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2 year old playing drums

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2 year old playing drums
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (12)
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (3 years ago)
Musical genius
mr. ryan (3 years ago)
i challenge him to a drum off
peter David (6 months ago)
mr. ryan can u even play the drums
The Engineer Is Engie Here (3 years ago)
GRAMDMA! Now play this. GRANDMA!
Erica Horror (3 years ago)
He's saying camera
zezu zaza (3 years ago)
so cute ^.^
Allen Carlson (3 years ago)
McDoogle (3 years ago)
I think the title of the video should be "2 year old beats on drums".
Frank MUR (3 years ago)
Kid is gunna be a beast later on in life
the_one (3 years ago)
Is he asking for his "grandma" ?  You really withholding his Nana from him unless he plays drums so you can post it on the internet for views?  Dang! that's cold.
Montana Weatherby (3 years ago)
+Catherine M. xD
Catherine M. (3 years ago)
+bullshiteshite No, he wants the "camera." That is what he keeps asking for. He wants to watch himself on video.
assassindx (3 years ago)
Kids got some chops