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Idiots drivers forgot about the handbrake on Dash Cam - Crazy Driving Fails & Stupid Road Rage 2017

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Text Comments (463)
sam frankss (22 hours ago)
those cars and trucks did not like where they drivers park them and was looking for a better spot to park, is all.
Zawir Syahmi (3 days ago)
4:20 did he step the gas instead of the brakes? Lmao
jdrose1000 (6 days ago)
Do people know what putting your car in park means?
Spec Design (11 days ago)
6:23 it gives you enough time to backup and you just stood there. OMG 😂
Gryphon 1-1 (25 days ago)
I think some of these clips are covered in driver's ed
MALAYA CHOUDHARY (1 month ago)
good ball bearings...smoooooooth..
Jenny Lee (1 month ago)
I did that once in my twenties. My Pinto rolled down the drive way and hit the trailer. It seems to be some kind of instinct to try to stop the rolling vehicle with your hands. I think I did slow it down a bit. p.s. car did not explode:)
Edwin Mashola (2 months ago)
1:00 what a gentleman
Johann Schumacher (3 months ago)
Drug Enforcement would fine those people with $5000
Paweł Skotnica (4 months ago)
4:10 - instead of pulling the handbrake to stop all movement, he decides to accelerate, but does it on the wrong gear , reverse, by accident. xD
Paweł Skotnica (4 months ago)
4:10 - instead of pulling the handbrake to stop all movement, he decides to accelerate, but does it on the wrong gear , reverse, by accident. xD
Franko 3000 (4 months ago)
7.23 guy still has no clue
George Wilkinson (5 months ago)
people gotta be more care full.
LOBO NEGRO (7 months ago)
8:46 poor guy😟😞😢😭
kingjay239 (8 months ago)
Why are some of the other drivers so stupid? Like a lot of them have enough time to react and stop far enough to avoid crashing into the car that the other dumb person either didn’t put in park or forgot the emergency brake. I just don’t get it, it’s like the other drivers are attracted to the moving car, they either don’t stop or they keep going towards it lol.
yoram bar (8 months ago)
Some idiot, got into the car in time and gave a gas pedal 4:14.
Zbyśko (8 months ago)
4:18 it's a MAN-GIRL
WasGibtEs Leute (8 months ago)
Just idiots!
TheBeteljuice (8 months ago)
Oh look. I seem to have left my handbrake off and my truck is rolling towards a parked car. I know, I'll place my body between them so nothing gets damaged!
chrisak49 (9 months ago)
All Russian. The stupidest type of people
Peter Rasputin (9 months ago)
9:40 ths oriental woman are more dangerous than the others.. maybe all they but specially the orientals lol
Bribiesca (9 months ago)
4:14 Brain.exe has stopped working
Yrag Okselohno1 (9 months ago)
404イスパノ (9 months ago)
OMG Flying Spur...! It's a too heavy car for a stupid woman to drive it.
Ajay legend (9 months ago)
Self-driving cars have always existed yo!
Κλάιντι Μπάλλιου (9 months ago)
1:05 *steals car*
wesleykop1992 (9 months ago)
Russians are such morons omg
mania crickert (9 months ago)
enjoy russian
Alessandro Zavagno (9 months ago)
4'21'' "Well, I have no driver license but this must be brake pedal"
Yr C (9 months ago)
how could these idiots get their driving licenses
U2WB (9 months ago)
One more reason not to drive a stick.
243wayne1 (9 months ago)
Should not this video be called "Forgot to place vehicle in park?" The handbrake has little to nothing to do with what happened here. Thank you. Mgmt.
anthony duvall (9 months ago)
lol at :55 the drunk oaf
zemog gomez (9 months ago)
Why those people buy that self driving car and din't read the manual thoroughly,,,
off_LINE (9 months ago)
У меня ручник вообще не работает, но всегда оставляю включенную передачу.
bsmack66 (9 months ago)
10:23, Dude looked like T-1000 from Terminator 2.
bsmack66 (9 months ago)
This is why I hate manual gearboxes. I can't count the number of times my neighbor's Miata rolled out her driveway and t-boned our cars.
Shaniya Bell (9 months ago)
these are the dumbest people on earth they cant Drive cant put that shit in park where the hell they get their license from
Steen Birkedahl (9 months ago)
Most disturbing thing about this, is the amount of fucks given.
Joachim Mikalsen (9 months ago)
ஈழவன் (9 months ago)
3:36 is epic and savage ....lol :) the bold guy ...ROFL
Lisa Pincott (9 months ago)
4.20 biker should've looking, and would of seen the obstruction in his path
Royu. (9 months ago)
可憐的賓利 女駕駛無敵
S Pradeep Kumar S Chandra Shekar (9 months ago)
OMG crazy video. How people can forget to pull hand brake
b8e71fcbe2e195c67d8d16734013d20f (9 months ago)
2:24 How do you even leave the car without noticing that the handbrake is not on on such slope? And at 3:57 wtf is wrong with those oncoming drivers? They can see from 300 meters distance that this stuff is going on and they are not even planning to slow down. Unbelievable how stupid people can be.
DeeZanic (9 months ago)
But don't cars usually put themselves into P and handbrake when you exit? How is this even possible.
HotWheeler04 (9 months ago)
8:39 For a second I thought that the person running in front was riding a bike.
t00 sp00ky (9 months ago)
I always leave my hand brake off so I can deal with a constant disaster!
Kiyoshi Kirishima (9 months ago)
Also there's something innately hilarious about watching a man running after his own car, a crippled man, even more so.
Kiyoshi Kirishima (9 months ago)
Russia. Always Russia.
Jim Elliott (9 months ago)
This makes me think about all those Cadillacs and I think Lexus and Rolls Royce have this feature too - the car is basically on auto pilot, okay what happens if that mechanism fails.....
Eddie p (9 months ago)
why that music?
StrangerJohn (9 months ago)
3:25 R.I.P
Саша Кобко (9 months ago)
Вообще те люди кто не терялся и помогал молодцы.
Саша Кобко (9 months ago)
С камазом дерева , чел красава, среагировал за секунду что надо делать.
Ninad Choudhury (9 months ago)
Those vehicles are saying "CATCH ME IF YOU CAN"....
oNee (9 months ago)
These guys put their cars in neutral, if they were in park a handbrake would not be needed.
Jackie Davies (9 months ago)
The guy who jumped in the timber truck , what a hero give that man a medal.
Munna Vlog (9 months ago)
1:00 salute that man
Mélissa Gany (9 months ago)
5:52 Un vieux bus belge (TEC) sans doute expatrié ... :-)
Myriad Concepts (9 months ago)
Аленький цветочек (9 months ago)
и после этого они еще что то будут говорить о блондинках!
first day (9 months ago)
Always handbrake and 1st gear when parking .
rosstedfordkendall (9 months ago)
5:04 I like this one. You think it's the one in the background, then the one in the foreground ... nope, the one in the background after all.
Apres Midi (9 months ago)
Im sure that they will use a parking break from now on
Apres Midi (9 months ago)
6:45 insert benny hill theme
ดนัย สหรัฐ (9 months ago)
VGA GAMES (9 months ago)
idk why this funny
MsLandser (9 months ago)
vollidioten on mass
지구 (9 months ago)
아오 트럭 화물차 씹새끼들 존나 ㅅ예비살인마
Loli Catcher (9 months ago)
0:55 *00F* Legs
Anatolia (9 months ago)
Does this happen because they're all stick-shifts? I've driven automatics all my life and never had this problem once the car was in park...
janetsbrick (28 days ago)
There are 10,000 reported vehicle rollaways in the USA each year, causing 2000 injuries and about 110 deaths. Over 90% of the vehicles involved are automatic. "Park" is not designed to hold a vehicle by itself and no manufacturer recommends that you use it that way.
Sbeiker (9 months ago)
1:53 to 2:04 Music Yngwie Malmsteen Live At Budokan 2003 in Japan "Burn" Mike Vescera on vocals 1:35 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sIVq3wFt5P8
JC (9 months ago)
Holly shit, which man on earth is so stupid to allow his wife to drive his Bentley ???? He got what he deserves.
cellophaneboy (9 months ago)
What song is played at 3:50? I like the beat
ActMedInfo (9 months ago)
Большинство видео из России ;)
Stranac Oppilas (9 months ago)
The guy at 3:26 is a dumb motherfucker.
Alex Cabson (9 months ago)
The gas station fat boy was the most stupid one. LOL. But most of the situations were really dangerous.
Chuckey 2015 (9 months ago)
Bunch of dumb asses. They need their licenses suspended indefinitely.
Gev Bugh (9 months ago)
As always, Russians and Chinese.
A. G. (9 months ago)
Hahaha.... again in Russia and in Russia again. Self-driving cars without A.I.
Major Tom (9 months ago)
4:19 - Oh nice! He's gonna save the car and no damage will happen! 4:21 - Nope. He made it worse.
Geo Marfil (9 months ago)
at 10:17, the reverse version of Temple Run started.. hahahaha
l337pwnage (9 months ago)
Parking brake??? Is that the "P" on the shift lever??
armorder (9 months ago)
ой дебилы бля... В автошколе надо было отрабатывать рефлекс ручника.
maritomppa123 (9 months ago)
7:10 This dude takes it easy. Car sneaking away without the driver notifying. He sees some idiot driving a car into the ditch, ignoring such a minor incident.
my name (9 months ago)
How many of those idiots reproduced?
Donald Fiebing (9 months ago)
Danke für das Video, aber die Musik ist ekelerregend.
Tu`ng Tu`ng (9 months ago)
Hmm...whatcha say
Kuri Adams (9 months ago)
So long and thanks for all the gas.
代表アノニマス (9 months ago)
Федя Мармеладов (10 months ago)
Лайк за название
Толя Семенов (10 months ago)
4:20 кто ему вообще права дал! Долбоеб чисто. Вместо тормоза, газ нажал. Пидораз!
playhouserage (10 months ago)
Cars are like puppies, they just want to venture out when their owners are not paying attention
HardstyleBeats_Mixr (10 months ago)
4:20 the car suddenly accelerated a lot faster, don't tell me he was stupid enough to press the clutch?...
C- Al-Sabri (10 months ago)
most of these new cars are auto, don't these ppl put them in P Gear before leaving ?
Fuhk Yumam (10 months ago)
1:54 yngwie malmsteen band burn cover (deep purple) in the radio
Pamela Suarez (10 months ago)
Варенька В (10 months ago)
И вообще - каким надо быть дураком - не поставить машину на ручник? Это должно быть уже на автомате! Ставишь на стоянку - не важно - на пару минут или надолго - дерни ручник! Мне тут сосед недавно пытался объяснить, что я дура😂😂 - ставлю машину на ручник оставляя ее на ночь на парковке, когда надо ставить на первую передачу 🤔... Послала... Сам периодически забывает и, заводя машину, скачет вперёд😂😂😂 Дебилы!
Варенька В (10 months ago)
На втором видео молодец Мужик👍👏👏👏