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Helicopter Crash Compilation viewer discrition advised !

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how not to fly a helicopter
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Broom (8 hours ago)
Description 💀💀💀
1jazzyphae (1 day ago)
This is why I stick to planes
stinky boy (2 days ago)
1:29 russian use vodka as fuel
It came from Denny's (2 days ago)
Quick, to the Petercopter!!
kickn ur ass alittle off (2 days ago)
Idiots behind the lever..
Zero_BS_Tolerance (2 days ago)
@6:24 ACME helicopter.
Raider Smiley (2 days ago)
@2:13 “push the L, push the L, push the L”
TEMPLE7D (3 days ago)
1:21 lmaooooo. Wheel got caught in the net
Bezzegh Adam (3 days ago)
Most of these were just weapons anyway.
Mylesgordon6 (3 days ago)
1:29 when you have an extra screw left over
christian hernandez (3 days ago)
And they say woman are bad at driving
edward wright (3 days ago)
Jane Fonda (3 days ago)
Joe Espo (4 days ago)
Vice City makes it look easy
Roger Roland (4 days ago)
I rerun of old previous
Mcrash 65 (4 days ago)
All of these are me when I play battlefield
gee s (4 days ago)
Dangerous mofos, gladly step on any plane, I would never go in a helicopter,
Cecil Wooten (4 days ago)
I expected each one to instantly blow up
Jarrod3588 (4 days ago)
1:42 come on even I could have saved that, unless the engine stalled but even then restart the bitch and pull up full throttle while you're still floating.
Jarrod3588 (4 days ago)
0:50 that guy probably shit himself
BoxBoyProductions (4 days ago)
>When you try to fly a helicopter in Rising Storm 2
Lupus Raven (5 days ago)
0:55 that's a freaking lucky dude.
Milan Djukic (5 days ago)
The first video's original footage is FULL HD. This is ridiculous what you did to the videos.
ClosetCannibal (5 days ago)
Not worthy of "viewer discretion"
Roguephilsopher (5 days ago)
So this is what I look like when trying to fly in BF3
JoeKnows All (5 days ago)
Oh Shit,,, Hold My Damn Beer Larry...
The Morningstar Killer (5 days ago)
I appreciate compilation vids so much more without some douche narrator...
Name change allowed every 30 days (5 days ago)
1:30 my brain during school
drake krook (5 days ago)
1:30 when your crush says yes to a date
GΔUZE (5 days ago)
Best way to mow the lawn.
Masca Chicles (6 days ago)
Im not a sadistic SOB but its impressive watching these things crash
Revelian1982 (6 days ago)
Morrowdeath was the worst one I can remember seeing.
Adrian Wulff of Wall Street (6 days ago)
4:44 waitwhat?!
Geoff Manser (6 days ago)
helicopers should be banned
I did it for the cat girls (6 days ago)
2:21 stock movie sound effects? I've heard that at least ten times before and so has everyone else here lol
J Hodges (6 days ago)
Every single chopper that crashed had a Jeep logo on it.
LuBu4u (6 days ago)
2:26 when youre trying to pick your boys up in GTA
stoneeh (7 days ago)
Whoever came out with the idea of a couple of giant blades spinning atop of your head as an acceptable travel method is a FUCKING DICKWEED. These things have disaster written all over them, and such things should never be allowed to fly.
SelectKhan790 (7 days ago)
Anyone one else get a little chub outta this?
rburk854 (7 days ago)
Reminds me of people flying choppers in Battlefield 2.
Galaxies Art (8 days ago)
Gta anime betrayals
America (8 days ago)
4:34 this is why parachute and helicopters dont mix. RIP to the guy who got sucked into the rear propeller and had to go down with the ship.
StealthyMonk (8 days ago)
1:00 Unfortunately the ground crew worker wasn't wearing his brown trousers that day.
I Be Trollin' They Be Hatin' (8 days ago)
Man, I was going to buy a helicopter this morning until I saw this.
D. Jones (8 days ago)
Fucking death traps
Jorge Solano Vargas (9 days ago)
@3:19 y qué tal si lo ponemos para abajo jajajajajajaja
BobsAndVegane (9 days ago)
glock30fotyfive (9 days ago)
Controlled Idiocy vs Uncontrollable Malfunction...anyone have the count
Jorge Solano Vargas (9 days ago)
@1:28 jajajajajajajajaja
c b s (9 days ago)
@1:31 That chopper was dancing...🚁
Super Dave (9 days ago)
Never use Chinese or Russian made parts!
Smitty Knickerbocker (10 days ago)
If there was a video that could sum up my life it would be 3:52 😂
kornweasel (10 days ago)
@3:18 looks like a flying banana.
Nesta Nesta (10 days ago)
Take heed, Bill Burr.
James Faulkner II (11 days ago)
3 million views 3 million people telling you that you misspelled "discretion". Oh wait...
GD 02 (11 days ago)
Dumb invention.
Andre Van Der Mescht (11 days ago)
Dragonfly loses it's tale
FoI2eman 82 (12 days ago)
1:29 A noob in battlefield.
Mable Lane (12 days ago)
That's some wild crashes.
MaiAolei (12 days ago)
This video was kind of ... choppy. I'll see myself out, thank you.
Dream Girls Daily (13 days ago)
Discretion moron..
smart man (13 days ago)
1:30, i don't know how to say
Isaac Cantu (13 days ago)
3:00 Mating Dragonflies
rick fedorick (14 days ago)
01:44 thank god for a flooded carbureter.
rick fedorick (14 days ago)
William Scaife (14 days ago)
"Get to the choppa!" *watches video* "Never mind."
geeky book. (14 days ago)
0:53 thug life
SnowDogRedSectorEh (14 days ago)
2:26 this seems like a reasonable approach - oh wait, I'm *not* in my car! ..
Harry Carrey (15 days ago)
4;00 isnt a helicopter its a frog dancing.
Trevor Lobstein (15 days ago)
Fucking retards
Bret Allen (15 days ago)
Egg beaters....pass. I'll fly fixed wings, thx.
ajay babu rajam (15 days ago)
Richest suicide for Rich people ..
Vladpryde (15 days ago)
I'm a helicopter! *Belly flops into ocean* Fuck you, I'm a boat now!
eXultation (15 days ago)
Koopa Troopa Poopa (16 days ago)
Some of these are kind of satisfying. Of course not the ones where people got hurt.
Mr. VW O' Day (16 days ago)
Funkytones 314 (16 days ago)
That seaking if I remember had all passengers on board drowned. Been awhile since I heard that story
Bang Supa (16 days ago)
I want an helichopters
J P (16 days ago)
2:05 What kind of dumbass tries taking off from water once they've crashed into it?
Architude (17 days ago)
I didn't know an armed forces test is interpreted as a crash. Thanks for the clarification.
Zombie Rofl (17 days ago)
RIP last clip
Zombie Rofl (17 days ago)
Vietnam flying school.... lol
OneKindWord (17 days ago)
My late husband flew taildragger planes and did some stunts in them. He said he wouldn't ride in either a hotair balloon or a helicopter cause he said neither had any glide ratio.
Para Romance,ecchi,hentai hater trooper (18 days ago)
when you drive a helicopter for the first time on flight simulator
David Bann (18 days ago)
3:53 looks like a big bug was having a joygasm
StormGamer555 Vsøş (18 days ago)
A normal gta player trying to land
horkguy16 (18 days ago)
It's funny when they try to fly them things upside down, it doesn't work. LOL!!!
Andy P (18 days ago)
Andrew Novitsky (18 days ago)
3:54 this CREATURE is angry AF
Brien Haun (13 days ago)
Atlantic Thunder (18 days ago)
have u heart the engine :O ?
Lucky L (18 days ago)
Is it just my imagination or can these machines go completely wacky for no particular reason in a heartbeat?
Rocket Hutchins (18 days ago)
RJ CRIKEY (18 days ago)
Not so bad.I get my helicopter pilots licence next week...from Ebay.
Jean Germain (19 days ago)
1:28 loll wtf
V TAM (19 days ago)
Thermidor le vrai (19 days ago)
helicopter is way safer than plane
sebastian roman (19 days ago)
0:28 u are a helicopter not a plane
Mark Reed (19 days ago)
"Discrition" lmmfao
Junder R (20 days ago)
That dumb fuck that landed in the water could have just shut it down, but decided to try super hero shit.
Audra Hollis (20 days ago)
learn to spell you moron
Scara McNamara (18 days ago)
the problem was when the helicopter crashed.