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46 Years Later Omaha Man is Reunited with Stolen Motorcycle

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Don Devault's 1953 Triumph motorcycle was returned to him this week in Omaha, Nebraska - the same place it was stolen from him in 1967.
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Robert Torres (3 years ago)
This should have a lot of views
Busa-Rider (4 years ago)
What a lovely humanitarian story Well Done all involved
Todd Flink (6 years ago)
After 46 years who knows the hands that it has passed thru.  I was the person who brought Don's bike from California to Iowa.  I did run into a shop in Austin, Texas - Revival Cycles who said the Triumph was at his shop last year at a special event.  Alan at Revival told me who built the bike... it was titled in Texas so someone believed that they had a clear title.   Thanks to Roger Morris at NICB for coordinating my arrival of the Triumph and for the shameless plug for my business "TWF Transportation" (oops another shameless plug) and it was real great to meet Lou Koven too.   Todd Flink TWF Transportation