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Samsung Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra hands-on

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Text Comments (263)
john carter (7 hours ago)
100x zoom + nature photography so stop with the not practical crap
Billy Deh-Lee (3 days ago)
They should let people choose if they want 120hz at full resolution, otherwise it just seems like a gimmick. That's like if car manufacturers let you use sport mode on the car but only works up to 60mph.
William Richard (4 days ago)
Are the Ultra camera images really going to surpass the iphone 11 pro? Any thoughts anyone?
name last name (4 days ago)
“Hands on”...
ayush112000 (5 days ago)
phone manufacturers should make a "I dont care about the camera" variant that is significantly cheaper. there is a huge demographic for it
Charles D' Gomes (5 days ago)
is there a Tof camera? for thr s20 ultra
Alex McCaffrey (5 days ago)
The S10 is only cheaper as it's a year Old. The S20 is the same price on Amazon UK as the S10 was. Its not any more expensive than it was a year ago.
Andrew Tran (6 days ago)
Um Tmobile has mmwave too
Diego CustomMarineUpholstery (6 days ago)
I want that shit so bad!! Im in pre order and put my iphone 11 max in the garbage
Family Falls (6 days ago)
Wait, did he say the iphone 11 has a better camera???? I got a better camera on the back of my car than the iphone 11... 😑
Rudy Rodriguez (6 days ago)
we all know perverts will use that 100x zoom to spy on people hahaha
Nícollas Dias (7 days ago)
Why do you still upload at 16:9?!
Asim Mer (7 days ago)
honest review.
CrimsonSlayer7 (7 days ago)
Apple: skip the number 9 Samsung: skip 9 numbers All might: And make it plus *ULTRA!*
Benjamin Mutua (7 days ago)
That galaxy s20 ultra 16gb of ram that's the beast I want but if the ultra is this beasty what about the note series cant wait
Fulminator 33114 (7 days ago)
Please update
Fulminator 33114 (7 days ago)
What is the type of storage type on s20 series ?? Is it UFS 2.0,3.0 or 3.1...??????
TommyV_OG (7 days ago)
I would have much rather WQHD+ at 90 hrz than FHD+ at 120.
Laman Digital (7 days ago)
Yay youre zooming to malaysia
Filmaholic (7 days ago)
I don’t get why companies are starting to make cameras with phones and mainly just focus on the cameras instead of the phone itself
The Drizzle (5 days ago)
Focus on cameras is turning these phones into ugly design messterpieces.
Bill Zipprich (7 days ago)
I give credit to the Korean guys. They keep throwing stuff at the wall. At the end of the day they lack a couple of things. One, they don't have a seamless platform that smoothly integrates with other personal electronics, at least not very well. Second, they simply don't have the prestige of Apple. Samsung is scrappy but lacks the charm and charisma of you know who. Flame me if you wish, I'm wearing my flame suit.
Owen Thorley (7 days ago)
Not lying but the Galaxy S20, S20+ and S20 Ultra are fucking badass! 😍
Sonny Wolf (7 days ago)
I don't need 100X , I always use 1 or 2x, i'm gonna get the plus, ultra bigger than my head
Ark (8 days ago)
An expensive ass phone that’ll only last for two years.
TheFabbening (4 days ago)
2 years? My s7 still works. it depends on how you take care of your phone..
streetside121 (8 days ago)
Why do they keep removing the headphone jack and adding more cameras? Wtf am I gonna do with a phone camera that can view atoms and peer into the furthest regions of space??! I legit use my phone camera twice a month if it's lucky. I use the headphone jack EVERYDAY. I tried the whole wireless thing didn't like it. Don't like the fact I have to remember to charge my ear phones and can't use them when they're dead. Samsung was my last hope.😭🤦‍♂️
Piyush Agrawal (8 days ago)
Is Samsung selling smartphones or cameras?
vostamante bautista (8 days ago)
i hope samsung will release a 4th variant of S20's where it has a pop up camera to get rid of the front camera where it was now so that it will be all screen.
TurboManTom (8 days ago)
iPhone fanyboy alert lol just now giving Samsung kudos for build quality? Dafuq are you smoking they've been at the top for a long time
sebay blackberry (8 days ago)
indonesia at zoom
Ivail (8 days ago)
No macro lens?
Michael Young (8 days ago)
Tony Shi (7 days ago)
darf Vador (8 days ago)
The Note 20 will have a 7.2 inch screen
Rushan King (8 days ago)
Apple iPhone it’s like purring a new wine in a old bottle 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Rushan King (8 days ago)
Now apple getting boring, Samsung gives their customers what they needs. But apple you of to beg them. Am going be switching soon.
Cherry_ Boy (8 days ago)
When you're a tech reviewer being unbiased goes a long way, unsunscribed...
Comment Police (8 days ago)
That's okay that you have unsunscribed lmao
Jaughn Ekow (8 days ago)
Samsung has great premium smartphones now. Maybe they should take a break lol. Focus on making upgrades in other tech products cos phones now all are the same
Smart Guy (8 days ago)
Why no one talk about front camera at all ever
Daryl Lasafin (8 days ago)
Do the text messaging apps on these phones come with RCS? Are these phones going to get Android update support faster and longer? I guess these are vital questions to ask, too.
Abayomi Ajisefinni (8 days ago)
Biased Review! easy to tell. hmm
Cinnamonstiques (7 days ago)
How is it bias?
Joko JMC (8 days ago)
Company today only care about camera and screen, ppl should stop using "smartphone" naming and change it with "smartcamera" or "smartdevice"
vlog on d spot omsim (8 days ago)
This s20 line up is the phone to beat this 2020
Chen Liang (8 days ago)
Owned android and iphone meh a phone is just a phone. If it cost beyond 1000dolar we have issues here. These expensive phone definitely not for most people they are for fan based people that spend a lot for phone. With these kinda money i can buy pc to get my work done and get some money.
Lephas (8 days ago)
I wish they made an Ultra Verison but in "Small"
Dark PlayerX5 (7 days ago)
Worth the Watch (8 days ago)
Not enough room to make up for the cameras parts
MHS (8 days ago)
The slow removal of the annoying cured edges is a big plus for these phones!
Jake nox (8 days ago)
10 years went quick only got my s10 plus last year
Jake nox (6 days ago)
Sure is
Diego CustomMarineUpholstery (6 days ago)
Ohh Chejoo (8 days ago)
But when will we get a portrait mode?
Alexander Cooper (8 days ago)
Just order the S20 Plus. Switching from P30 Pro.
jimmy quek (8 days ago)
im pre-ordering the Ultra!
RP (8 days ago)
Kishore Kumar (8 days ago)
Can we expect a review on galaxy S10 lite
rml695 (8 days ago)
For someone with enough usable vision, though still limited, the extreme zoom options on these phones could easily replace a monocular
SomedayWe'llKnow (8 days ago)
Michael Xz (6 days ago)
don't worry - wait a few years and you can pick one up cheap
sterling archer (8 days ago)
Software still needs a lot of work :l android still looks and feels very half baked compared to iOS. The displays are still curved too, which makes this instant garbage in my mind.
Thanh Tran (8 days ago)
Happy for you. 👍👍👍
siddhartha k (8 days ago)
I want 108 px camera at 6.2" screen size, why do you keep increasing the size?
Germaine Liew (8 days ago)
Because they just want to reserve the best for the most expensive variant. Same case for the S10 lineup, the bigger battery and larger storage options are only available for the S10+. I got a S10e for its size, but the battery on this kinda small, it's not something that can easily last for an entire day.
himano loganor (8 days ago)
because you`re poor and they want big money
Punyabrata Panda (8 days ago)
S20 =s10e S20 plus =s10 S20 ultra =s10 plus
Germaine Liew (8 days ago)
@Thanh Tran Still I rather have the no curved display and rather smaller screen size of the S10e.
Thanh Tran (8 days ago)
Ahhh no. S10e is a copy of iPhone R for low budget. S20 ain't no budget phone. It's all the insane new tech w a price tag of $1k. No budget line up here.
Aaaa Nani (8 days ago)
watching this on my samsung j7 prime 🤘
Victory Asemota (8 days ago)
Me too
Paul Elias (8 days ago)
The S20+ only supports sub 6 5G as well. The only model to support all 5G technology is the Ultra.
Thomas Leaf (8 days ago)
if these things had an Apple logo on the back these guys would be losing their shit over what these phones can do.
denziiey (7 days ago)
actually from talking to a lot of people, Samsung gets there props. most people like their iphone for the same reason i love my samsung. but you're right there are some air heads that know nothing
tiggz R (7 days ago)
Agreed...same shape and model year after year and people lose it
Chrollo Lucifer (8 days ago)
Apple fans are morons tho lol not a fair comparison
J Leo (8 days ago)
Correct ~🤭🤭🤭
Morris Kris (8 days ago)
Ericorg (8 days ago)
Too big and too long. Ttoo expensive, too overspeced and too much gimmick. 100x zoom my ass. That is a 4x zoom with a lot of awful oversharpening. I'm tired of Samsung's oversharpening. Why can't they add a option in their camera menu to balance denoise, sharpening, contrast and saturation like ANY semi-professional camera does? Photographing in raw all the time is a PITA. As much as a I want a good camera phone, 8k is completely idiotic on a phone. I would much more rather have 4k with 10 bit, HDR 444 chroma than a regular 420 8k video. I don't need 120hz on a phone, a I don't need, 12 gbs of ram, I don't need a curved glass that is going to be hidden by a cover anyway, nor the absolute fastatest processor out there, I just want a good camera and good battery life without having to carry a brick weighting down my pockets. I'll definetly pass on this S20, not worth the price.
Jessie Birax (8 days ago)
Keeps the same 12mp ultra wide angle camera eh ??🤔 these reviewers really saying stuff without any facts
AllNamesAreTaken (8 days ago)
What Samsung are doing is taking photos in the much larger megapixel, then shrinking the picture down to 12 megapixels to improve picture quality. So you still get 12 megapixel photos, not the claimed megapixel.
Arbaaz (8 days ago)
8:42 is that a white s20?
MrGriff305 (8 days ago)
still hate curved screens.. just so sad how it warps content and harms my ability to know how good a photo really is
MrGriff305 (8 days ago)
@Thanh Tran Love an option to remove curved display. Didn't know that. Thanks!
Thanh Tran (8 days ago)
They curved it much less this yr n also they've always added an option to remove the curve display. In the setting you can have it removed the display on the edge as if it's a flat screen. You'll just have a sliver of black bars on the side.
Ronnie DiMaio (8 days ago)
Wow the Ultra looks amazing
Craig Nelson (8 days ago)
I haven't used a Samsung phone since the S7. I just prefer stock Android. This really makes me want to fork over money though
Thanh Tran (8 days ago)
Stock android is boring. One UI is much better plus it has more advance feature. Ie dark mode came to Samsung first before goggle finally added it to their stock os. Not to mention split screen, pop out app, etc.. Samsung gets ton of flack but they add tons of new feature before Google finally copies them.
Guard the Soul (8 days ago)
You guys complaining about design... iphone pro max is worse than this 3 eyes give me anxiety at max level
Son of that land (6 days ago)
Actually.. these s20 phones is uglier than pro max.
Eddy Patino (8 days ago)
Are you serious beautiful? lol😂😂😂😂
KingClaytonz (8 days ago)
S20 ultra is not worth it, 128gb? Hell no. Might as well get the galaxy z flip for cheaper
MikeWard1701 (8 days ago)
Android is so bad at memory management, phones running it require more RAM than the average PC.
chat box's (8 days ago)
I have the plus should I get the ultra are the 20 plus
chat box's (8 days ago)
I can't wait to upgrade on the 14th yay!!!!!
Kind hearted Traveler (8 days ago)
What u stupid, iPhone pro quality.. ur joke samsung make way better products then apple.. except first, second, generation iphone, after that apple lost the race..
Tony Dinh (8 days ago)
The zoom is for the UFO's we keep seeing and spy on your creepy neighbors who seem they are cooking drugs😉😉😉
Tony Dinh (7 days ago)
If you dont think your body doesnt doesnt change after the doses of these drugs, I bet you you fall 4 times or more being proactive
Tony Dinh (7 days ago)
@mrchicken08 yeah bro, thays after I got my injections with the testosterone
mrchicken08 (7 days ago)
Tony Dinh or take it to the gym!
Trindade CR7 (8 days ago)
Samsung S20 ultra kill iPhone 11 😂 Display 120 h 👈 bathery 5000 👍 câmera 108 MPx 👈 Zom 100,Vídeo 8 K 👏 wireless 45 W and 5 G 👈 👏👏 👈👏👏👏👏 iPhone 11 pro max bathery 3679 😂, vídeo 4K 60 😂 câmeras 12 😂😂😂🧐😂😂
Bumkyu Kim (8 days ago)
This is the camera having cell phone function Also, it has better specs than normal laptop. If you connect it monitor with blutooth keyboard, you can use it as laptop too 1399 is not bad price for that😁
Felix Fung (8 days ago)
8:45 gave me anxiety
Marton Juhasz (8 days ago)
Going somewhere?
Yuki BabaYaga (8 days ago)
Have a Note 8 international version that works like new but looking forward to get the Note 20 around this time next year.
Bruce Lopez (8 days ago)
The S10 design looks a lot better than the S20. This phones are too big, the colors are ugly, the camera design is ugly, no headphone jack. I think Samsung did not do a good job here with the design of the phone except for a less curved screen and Bixby button removal.
Fish Man (8 days ago)
Staying with my s10+. Still an amazing phone ❤️
Bráulio Sabino Salongue - BSS (7 days ago)
I am using my S9+ I am ok for that
Chrollo Lucifer (7 days ago)
@Ricardo Chavez s20 plus or ultra is worth the upgrade in my opinion. But most people wont because of price, I warned many to wait for this phone
Ricardo Chavez (7 days ago)
Should I trade my s10 plus for the s20 ?
Chrollo Lucifer (8 days ago)
That phone is ass b
Kit Bina (8 days ago)
Still using my S7 😂
ipetloudog (8 days ago)
Man I love my pixel 4xl
binh nguyen (8 days ago)
Said S20Ultra cost $1,500 and it lasts for 5 years. so each year cost $300, each month is $25, and each day in a month cost .83 cent. so I'm going to buy the Samsung S20 Ultra.
SuperMX (8 days ago)
This make S20 the cheapest 8K camera in the world ..!!
Muhasin Mrack (8 days ago)
Samsung camara clarity better then Sony?????
Muhasin Mrack (8 days ago)
@Yuki BabaYaga thank you for valuable information dear,
Yuki BabaYaga (8 days ago)
Both Samsung and Apple use Sony camera sensors but now Samsung is producing their own sensors.
Shahrukh Patel (8 days ago)
Is it worth to upgrade over s9+ ?
Germaine Liew (8 days ago)
If you're into taking photos a lot, I'd say yes (If you're considering the Ultra), or else just keep the S9+ for another year or two and you would be fine.
Fish Man (8 days ago)
Nope. S10+ for half the price.
Marinus Piekwee (8 days ago)
Yes. Go for the plus.
Jadei Babes (8 days ago)
People shouldn’t complain because clearly all of that stuff sounds expensive to make with the 100x zoom they would never make that cheap Apple wouldn’t why should they
ldyluv6988 (8 days ago)
Now that I’m looking at it. I’ll be cool with the 20+. The Ultra is like a tablet.. too big ☹️
William Richard (4 days ago)
Actually the Ultra is a beautiful size. Holding one will convince you and the camera module makes it stand out.
Diego CustomMarineUpholstery (6 days ago)
you wrong
LuminumYT ツ (7 days ago)
@TommyV_OG Yep. But it's weird that phones nowdays have the height of tablets
TommyV_OG (7 days ago)
@LuminumYT ツ except it's much much more narrow.
RobTortureWright (7 days ago)
Take back everything I said about the colors, ended up going for the S20 Ultra in Black 🙈 not flexing as it is on a plan with the option to get a new phone after 2 years and from somebody that always upgrades every year I think this phone will easily keep up for 2 years with the top of the line tech.
Black Rose (8 days ago)
So coming from someone with an s10 this seems like slighty better all round phone with a way better camera. And...that's about it.shame i hardly use the camera
colin3ds (8 days ago)
@Thanh Tran that's what I like about samsung phones you dont NEED the new phone when it comes out The older ones still get updates and still run great so you can easily upgrade in 5 years
Thanh Tran (8 days ago)
You blind n deaf? Only slightly better n way better camera? 120hz oled screen, 5G tech are brand spanking new.
Felix LAU (8 days ago)
Amir Vlogs (8 days ago)
Samsung: we have both 8k photos and videos and 100x zoom 4:55 Apple sheep: iPhone 11 Pro Max is still better
Amir Vlogs (8 days ago)
@Ronaldo Vera I see what your talking about. He said that even tho their is some uncertainty it is still better than the iPhone 11 Pro Max zoom. He also said he recommends it over the iPhone 11 Pro Max
Ronaldo Vera (8 days ago)
@Amir Vlogs search the youtuber mrwhosetheboss
Amir Vlogs (8 days ago)
@Ronaldo Vera trolling 😂 where is the links with proof 🤔
E D (8 days ago)
£1400 😳😳😳🤯🤯🤯ill take my iphone 11 pro max 😋
Ronaldo Vera (8 days ago)
The Galaxy S20 Ultra camera has already been exposed, it's not 10x optical zoom, it's around 4x. Samsung is full of sh*t
Thong Thong (8 days ago)
iPhone pro max is the best, this phone is too expensive.
ENB90 (8 days ago)
Don't they cost around the same price?
Ryan lex (8 days ago)
Way overpriced products
Ryan lex (8 days ago)
@Thanh Tran I agree overpriced products
Thanh Tran (8 days ago)
Apple selling a monitor stand for 1k
Ryan lex (8 days ago)
@Yuki BabaYaga I not even a apple fan. LMAO 🤦
Yuki BabaYaga (8 days ago)
Wait until Apple comes with the same crappy iPhone but far more expensive and sheep like you will line up to buy it.
Jerry Berglund (9 days ago)
Sorry, ugly looking phones. Just hate this design. Features kinda cool though. :-)
PINK (8 days ago)
In my opinion, having the latest smartphone is a waste of time and money because people buy a new phone and replace the old phone they had last year, it makes no difference. I recommend the documentary minimalism because it helped me be in control of my life properly.
hioxd (8 days ago)
Depends on the purpose, I havent upgraded since the note 8. Still going pretty strong but the battery is starting to drain quicker. Which would make me want to upgrade.
eazibaby eaZI (9 days ago)
If my daughter didn't have the iPhone 11 pro max I might oh agreed about the photos being the best... But I have the 4xl and we both agree. Google is still a step ahead
eazibaby eaZI (8 days ago)
@omar vasquez my comment was toward what he said about the iPhone 11 pro. I didn't mention the s20....
omar vasquez (8 days ago)
You haven’t even seen the results
eazibaby eaZI (9 days ago)
120 only at fhd not acceptable! I'll be waiting on the complaints. They complained about the 4xl 90hz not being forced all the time. At least it supports the full resolution of the display. Not impressed,, still chasing Google in the camera department. Now everybody trying to capture the stars lol. Nice but over hyped in my opinion
eazibaby eaZI (8 days ago)
@Germaine Liew the point of my comment is pointing out how often Therese reviewers are biased. Other phone makers caught flack for not forcing 90hz all the time. Mainly Google. The OnePlus doesn't stay at 90hz all the time either, they down played that. Both of them still supported the full resolution of the display. No different for Sammy. If it's 120hz on a qhd display it should support the full resolution. Correct most activate FHD to conserve battery. Other makets, again Google caught flack cause some turned of motion sense or reach to wake to conserve battery. People went" you shouldn't have to change any setting for better battery performance". Phone was getting 7 hours screen on time and it still wasn't enough lol. Brand loyalist and bias reviewers mislead people who take their word into consideration heavy when making a purchase. Keep the same energy. Don't be bias
Germaine Liew (8 days ago)
Most Samsung users end up switching the display resolution to FHD anyway. So I don't think it's a big of a loss, unless if there's bigger caveats to using 120Hz.
Bames James (9 days ago)
What should I buy??? The ultra or the +
David Zita (9 days ago)
Best phone in s9 looks ancient
리더 (8 days ago)
My s6 has never broken down...
Lauren Alarie (8 days ago)
I still have one, still beautiful 💜
Jerome Simms (9 days ago)
Nah, don't worry, the s9 still looks beautiful
Avarosa (9 days ago)
Kinda WILD
Eclectic Gentleman (9 days ago)
Fix your Android app
usmannaeem (9 days ago)
Still not as wide as the LG V10. I miss wide phones.
dlysele (9 days ago)
Having started photography recently, I must say, it is worthwhile to buy a cheap phone and use what cash left that I would have spent on a smartphone to buy a nice mirrorless camera that would out perform any flagship camera.
dlysele (7 days ago)
@Ben Medina I totally agree. I really has to fit in with how you live. I live in London and everything is closeby, so carrying a camera. is not that big of a deal.
dlysele (7 days ago)
@The Cadaver Every weekend actually. I don't carry my camera on weekdays because of work but I don't take pictures during the week anyway. So it actually fits my life style.
Ben Medina (8 days ago)
Sold my mirrorless recently (Sony a7iii) because it was a hassle to carry around a camera. The cameras on these phones are getting better and better so portability is a big plus for me. I was more of a casual photographer so this was a no brainier for me. It's all about what works best for you.
Jacob Dawson (8 days ago)
The Cadaver Yeah portability and comfort are the most important things when considering any object I have thousand dollar expensive headphones and I haven’t use them in two months I prefer my cheap $50 comfortable easy to put on headphones
The Cadaver (8 days ago)
How often do you carry around an actual camera?
Yoko (9 days ago)
We are paying for a better camera set with a AI brain. The smartphone portion of it's pretty much the same.