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2 year old playing drums

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2 year old playing drums
Category: Comedy
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Text Comments (12)
Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (3 years ago)
Musical genius
mr. ryan (3 years ago)
i challenge him to a drum off
peter David (9 months ago)
mr. ryan can u even play the drums
The Engineer Is Engie Here (3 years ago)
GRAMDMA! Now play this. GRANDMA!
zezu zaza (3 years ago)
so cute ^.^
Allen Carlson (3 years ago)
McDoogle (3 years ago)
I think the title of the video should be "2 year old beats on drums".
Frank MUR (3 years ago)
Kid is gunna be a beast later on in life
the_one (3 years ago)
Is he asking for his "grandma" ?  You really withholding his Nana from him unless he plays drums so you can post it on the internet for views?  Dang! that's cold.
Montana Weatherby (3 years ago)
+Catherine M. xD
Catherine M. (3 years ago)
+bullshiteshite No, he wants the "camera." That is what he keeps asking for. He wants to watch himself on video.
assassindx (3 years ago)
Kids got some chops