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These are the most confusing questions Congress asked Zuckerberg

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During Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s testimony to Congress, not all of the questions lawmakers asked him made sense.
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Not Dave's Channel (2 days ago)
Orrin Hatch: 2 heartbeats away from being President for the next 83 days. This was like that Big Bang Theory episode where Sheldon explains physics to Penny.
Queen Batac (3 days ago)
The Real Bleach (3 days ago)
1:00 That is literally what Facebook is, you share stuff about you with others
ravenscape vids (4 days ago)
stop voting for these people
Lucy Schuster (4 days ago)
Its like when my dad tries to explain how Netflix works to my grandma.
Sierra LVX (5 days ago)
They should've ditched the whole questioning part of these hearings because they didn't amount to anything! Why couldn't they have done an information swap thing, where Mark would tell the senate what he knows and vice versa! These senators were just trying to give out gotcha questions but they don't get anything!
Daniel Trinh (6 days ago)
Senator, can we get more 20 year olds instead of these 60-70 year olds
Daniel Trinh (6 days ago)
Mark is starting to regret communicating with these humans
Frenchify (7 days ago)
If they delete all my data when I deactivate my account, how come everything is still there once I reactivate it? I'm asking because I have in fact deactivated my account a year ago and have only reactivated it a few months ago. Wouldn't I be forced to start over?
Scott Cartwright (8 days ago)
This is the government's way of getting private info on anyone thru Facebook so be extremely careful what u say on there cuz the government is watching..
I am the globglogaglb Simply delicious (8 days ago)
Jesus Christ these people
EK Lee (8 days ago)
잡아때는거 봐라 ㅋㅋ 한국이나 미국이나 똑같아 ㅋㅋ
Chaad (8 days ago)
Senator, you can't pause an online game.
Jake The sneakerhead (10 days ago)
that second senator is wierd
Adamianto16 (11 days ago)
He owes us milions bitch
Micah Burns (11 days ago)
Only in America...Uh, actually, Senator, China has the internet too (womp womp).
Yash More (13 days ago)
These politicians are slow, aged (to the point of rotting corpses) and have no clue about internet or online business models all together. Question is who trusted them with making decisions and laws to govern such business in the first place. God bless America.
James Harding (14 days ago)
Yeah lets have a bunch of old turds who make their grandkids show them how to work the internet box ask so.e questions about some shit they dont know about
Jay Patel (14 days ago)
Americans are so stupid
gabby lopez (15 days ago)
it was an act hes not a robot alien but just played one on tv...now hes caught by congress threats or admitting he just betrayed american public.....if u will backstabbing your friends u sure will strangers...... greedy narc.....hired by intelligence thats illegal folks to lie about intention to protect your private info........u really trust this guy......his eyes are fried cause he has no friends and hes peeping tom....remember he had no friends to begin with watch social network again folks how quickly we forget. .....hes no hero he does not want to admit he sold out....watch some narc abuse video they always want you to trust them first so they can gain access cause they r creepy little parasites.......he needed a new supply.....ie "friends for loners originally like him.....it was a way into feel accepted and trustworthy.....sorry sometimes leaving out a not accidentally so not perfect post. .shoulda tried to use quotes but was laughing too hard at him not congress. ...he dont wanna lose all fb friends cause he (not everybody on fb now) but those r the only ones he ever WIll have.....to pity him and say at first hey won't you be my friend....then I will show u how to make facebook friends.....and then everyone who had real live friends said hey lets jump on there to and speed up media communication. ...watch social network and u see.....complete narcissist with no true friends cause he cant be one
gabby lopez (15 days ago)
my first posts were mocking sorry for the confusion.....most of these congressmen are lawyers their job is to confuse you and see if you perjure yourself.....he knew the agencies watching too waiting for him to say the government made me do it.....which immediately exposes him as a trusted media expert.....remember Edward Snowdon folks whistle blower....clearly to me mark didnt get outta town fast enough before threat ened to keep hisv t trap short or else.....by testimony I believe congress has the power to prosecute a liar...either way he was screwed....and all good narcissists caught in a corner he back tracked to original intent cover-up story......by willfully offering up private information agencies can seize all your data by one keystroke location shortcutting an widespread immediate legal seizure of information circa patriot act operation of gathering info by us citizens by homeland security in the interest of national security to secure our permissible and willful our civil rights one by one. and reverse engineer how they can swiftly enact false military martial law.. think false flag info to avoid civil uprising when sheeple wake up....secure the right to bear arms now before we lose it for good.....they take away that we sitting ducks under martial law and the like.....they have been steadily setting us up...dig deeper folks and connect the dots quickly before its too late.
gabby lopez (15 days ago)
don't drink the koolaid description folks...*clickbait* listen for yourself....when they dumbed it down to a yes or no.....he always referred to his team...listen again....maybe you can handle the entire length and get more clues. ...remember the famous quote by Abraham Lincoln...."dont believe everything you read on the internet" they clarified and simplified the questions and he yes was evading the questions but that showed him to be a liar........yes we have the access to all your information. ....but not the ability.......thats the point of a hearing.......to clarify previous denials and see if they willfully perjure themselves or repeatedly refuse dumbed down questions without saying so.......I believe he was under oath at the beginning and exposed either way as a safe place to put all your private info and where to find you and all your friends so they can eventually make job of alien takeover like a personal info for dinner haha.......hes a plant people the government agencies recruited him to design a fun and safe place to give it to 3 easy and fast way and people started sounding the alarm and now is clearly scared to say yeah im a plant and they told him to shut up and stick with the original plan he was not tricked.....people have already been sounding the alarm about every data system known to man can be easily hacked...think boa scandal etc how many times have secure locations been hacked he cant pick a lane.....take a fall for agencies.....take credit for original design.all his idea people been loading private info for years always surprised when theres a breach.......this was a clever way for intelligence agencies to have permission to everyone you know both foreign or domestic......homeland security not enough manpower needed excuse for patriot act.....think back to September 10th 2001. oops ive said too much flee facebook now while u still have a choice dont make it easy for them without a subpoena....u heard it here jmho gotta go
gabby lopez (15 days ago)
sorry about typos and any grammatical errors and spellchecker I cant stop laughing long enough to finish each sentence because my arm is sore from trying to correct each nonsensical suggestion spellchecker inserts to auto correct....ie aliens can't spell in human language so * insert alien spelling here no dumb humans can match my* actually WAS designed by zuckerberg as well as mapquest.......no credit was ever given to him because a human coworker spun mark's chair around 3x just as he completed each final keystroke of computer program....
gabby lopez (15 days ago)
no confusion here many yes or no questions he cant follow because he is sounds like Spock.. ..but that is illogical....."I wanna thank you for that question......the delay....Clearly possessed by alien robot .....I have been giggling nonstop each time I watch it....10x better than the best snl skit. ummmmm cant compute.....illogical.......... danger will robinson...... he wasn't the one who created facebook he backstage them grabbed the money......"will have my team look into that" yes or no question.....umm cant compute illogical.....illogical...I was was waiting for his head to slowly spin right to left and smoke to spurt out of his ears til the room filled with the smell of burnt rubber and all congressmen present were destroyed by the toxic nerve gas smelling of burnt rubber and potato chips. I still cant control my giggles just on this short clip with the description as if congress was guilty of confusing this genius.......umm clearly his team is of alien council robots who must consult their computers about the "humans" who "represent the public" must be understood and tricked by our superintelligent alien tech support team......thank you for asking the confusing question human """err congress man...."must compute my team and get back to you....." mister zuckerberg u look like u just took a dump in your pants.....do you need to be excused......"um thank you for asking that question could you clarify a dump...aliens i mean i do not wear pants i mean thank you for asking that question....i look forward to meeting you again to answering all your questions after i consult with all of my team i must before invasion I mean consultation....#roboteyesreplacement #blindedbyirony #friedretinasdueto facebook frenzy posts every tuesday at tgif....... I have never seen anything more hilarious. quick facebook all friends who are in desperate need of a shortcut to raising I.Q. by at least 25percent in less than 15 minutes of utube.I dont think I could handle the full 5 hour without literally dying from laughter. #alienzuckerberg confirms he is a rabid greedy backstabbing moron incapable...blames the government of "tricking" him #notpossible if he really is a genius.....maybe on his planet of "superintelligent" beings.if they exist then it sounds like this moron couldn't find his way out of a wet paper bag so they loaded this moron his very own special rocket ship with only one fill up of spaceship fuel just enough to land on this planet. to the tune of the Beverly hillbillies I imagine they say with a slow warm robotic wave they say dont come back y'all hear......which he mistook for a fond reunion back with his alien bros....er um team of experts.... I must stop before I pass out from a charley horse under my ribcage. Flee facebook now before the moron aliens invade. they have all your information but never ever abuse privileged information you have my word human I mean mr senator....thank you for asking the question? before I clarify an answer....I must say thank you sir may I have another??? "Another what mr. zuckerberg" pause rewind press play "before I answer this question I must thank you for asking that question could you clarify the answer to that question for me.....er *smoke filling the room slowly as to trick these humans by my superhuman intelligence. meanwhile congressmen stroll out the fire exits high fiving each other to a bar next door..... not all congressmen are idiots not by a new York mile exhibit a right here. its just the higher up in in position the air thins the oxygen supply is lowered and easier to subdue by alien persuasion regardless of political party.....jmo
Chidubem NWIGWE (15 days ago)
Congress: How do you sustain a business model? Mark: We run Ads. Congress: Are you willing to protect user privacy. Mark: We use Ads. Congress: Do you have the ability to access my data. Mark: Ads.
ger scorpion (16 days ago)
2:34 what a shit head . Implying that outside of the US you are unable to build an internet service like facebook. It's that kind of arrogance that weakens the reputation of the US globally.
linda wong (18 days ago)
No such thing as stupid questions, just stupid people. Watching zuckerberg trying to explain the internet to these oldies is just painful. No facebook cannot afford to run for free, no company can afford free services *facepalm*
naw nope (18 days ago)
Why they acting like Facebook isn't voluntary?
Blessings Joy (19 days ago)
Sad thing is these old geezers run our country.
My friend those are extraordinarily difficult questions ....but those old people don't understand much about social media
Kishor Sonawane (20 days ago)
The last one tho
Leif Johnson (20 days ago)
Facebook is a toilet filled with hate and Zuckerberg is the shit floating in that toilet.
zoltan87 (21 days ago)
My grandparents have better understanding of the modern world, then these "senators". Shocking.
Aragiss (25 days ago)
0:43 This guy is straight out of a comedy sketch.
Lal Chand.surela Surela (25 days ago)
I.love you..mr.mark.zucker berg
Lal Chand.surela Surela (25 days ago)
Only 1 website.service..only Money service But .my.service charg..1.crore.doller..per.month otherwise.my free.service
Don Peck (26 days ago)
FB needs some serious government oversight!!!!
Jose Roy Amador (27 days ago)
The Ultimate Umbreon (28 days ago)
"Mr. Zuckerburg, my minecraft world only has a single diamond, how do I get more?" Senator, I'm not sure what that means
Morgan Grace (1 month ago)
i’m still hysterical about this i watch this at least once a week it saves me
peter collins (1 month ago)
OK, here we have a wonderful example of bipartisanship -- bipartisan stupidity. Whether they had a D or an R, they demonstrated a complete lack of the slightest understanding of even the most basic concepts underlying Facebook. Translation for politicians -- you are ignorant.
Endre Tolnai (1 month ago)
Every question was clear and made sense...congrat for the americans they have these kind of people in the congress...every question was very useful...I dont understand how zuckenberg is capable of running the facebook, where there are private and confident information...
50 subscribers Without any videos (1 month ago)
Some of these people need to face book and study
The Shadow (1 month ago)
Who wrote these questions?
L4Vo5 (1 month ago)
I think the 1:43 guy had legit questions tho
Clemenza Schwarz (1 month ago)
He is not a natural true human beeing. Sorry guys. Facebook & Co. is run by fake human what so ever beeings from XYZ.
T Chantelle (1 month ago)
I don't think they understand technology properly lol they're all the age of my grandparents lol
Tomato. (1 month ago)
This Hurts
Magenta Freak (1 month ago)
*Just Drink The Water Zucc* *Oh Sorry Here's Your Booster Seat*
Ocean Spray (1 month ago)
Most of them weren't out of touch. They were very valid questions but Mark kept deflecting and confusing them. Honestly, their business model can be quite confusing when you speak of how much data is enough or at what point should they not collect X data. It's quite obvious to everyone, shareholders such as myself included, that Facebook does market your data. They don't make $40 billion in revenue unless they have something very valuable to offer and data in today's age is highly profitable. The one question I felt was silly was the question at 2:42 in which Mark Zuckerberg himself failed to seize advantage of. "Only in America." Partially true but most of Facebook's users are not from America but internationally. The question that everyone seems to be mocking is the Orrin Hatch question. I think there was a miscommunication in the part of Facebook defining free. In reality, it isn't free. They are making money off user data and so I believe that politician was unaware of what Zuckerberg meant by free and was slightly confused. But honestly, if you watched the entire video, you will come to the conclusion that for the most part, outside of some very few questionable questions, Mark Zuckerberg was the one confusing everyone. He deflected question after question, refused to give an open answer, and did his best to follow the script. While that's what his company expected and clearly it being their gameplan, you can tell he's lying. In one part, a politician with the last name of Harris asked if Mark had a discussion as to whether or not they should inform their users of the breach. Mark denied knowing of any discussion being had numerous times until Harris trapped him and he couldn't deflect any longer. Mark ultimately admitted to having the discussion to not inform their users. My conclusion is this: Mark isn't a very smart individual in the likes of Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, etc., He got incredibly lucky and rode the waves. Nothing he is doing is revolutionary but simply the timing was immaculate. Hearing Mark explain Facebook and what the company is about really lost me as an investor and for the sole reason of me overestimating the leadership of Mark, I sold all my shares. I did some digging and the consensus among those who knew Mark say he was much smarter than your average individual but there wasn't anything special about him. If the congressional hearing didn't prove that, I don't know what will.
Elicia Garcia (1 month ago)
Lol. This is funny to me. Mark zuculburgs life
Blake Reid (1 month ago)
Mark is so full of shit, the questions are not confusing, mark is confusing the people asking him the questions,
Aljen God (1 month ago)
ARIES (1 month ago)
More of a tutorial for senior citizens rather than a bullshit hearing..
Theodor Januschs Aufklärungskanal (1 month ago)
And they tell us we need this propaganda lol
Darshan Limbu (1 month ago)
Zucc rents data to third parties confirmed
Rhys (1 month ago)
What massive idiots
Анна Ю (1 month ago)
pavel durov his grandfather kill korean during the forced deportation to Uzbekistan
Lal Chand.surela Surela (1 month ago)
My life .no ice life my life.a river..life
DooM DooMerson (2 months ago)
Toni Tatin (2 months ago)
That y zuckerberg escape
Robert Dancefloor (2 months ago)
Old Generation hahahaha..for Oldtimer time is ower hahah..
Jordi Danen (2 months ago)
Ugh old people
Ryan P (2 months ago)
@0:44 That's like asking someone if they have the power to kill someone. Like yeah no shit but you wouldn't do it.
Keaton The Cretin (2 months ago)
They want to be blunt on purpose to throw him off. He KNOWS what his business is. You can’t try to fool a priest on the Bible when their life and career and passion IS the Bible Same shit. He started Facebook and threw everything at it. It IS his life. It IS his bible. So..... nice try government. (Sorry for the weird comparison)
Cat Girl (2 months ago)
Wow, they really made a fool of themselves.
Anshul Panda (2 months ago)
Clearly a generation gap
Edgar Luna (2 months ago)
If they are so ignorant on something so widely used what can we expect with everything else they "do".
Netz Astigrockon (2 months ago)
Mark is like talking to a cavemen from way back from the past. Hahaha
Giovanna Chavez (2 months ago)
We need young people to get in there this is embarrassing for congress
__ __ (2 months ago)
John Kennedy is retarded and why does he start talking while Mark is talking
p.hunter Maria (2 months ago)
Belall Rossaye (2 months ago)
The Congress are computer illiterate
Belall Rossaye (2 months ago)
They so old it's disgusting
Gomesz Jr (2 months ago)
you dont need Mark Z to answer that question..lol
MGIBryan (2 months ago)
These fucking idiot Americans. Why are they in a place of power?
Swedish Bulldog (2 months ago)
they all ask the same thing
G4ming Terror (2 months ago)
I really wish someone would teach this senators, well not just senators and other people too, about Technology and how it will evolve throughout the future...... Some of them are asking nonsense questions🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Wilson Solt (2 months ago)
So embarrassing listening to these inept old people. And they are the ones making laws regarding the internet.
cynder gryn (2 months ago)
u got alot of nerve cutting Alex Jones, he was funny, no one but scared caucasians believed his diatribe.
cynder gryn (2 months ago)
F**k Apple monopoly/in bed with nsa// alex jones was entertainment ;u know it, we know it so f**k you tube for for its Marxist ideology.
Zsuzit Grg (2 months ago)
OMG! Why are they going too deep man??
Jon as it is (2 months ago)
Which senator won the *Best Questions Asked*
BitterSweetFate (2 months ago)
I love the way he makes them act stupid even more than then they are😂😂😂
HyperMX gaming (2 months ago)
These senators wan't to take Zuckerberg's work Observe how they ask Zuckerberg questions . . .
Murat Şeker (2 months ago)
they sound like they just want to know something that they are curious about
gilang rama (2 months ago)
bmo shareholder apple shareholder (2 months ago)
It seems that the women asked much better questions than the men did. Some questions that the men asked were just stupid.
Harambe ,the horny gorilla (2 months ago)
Dumbass people in power.
DJbudx x (2 months ago)
Remember to use ad block
Y0LOM1D (2 months ago)
0:42 A S K G O O G L E
Yokuda (2 months ago)
Gordon Ramsay (2 months ago)
I wanna slap the glasses out of this old hag’s fac
blaknblond (2 months ago)
Zuckerberg is pedophile friendly due to his fb policies.
Laugh (2 months ago)
If i was Zuckerberg, I would have replied "Not even Google understands what you are saying"
Jesse James (1 month ago)
Guy Drunk 😂😂😂
Pedro Oi (2 months ago)
Holy shit! Hueheheuhehheh
Sedition Society (2 months ago)
"...I'm not sure what you mean." When you ask Alexa an incoherent question.
FUNNY MEDIA (2 months ago)
it was very dificult questions
Nick (2 months ago)
Cornyn's question was interesting. Zuckerberg says that data is deleted when you deactivate your account when surely the information is archived?
Mesinjeo Peeps (2 months ago)
old people asking nonsense
Medlock Jodengrad (2 months ago)
Guy: do u have the right to collect money off of people's savings account Accountant: i dont have the right to- guy: do you have THE ABILITY accountant: in theory yes i have the ability but stealing money and getting out of the bank is 1 thing and security is another
TheGGbond (2 months ago)
hahaha data categories! these living fossils have no idea what theyre saying