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7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine | National Geographic

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Learn more about population: http://ngm.nationalgeographic.com/7-billion ➡ Subscribe: http://bit.ly/NatGeoSubscribe #NationalGeographic #Population #Infographics About National Geographic: National Geographic is the world's premium destination for science, exploration, and adventure. Through their world-class scientists, photographers, journalists, and filmmakers, Nat Geo gets you closer to the stories that matter and past the edge of what's possible. Get More National Geographic: Official Site: http://bit.ly/NatGeoOfficialSite Facebook: http://bit.ly/FBNatGeo Twitter: http://bit.ly/NatGeoTwitter Instagram: http://bit.ly/NatGeoInsta To coincide with the arrival of the world's 7 billionth person on October 31, 2011, National Geographic magazine's 2011 year-long series on world population is available on the App Store as a free app for iPad starting 10/27/11. The interactive app explores the challenges—and potential solutions—for coping with a growing human population in a world of limited resources with informative videos, interactive maps, in-depth articles, and stunning photography. Download the free app here: http://on.natgeo.com/q301cY The series ends with a look at City Solutions in the December 2011 issue, which will be incorporated into the app in December. Don't forget to check out the second video from the series, "Are You Typical?," here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4B2xOvKFFz4 Editor's update: in 2050, 70% of the population will be living in "urban areas," not "megacities" as stated in an earlier version of this video. In addition, the total number of countries in the world is now 195, with recognition of the independence of the Republic of South Sudan on July 9, 2011. 7 Billion, National Geographic Magazine | National Geographic https://youtu.be/sc4HxPxNrZ0 National Geographic https://www.youtube.com/natgeo
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Text Comments (218)
invadersnow (7 years ago)
all 7 billion need to die.
L A (7 years ago)
It's today! :D
111vnderbnder111 (7 years ago)
@Archimedes555453525 we need more people so the government can't control us.
superfilipino (7 years ago)
Awesome video I like how they showed 7 billion people standing shoulder to shoulder will fit all of Los angles
JB_XYZ (7 years ago)
YOU FORGOT ONE: U.S government could spend 7 billion in 7 seconds.
L A (7 years ago)
@PrehistoricStudios Yeah... :-/
PrehistoricStudios (7 years ago)
@MacGyver920 That would lead to wars over who get what so too add on More people=Less resources = starvation= wars over territory= Nukes= Less people and so on and forth Its more like a circle that would continue like the stock market. It looks likes going really high but its just going to go down soon enough. But that cycle will end.
L A (7 years ago)
@snowlionluna But as I've said before: You have to count with every single person you see. Btw, my last comment is old, and I was talking about the Royal Wedding.
L A (8 years ago)
@snowlionluna Just watch the news and think that all the people you see in London are supposed to fit in L.A. together with the rest of the world.
L A (8 years ago)
@snowlionluna If you watch the news you'll see that whole London is litterally full of people because of William and Kate's wedding. It lives 12 million people in London and you have to count witch ever single of them and the rest of the world. ....they are supposed to fit in L.A. Forget it.
xIxLovexAvrilx (8 years ago)
hope 7 billion ppl watches this
L A (8 years ago)
@eternalnature101 I know! O_O
L A (8 years ago)
The more people - the more space we need. The more space we take - the less trees. The less trees - the less oxygen. The more people - the more cars. The more cars - the more Cabron-dioxide and Carbon-monoxide (CO2 and CO) More people = less space = less trees = more cars = less oxygen and more CO2 and CO.
L A (8 years ago)
Wow! I watched this video when it first came out. I remember it had 303 views, 300 likes and 12 comments, (not acurate) lol. Now it's 1 million! :P
eternalnature101 (8 years ago)
The thing that really struck me in this video was the fact that all 7 billion of us are the area of L.A. I initially thought it was like a full country or something! WOW!
Jemi4thewin (8 years ago)
this is creepy O.o
L A (8 years ago)
@snowlionluna You have to count with EVERY SINGLE person you see!
L A (8 years ago)
@snowlionluna Maybe. I don't know...I mean 7 billion is alot of people...
L A (8 years ago)
All 7 billion of us would fill the city of LA is we were standing shoulder to shoulder...I actually doubt that a bit. I mean, 7 BILLION!
projektues (8 years ago)
excellent info..
Valkyrie Grey (8 years ago)
I dont know why everyone is talking about wars to decrease the population, when it's wars that INCREASE the population. After the war is over, what's the first thing everyone wants to do when they get home? If you're answer is the HUMPTY HUMP DANCE, you are correct! It's illness that kills people off the fastest.
thiracracken (8 years ago)
@MacGyver920 scared much?
Leon612 (8 years ago)
Nice video...but I smell social justice.
Rins K (8 years ago)
such a shame that it has only 760k views at the moment. More people need to see this.
DiegoDCvids (8 years ago)
awesome information
NZZQ (8 years ago)
Not to seem unaffected in the face of all this, but WHAT IS THAT SONG?
L A (8 years ago)
all 7 BILLIONS of us could fill LA...wow...
L A (8 years ago)
What is the point of disliking this...
Cristian Ungurean (8 years ago)
what's the name of the song?
Stabmode (8 years ago)
so what u want us to do start killing people mexican style
VidaNosEua (8 years ago)
Yannick Werner (8 years ago)
Wait, i killed people while watching this video?!
Shadow (8 years ago)
@jessehardy yeah we might have 9 or 10 bill y now....
Carrie-Lee Touhey (8 years ago)
THIS is so cool.
SyluxGT (8 years ago)
Happy New Year my fellow Humans.
itsMinuteMaid (8 years ago)
If everyone on Earth game me a penny.... I'd have a whole lot of ******* pennies!
marcdaddy33 (8 years ago)
demographic winter.... with all the talk about "overpopulation" the rate of population growth is actually SLOWING DOWN... and by mid-century, MANY countries will actually be DECREASING in population. you Malthusians overblow this population issue.
Cora452 (8 years ago)
carlosjhr64 (8 years ago)
The population growth curve is promising, imo. It's appears to be classic S shaped. We'll populate the Earth and reach equilibrium.
Archimedes555453525 (8 years ago)
2 or 3 kids per familiy < unbalanced more education + cultureshift (from consumption to conservation) = the way of the future
Ga Mu (8 years ago)
@ericown all the human works are destroying the earth, better a nuclear accident than 9 billions!
Mario Rolle (8 years ago)
Don Cross (8 years ago)
And this is the population of Dewsbury UK,that they are talking about!
DocStrange0123 (8 years ago)
@kazikartinec go fuck a kangaroo and shut the fuck up, racist scum...
UGotzAidz (8 years ago)
Those indies are horny fucks. In a good way.
zz773 (8 years ago)
Someone needs to translate this video into spanish.
Alif Kun (8 years ago)
awesome...and i really love the music..does anyone know the title for it?
Klyne Cabag (8 years ago)
i think it is God's Decision
kazikartinec (8 years ago)
Asim Adnan (8 years ago)
6 people are aliens frm MARS
Phill21994 (8 years ago)
wow, that was very interesting and well done!
areufkingkiddingme (8 years ago)
why is the population graph sigmoidal?
DefineOwned (8 years ago)
atleast its not going down lol.
Taavi Kala (8 years ago)
looks like Idiocracy, only stupid people f**k
joshuapunks (8 years ago)
whats the song.....would love to see it in a C.O.D. montage
Agrivated Killah (8 years ago)
@kyle7412 It's impossible for humans to destroy earth. the humans can't destroy earth, maybe it's atmosphere, and even then creatures would still evolve, and adapt to those changes.
texmexspm (8 years ago)
joyariffic (8 years ago)
@Rykano most the worlds problems are in countries where ppl are lied too and oppressed. so a lot of those are in the places you mentioned but also in other places as well
joyariffic (8 years ago)
@Nadeshikoslove right hes just jealous. so we should get rid of idiots like him
joyariffic (8 years ago)
@MacDaddyPooty bitch go to hell, why dont we kill off ignorant asses like you
joyariffic (8 years ago)
i liked that beat
Nadeshikoslove (8 years ago)
@animehunter0808 they dont need. US is dying due McDonalds & Co.
Nadeshikoslove (8 years ago)
@MacDaddyPooty oh great...another rassict. i think we should start to get rid of people like you. this will indeed help our sociaty.
kyle7412 (8 years ago)
in 2050 70% will be living in a megacity? I doubt at that pace we will be able to survive as a species. What happens in nature when a species overpopulates is the population skyrockets, happening now, peaks, then crashes back down, to where it began skyrocketing. which will be sooner than we think. Interesting to see the future of the human race. Even if we destroy the planet, Nature will reclaim it, even if it takes thousands of years. that is nothing in the earths timeline.
skitfu (8 years ago)
@skate4life890 That's one of the problems
skitfu (8 years ago)
@MacDaddyPooty Will you people get off Africa already. If anything we must stop those damn missionaries from spreading their bullshit lies to the African people. They'll be better off.
skitfu (8 years ago)
@souther Time is unimportant. Nature has it's ways of knocking off whatever species it sees fit. What really matters is supply and demand. We've got way more people coming than we got going. Ergo, we've got a bountiful supply. So all we really need is demand. Once we've become nice and cannibalized, overpopulation won't be much of a problem.
Mikes1800 (8 years ago)
Energy wars already started, food riots coming to a mega-city near you.
skate4life890 (8 years ago)
no offense but it's because Muslim people don't abort babies. yep.
Zombiepull (8 years ago)
okay, i know the world dosent look good in the moment. but there is still some time ... so STOP FUCKING YOURE WIFE AND DO SOMETHING !
kroovyandcal (8 years ago)
who fucking gives a shit
souther (8 years ago)
@skitfu time...we don't have time to develop our bodies for such things
skitfu (8 years ago)
@cdltpx ^_^
skitfu (8 years ago)
@KingofTownz Hell yeah! It'll be the coolest kid around!! *artificial insemination makes me moist* :P
t0ny260 (8 years ago)
Cool Vid!
yomammaspoodle (8 years ago)
@tigrey007 kinda sad that the comment with the most thumbs up is "i really love this soundtrack" just goes to show how much people really care
skitfu (8 years ago)
@GamepitDAngelo Okay, seriously! Fuck your color!! I'm purple. You don't hear me getting all high and mighty about it.
Dee Jay (8 years ago)
And a majority of that 7 billion will be people of color or none whites. That thought pumps fear through the heart of white supremest/nationalist.
skitfu (8 years ago)
@SAWDA900 He's not talking about fucking native Americans, you dink! He's talking about Indians. And quit with your shitty double standards.
Sean Wenner (8 years ago)
@mafiashaolin I like your point. I really do. But seriously, is racism really needed? Your just a scum, you can't change the world talking like a bitch. NATIVE AMERICANS (not "Indians") and Africans are not "mammals", there people, and they've been people longer than your race has. So stop typing nonsense and go back to school little dumb boy. Now I just gave you an "education".
thankyoupourlavideo (8 years ago)
@kroovyandcal I'm gay and I want to have biological children, and I plan on doing that through artificial insemination. Though that seems like a great idea, if that were to (hypothtically) happen then I'm sure artificial insemination would become VERY popular.
skitfu (8 years ago)
@souther So where's the problem?
souther (8 years ago)
@skitfu human blood is poison if consumed by other humans. indigenous natives practice cannibalism only because their stomach has gotten use to it over decades.
skitfu (8 years ago)
@souther You forget, cannibalism is another great option that is yet to be explored.
skitfu (8 years ago)
@mafiashaolin You're wrong. The only solution to this problem is nuclear war and a few plagues.
merciless (8 years ago)
2012 ! 1 !
Li Rivera (8 years ago)
amo national geogaphic!
skitfu (8 years ago)
@illuminatijews How does Israel fit into overpopulation?
GiantSnail (8 years ago)
Maybe the whole world should just embrace the 1-child-policy. I know people will complain at first, but it would save us a lot of trouble later on.
souther (8 years ago)
we need to start killing more people. the planet needs more wars is just an example. then we use the dead bodies as human compost. i think 100% of the people agree with me
kroovyandcal (8 years ago)
@mafiashaolin Or we can turn the world's populace into homosexuals that cannot breed because they are homosexuals. Then we can teach these passive creatures the difference between the words "learn" and "teach"
Jack Livingston III (8 years ago)
@matskiavila Hopefully you're one of those casualties.
Nadeshikoslove (8 years ago)
@Rykano +Iran
BeyondDestiny (8 years ago)
excellent presentation. huge props to whoever (or numerous people) who completed this! great job!
Mike h (8 years ago)
@tigrey007 were is it from?
Eric Chen (8 years ago)
All of you stop fucking and start working
katsumichan1908 (8 years ago)
Great video in a while, National Geographic!
Fahad zsaz (8 years ago)
@katsumichan1908 what crimes ? nah nothin just half million iraqis citizens dead and few tens of thousands dead afghanistani citizens and attacking iraq saying they have super weapons which was never found and than staying 10 years after that to steal oil..... and don't forget the atomic bomb. and you still dare to blame africans indians and chinese..... america home of racism and stereotyping.
telj1 (8 years ago)
wow..... if only we could have balance!
katsumichan1908 (8 years ago)
@Megashehri What kind of crimes? Every country seems to have their own crimes now ...