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UPS Offers To Compensate Dumped Deliveries

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A man whose packages were placed in a dumpster by a UPS deliveryman tells CBS2 the company has offered to compensate him for the loss.
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S SN QN (6 months ago)
UPS shouldnt have to pay up. That idiotic worker should have to pay out of his wallet, and then be fired.
QAnon1017 Good Orgone Clears Your Energy (6 months ago)
Yessir... There should be a whole special dedicated to exposing all package carrier scandals...
Adam Khan (6 months ago)
Fuk that racist fat ass he deserved them in the dumpster
MAUR EAST (6 months ago)
Crazy part about it. It was a good idea to him
G MONEY (6 months ago)
Yvonne Romero (6 months ago)
Love his Trump t-shirt ❤❤
Carl Brutananadilewski (6 months ago)
If Obama had a son?
A Google User (6 months ago)
Carl Brutananadilewski He would be plowing white girls left and right
Henry Bass (6 months ago)
What can brown do for you?
A Google User (6 months ago)
My man is wearing a trump shirt. Get ready for all the Liberals snowflakes to shitt on this man