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Package Delivery Rant! UPS Internal Theft Of YSL Items & OnTrac Delivery Is The Worst!!

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Follow me on Instagram @ DDGLADIVA. PLEASE READ BELOW... This is my first rant video... I ordered a few items from the YSL Beauty 20% off sale & when delivered, the box had none of my items. Most likely a UPS employee along the delivery route saw the YSL name on the label, opened the box, stole the items, re taped the box then it was delivered to me empty. Sigh... OnTrac is a delivery service that Sephora is now using for their shipping in California(lucky us). They are the worst ! They leave your packages in the most obvious and insecure places at your home. Recently I received a package at 7:30 PM, packages left out in the middle of the yard in the rain and I've received packages 1 or 2 days AFTER the promised date on the tracking. Ontrac prompted my first ever call to Sephora customer service. This company is the worst. Sephora must have tons of complaints about them and I can't believe Sephora still contracts with them. Horrible ! Royalty free music by FreeSound
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vyugzs vyugzs (1 month ago)
YSL Cosmetics is owned by L'oreal. L'oreal also owns Lancome. The address you show is Loreal/Lancome warehouse.
DDGLADIVA (1 month ago)
OK, thanks good to know
SpyC (2 months ago)
Just received an empty box from ups that was supposed to have a $600 s10e phone
Jen Hernandez (1 year ago)
OMG so sad your overpriced crap is not delivered to your rich little fingers!! Yes go out the house and get your crap while children are staving all over the world, be ASHAMMED AT YOURSELF!!!
Jason Krause (1 year ago)
Christina Faye (1 year ago)
I have a subscription for the play by Sephora box well I look online and it says delivered but it has not been delivered. I been home all day, it is not on my porch and it is not in my mailbox (which it would not fit anyways) so I am so mad.
AniezkaJi (1 year ago)
same happened to me yesterday, also with Sephora Play box. I hate that Sephora Play boxes have Sephora branding all over, so attractive to thieves.
Monika (1 year ago)
I had ordered something online too, and when I got it from UPS and the delivery guy or the seller was not the problem, it was UPS themselves, so basically I saw my package and it was half opened and someone stole my item. I sued UPS and the case was settled and I was redeemed $50,000, and the person who stole my item was fired and charged with mail tampering and sent to jail for 7 months.
Chris IsDead (7 months ago)
Desired Sanity #thathappened
vangoghmatisse1 (1 year ago)
On trac is the worst.
realss chevelle (2 years ago)
wow thats a thief who took the time to open it and leave the box Sounds like boloney
April White (3 years ago)
I just found your video because I deliberately searched for the connection with Sephora & OnTrac. I live in Central Oregon, so it's not just LA, Calif. (where I'm from.) OnTrac employs individuals who are driving their own cars to deliver. They are totally disorganized, apparently get no training or very little. Lately, they have missed every delivery day by a day or two, but will update their info to show it's late. Until the last time: They claimed package was delivered on the day it was due, and put down a bogus time stamp of 7:05 pm. Not only was there NOTHING delivered, but now I had to prove I didn't get it. The package did show up (fortunately for me) the next day (a Saturday) around late afternoon. I have complained relentlessly to Sephora about this bad habit of using OnTrac. This last time when the driver totally lied about delivering, I went at Sephora CS again. Their answer (and this is how bad Sephora's cs is) is that they'd open a lost package claim with UPS ??? - no I told you OnTrac!! and after 10 days I should get back to them. What? Then and only then, after they input their claim with the WRONG carrier, would they consider refund or reshipment. So based on this crap, I no longer shop with Sephora. Anything they sell, I can get elsewhere. Oh yeah, they gave me 25 beauty points for my inconvenience. Totally unacceptable. But OnTrac is giving them a discount for delivery over UPS, so that's why they changed. Obviously, they could give a sh*t less about their customers. So no more Sephora. I blame them, not the idiots at OnTrac, who are beyond help.
Stinky Cheese (3 years ago)
Saw the YSL name on the label? Ahem, kids working for UPS have no clue what YSL is. They don't appreciate the cost of upscale cosmetics, especially because most delivery people are young men (boys). The indicator of whether it was opened and re-taped shut would be if the original tape is cut, or the cardboard it's on has the surface pulled away, or a 2nd kind of tape applied over the first.
Frank Blackcrow (3 years ago)
the box says 2 lbs, the box would feel very light with nothing in it.
Frank Blackcrow (3 years ago)
Is it theft after it was sent, or they sent an empty box ,, maybe the workers hate their shitty low paid job. The label really only shows what was calculated by what was ordered, not that any order was packed after the the label was printed. Maybe she's a shitty customer that is always complaining and they are fucking with her.
Stinky Cheese (3 years ago)
Yes but human beings don't read the weight and comparatively feel the heft of the box, it's just automated, generated at point of scale weighing to make the database entry for billing purposes, routing, and label printing.
Bratz Are_BLACK (3 years ago)
LMAO this is fucked up!
AceAfiedGameDuctions (3 years ago)
I guarantee you YSL fucked up your package they weigh packages as soon as they receive the package. check to see how much the initial weigh was these guys deal with thousands of dollars in Amazon packages everyday and you think the stole your make up.... your dumb woman..
Jessalauren Bronner (2 years ago)
AceAfiedGameDuctions I agree she shouldn't be blaming the ups guy. but it could have been stolen this just happened to me with a piece of shit $35 makeup. They shipped it to the wrong location and its gone they're not going to try and retrieve it. Now I only think ups should improve their handling because they will leave boxes in rain , break items, toss them hard, they're pushing QUANTITY VS QUALITY that's no good. My boxes are always scuffed and corners are smashed etc. I don't complain but this is enough I may just ship it straight to the store period. Plus their shipping window is so wide 3am-12am. Gahhhh I'm not a complainer as a matter of fact I emailed them about my package about 1w ago still NO reply. Yes I care but I'm dealing with premature labor I'm 34w so I can't be harrasing them etc I know people will go crazy and demand a refund and a free replacement etc I'm not that crazy.
Jessalauren Bronner (2 years ago)
AceAfiedGameDuctions I agree she shouldn't be blaming the ups guy. but it could have been stolen this just happened to me with a piece of shit $35 makeup. They shipped it to the wrong location and its gone they're not going to try and retrieve it. Now I only think ups should improve their handling because they will leave boxes in rain , break items, toss them hard, they're pushing QUANTITY VS QUALITY that's no good. My boxes are always scuffed and corners are smashed etc. I don't complain but this is enough I may just ship it straight to the store period. Plus their shipping window is so wide 3am-12am. Gahhhh I'm not a complainer as a matter of fact I emailed them about my package about 1w ago still NO reply. Yes I care but I'm dealing with premature labor I'm 34w so I can't be harrasing them etc I know people will go crazy and demand a refund and a free replacement etc I'm not that crazy.
Hayden Maroney (3 years ago)
She's not "dumb". People just aren't trustworthy
Captain Obvious (3 years ago)
This video is full of assumptions......I work for the customer service dept of an online retailer and let me tell you, mistakes can happen when you order things offline. First of all, there is some poor guy sweating his asz off working in a warehouse packing those boxes making min. wage. I have had customers in the past tell me they have gotten empty boxes with everything inside except the product, this happens from time to time. My first guess would be the item was never put inside the box at the warehouse (by mistake not because someone wanted to steal your beauty supplies). But the poster of this vid just jumps to wild conclusions blaming everyone but the company she purchased from. No package carrier wants you wrinkle cream lady....
Peggy D (1 year ago)
Senior C im with you whatever makeup she has sales or wears cant be all that great because it doesnt loo like from what i see hair needs doing too
Stinky Cheese (3 years ago)
I wouldn't call it a "wild" conclusion, more like a presumptive speculation. If there was no signs of tampering then I agree it is more likely the package wasn't stocked when it left the warehouse, but only if they are using ancient equipment. In a modern shipping environment, the database entry for the shipment would contain the weights of the items, then it goes onto a scale to be weighed to generate the shipping entry. If the shipping weight is less than the range pre-calculated for the supposed contents, the system should flag the box as an error. I'm not suggesting it's impossible for this to go wrong, but that is a fairly good check built into a typical system as it's done after the box is sealed.
Nob the Knave (4 years ago)
OnTrac is beyond shit. They will steal your stuff every flipping time.
Laura G (4 years ago)
Hey just an update. So a couple months ago I actually called ontrac customer service and told them I wanted my packages left at the front door. They said that all you need to do is to call them and tell them where you want it delivered and they will put a note in their system. Guess what...yesterday our package was left at the front door! I just wanted to give you an update.
April White (3 years ago)
You got a PERSON on the phone at OnTrac? Unheard of. Good for you.
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
That's good to know that it worked out for you.  I've already asked them several times to leave it at the front door.  Sometimes they do and sometimes they don't.  I still can't figure out how the driver would possibly think leaving my package outside my gate and out on the sidewalk where everyone walks by would be a good idea, but anyway...  At least I've been getting my packages inside my gate now
Buffelz (4 years ago)
I know what you mean regarding putting the companies name on the label, but the only way for a label to be purchased and printed would have to have the too and from address just in case returns and many other reasons. So, it is inevitable but I totally do not blame you for your concerns.Lastly, regarding the issue with Ontrac, I do not live in California but those small courier companies are ridiculous. Amazon,Sephora etc.. give them huge opportunities to make money and deliver their packages and yet they still are incompetent
Stinky Cheese (3 years ago)
Actually no, they do not need the company's name for a return address. They would route the package back using the address alone and the system would see what business it is, but actually they don't need the return address at all, as this would have been picked up direct from a YSL or affilate warehouse and the shipper would have a record of that tied to the shipping #. They are pretty careful at tracking like that so they don't get in a situation where a company claims they gave the shipper 45 packages worth $10K when they only gave them 25. They can account for the moment and location each gets put into their possession. Even then, they don't absolutely require that info because they could fall back on the billing info for the party paying shipping, and as a last resort there is the packing slip in the box.
Buffelz (4 years ago)
@ddgladiva Ya that does make a lot more sense, I am glad amazon.ca does not offer local courier services but unfortunately we are only stuck with 3 couriers, UPS, Canada Post and Dynamex. I wish we got FedEx but apparently that is in the works. Also, I did speak to an amazon rep the other day and she said amazon is working on a feature where you can request your couriers of preference to deliver your packages; I really hope this happens because it would make the whole amazon experience a lot better,in my opinion.
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
You're so lucky not to live where Ontrac delivers because they're still up to their same shenanigans unfortunately.  I know they have to put an address in case of returns, etc but many high end stores ship with their return address and some generic name-not the actual name of the company so that it doesn't draw attention and risk getting stolen.  Louis Vuitton, etc ship that way.  I recently had a package shipped from Nars Cosmetics that only had Fulfillment Center as their name along with an address.  I'd prefer it that way,  much safer for everyone
Ria Jel (4 years ago)
I'm sorry you had to deal w/this. It sucks when ppl steal. Good thing you were able to have the items replaced.
thehotsung8701 (4 years ago)
Ontrac is a nightmare. 
bgordonjgordon (4 years ago)
Wow I'm so sorry to hear about that. I'm glad YSL is working with you to replace the items, Yep it is that time of the year.
Tasari (4 years ago)
sorry that is so annoying hope this get resolved!!
Christy J (4 years ago)
OnTrac is not terrible where I live, they usually leave it hidden near my front door! Sorry to hear about your experience, that stinks!
arentUlovely (4 years ago)
Now, that's something to rant about.  I cannot believe the audacity of people actually going through the process of opening the box, taking the items out and resealing it.
Erika (4 years ago)
I appreciate your honesty. Sharing your frustration could help others and encourage delivery services to improve security measures. Good job and thanks so much for sharing :)
ToughLoveIndigo (4 years ago)
I've heard NOTHING BUT horror stories about ontrac. NOTHING BUT. Maybe those who are content just aren't mentioning it, but NOT ONE pleasant experience have I heard. It appears that ontrac is not competent enough to do anything about their (lack of) professionalism, but sephora has branded itself such that you guys might wanna collectively give sephora a REALLY HARD time about it so they know to nullify their (probably huge) contract with ontrac.
Robby Lovestoshop (4 years ago)
I can't believe that! Absolutely awful, hopefully they'll change their label for the next package!
Nicole Novo (4 years ago)
I'm so sorry for the frustrating event my friend! I'm glad they're going to sort it all out for you! I hope everything works out my dear! It's unsettling ordering High end and designer things because of this subject! Sometimes there's no other choice because of online exclusives or online only sales! 😓
MyMichel34 (4 years ago)
I'm in Cali too & On trac delivered my sephora items a day late. I'm a VIB Rouge member and I'm used to receiving my packages within 3 business - no problem. But now, On trac is very iffy. I'm going to make a corporate complaint about shipping. If I receive tracking info and my package doesn't arrive on the date listed and I don't get any notification and the site is not updated until the next day, that pisses me off!!!! They definitely suck!!!
Heart Break Hotel Inc (4 years ago)
I came home from my vacation and found that the package that I ordered had come and when I looked at the package the tape was completely torn off as if they were trying to look inside to see what was in there and when it wasn't worth stealing they placed it back so I decided that I won't be ordering anything for the holiday season off the internet
Preangela Marks (1 month ago)
Yeah you know that's a good idea I'm not ordering anything around the holiday season when stuff is more likely to be stolen
uptowngrl575 (4 years ago)
Complain anytime it happens and make sure they escalate it to the supervisor/mgr so its noted.  Maybe they will get the message and tighten up quality controls
uptowngrl575 (4 years ago)
that's really sad. we shop online for convenience!
E SR (4 years ago)
So sorry to hear about that. Never had issues with ups but the ontrac delivery man who delivers to my office is a heavy smoker which is all fine and dandy but he smokes heavily inside the delivery van which in turn makes all our packages smell like heavy smoke. *puke!!
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
Lol, well I think I could maybe put up with a little smoke if I could just get a correct delivery out of them. Haha.  Ontrac is the worst out here !
Mizzkim1 (4 years ago)
I can't stand On Trac.  They are lazy.  They leave my packages in the middle of my walk way where anyone in my apartment building can pick them up.  They don't even freaking knock on my door. 
LYFESTYLE de VIE (4 years ago)
On Track parks in my driveway to drop off packages and not on the street. Lazy you know what. Said I was going to contact them. If I sound anal I don't care. Same lazy a$$ driver to lazy to park on the streets and walk up to deliver.
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
Why am I not surprised.  I don't know where they get these people, where this company came from and why they're still in business-absolutely the worst
Kimberly Holden (4 years ago)
WOW! I am so sorry that happened to you. And you're right YSL shouldn't put their name on the box.
anearinginmy (4 years ago)
So sorry to hear that.  Thanks for sharing.
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
Yes, it's so crazy.  It's that time of the year where delivery theft is at an all time high unfortunately
FitnLovinit (4 years ago)
I hate how they leave packages for people to grab! For me it's UPS and they do NOT care!!! FedEx too! I have heard horror stories from my UPS driver saying they have internal theft all the time! It's ridiculous! They hire anyone I swear! I'm glad you'll get your items back! I had my packages go missing through USPS before but have been lucky with my UPS but I always leave a note for them to hide the package in a certain spot lol.
TheOrganiclady (4 years ago)
I am sorry this happened to you. :(   I have ordered from the Chanel site before and their name was on the box and when I went to the front door to sign for it, the carrier said, 'Oh, this must be very special, it's from Chanel."  I was not so shocked over the label on the box, but the comment kinda surprised me.  Businesses should be more aware of not giving opportunity - so to speak - and correct the label thing.  Anyway, thanks for sharing.  
Laura G (4 years ago)
After calling ontrac they still left it in the wrong place. Sent a complaint to Sephora.
Laura G (4 years ago)
@ddgladiva I emailed Sephora and they are passing on my complaint so please email them as well and ask others to as well.  If enough of us complain maybe they will use someone else.
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
Wow, for real ?!?!  Amazing but I'm totally not surprised.  Where do they get these people from and what kind of training do they  go through ?  None obviously.  I don't know where this company came from and why and how they're still in business.  Sephora needs to get rid this company !
Mrs. KP (4 years ago)
Wow, that's terrible. I am sorry that happened. On the local news Houston, a lady placed an order at Old Navy for some sweaters and received a box full of clothing sensors. Old Navy corrected the issue immediately. I hope your order wasn't packed properly and your item comes at a later. Sorry this happened.
kvloveslv (4 years ago)
I understand how u feel. I get so mad because they say we will deliver between 9 and 3:00 whaaaat! Then, when they deliver they throw the packages and are gone by the time I open the door. So frustrating. Recently, they stoled my neighbors Christmas decorations. So bad!! But u right it's that time of year when things like this happen. So sorry for ur troubles.
SavvyCherry (4 years ago)
Don't get me started with delivery people. I always have an issue with USPS claiming that they tried to deliver a package and no one was home. 1. They don't leave a notice 2. They leave it on the steps where anyone can take the package instead of on the porch where no one can see the package. The kicker was the day before Thanksgiving when they claimed no one was home, yet my house was full of people. Every week, I am calling and filing complaints. YSL definitely needs to rethink putting their name on their packages. Hope your item gets to you this time.
LizaMTL (4 years ago)
WOW! The nerve of some people. OnTrac sounds ridiculous! I'd lose my sh*t if they left my package on the sidewalk.......... WTH!?!?!?!?
Nob the Knave (4 years ago)
@LizaMTL Oh if they leave the package on the side walk you got lucky. Usually they just mark it as "Delivered" and steal it themselves!
Kelly Moore (4 years ago)
Hi Lisa, I'm sorry that happened to you. Yes, higher end stores usually do not put their names on the return address. More than likely it was stolen by one of those seasonal workers. UPS usually has a problem with employee thefts during the holidays and seasonal/ temporary workers are usually the culprits.
steph412017 (4 years ago)
A similar thing happened to me with Coach. I ordered an item worth over 300 dollars and they had replaced my item with a butter crock pot. I was fuming mad. It took me forever to get my money back from Coach. UPS was also the shipper of my package, pretty sad!!!
Marie Just Marie (4 years ago)
How about some good advice,. Get a P.O. box. You also can have it where some one has to sign for it. You may want to have it delivered to your or your husbands work. Many of these delivery people are lazy. They just toss and leave. You have no proof the ups took it. Someone could have opened it at your front door and closed up the package. But to avoid all this, go to the brick and mortar store. Sometimes it is more inconvenient to be safe. You have it with you when you leave. :)
michelle haywood (4 years ago)
what an annoying situation! that happened once to me with a bloomingdales order - actually it was for the Guerlain Meteorites, i ordered after i saw your video - i got the box and my free sample was there but not meteorites, i called and they sent a replacement, in this case i think it was just bloomingdales fulfillment - but still annoying - you are right, we have seen so many times on camera how delivery people just almost go out of their way (some not all) to not provide good service... i'm glad YSL is resending!!
karan.donnakaran (4 years ago)
I'm in SF and on trac is HORRIBLE and Amazon is using them too I got a box Saturday delivered by FedEx that had Neiman on the box and I was very shocked and it was left on the stairs to my house I got a box yesterday delivered from Barneys that had tamper tape on it so if it was opened in at all you would know AND the tape had it written on there to deter people and it didn't say Barneys on the box and it came FedEx too
Lvlover72 (4 years ago)
I hate On Trac also .. They put my package on my front yard where everyone could see it .. Instead of my porch or behind my tree by the door.. Also I few times I didn't get my package when it was suppose to be there ..I wish sephora would go back to the old shipping..
Nob the Knave (4 years ago)
@Lvlover72 Dude OnTrac has stolen like every package they have ever "shipped" to me. Its gotten to the point I always buy stuff with snail mail shipping just to avoid them.
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
Exactly, I was surprised at first that others had this same experience, but they're so bad that now I'm not even surprised.  I can only imagine how much worse their service will get for the Holidays. Uggh
Laura G (4 years ago)
DANGIT!  UPS is usually good... maybe YSL messed up and did not put it in (it could happen)?  But UPS does mess up every once in a while...they lost a package going to my mom's and Nordstrom credited my account.  Can you have it sent to a friend's house? As for Ontrac...I also have a beef with the people that make the deliveries.  They put them in my bushes one time!  I agree!  Maybe call Sephora with a complaint every time?
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
And we can only image how much "better" their service will be with the Holiday rush season.  Can't wait to see what's in store for the upcoming weeks.  Uggh !
DDGLADIVA (4 years ago)
@Laura Greenfield I've never had a problem with UPS delivery until now, they're usually great.  I honestly think an employee in one of the warehouses along the delivery route or a driver opened the package, took the items then re sealed the box.  Even if I had it delivered somewhere else it wouldn't solve that problem.  It's just how there are airport employees who steal items from people's luggages.  I called OnTrac after the sidewalk incident and told them I wanted my items left only on my front porch and definitely tNOT on the sidewalk-the customer service lady sounded surprised as if most people would want the on the sidewalk. Crazy...  They got better then, but lately screwing up again- 1 or 2 day late delivery, left the package in the middle of the yard in the rain instead of the porch under the door hang so it wouldn't get wet, etc.  Sigh...  Hope you had better luck than me today
Laura G (4 years ago)
OK so I just called Ontrac since I have a delivery today.  They said when you get a tracking number call them and tell them where you want the package placed and it will be attached to your address for all future deliveries.  I will let you know how it gets delivered today!   Call 800.334.5000 Tracking: option 2
XxPepperMintxX (4 years ago)
Hate when people dont do the job right.. but blatantly stealing is just utterly pathetic. I hope UPS catches the thief and reimburse you somehow.