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Idiots drivers forgot about the handbrake on Dash Cam - Crazy Driving Fails & Stupid Road Rage 2017

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Text Comments (364)
Pamela Suarez (1 day ago)
Варенька В (1 day ago)
И вообще - каким надо быть дураком - не поставить машину на ручник? Это должно быть уже на автомате! Ставишь на стоянку - не важно - на пару минут или надолго - дерни ручник! Мне тут сосед недавно пытался объяснить, что я дура😂😂 - ставлю машину на ручник оставляя ее на ночь на парковке, когда надо ставить на первую передачу 🤔... Послала... Сам периодически забывает и, заводя машину, скачет вперёд😂😂😂 Дебилы!
Варенька В (1 day ago)
На втором видео молодец Мужик👍👏👏👏
Doom And Gloom (1 day ago)
When your car wants to become a self-driving car.
Борис М. (2 days ago)
На 0:47 - вот это кукушка! Ей не то что за руль в машину, на велосипед опасно садиться, черепно-мозговую сразу получит....
Muhannad American (3 days ago)
Advert I will be at home or go stand on my other phone on my life I want to mate a lot
RGB LOK (3 days ago)
In Great Mother Russia, Mother Russia drives your car!
k k (3 days ago)
The last guy ran so fast.
k k (3 days ago)
I don't understand why they put the gear in N while parking a AT car.
friedchicken (4 days ago)
its cars' nature to want to escape the humans
engel Eng (5 days ago)
4:14 is the car in reverse or what ?
Alan Brown (6 days ago)
Another thing to blame on cell phones.
Alan Brown (6 days ago)
Might be useful to sound an alarm when the transmission is not in park/gear or the parking brake is not set AND the driver's door is open? You could also detect the slope the car is on and make the alarm louder or keep the door from opening on a steep hill until the brake is set and car is in park.
poee (6 days ago)
the 1st one would have been catastrophic if he did not manage to control the truck...
207522 (6 days ago)
6:23 is obviously fake.
Hiroshi Shinagawa (7 days ago)
solatiumz (7 days ago)
Considering what a lot of men say about women drivers, it is satisfying that most of these seem to be male drivers. When you stop the car put it into park or second gear then apply the handbrake. Can't remember that then you should not be driving.
bigbullbk (8 days ago)
4:14, he gets in the car and hits the gas instead of the brake? I mean really.
Paul Davis (9 days ago)
Is it really that hard to remember to put a car in park when you stop to get out?
Domovilu Melimilla (10 days ago)
Autos con vida propia, jajá.
\\/\// (10 days ago)
seriously, are russians this stupid???? this is ridiculous how dangerously absent minded these incidents are.
bumtras99 (11 days ago)
Yes, this is Idots..real and big idiots..
Mihail Vovk (12 days ago)
Two my coworkers laughed one time on me, like Mike, why the f you put your car on handbrake. - Why I shouldn't? - Once it's gonna freeze in the winter and you are not gonna be able to move your car. It's not easy to tell to other guys why they should put their cars on parking brake. They gonna learn it hard way. And what I can see around - americans do not put their cars on parking brake at all.
Israel Fearon (12 days ago)
they are alive
Surfer Bri (12 days ago)
that second lady in the tunnel got her ankles snapped, she couldnt put any weight on them when she tried to get up
Chirillo Love Cadillac (12 days ago)
Какие же лохи хозяева...слов нет)) Права у таких сразу забирать!
What Ever (13 days ago)
The idiot at 4:16 was better off not getting involved , the car was doing a better job with out his help.
Ismail4046 (13 days ago)
Это все для тех кто любить автомат.Механика никогда не подведет.
19Lion8 (13 days ago)
Lorry drivers who forget to put handbrakes on, should get a huge fine & made to do a Lorry Driving re test. They could easily kill someone.
CODE-7動画チャンネル (14 days ago)
I thought Japanese car is a lot....
Сергей Коваль (14 days ago)
какрй хороший накат у всех
AntiKor-TV (14 days ago)
Ручник? А зачем? ))) В последнем сюжете хорошо по колее шел. Жаль перевертыша, а то бы и до стойла доехал, нечего в лесу мерзнуть с таким водятлом )))
GUiGNOL (14 days ago)
only is russia can happen this.
Roh G (15 days ago)
Seriously, how can someone forget to engage their vehicle handbrake? I thought that it should be second nature to do so.
benm mbk (19 days ago)
The TWO important safely features are, 1. HANDBRAKE, always USE it, 2. Turn the STEERING wheels towards UP in a gradient so that in case the car moves due to failure or accident it won't go far. These are basic steps whenever you stop a vehicle. Don't forget SAFETY. See what happened at 08.28.
Halo Mr. (19 days ago)
Enguerrand de Marigny (20 days ago)
9:40 The most horrendously expensive crash ! The Bentley continental kaput on the parking lot wall !
World Watch (20 days ago)
Foolish people don't have hand brakes or just mad at you mind & arrogance. Creeps
Joe Langley (21 days ago)
And more drunk Russian assholes.
Pareethudheen P.K (23 days ago)
1.05 # respect
Pamela Suarez (23 days ago)
Nathan Piper (27 days ago)
just darn right hilarious, how does somebody forget to put the handbrake on, at least a few could be handbrake failure, well i hope so anyway
AjIn SaNojj kK (29 days ago)
Peoples are so lazy to turn off their car😤 becuz they have ho fuel price problems unlike in india... 😣😮😮😒😒
Max Power (29 days ago)
Hahah 7:11 man is see some car go down, and after one moment look back and see that is car for him.. hahah for first moment sure think some other car go down 7:11
Stefan 269 (29 days ago)
Max Power (29 days ago)
0:48 i so said for that women.. legs damage, dont cry if you look this.. in that way someone from family is can to be..
Reed Pastime (29 days ago)
10:20 Run! Dududududu
Reed Pastime (29 days ago)
7:32 not my car. Wait a minute...
ECO FLOCK (29 days ago)
Two types of terrible drivers here in America... 1. Drunk drivers 2. Foreigners And this shit is getting worse by the day... I'm not sure how these people get cleared to drive... They say driving is a privilege... Well some of these privileges should be revoked...
Spring tone lyrics 4U (29 days ago)
The lady on 9:11 was busy in thinking that she is rich and forgotten to pull the handbrake!!~~ Lol
Steve Giardini (1 month ago)
Idiot* drivers
Jean-claude Lenoble (1 month ago)
Accident voiture Russie
Jean-claude Lenoble (1 month ago)
Acciident voiture Russie Accident voiture Russie
Camargo (1 month ago)
It serves them right for being so stupid.
CheezySalt (1 month ago)
All these cars and trucks be like " See ya!"
RAJAT wow (1 month ago)
Gölgesiź _ (1 month ago)
6:22 magic
DNC Journey (1 month ago)
SUPER vid...funniest the dumbo with the jerrycan....LOOOOOL and it shows rich bitches shouldn't be allowed to drive Bentley....
Mark Wagner (1 month ago)
Here i thought the USA had stupid drivers ...they are all over the world
yourotherleft (1 month ago)
3:15 That day, zero fucks was given by that guy.
rajneesh rana (2 months ago)
At 7.40 A well responsible guy, who dint panic at all, choose to place full dispenser at it's place before running to rescue his car,
Luca Luke (2 months ago)
"why not to drive an automatic"
Kristen555 (2 months ago)
Oh no. My Bentry Lan into ta wall.
George Guo (2 months ago)
That Bentley heart hurts
Kiraro The Kitsune (2 months ago)
Just keep rolling rolling rolling!
Ric ardo (2 months ago)
How stupid For real? With a German car?
Alain Gerard savillo (2 months ago)
Its easy to do this on a manual transmission/standard/5speed etc..You are taught to always put on first gear and then parking brake. But this happened to me when i was in my 20’s and forgot to put the hand brake and it must have disengage from first gear and my vw jetta rolled into our neighbors trailer and since i was only there for the summer they dont know whos car it was and callled the police and almost got a ticket for hit and run/ leaving a scene of accident. Fortunately the police believe my story and gave me a break. Hahahaha
nchia (2 months ago)
I can see why electronic brakes and auto hold were invented.
Tanman230 (2 months ago)
this is why i drive a manual. Its still gonna roll if youre a dumbass like these people but at least its not gonna drive itself forward lmao
AVC-Works (2 months ago)
1:35 had too mutch Vodka
unique username (2 months ago)
All I could think when watching the videos where people help out is whether or not they were sued afterwards. Heard a lot of cases where people tried to intervene in a parking break related incident and were on the hook for damages by the owner
The Gaming Norwegian (2 months ago)
7:42, that guy gotta be blind and deaf...
The Gaming Norwegian (2 months ago)
how is this even possible? R they all manual cars?
Da51lva (2 months ago)
4:16 what a fucking plonker!
Syed Muneer Pasha (2 months ago)
Ultra automatic show.
Gary Doss (2 months ago)
Another example of Born Stupid.
MrWombatty (2 months ago)
In some countries like the U.S.A. they refer to it as the emergency-brake despite its primary function being designed for use as a parking-brake, so that would probably explain why so few Americans actually use their handbrake!
kopec82 (2 months ago)
This guy at the beginning that stop that truck was a hero!
youtubergamer123 forendor (2 months ago)
1:01 don't judge her just because she forgot the handbrake, she's just a old lady.. she can be forgetful
randy roti (2 months ago)
And none are from the great ole USA....lolol
daina (3 months ago)
1:00 wtf? this stupid bitch.
Ash S (3 months ago)
2.15 Roxette ROCKS from 20 years ago to today. timeless music.
uKnow (3 months ago)
Self driving cars here you go :D
J. Clowers (3 months ago)
Benny Hill tunes need to be all over this
Spassi Let`s Plays (3 months ago)
Very Funny!!
vincent fauberteau (3 months ago)
un pays de malade comme leur président poutine,ils sont aussi con voir plus rien dans le cerveau !!!!!....
Miktecrep (3 months ago)
6:54 Lol.
vikas singh (3 months ago)
Car bored with old drive now the are searching New.
Alphonse James (3 months ago)
This is actually very funny!!
vj kapoor (3 months ago)
use handbrake
OMR VLOG (3 months ago)
Game Over @ 10:50
last name singh (3 months ago)
03:47 hahahah
1hourOfLove (3 months ago)
One of the best compilations. Thank you.
MsMontec (3 months ago)
Nunca había visto en un video tantos imbéciles juntos
Sunny Mohite (3 months ago)
7:00 Charlie Chaplin New Series
Fast Staff ART - DIY - Glue Gun - Life Hacks - 5-Minute - Crafts (4 months ago)
Reju Reju (4 months ago)
Google driver less car.
GUILLERMO RAMÍREZ (4 months ago)
Driving privilege must be taken away for ever! Stupid dumb fucking brainless worthless people!
How To Make Money (4 months ago)
Remember that hand brake
Nord Mann (4 months ago)
Last one at 10:17 hahahaha I've never seen a more desperate run before! and the end? :D