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Funniest Office Fails & Freakouts Compilation

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Funniest Office Fails & Freakouts Compilation. The video contains people fails and freakuts inside the office space. SUBSCRIBE to FunEcho: http://goo.gl/tTH20A Which one is the most funniest? You can also share your office stories by writing on the comment section below. Subscribe to our channel to see more funny videos and fails. Enjoy!
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Text Comments (3517)
abhishek das (4 days ago)
2nd oart
Adobe Crobat (11 days ago)
I think some are fake
EakcoTV (16 days ago)
Aaaaaall fake
Seymore Keester (16 days ago)
I love watching people snap but inappropriate behavior of any kind is funny to me.
高木優 (16 days ago)
9:25 people of different dimensions???
Mouli bro (16 days ago)
Study All Time-SAT (16 days ago)
9:30 how the world nobody gives a shit what she doing!!
Gone Bad (16 days ago)
I actually got stressed af from these
ii AyJay o (16 days ago)
Are 28,000 people really that stupid? Every single one of these videos are fake.
LisaC A (16 days ago)
8.42 is fake
Salim Shaikh (16 days ago)
That see depressed person
SNOW MAN (16 days ago)
yoppindia (16 days ago)
Last one was strange, the lady was freaking out and no one was bothered, must be a regular occurence, what a horrible place to work.
herakleitus (16 days ago)
7:29 that’s known as a Scorsese moment.
Ivan Nava (16 days ago)
*Fun fact:* the thumbnail is believed to be the first viral video on the internet
Carmen Neumann (16 days ago)
It’s very very sad
GreenCanvasInteriorscape (16 days ago)
They're used to the last woman's meltdowns, no shits were given...
Rage Face (16 days ago)
lol, the first guy.
Leonard Abonyi (16 days ago)
Now that's how to make a long distance call. Lol
Tony Diamond (16 days ago)
9:20 Computer viris ? When i was a kid i actually smashed a mac because i thought a virus was the end of the world.
Superlife (16 days ago)
awkward reh (16 days ago)
Why this video don't have sharing feature
Shilpa Upadhyay (16 days ago)
This all seemed staged to me.
Duke Mackey (16 days ago)
hallweencatda the beast (16 days ago)
Why is this age restricted
Mark Atkin (16 days ago)
I can't believe that this was still being published in 2015. It was ancient then.
yo Alex (16 days ago)
All were fake. Early era of trying to go viral.
Ivan Nava (16 days ago)
Work at an office job and you'll see
Ashley Jo (16 days ago)
all these look fake
JARedwolf100 (17 days ago)
Ticking Time-bombs I swear...
yo mama (17 days ago)
These were all fake
santhi ponnusamy (17 days ago)
Stress makes a man as mental.. sometimes me also got more temper but I just cried when I can't controlled my temper..
Mining Addict (17 days ago)
Oh hey! It's the Dad of the Angry German Kid on the thumbnail
LKW Kensenbuton (17 days ago)
and the last one.. nobody care about her :v
Zakura Blade (17 days ago)
Lot of these are fake
Jm 115 (17 days ago)
hehehe to think I once anticipated working in an environment like this...
Nikola Nebulus (17 days ago)
Why do they make fake ones? lame
Aka 47 (17 days ago)
The guy inside elevator I feel his pain men🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
big dave (17 days ago)
7:30 he fuckin rocked that guy with teh keyboard
Erjon Bare (17 days ago)
Τhe last one wtf? Nobody gives a f?😂😂
Fort Watch (17 days ago)
3:08 poor guy :(
Shumera create channel (17 days ago)
champton321 (17 days ago)
6:37 - "No, not again, I... Dammit! Why does it say 'paper jam' when there IS NO PAPER JAM?! I swear to God, I'm going to just throw this piece of shit out the window!"
Bruno Carvalho (17 days ago)
5:55 Screenshot :v
LyesergicBrainwave (17 days ago)
lol that very last 1; nobody gives a shit & continues working as though nothing is going on right there in the office just a few feet in front of them.
1tokeover (17 days ago)
7:48 LOL he destroys the screen even though it's the computer below it pissing him off.
Matt Perrin (18 days ago)
The last clip, no one gave two shits she has a breakdown, so she goes back to work 😂
Steven C (18 days ago)
I'm sure some of these are staged. Especially the ones where the people are on a rampage and their co-workers aren't even flinching.
Origami Channel and other stuff (18 days ago)
4:41 he got so annoyed
DARK VADER (18 days ago)
The last one would be a great place to work!  They give Zero fucks
Oskar Jakobsson (18 days ago)
1:56 That's how to get people out of the elevator when you want to be alone and relax 😂😂😂😂
ZANIESXD (18 days ago)
Tc (18 days ago)
I like on how the last one everyone just ignores her like its a normal thing
QUAGMIREvsLUKE (18 days ago)
Hmmm....some of these are fake as fuck. Funny how some of these cameras are place in the exact same angle in every shot. Not to mention some shitty acting.
Autumn Spring (18 days ago)
syteanric (18 days ago)
4:40... he hits her after smashing the phone.. he doesn't get hired... he gets broken glasa inserted into his ball sack
syteanric (18 days ago)
I'd hire all of them... except that one who.... no actually i'd hire her too!
Dan (18 days ago)
So all of these are fake, right?
Akhil Kananna (19 days ago)
Where is it place
Charles Robert Tomei-Avilés (19 days ago)
barbara chipley (19 days ago)
I love this. it seems most of these are in foreign places. the stress is unbelievable. hence why no one is even looking at them.
barbara chipley (19 days ago)
i don't blame the guy on the elevator. maddening.
Perry Kettler (19 days ago)
Boss: Where do you see yourself in ten years in our company? Me: ....(watch video)
shuvo xD (19 days ago)
Motherfucker police
AtherturO Devil Jet RamireZ (19 days ago)
ADITYA SINGH (19 days ago)
Jack Manuel Desinor Hernández (19 days ago)
09:59 thought she was gone... and she comes running back 😂 😂 she wasn't done
James Shelnutt (19 days ago)
all of this is believable except for the printers not working? I may have been born yesterday but that's going too far!
Lotus Hempelonium (20 days ago)
People are being treated like rat labs - fuck the system! Resist!
FortuneSeek3rz (18 days ago)
That didn't just start. Been going on for hundreds of years at some level or another.
Sk Raj (20 days ago)
Shubhamm Kumar (20 days ago)
Preser and depression
Sia Dia Mathew (20 days ago)
It's scary and depressing!!
Chuck Schick (20 days ago)
5:54 PC load letter what the fuck does that even mean?
W.S music Production (20 days ago)
man fuck office jobs , u will lose ur mind
Zidan Lubus (20 days ago)
tundratomo (20 days ago)
i hope telemarketers feel this way, they deserve each other. they need to get a real job, instead of annoying the fuck out of people
Harry S (20 days ago)
Computer Virus, Best joke Lol
Vaping Smurf (20 days ago)
9:21 Computer virus 😂😂
Muni Raj (20 days ago)
So sad
SpiceBoy7UK23 (20 days ago)
Idrissa Hassan (20 days ago)
Don't try in Africa
MisterAngstrom (20 days ago)
Modern life will be the end of us.
श्री ३ सरकार (21 days ago)
9:58 thats how japanese people work
Veronicca Lakewood (21 days ago)
Computer virus ? Lol.
Anshuman Bhalwal (21 days ago)
OMG 7:30 😂😂😂😂😂😂
happy pills (21 days ago)
depress like avinci
johnthegreek1980 (21 days ago)
9:00 Yeah she’s fired.
johnthegreek1980 (21 days ago)
Great Video! Hilarious !!
rajath e (22 days ago)
Computer virus😂😂
rajath e (22 days ago)
Computer virus😂😂
cool as ice (22 days ago)
Desk jockeys.
Vandema Volg (22 days ago)
1:10wht haha
Prism The Kiwi (22 days ago)
Just lucky there was a security guard in the elevator at 1:54
Sir (22 days ago)
The last one, they must have a high turn over rate 😂
Sir (22 days ago)
The printer, I have had this issue also grrrrr
jay fox (22 days ago)
It, not easy living day to day life sometimes we all get emotional.
The Fibler (22 days ago)
Cameras in a bathroom???? Cameras in your cubicle? FAKE ASS SHIT!
R Anderson (22 days ago)
Fucking democrats.
sevenherdsmen (22 days ago)
till 4:55 i ll go along with every freakout. More. I Salute them for their bravery to do what I want too but will never do! Well at least number one and the smoker beeing extinguished.
PRADEEP SHANKAR (23 days ago)
No common sense
Peter Venetdec122970 (23 days ago)