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August 28, 2018/1082 Yard Jockey

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JBG Travels PO Box 1193 Sheboygan, WI 53082, USA 🇺🇸🇵🇭
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nsanger69 (9 days ago)
Love driving the Ottawa!!
Emmett Malone (1 month ago)
dear ,mr sir do u you come up too dallas tx citys and or grand prairie tx too
JBG TRAVELS (1 month ago)
I’m sorry I am not understanding your question?
theodore scott (2 months ago)
this is what did for target dc and now coke of Albany. jokey.s make the best backing drivers known
Dion McElrath Jr (3 months ago)
I'm also a Yard Jockey and a Yard Jockey Trainer myself for P&G at their site in Vandailia, OH. Do you guys use tandem axle Ottawa yard tractors and if so how do you like them compared to the single axles?
Davidschannel (3 months ago)
Always use both air lines or you'll prematurely wear out the brakes on the tractor, also the belt is slipping on the engine, that's the loud squeal at full throttle.
yungkidnf (3 months ago)
Also, I noticed Juan has that "missing horn button" common on Kalmar trucks, but I also see twin screw mules, never seen those in person.
yungkidnf (3 months ago)
I used to be yard jockey for FedEx ground (they call em switchers) and it really was a fun job to me (NEVER woke up in the morning fretting work), and it wasn't til they started to enforce stricter rules for us then it started to lose it's appeal.
diamondd83 (3 months ago)
Thank you for your video 🙏🏾 is there training in yard jockey jobs for students coming from trucking school?
Fisher F5 Virginia (3 months ago)
Great, this how it is, but why the hell does this yard use pup-stands under 53 and 48's? I'm gonna do one of these when I get a Go-Pro, but gonna be at a Wal*Mart DC, with 900-1000 trailers in the yard any given time.
HateGovernment (3 months ago)
I thought you had a new job.
Erick Vazquez (3 months ago)
¡Great video!
jay_615 (4 months ago)
I am now officially a yard switcher with averitt. Thank to this video. What to expect when coming aboard. First you go to 4 days orientation then you start the week after you can request a trainer. I did 40 moves a day getting pay 18.50 an hour plus overtime. Your first week will get tire. They will call out door number to pull.i had a blast dispatcher and our grew make fun of each other make the day fun.plus u get to be home every day. It's worth it
jay_615 (4 months ago)
@JBG TRAVELS thanks and be safe will give truck driver more room when I'm in my 4wheeler
JBG TRAVELS (4 months ago)
Glad it helped you
Joseph Persons (4 months ago)
Nice video but running only one line is not safe ! Because it relies on the tractors brakes only. I drive a yard truck every day. So if you are trying to help recruit people to this field I would not teach the habit of running with only 1 air line.
Del Elegante Montana (4 months ago)
Bien trabajo...🚚
thinkingofyouto1 (4 months ago)
Oh man he was cheating he He was only using one airline cheater cheater
vixien srisongkham (5 months ago)
ty for this video i quit 4 years otr to become a yard jockey
Mansour Mansour (6 months ago)
He drop and hook the trailers so fast. thanx jbg
mpkearne (6 months ago)
As a yard driver, I appreciate you showing what we do.
Imnotcake Inc (6 months ago)
So many questions I want to ask.... no light cable hook up or other trailer brake....nice trailer back up skills though. How many trailers do you touch a day?
bob (5 months ago)
Using the light cord in the daylight depends on the policies of the various trucking companies. The service brake line isn't necessary when moving empty trailers as the brakes on the yard tractor is more than sufficient to stop quickly.
White el (6 months ago)
I love that job, you get to show your skills
dalejr183 (7 months ago)
That sucks yall have jackstands. Ive been a Yard dog at three companies all different the previous job had jackstands and that sucks in the weather especially when u have too tow em 100 yards every time to a designated spot. Im glad I dont have to do that bullshit at this new company
Dion McElrath Jr (7 months ago)
I'm a yard jockey as well. What brand does your sit use and do you prefer tandem or single axle trucks?
Trevor Brass (7 months ago)
It's fun watching professionals do their thing.
kyrangerman519Herb (8 months ago)
Great video!
Psycho9263 (8 months ago)
Super Job
Eddie Knox (8 months ago)
thank you
Mardiros Ekshian (9 months ago)
Does the king pin lock/unlock in the fifth wheel automatically? Thx
bob (5 months ago)
The king pin locks automatically just like a highway tractor, and after its unlocked using a button in the cab that directs air pressure to the locking mechanism.
Katmandu2 (9 months ago)
Great video ! Especially that BLIND SIDE backing at the end of the video. Now THAT was IMPRESSIVE ! I've been a Yard Jockey for 2 days and would love to see him or anyone else post up how to properly do setups and say were the "marks' are for backing these switcher trucks. NOT at all like backing with a fullsized tractor with a sleeper. Not even close.
Artof Shine (9 months ago)
I drove one earlier in my interview to see if I can back that thang up...I sho did back that thing up. I get to start work tomorrow. The pay is low for someone who can maneuver a truck n trailer with a cdl. I'm going OTR soon glade my back skills will be on point doing yard dog for month than hit the road.
phillip gilliam (9 months ago)
michael (9 months ago)
I love this one John, Juan was awesome
Misael De La Rosa (9 months ago)
Interesting in become a Hostler at my warehouse job, but I fear of expensive errors like: miscommunication, valuable crashes, or a day I forget to completely safe inspection on the truck.
j w (10 months ago)
God bless you and nice video
Wali Amiri (10 months ago)
John caldwell (1 year ago)
why the yard man didn't chuck the wheels on the trailer when he back the trailer to the door.you don't want the trailer to roll forward when loading the trailer form the inside of the dock"
tommy the trucker (9 months ago)
Some places have a device that extends out and holds the trailer bumper in place, thus eliminating the need for a chock.
Anderson Nova (1 year ago)
Juan sounded Dominican
WHATEVER IT TAKES (1 year ago)
bob (5 months ago)
Yard shunting is a skill that was developed long before your millennium era. This Yard Jockey is more aware of actual dangers such as making a tight turn with a fully loaded trailer raised up on his hydraulic lift, a high centre of gravity, then putting on a seat belt over 100 times during his shift. See "Safety Third Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs" here on YouTube, you'll learn a valuable lesson as to how life really works. And!!!!!! How fast was this guy going, as per you??? Do you own a magical interweb radar speed detector? Again, watch Mike Rowe's video, and learn.
toy4runnerpiney (1 year ago)
I agree , And accident waiting to happen. Two airlines dude!
john harper (1 year ago)
He has an awesome job
Sam Dillsaver (1 year ago)
I was a yard jockey in Denver at a local trucking company. It was a lot of fun and I enjoyed it
Sun Set Trucker Cascadia (1 year ago)
AH COOL!!!!!!!!!
pake ed (1 year ago)
JBG thanks for showing Juan work skills
Joey Young (1 year ago)
Very interesting 👍
Dana Chappell (1 year ago)
Hey, John!! That yard jockey was having the time of his life playing with your head cam. lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Now I know that yard jockeys work harder than the lumpers, as they have to move trailers, back them up, and they never stop. I'm happy that you let him use it for a short run to and fro. Now we all know how hard they work. Laterz 🤗😁🐸
NEWYORKJET52012 GAMING (1 year ago)
Thanks you so much John and keep on trucking good video
Joesph DeMauxville (1 year ago)
Amazing video.....
DoIt DeWitt (1 year ago)
I like how he moved only our trailers lol. Core carriers / sharky / Genesis and a few others. I'm proud I work for that company. Good people here :)
Freeway Kenworth (1 year ago)
Good video John
Shaun Chisholm (1 year ago)
That was awesome!
Anjuar Underwood (1 year ago)
This is awesome he's quick like the ending you made his day
Mark farlow (1 year ago)
That was cool John awesome video
Stephan Nonting (1 year ago)
That was fun. great to se how jockey works
curtis mccorkel (1 year ago)
A Lot better work then otr
Carolyn Jones (1 year ago)
Thank so very much Juan for letting us share a part of your day with us. God Bless You. Wonderful video John, I thourghly enjoyed it. Ten 👍 to both you and Juan. God Bless You. As always, safe travels. ✌ Loved the saying at the end, it is very true. 👍👍
Nabil Marsheh (1 year ago)
If you give your hat to that dude at the gate you will get it back battery dead. Haha 😂. Safe travels and God bless 💒.
JBG TRAVELS (1 year ago)
Kinda like a tripod.. 😂
Ted Glaser (1 year ago)
What a creative idea for your channel! No wonder your YouTube presence is soaring!
Carlos H (1 year ago)
Great video idea, JBG. Thumbs up!
Jay M (1 year ago)
Great video and what a great guy
Peter Murrell (1 year ago)
Brilliant good video🎥
Jay Johnson (1 year ago)
Super idea!
Mr poopy butthole (1 year ago)
Please make more videos like this i love yard dogs
Samuli Hirsi (1 year ago)
that was something different, thanksJuan and Johnny
Chipster (1 year ago)
Now that is bad ass. Fast worker!
Lon Dean (1 year ago)
That was very cool. Thanks for sharing.
steve wintermute (1 year ago)
.great idea for a very cool video....guys like Juan are worth their weight in gold
Mr. Millennius (1 year ago)
Nice driving Juan!!!
iAnthuny (1 year ago)
i always wondered how those lil trucks handle. Thanks, Juan!
sfmuni1 (1 year ago)
That is cool that you show a yard Jockey point of view!! GG
Jay Robb (1 year ago)
Juan is the kind of employee I would want on my crew. He has hustle in his bustle. NOT the guard.
Black Jack (1 year ago)
Excellent video. Really enjoyed it. Thanks to you Juan.
96ChevyDually6.5L (1 year ago)
Nice alternate view of the yard mule at work moving those trailers around
Anthony Griffo (1 year ago)
Very nice jbg thanks
brian melton (1 year ago)
like well ,but i like all videos hi to tampers and family
Heli Pilot (1 year ago)
Is it true? Thats larrys new truck?
Tony Adams (1 year ago)
Thanks for the ride Juan.
Dale Jensen (1 year ago)
That was pretty cool.
Joe Roman (1 year ago)
Nice video thank you
Steven Welden (1 year ago)
Cool video
brad (1 year ago)
thank you juan and jbg for shareing that with us that was cool
Jon Marnix (1 year ago)
Thank you 🙏 form Oklahoma city
jumpinjoe75 (1 year ago)
Thanks John that was so cool. I always wondered how those guys operated. And thank you to Juan.
Billy Roberts (1 year ago)
I just watched you and Larry’s Snow mobile videos y’all sure y’all ain’t brothers
Waylon Wolfe (1 year ago)
Hello Mr John nice little video what are trying to do Mr uncle Larry 😆😆😆 enjoyed the video be safe out there on your travels from Paris Texas God bless you
Armando Perez (1 year ago)
Juan you are a rare breed of hard working people a lot of people admire your work hope to see you soon
Bob Keilitz (1 year ago)
Are the truckers told to yield to the yard jockeys? Seems like he just runs without much regard to where the trucks are at.
Kat Bos (1 month ago)
Trucks are to yield to jockeys.
Bob Keilitz (1 year ago)
Very cool video! Juan sure is good at his job! Thank you guys!
Ivañ Killins (1 year ago)
JOSH SHAVES (1 year ago)
I always wanted to be a yard jockey what do you have to do be a yard jockey
IZ RAM (3 months ago)
This is awesome. Thanks for this vid
IZ RAM (3 months ago)
I have an interview this week here in PA for jockey driver. Lets see how it goes.
Clint Hochrein (1 year ago)
Awesome video! I have a buddy that's a yard jockey.
James Zimmerman (1 year ago)
Man does that bring back the memories, 6 days a week, 12 hr shifts...all on swing...go..go...go..one trailer after another..and hardly any breaks,can hear it now...James I need trailer 188 over here now,line 3 trailer is empty,grab trailer 208,and swap with line 3......and all my yard was gravel.................
tommy the trucker (9 months ago)
The place I work as a yard driver I work 3 12 hr days and have 4 days off. I love so far. Have been doing it for 2 years now. It is a good size place. I work on the cool/freezer yard and then across the road is the dry side where I started at. Its great being home and sleeping in my own bed!
spotterfifteen capacity (1 year ago)
I know the feeling sir. I also did this for 20 years....We ran from a computer monitor in the cab....clear one move then another one pops up....Hotter then two Hells in the summer, yard was on a hill top so the wind chill in the winter was often below zero. I'm retired from it now but watching this definitely brought back some memories. ..thanks John.
JBG TRAVELS (1 year ago)
Lol 😂
Michael Halliday (1 year ago)
That was one cool video.happy trails.maybe A.J. could drive like that.😁
ramkidd123 (1 year ago)
I remember when I was a dock worker for roadway express in the early 90s they always had me running the yard dog because the reg guys kept damaging the yard truck and didn't want to put propane to run it. no ac no windows. barely ran. at least he had a fan lol!!!!
Woody (1 year ago)
Nice one John and Juan Thank you!!!
Matthew Gutierrez (1 year ago)
I thought you had become a professional yard jockey. What a great treat thanks and safe travels on your journey.
cliff newton (1 year ago)
Wow that was so awesome Now I have an Idea of what a truck yard jockey does I would love to thank you John and the yard Jockey for doing this It was a treat :)
LosRioDelMar (1 year ago)
Those 2 guys at end were like wtf, what he saying. They had the confused look.
K B (1 year ago)
Sir JBG !!! Did that same thing for YRC for 11 yrs,, COOL in Winter & HOT in Summer !!!! Used water hose pipe to coool off !!! Forget the shower !!!HAHA KEEP IT SAFE
Joe Thompson (1 year ago)
Pretty cool stuff. We can definitely hear the air leak when in high range, when you shift into 6th and it goes away on the low side.
Tim Patterson (1 year ago)
Awesome video
Pete Rubis (1 year ago)
One of your best videos.
Ken Kay (1 year ago)
That was cool.