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Dubai Timelapse 1930 - 2012

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This is a Timelapse of Dubai I made from 1930 to 2012 Hope you enjoy! Please like, share all of that stuff, helps alot!!
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Text Comments (148)
Azhar Ali (15 hours ago)
someone unknown (16 hours ago)
From nothing to something
vinh Ruky (23 hours ago)
Emirates🇸🇩 vs Vietnam🇻🇳
wassxxxx (2 days ago)
The background music anyone?
Eclipse (2 days ago)
Basically went to a ancient ass city to a really nice megacity
Kashi Rana (3 days ago)
Javed Mir (3 days ago)
To many mistakes in this video
Amaan Omar (7 days ago)
You forgot Emirates airlines when it first opened in 1985 and Burj am Arab which opened in 1990
Raghu Balu (8 days ago)
Subscribed !!! You???
echo2006able (8 days ago)
I think the title should be changed to "Dubai Timeline"
Shiraz Khan (9 days ago)
For those searching for the music, its "Evasion" by Mohamed Rouane.
abdul rehman (9 days ago)
credit goes to oil and pakistani labour...
Karen Cabrera (13 days ago)
Dubai Metro they started announce to is 2009, harami jahangiri.
Simon Tuffen (17 days ago)
A lot of errors in the dates, and terrible quality photographs; apart from that, very good.
Rational Indian (19 days ago)
Title should have been ‘ how planes evolved’
Median Empire (22 days ago)
arabic donkeys
HD Cast (25 days ago)
Anyone notice that on the 2001 picture it is the twin towers
Nhk Tv (1 month ago)
2009 picure is qatar
King James (1 month ago)
Congratulations!!! You WON...The title for the most shittest video online 💩💩💩
rafialpy (1 month ago)
Poor editing. Poor quality.. Its not time-lapse
Nybola S (1 month ago)
this is a slideshow not a time lapse
Sheikh Shoaib Shoaib (1 month ago)
Chris McMahon (1 month ago)
Could someone explain why there is 100,000,000 sq m of office space there? Are the skyscrapers filled with multinational corporate headquarters that have moved to Dubai? Besides oil, does Dubai produce anything? With new aircraft technology their airport will become the Honolulu of the Middle East. Once necessary for refueling transpacific flights. Now not needed. Oh wait; they have a mall with fake snow....thank God they're saved from irrelevance.
Dethrone Idiocy (1 month ago)
Same shit in saudi arabia; Lot`s of office space for nothing in a country totally limited to produce oil
Guillermo Aguilar (1 month ago)
this isint time lapes
Jp Singh Sandhu (1 month ago)
How bad the pictures are. cheapest quality. WTF
Daniel Kaka (1 month ago)
Cwele jebane arabusy, ropa to dobro ziemii wszystkich ludzi. A oni ja zawlaszczyli. Tfuu.
Tamil people (1 month ago)
Home Cooking (1 month ago)
The time from when Amwricans entered after Iraq Kwait war the whole scenario of UAE changed.It was quite a nice place.Me born there in 1979.Golden memories of childhood spent there.
Lover Boy (1 month ago)
Palm jumeriah is in 2008 not 2000
Kim Cubing (2 months ago)
This is not a time lapse dude r u a first grader in English!?!?!
time lapse wrong
last 17 in years I'm working Dubai i know everything
masonwatcher (2 months ago)
Nothing whatsoever to do with time lapse here - what is this nonsense? Thumbs down for lying.
hafeez shaikh (2 months ago)
Raigistan Mai itne haryali
ShaDynasty76 (2 months ago)
More like “TIMELINE”. Do you even know the meaning of time lapse???
souad lablaili (2 months ago)
الاطنان الدهب المهرب من المغرب وأفريقيا .هي اللتي طورت دبي.
Arijit Wood (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2fp7RSD70M DUBAI
Saikhu Ah (2 months ago)
UEA _QataR & ARABiA megastructures 100 BuiLLding Residence property RoyaLty apartmen"2'S 100 BuiLdings to to goo to is forward worLd cup 2022
Michael Steele (2 months ago)
Click bait. This is not a time lapse.
Ransford Agyei (3 months ago)
wow!wow! wow! i really wish to see Dubai someday
M. Bülent Abacı (3 months ago)
Bu nasıl time lapse?
DrHouse2004 (3 months ago)
Funny fake Ny in 30 was pretty same in 2012 lol
Naresh Singh (3 months ago)
L ki Ll pmyy LtTl LtTl l ki 00pp Olomouc hPppppP loo777pggT4llpLppppp
Mr. COHIBΛS (3 months ago)
if you want time lapse put playback speed 2x lol
Yousef Ahmed (3 months ago)
The past 5 years have changed the most than it has in 50 years
Koko Koko (3 months ago)
Geopold (3 months ago)
This so no time lapse....
Straight Path (3 months ago)
Do you know the meaning of time lapse geser? Use your brains b4 you start using your fingers.
dragi georgievski (3 months ago)
sorry it is dislike from me
EmeraldJG 333 (3 months ago)
Tinuccio Arpione (3 months ago)
Fate!Fate !!...
Tinuccio Arpione (3 months ago)
Quando nel mondo finirà la richiesta di petrolio,poi vedrete come la mantenete. Questa città...
Dash Plays (3 months ago)
Perché sei geloso? Perché il tuo paese è povero? Stereotipi di gallo.
Om vlogs (3 months ago)
I love this city
Venkat Krishna (3 months ago)
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babu s.babu (3 months ago)
ben pasquale (3 months ago)
talk about american influence...and a touch of las vegas....if you work with them instead of against them.. you can make plenty of money
CHoward (3 months ago)
Guys stop complaining about the time lapse! I hate that too but We need to stop looking in the negative side
Ramy Fares (3 months ago)
Palm Jumeirah 2000?, you know what? Fuck you!!!! This video is all wrong!!!!!
Ramy Fares (3 months ago)
Lol dusit Thani wasn’t even completed in 2000! It was still under construction at that time until 2002!
Ramy Fares (3 months ago)
Metro rails 2002? Really? Seriously? The picture can be from 2007 or 2008
Ramy Fares (3 months ago)
2:47, that’s not 2001, that should be around 1998, Emirates Towers was still under construction at that time until the office was opened in Nov 1999, and the hotel opened on April 15, 2000
ASMR Gamer (3 months ago)
I only stayed for the music
Shiraz Khan (9 days ago)
its Evasion by Mohamed Rouane
Roland Dawson (3 months ago)
This is so cool.
Boy Dg (3 months ago)
Imaginem daqui a 20 anos o ala mestre
Charles Walliburton (3 months ago)
Djall is coming you bastards....
Geovan Wahlbrink (3 months ago)
Timelapse? Do you know what IS a timelapse?
Hala Qasem (4 months ago)
i love dubai
Aerophlix Media (4 months ago)
amazing footage Heres some of Dublin ohio https://youtu.be/mbfAk6TyWNs
Vance Elliott (4 months ago)
Timeline all wrong
David cruz Perez (4 months ago)
Mexcian American tejas musical
Christian PlayzRoblox (4 months ago)
This is not a timelapse
Syed Faiz (4 months ago)
Some pictures are inaccurate with the years
Fantasy crazy (4 months ago)
Not a timelapse
Mian Shozi Gujjar مياں شوزى گجر (4 months ago)
Credit goes to #Oil👎👎👎👎👎
bob nicholson (4 months ago)
you obviously couldn't be arsed with the research then.
Marcus Zhou (5 months ago)
This sucks it’s not even a time lapse
Clorox Bleach (7 months ago)
Do you even know what is a time lapse? And also the metro station in 2002 bruh
ProMasonGuy Gaming (5 months ago)
Clorox Bleach can I drink you
قناة كانش جديد (9 months ago)
yeeeeeeeh ♥
GD Xdude (10 months ago)
0:44 music
ADEMILSON SILVA (4 months ago)
skank hunt101 (1 year ago)
just wow
conscious212 (1 year ago)
wow! Muhammad peace be upon him was right, was just reading about islam and came across one of his predictions about desert shepherds competing with each other in making high buildings, lol these Arabs were poor shepherds with no money at all
Huixtocihuatl (1 year ago)
Didn't know Dubai became planes in 1940.
Sport Man (1 year ago)
Glint Breightly (1 year ago)
So *that's* what a time lapse movie is!  Guess I always thought it was something else. Silly me!
positive thinker (1 month ago)
Ali Mazarqah (1 year ago)
الامارات هيبة ورجال
Badr Benadada (1 year ago)
Ali Mazarqah تخيل معي يا ابن قريش أن دول الخليج لاتملك البترول كيف ستكون هههههههه الجواب كجاهلية ههههه
Jacques Deladurantaye (1 year ago)
Guillermo Aguilar (1 month ago)
true that not time lapes
Mutti (3 months ago)
Jacques Deladurantaye IKR
Evolution Inc. (1 year ago)
Where is the timelapse? Misleading videos get reported you know.
Vallo Tubli (1 year ago)
Uploaded on HD - all images in 144p
Damen Rowland (1 year ago)
it show the palm tree island completed by year 2000, the island didnt even start construction until 2004 lol this video is wrong
Nybola S (1 month ago)
no, they started construction in 2001. I believe or 2002
Alien Dash (2 years ago)
Burj Khalifa is missing like wtf!?
Enjoy (3 months ago)
See it was under construction
Roland Dawson (3 months ago)
It was in the video though…
Tarzan (1 year ago)
it is the others side of dubai
Mati Cat (2 years ago)
1940 is World War 2 Nazi And Japan Vs UK , USA , France and OTHER AILLED Join Soviet
H8edsinclair (2 years ago)
1990 - 2000 did we miss a lot of time lapse missed half of the great engineering stuff
Dacksy (2 years ago)
wtf this isnt a timelapse...
mohak (2 years ago)
where is the damn timelapse
Mike Hawk (2 years ago)
I guess some people think simply adding a 1080p selection will magically fix images that are already shitty to begin with.
Gaming With Las (2 years ago)
That's a fucking slideshow!
Meshari arrashid (2 years ago)
this actually gave me hope that one day my city will look like that or even better!!
Ara Stor (2 years ago)
fuk USA we Ned uae
Badr Benadada (1 year ago)
Ara Stor fuck you Mother
Omar Bukhari Flims (11 months ago)
This isn't time lapse. How Old Are You
Average Newbie (2 years ago)
Massey Forbusiness (2 years ago)
Why's the title have "time lapse" in it?
Family Friendly Josh (2 months ago)
CLICKBAIT-have you heard of it?
[GD] Sapphuby (3 months ago)
Massey Forbusiness I don't know