus on letting light in then paint/decorate things so darkly. Listen to what they are saying, they explain it. And there is plenty of light coming in, not everyone wants to live in an all white home, especially not when you have kids to make a mess.
Poo0fi (1 month ago)
Those stairs are trippy. I’m baked though, to be fair.
Intra Meta Archi (1 month ago)
I'd build a gym on the roof.
Surya Perkasa (1 month ago)
Ngodup Nyima (1 month ago)
So beautiful and Morden
Robert Eastman (1 month ago)
An excellent house and presentation.
itty bitty kitty Hello kitty (1 month ago)
People with money to burn make me giggle. The chatter goes on and it is just a home. Not my thing. Too boxy and unfriendly. Nothing comforting about this place.
Shucks (1 month ago)
Brutally AMAZING and so inspiring!
SOS10 (1 month ago)
It’s very much like the Figini villa in Milano, from the 1930’s
Leine (1 month ago)
Why is everything they have in this house Amazon’s furniture
SoCalFreelance (1 month ago)
Good for them for having a vision and carrying through with it. And kitty is the perfect touch! 🐈
ROSA (1 month ago)
Great design but not for me :)
ricardo clemente (1 month ago)
i wonder: do people build houses for living... or just for showing off? when you have more joy showing your house, than live in it, that is not your "home", but just a human construction
Archen Forever (1 month ago)
This looks straight outta Divergent.
James Patterson (1 month ago)
I think I get where these homeowners are coming from. It's not the amount of light coming into the structure, but the amount of light & visuals surrounding outside of the structure. So you have this open & airy environment yet a dark cozy interior atmosphere. To see the world from the inside without the world seeing what's on the inside.
Роза Отцветаева (1 month ago)
Amazing house!!!!!
pinkyt67 (1 month ago)
He also designed another house they had on the channel of the house in the olive trees if I’m not mistaken
Nizar Chaya (1 month ago)
I like the use of southern light, but the interior is too dark and raw to reflect its use. It's a good idea to take advantage of the basement, really love the stairs. One thing that throws me off is the lack of privacy, especially in big families, I think the feeling of ownership/personal space is a must, or else personal space takes life in corners/furniture/objects.
Silverback Gorrilla (1 month ago)
For people who talk so much about wanting to catch as much sunlight as possible, they sure filled the damn house with dark walls and corners and a lot of shade...
Kelly Buckler (5 days ago)
Kelly Buckler (5 days ago)
Silverback Gorrilla i bet in person it’s a lot brighter. the camera never captures light in the same way we were it
Angel Highlight (7 days ago)
Silverback Gorrilla what does dark wall has to do with the amount of sunlight coming into the house? Stupid clown
tyistrom (25 days ago)
Same thoughts