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Kohler's $7,000 Smart Toilet Has An Amazon Alexa Speaker

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Kohler unveiled an “intelligent toilet” called the Numi 2.0 at the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas this week. It comes with built-in surround sound speakers, ambient mood lighting and Amazon Alexa voice controls. Kohler had a $7,000 smart toilet that works with Alexa. You can ask Amazon's voice assistant to raise the lid as you walk into the bathroom, warm up the seat on a chilly day, change the glowing lights on the bottom of the seat or even play music. Who doesn't like a bit of Bob Marley on the pot? Most importantly, you can ask Alexa to flush when you're finished. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #AlexaToilet #Amazon Kohler's $7,000 Smart Toilet Has An Amazon Alexa Speaker
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Text Comments (117)
Travis Mobley (16 days ago)
Needs safety handles for me after those Taco Bell nights
Christine Gower (20 days ago)
Best place for Alexa ... down the pan!
AudiGamer (1 month ago)
Does it flush automatically
Mr Komodo (1 month ago)
Anybody else reminded of bobs burgers that smart toilet gene found
Gordon Ramsay (2 months ago)
You all realize you can just the fking Alexa next to the toilet.
Pho Tato (3 months ago)
2014: https://youtu.be/DJklHwoYgBQ 2019:
Kevin Chen (3 months ago)
why will u ever need this besides taking a dump 😂
Elias Asimionesei (3 months ago)
so this is the long-awaited gucci smart toilet
Hashbrown (4 months ago)
Horizon_fire (5 months ago)
When you run out of toilet paper Alexa has you covered
Joe Roberts (6 months ago)
The deep state doing everything they can to make you pay for the technology to listen in on your conversations add extra radiation to you and your family and continue to spy and surviel the nation surreptisiously to advance their control and over all world domination.
Rami (6 months ago)
*Heres my proof that i have the GUCCI SmartToilet™*
Metallic Dragon (6 months ago)
Just... Why..?
roblex63 (6 months ago)
"Alexa , Tickle my fancy"
Possibly Decent Gamer (6 months ago)
GUCCI smart toilet?
Leggo My Ego (6 months ago)
I have Amazon's Alexa and smart devices everywhere in my house, but the toilet is a bridge too far for me. My toilet doesn't need to be smart or cost $7K.
ImpaledBerry (6 months ago)
you can tweet from that
TheIceKiller (7 months ago)
There is always a bigger fish
8-Bitter (7 months ago)
This reminds me on that one post at r/madlads
MonkeyBoy32904 (7 months ago)
invent a toilet with a built in screen
Leonardo Estrada (7 months ago)
scarelow (7 months ago)
gucci smart toilet
BEPIS (7 months ago)
Comment sent from GUCCI Smart Toilet
Rokas Jodka (7 months ago)
Now thats what I call... A royal flush. I'll see myself out
scruf2002 (7 months ago)
Gucci smart toilet
DocFarid (7 months ago)
*Cough* cough.* Gucci smart toilet *cough *cough*
Bloxicorn (7 months ago)
But can I go on Twitter so I can flex on the Android users???
hzq12345 (7 months ago)
New Antarctictangle/JoMiMi (7 months ago)
What about twitter? I want to flex on everyone with my Gucci Kohler Smart Toilet
Only 399 (7 months ago)
Boss: WE NEED NEW IDEAS employee1: How about some machine that could help with world hunger, or poverty, or climate change. Employee2: Lets make a toilet that can play music while you take a shit
CyberBoy (7 months ago)
7g!?!?!? This toilet better make me a sandwich when I'm taking dump
Im Pitnn (7 months ago)
Anyone from KSI
AnchoR Tachibana (8 months ago)
RBGuy 17 (8 months ago)
Whoever made that is so good at making stuff!!!
S F (8 months ago)
Friends, we have now entered the Black Mirror zone
Johnny B (8 months ago)
Poor toilet . . . it's not enough to have to put up with assholes, (and more), everyday. NOW they also have to deal with regular comments about all of the crap they have to deal with !!
Binozia - Tech (8 months ago)
I can do the same thing with 500$ 400$ toilet 50$ echo dot 50$ of rgb
Max Jerome (8 months ago)
$7,000 that's a good deal!
p ace (8 months ago)
So They became that desperate that they making toilets.... I thought such weird things just belong to Japan... Because Japanese has made thousand type of smart toilet since 90s
Mister P (8 months ago)
Is anyone else thinking about Bob's Burger's after seeing this?
Serenity Vermillion (8 months ago)
*So.. This toilet is $7K, talk about flushing money down the drain.* _01.14th.19_
Nacho ZombieKilla (9 months ago)
This product sounds completely reasonable.
Nathan Genre (9 months ago)
It's like they tortured Alexa lol
masterofthewp (9 months ago)
"Alexa, open the toilet!" "Sorry, I'm not sure how to help."
systemdeadlock (9 months ago)
Can't believe Amazon let them put Alexa in the toilet. Speaks volumes on their part.
Duane Locsin (9 months ago)
These toilets have diet and medical analysis potential. -compare and analyze your regular diet and feeding habits -if you are crook, you could check the toilets report if there was probably a bad serving or wrong combination of food you ate prior -you could see if you are consuming enough fluids, check if you have blood in your urine, percentage of vitamins and minerals you need You could submit these reports to your doctor for further analysis. Going regular could help maintain good health.
HangarGeek (8 months ago)
_Starting at 50k_
Duane Locsin (9 months ago)
I hope we start developing self cleaning, water efficient toilets and sonic showers too. Showers that use half as much water, soap dispensing through the head and also uses sound waves to clean your skin.
Time to get huge! (9 months ago)
What would she say to you? "Good one!?"
Time to get huge! (9 months ago)
So you poo in Alexa's mouth? Now that's new age.
Teddy (9 months ago)
*What kind of security does it have? Can Amazon or North Korean hackers access my poop cycle? Will it record and encrypt bodily sounds on Amazon's or Kohler servers? Will they sell those stored analytics to third-party marketing firms? Inquiring minds want to know.*
Teddy (9 months ago)
@Duane Locsin Yup. I think so too. Alexa might even suggest taking more fiber and offer to place an order for fiber supplements too while getting off the toilet :)
Duane Locsin (9 months ago)
Teddy on a serious note, I could see it actually analyzing our left overs for dietary and medical analysis. Like if you were diabetic it could analyze and send you a report afterwards about your blood sugar levels, or check if your digestive track is not performing as well.
jryde421 (9 months ago)
Alexa, wipe ass. Alexa:ok
Ujjal Das (9 months ago)
That's it. I am inventing a toilet with inbuilt speakers which bass will stimulate to poop more efficiently. And also I am putting disco lights in it to make the room more lively.
Saifo Wahsh (1 month ago)
I’m investing
MooTwo (5 months ago)
@Rory YT dont forget the toilet fountain for decor and the hologram theater
Youtube Comment (9 months ago)
Alexa, accept this turd into thineself.
Bryan Abad (9 months ago)
I still can’t say Alexa “wipe my ass” not worth $7000
Alax D (9 months ago)
Alexa jurk me off please
minuteman2012 (9 months ago)
Alexa.....what color is the wind.....????
Johnny Nimble (9 months ago)
Alexa, eat shit.
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen (9 months ago)
Pakistani Prime Minister cleans this toilets belonging to UAE. Prince
GrimX (9 months ago)
Soo now Alexa will listen to me pooping? No thanks, I don't need an AI to know when I have diarrhea or constipation.
Argatoss Nix (9 months ago)
Holy shit^^
Jesusegun Alagbe (9 months ago)
This toilet looks like a place I could spend my whole day in.
Jade bylund (9 months ago)
Alexa...... Wipe my ass
ARBAZ QURESHI (9 months ago)
Unnecessary Invention.
Jason Linney (9 months ago)
I want a toilet that will name and shame people in Public toilets! There are dirty people out there!
Notch mods (9 months ago)
I would do something that is simpler ,less heavier and cheaper just put an amazon echo in the bathroom or hang it
FirstPrinciple r (9 months ago)
0:54 Who else thought that the cnbc logo looked like a poop comming in Hot 🔥
AUTO TECH (8 months ago)
I was about to comment that! 😂
Jack Black (9 months ago)
It should come with a water pipe too for the South Asians!!!
Hanoibus Gamer (9 months ago)
I taKe yOuR ENtiRe StOcK
J. Montrice (9 months ago)
Who is not interested In Amazon Alexa but just came for the comment section 😂
Jacob Tran (9 months ago)
does it analyze my poop?
Lucid Dev Team (9 months ago)
The comment section aught to be good
N (9 months ago)
Ha ha is if you're dropping your logo into the toilet that was funny
X Y Z (9 months ago)
100% CRAP!
Shaun Kennedy (9 months ago)
Wtf is this world really coming to this is stupid
9 years old (9 months ago)
Just whyyyyyyyyyyy
ThatDanDanBoyy ! (9 months ago)
Only getting it if it wipes for you
F Harrison (9 months ago)
This is really useless, all you need is a smart toilet cover to make your toilet smart, when you can solve it for 100 Dollar by buying a Mi toilet cover that out smart the current 1000+ toilet, this product is doomed already
Karen Chen (9 months ago)
It should come with bidet features if it cost so high
Umanfly (9 months ago)
Nathan Sugianto (9 months ago)
0:54 the CNBC logo plops into the bowl
Sajed m (7 months ago)
Nathan Sugianto because it’s a fake news media
Time to get huge! (9 months ago)
Just were it belongs!
Daniel A. (9 months ago)
0:54 the CNBC logo plops into the bowl
Hubert Jules (9 months ago)
Because my farts are somehow going to want to know what's the weather like.... 😑
cameron machado (9 months ago)
Amazon will now know whether to recommend Magnums or Regular Trojans.
Social Savings (9 months ago)
You'll never leave your bathroom again...
Hans Tan (9 months ago)
I want a toilet that cleans itself. inside and outside!!!!
Zeke Barrett (9 months ago)
MrDesoto1 (9 months ago)
I am guessing this replaces Tom, The Talking Toilet. (He is on YouTube also.)
Bill Y. (9 months ago)
Hi Alexa, wipe my butt.
AK (9 months ago)
Legends say alexa will take out poop automatically from butthole .
Sean Hardman (9 months ago)
Publicity stunt?
Gary Powell (9 months ago)
Gives a totally new meaning to the term "Talking $HIT". Why not just put an Alexa in the bathroom?
Black turbine (7 months ago)
Questions science still can't answer
pearl Middleton (9 months ago)
babygirlrhi (9 months ago)
Before watching video: *"can y'all just find a way to create a cure for cancer"*
gabrielgalaxygh (9 months ago)
They make too much $ off of chemo and treatments
Censor ed (9 months ago)
If I am going to divorce that intelligent device , how much I am going to get from amazon owner?
Death Wizard (9 months ago)
Time to flushed my money on amazon toilet
John Bolton (9 months ago)
I’m going to buy it
Al Jamily (9 months ago)
I would love to see you on it :)
Steve (9 months ago)
We know why. ;)
Elias Rendon Flores (9 months ago)
Put Alexa in your toilet paper while your at it Amazon
Bobbi Monn (9 months ago)
How about if it does not open fast enough.. then you really in trouble..
masterofthewp (9 months ago)
"Alexa, open the toilet!" "Sorry, I'm not sure how to help."
rohit Kalyani (9 months ago)
Or say loose motion!!.😂😂😂
danger450 (9 months ago)
Don't pee into the exposed outlet ... Jesus Christ.....
J V ColdDayInHell2 (9 months ago)
**living dangerously intensifies**
Omar T (9 months ago)
Just what i need! a toilet to keep me company while im pooping! "that's a big turd you got comming out there, what did you eat"
Black turbine (7 months ago)
Dead 🤣👌
My College Millionaire - Investing Made EXCITING (9 months ago)
I was skeptical at first when I read the headline but now I’m in lol