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Nanny is abused by child while mother is not watching

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A young girl is being verbally abusive to her nanny every time her mother steps away. Will anyone tell the mother that her daughter is misbehaving? WATCH FULL EPISODES OF WWYD: https://abc.go.com/shows/what-would-you-do
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Text Comments (31023)
Edgar Gonzalez (1 hour ago)
I’d bitch slap the shit out of her and fuc her mum in front of her and then be her step daddy and have a kid and he/she will beat the shit out of her
True Blue (4 hours ago)
I'll beat her ass fire me if you want to
Zion Lincoln (5 hours ago)
OMG she rude
Hibah Rehman (6 hours ago)
Amanda:shes just a nanny Lady:and ur just a kid REKTTT 😂
i agree (7 hours ago)
woah the girl is crazy good at acting
Yup itz me Yarah (8 hours ago)
We actually had a nanny but I thought of her as a older sister I cried so much when she left I loved her so much and now we talk on the phone together!
Jocelyn Saukam (9 hours ago)
“ Shut up your just a Nanny “ “ and your just a kid “ Me: “ dang!!! I’m sending this to all my friends “
The Red Cupcake (11 hours ago)
6:40 is very good
Kaylin Green (11 hours ago)
I’d be glad to get fired
Hermione PURPLECUBE98 (16 hours ago)
*MsBitchyGirl* snipes *PoorPrettyNanny* (9356m)
Dude (20 hours ago)
This is 10 times better than my little brother my brother is horrible
Vaanya Sinha (20 hours ago)
Good acting but if I saw that in real life I would go to the mom and talk to the mom and I am only 8
Ajia Usman (23 hours ago)
I would smack her across your little diva face
Andi Ritter (1 day ago)
The Beginning of these videos is always so cringy
The Novelist (1 day ago)
Pine size pre madonna
SugaFree Jagi (1 day ago)
Im a person who doesn’t like to get into things, but I would have recorded the girl for proof and go straight to the mom, that way even if the daughter says a different story *I* have the correct story with proof
Dec bree (1 day ago)
That little bitch
Evie Awesome girl (1 day ago)
Plzz come to England Kidderminster PLZ Do an episode here because I just wanna see it. Like I would give such an attitude that it would actually be funny
nicole raphael (1 day ago)
where the punishment happened?
Tsumiki san (1 day ago)
I tought this was real in the first place but no haha it was just an actor
candypie r0wda (1 day ago)
Of I saw that girl I was gonna tell her don't be mean or I will tell your mom what you said
mudassar nadaf (1 day ago)
Y'all must watch Russel peters impression on white parents raising kids and brown parents raising kids. Lmao.
Antoinette Lavosiere (1 day ago)
I worked as an au pair for 10 months and the kid in my second hostfamily was exactly like that
Justin Lim (1 day ago)
Looks real but when they are interviewing the customer Amanda is smiling to meet her fate!
Zaid Diaz (1 day ago)
*me inside the store* !!! WHY ARE YOU ABUSING THIS NANNY?! THAT'S IT! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!!! *beats her*
RedBlazeMaster 01 (1 day ago)
I thought Nanny meant Grandmother and i was so confused. Then i remembered Mary Poppins...
Ebony sQuad (2 days ago)
0:12 *girls in school* -me-:
Mrs. UNICORNpoo (2 days ago)
Ummm I thought it was a little obvious cause she acts like those spoiled brats in the movies and like in dork diaries Mackenzie hollister and it’s just .... very common
Mrs. UNICORNpoo (1 day ago)
Bella the wolf :P THISE ARE RLLY GOOD BOOKS! My favorite was so far #12 you should read that next if you want :P
Bella the wolf :P (1 day ago)
+Mrs. UNICORNpooWOW!!!!! I WISH I HAVE FINISHED THE TALES FROM THE NOT SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND BUY ANOTHER BOOK!!! My dork diaries books 1. Tales from a not so happily ever after 2. Tales from a not so happy birthday And thats all... Edit: I already finished Tales from not so happily ever after.
Mrs. UNICORNpoo (1 day ago)
Bella the wolf :P that’s awesome I read every book except the 9th and 10th
Bella the wolf :P (1 day ago)
I have only 2 books...now I'm reading the Tales from a not so happy birthday
Bella the wolf :P (1 day ago)
Eden Adam (2 days ago)
I was a Nanny for a little while and sometimes I would get treated like this, one of the kids would go through phases of getting along with me and then hating me and wanting me to get in trouble, saying how he'd get me fired etc. I had things like what this girl said to her Nanny by some of the children and their friends which is why I ended up leaving which is sad cause the younger children in the family where so sweet and adorable and the parents were really lovely.
LEE주엽역 첼리스트 (2 days ago)
Hi mom! 😂
Chiwawah AJ (2 days ago)
This is like my brother lol to my nanny. She's old though
Minandro Orio (2 days ago)
Wow such a great actor that made me want to go there and kill her!!!!!!!!
Giordana Frascella (2 days ago)
They are so good at acting I love it but at first I thought it was real
i am Auni (2 days ago)
3:11 totally my mom
OnlyAndrew (2 days ago)
Imagine letting a 7 year old yell at you just nanny for someone else damn
OnlyAndrew (2 days ago)
My nanny got me Black ops currency instead of V bucks she died the next day. This is a joke I don’t kill people and also don’t have a nanny I ain’t rich like that
Isep Anshory (2 days ago)
The Last Mom, "Jennifer Aniston it's that you ?😂
Jaykia Bennett (2 days ago)
That grown ass woman I would of slap that little ass girl
Crock Zilla18 (2 days ago)
Just saying i would of beat that girl up. If i were the manny or babysitter. I would also tell about her behavior.
Dabber Master (3 days ago)
If the kids roasted that girl... *THATS GONNA BE SOME JUSTICE UP IN HERE,BRAVO!*
Sarah Crawley (3 days ago)
The customers did and said the right thing. What Would You Do is great!. What Would You Do if you saw a girl getting abused because of her Clothes?. That would be a good video idea!.
Soniya P (3 days ago)
She's just a nanny And you're just a kid
Soniya P (3 days ago)
I thought nanny mean grand mother
mnbvcxz poiuytrewq (1 day ago)
Stupid. Im not a native English Speaker but I knew what a nanny was back when I was only a kid (around 5), im 17 now.
RedBlazeMaster 01 (1 day ago)
Same, then i remembered Mary Poppins
Chenee Thompson (2 days ago)
A nanny is also a babysitter that gets paid more money
XD张景荣 (3 days ago)
SSSniperWolf :wow, top 10 roast 2018🤣🤣🤣
Is that little girl's pants tight enough??
"Demanding diva". Hmmm...is that the code word for "spoiled, self indulgant, smart mouth little brat who needs a good spanking"? Js..I see alot of little monsters that lie on adults to get Mommy in a fight with them & of course, the mom is like "oh Momma's little pooky would never lie"!
Aslan Felix (3 days ago)
that little barbie is so cute
Crystal Diamond 2019 (3 days ago)
Burt Gaming (2 days ago)
Crystal Diamond 2019 Bro relax. They are actors
Crystal Diamond 2019 (3 days ago)
Janicel Faith Dela Victoria (3 days ago)
I love this show. Humans are great
Carson Zuba (3 days ago)
Y u bully me
Lemmie chan (4 days ago)
Id snap her neck and leave her screaming on the floor then say she don't need my help
Gold N (4 days ago)
Valyn Khoo (4 days ago)
Oh mah god the nanny is so pretty!!
ATHEA'S UNICORNS (4 days ago)
fast ninja (4 days ago)
1:53 that roast tho
Riley Barrett (4 days ago)
I thought the mum was the nanny
Zoe Kotsko (5 days ago)
"she's just a nanny" "and you're just a kid. respect your elders." ROASTEEEDDDDDDD
Gaby M (5 days ago)
I met John :)
Joshua McRae (5 days ago)
0:33-0:37 Nice, but I reckon this is better: But when mums away, a demanding demon comes to play. But yours is still good. Love you, John!!
Joe Bryan (5 days ago)
Lmao let my daughter say that to a babysitter, I'll beat the fuck out of her.
rey rey (5 days ago)
Dam I would whip my phone out then when I am done I will have a talk with her like I would say respect your elders also deva ya mean deval I'm kidding but seriously get some respect ya lil stinker
Rajesh Koppa (5 days ago)
Kick her ass...
Sun Sun (5 days ago)
The girl is AMAZING at acting... oml. But she's actually very pretty, even though she was acting a bad character
zahidha ismail (5 days ago)
Shut up your just a nanny And your just a kid. ROASTED!!!! OOOOOOOOOOOOOH!
Ss Hh (5 days ago)
I will give her to adaptation center omg
Ss Hh (5 days ago)
I thought this was real OMG
Sydgaming 2007 (5 days ago)
“ your just a nanny” Woman:”and your just a kid” Me: ohhhh
ashia cox (6 days ago)
P Po Poo Poor N Na Nan Nann Nanny
Jasmyne Preston (6 days ago)
I’m about to beat her ass
Brian Guevara (6 days ago)
That girl was a really nice acter
Darinel Morales (6 days ago)
Heyhey Heyhey Heyhey Shupup
Payton Reilly (6 days ago)
OMFG I thought this was real! She is a great actress
XxIm OfflinexX (6 days ago)
John seems like a very awkward school counselor
Katherine S. (6 days ago)
the little girl was a pretty good actress actually
Zaiyesha Lasher (6 days ago)
Omg I hate that child
Hannah Burley (4 days ago)
Zaiyesha Lasher it's okay the child is an actor
BlackWolfWithBlueWings (6 days ago)
Take it easy. It's just acting.
Zenjedi99v2 (6 days ago)
Parental advisory note. EVERYTHING ON THE 'what would you do' channel is scripted with actors. At this point ye might as well trade your maga hats for a roll of tinfoil. You can make lots of hats with a whole roll.
Cookie Swirl (6 days ago)
I got really mad I thought that she was really spewing to her like that
Emily Horner (6 days ago)
If I was her nanny I would slap her
Gunjan Mishra (7 days ago)
Nanny is so pretty and so innocent I almost cried because of her soft voice
Lily Awesome Fun (7 days ago)
When her moms there she acts sweet when she leaves she is a brat that’s so rude
Alicia en el Pais de las Maravillas (4 days ago)
I know she's just an actor, but when children act sweet around their parents but are mean once they leave, those children know what they're doing is wrong.
Holly Eve (7 days ago)
What a good Acdres...... poor nanny
Assasin Gurl (7 days ago)
Oh the last women has a heart
Assasin Gurl (7 days ago)
Oh shes soii annoying
Princess MPS (7 days ago)
When that little girl said "I'm fine by my self!" I would walk straight out that door
BananaLGaming X (7 days ago)
0:23 Wat Ewar o want
Jin’s laugh is within you (8 days ago)
0:24 *makin my way downtown.*
missing gorgon96 gamer and DVD reviewer (8 days ago)
Iwoudlve slap the whiteness out of that young mam
WolfyXOne 261261 (8 days ago)
I would punish that child
dyanne alexandra (8 days ago)
one day a grandma or grandpa are gonna die because john!!!
Khaled Ali (8 days ago)
You are absolutely legend account on YouTube
Xavier Negron Gaming (8 days ago)
6:04 - 6:08 IT'S CHEF PEEPEE!!!
The Cosmic Wierdo (8 days ago)
That little girl sounds exactly like my ex roommate (ex best friend)'s 15 yr old niece who put me through hell for almost a year. Except her niece put holes in my mattress, stole my things, stole my food, and hit me. My "friend" took her niece's side and kicked me out.
Alv Rose (8 days ago)
4:14 Before anyone got fired 😂
Kona Slays (9 days ago)
She just little girl . She rost the nanny! She using so much I got you fired. The nanny not stupid. She lying. Busted! Rude girl . Stupid ASS!
Kona Slays (9 days ago)
Laughy Sapphy (9 days ago)
Me: *walks up to nanny* Hey so there's a woman called Supernanny and you should call her good luck
matrix49A (9 days ago)
duck tape the little creep
RONALDO NEYMAR JR (9 days ago)
I would literally be like:"excuse me,who do you think you are to talk like that? A 10 year old who doesn't know anything about life? You should listen to me kid, because first, I am older than you just like this lady and you shouldn't talk like that to people older than you, and second, that same nanny that is now taking care of you can loose her life just like my brother did when he was a baby. So be respectful for her you little brat!" * gets tears in eyes *
Tarik Pobric (9 days ago)
How is that abusing that’s just yelling
Alma Sarajlic (9 days ago)
This is more cute then upsetting lol. That kid can act.