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Dubai Timelapse 1930 - 2012

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This is a Timelapse of Dubai I made from 1930 to 2012 Hope you enjoy! Please like, share all of that stuff, helps alot!!
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ᄋji (12 days ago)
This is fake
Iaryngkat Nongpiur (15 days ago)
Fake & Useless
Hemendra Singh Rathore (15 days ago)
This is not timelapse 😑🤔
Just Another Google Account (15 days ago)
This isnt a time lapse and has many stuff wrong with it. Did be da bullshit nigga
Jayesh Badbe (17 days ago)
This is a slideshow not a timelapse
Lovro Arbanasic (17 days ago)
This is a slideshow not timelapse
Jordy Channel TV (18 days ago)
Soy el único hablando Español?
mohamed khalid GTSTARS (19 days ago)
Saghir Hucane Gultari (22 days ago)
It's not time lapse .It's time taken by UAE to made tremendous progress and to become the most developed country of the Islamic world. Salam to UAE from Pakistan 🇵🇰
GALACTiCOS Invervargill biBOY!!! (22 days ago)
UAE 🇬🇧 1892 - 1971 🇬🇧
Bar Shakespeare (1 month ago)
The 80s look like a desert with nothing going on. But they were holding a golf tournament there. The Dubai desert classic. So there must have been 5 star hotels already.
T.express Bus L (1 month ago)
Without oil is dubai....just a peace of shit!!!!
Langa Nzama (1 month ago)
In terms of tourism and transportation I'm relating to the wright brothers who came with this intellectual idea of inventing a plane,cockpit which consist of its features and specifications to trade with countries and also give passengers a flight and of business and economy class as well as to meet people of the air that we see and breathe in a more welcoming way.
Faris Nikkamachi (2 months ago)
Nice bgm❣️❣️
Pacific Crafter (2 months ago)
This is wrong the Burj Khalifa was finished being built in 2010 not 2011
ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔᴋᴀᴋᴇsᴜ ܔܛܔܔ ܔܛܔᴊᴀʏ (2 months ago)
wish they will project planting more plants and trees someday
Taz Beet (2 months ago)
the video will be reversed in the years to come with China belt road.
zafar niazi (2 months ago)
Clock tower is still there
Johnny JOE (2 months ago)
this is not in 2002 2:56
Alfie McQuaid (2 months ago)
Snowy Island (2 months ago)
Mr metro station at 2002 duh doofus
Snowy Island (2 months ago)
I am dead
MCY Official (3 months ago)
2:18 , thise island was made after 2000
MCY Official (3 months ago)
Kieffer Andrei Sauza (3 months ago)
... Dubai Dont care at helps Dubai just Build a city to rich and they like buy all theyre wont = Wrong Beacuse we need to help
Burkhard Khan (2 months ago)
Kieffer Andrei Sauza eueuruf
cheizs (3 months ago)
Sick timelaps, what camera did you use?
mehran (3 months ago)
God bless Dubai's Sheikh Mohammed.
Dorian Witkowski (4 months ago)
there is no dubai in 1940 but plane
Lyric Ranoni (4 months ago)
Half the pics didn't even matter!! And even the 2002 metro said Copyright 2009!!!!!
City Street View (2 months ago)
Watch more of #Dubai here ... https://youtu.be/_YFtbF4IsjQ https://youtu.be/_YFtbF4IsjQ https://youtu.be/_YFtbF4IsjQ https://youtu.be/_YFtbF4IsjQ https://youtu.be/_YFtbF4IsjQ
Cory O'Neal (4 months ago)
Did anyone else notice the picture for 1930s is the same at the 1960s. Just zoomed in with a different filter
Patrick Tröbs (4 months ago)
Yes, i do!
Daha Neler Görücez (5 months ago)
Producer, editer(!), director, filmer, ideas by Sameer Mubarak Jahangiri.. Wow! That's a huge work! Photo and music credits non-existant. Fyi Jahangiri Enterprises.. Entercredits next time.
Miguel Saucedo (5 months ago)
Mountains in Dubai wow! 0:27
The five daily prayers are the key to Jannatul Firdous ALLAHU AKBAR
It was (5 months ago)
Me looking at the title "dubai timelapse" *excited to open the video Me: fuck off this is not fucking TIME LAPSE mathafathaka
Guanjyn (5 months ago)
Amazing how the Brits built up the middle east.
Kentkenny (6 months ago)
dubai constructors workin’ hard
Mohammed Nadim (6 months ago)
False info, police should arrest this man and make him build dubai in prison
TheRagingInfernape (6 months ago)
This video is full of errors
Syed Ahmed Adeel (6 months ago)
PROPHECY OF MUHAMMAD SAW Signs of the day of Judgement The destitute, naked, barefoot and shepherds will compete in building tall buildings
Am Pm (7 months ago)
All construction done in the cost and blood Of south asian n african poor people with no humanity. Most of the hard working labors are treated as modern day slaves. Nothing to be proud of. Shame on you amira of gulf.
Zyad Elsharkawy (3 months ago)
Accusation without proof shows how much your media brainwashed you and how stupid you are.
Retro Dude (7 months ago)
I wish American cities go into a building frenzy like Dubai
Malik Badr (7 months ago)
It’s not timelapse it’s the evolution of dubai
Anthony ramsis (7 months ago)
Like "Simcity" ......
Jahseh Dwayne (7 months ago)
Shubham Lanjewar (7 months ago)
Beggers now become billiniors because of oil resources hahahah but nice to see these beggers
Mad-Cyantist (7 months ago)
Fun Fact; Dubai used to be an Aeroplane
LR Guerra (7 months ago)
Duncan Wilde (7 months ago)
Pretty much you can do ANYTHING you want in Dubai as long as you go to the Western Enclaves. Be on your best behaviour in front of the locals. That's the way & it's a good way!
Duncan Wilde (7 months ago)
When I was there in around 2005 on a work trip for a month we worked long hours but went out most nights for food & or drinks. What a really wanted to do though was go to a museum or something. I was keen to learn about the history of Dubai & the influences of Persia & Islam. There is a lot of history there but most of it is recreated. Starbucks in Buttuta Mall for instance was of my favourite places. It had a re-created Persian tiled dome above it. It was so nice to drink coffee there & stare at that beautiful artwork. You movie is quite informative, thanks ;)
N U F C 1892 (7 months ago)
I preferred it in 1930, now its just a load of tall buildings in a desert with the strictest laws in the world. Woohoo exciting stuff
Haroboomwerk1 (7 months ago)
this sucks!!!!!!
Best4 you (7 months ago)
Did you know the meaning of TIMELAPSE
Александр Киселев (7 months ago)
I live in Siberia, for development about the same as Dubai in 1950
Taoino_YT (8 months ago)
Singer Kalyan Singh Vocal (8 months ago)
8 o88, , ob
エミリア (8 months ago)
Hong Lin (8 months ago)
Dubai is lucky when they can find the oils
Isfandiyor Jononov (8 months ago)
You burn in hell all time
Isfandiyor Jononov (8 months ago)
you are a prostitute
Isfandiyor Jononov (8 months ago)
Dubai is not muslim
Zyad Elsharkawy (3 months ago)
It is
Isfandiyor Jononov (8 months ago)
you burn in hell all the time people Dubai
Zyad Elsharkawy (3 months ago)
You burn in hell you racist idiot
Kami Leone (9 months ago)
Dubai took the place of Karachi when Pakistani govt helped thm alot building their companies Emirates airlines was build by Pakistan international airline.
Jay K (9 months ago)
Suddenly same year there are drastic changes when same here no development shown ! Poorly done
lambruh (9 months ago)
In 1940 Dubai was actually an airplane
꧂العُـنقود꧁ (9 months ago)
على عجالة
al meggs (9 months ago)
I like the flamenco guitar music
hamad mff (9 months ago)
Fuck LAX this DXB the future is here
top 5 music (9 months ago)
Dot Dot (9 months ago)
From nothing to something
Plopert Bui (9 months ago)
Emirates🇸🇩 vs Vietnam🇻🇳
Zyad Elsharkawy (3 months ago)
Wrong flag 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪 this is the right one
b6 (9 months ago)
The background music anyone?
Upflow. (9 months ago)
Basically went to a ancient ass city to a really nice megacity
Kashi Rana (9 months ago)
ieqz 007 (25 days ago)
Yeah cause ur jealous
Javed Mir (9 months ago)
To many mistakes in this video
A. Avenger (10 months ago)
You forgot Emirates airlines when it first opened in 1985 and Burj am Arab which opened in 1990
Raghu Balu (10 months ago)
Subscribed !!! You???
echo2006able (10 months ago)
I think the title should be changed to "Dubai Timeline"
Shiraz Khan (10 months ago)
For those searching for the music, its "Evasion" by Mohamed Rouane.
Karen Cabrera (10 months ago)
Dubai Metro they started announce to is 2009, harami jahangiri.
Simon Tuffen (10 months ago)
A lot of errors in the dates, and terrible quality photographs; apart from that, very good.
Rational Indian (10 months ago)
Title should have been ‘ how planes evolved’
Daniyal Shah (9 months ago)
Rational Indian lol
HD Cast (10 months ago)
Anyone notice that on the 2001 picture it is the twin towers
Nhk Tv (10 months ago)
2009 picure is qatar
King James (11 months ago)
Congratulations!!! You WON...The title for the most shittest video online 💩💩💩
rafialpy (11 months ago)
Poor editing. Poor quality.. Its not time-lapse
The Steve450 (4 months ago)
sheesh (11 months ago)
this is a slideshow not a time lapse
Sheikh Shoaib Shoaib (11 months ago)
Chris McMahon (11 months ago)
Could someone explain why there is 100,000,000 sq m of office space there? Are the skyscrapers filled with multinational corporate headquarters that have moved to Dubai? Besides oil, does Dubai produce anything? With new aircraft technology their airport will become the Honolulu of the Middle East. Once necessary for refueling transpacific flights. Now not needed. Oh wait; they have a mall with fake snow....thank God they're saved from irrelevance.
Yellow Mustardgas (11 months ago)
Same shit in saudi arabia; Lot`s of office space for nothing in a country totally limited to produce oil
Guillermo Aguilar (11 months ago)
this isint time lapes
Jaspreet Singh (11 months ago)
How bad the pictures are. cheapest quality. WTF
Fakty są inne Big D (11 months ago)
Cwele jebane arabusy, ropa to dobro ziemii wszystkich ludzi. A oni ja zawlaszczyli. Tfuu.
Creative Tamila (11 months ago)
Home Cooking (11 months ago)
The time from when Amwricans entered after Iraq Kwait war the whole scenario of UAE changed.It was quite a nice place.Me born there in 1979.Golden memories of childhood spent there.
Universe Starbox (11 months ago)
Palm jumeriah is in 2008 not 2000
time lapse wrong
last 17 in years I'm working Dubai i know everything
masonwatcher (1 year ago)
Nothing whatsoever to do with time lapse here - what is this nonsense? Thumbs down for lying.
ShaDynasty76 (1 year ago)
More like “TIMELINE”. Do you even know the meaning of time lapse???
souad lablaili (1 year ago)
الاطنان الدهب المهرب من المغرب وأفريقيا .هي اللتي طورت دبي.
Arijit Wood (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_2fp7RSD70M DUBAI