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How BIG is Amazon? (They Help Power the CIA and Netflix!)

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Text Comments (1981)
monckey wrench (1 day ago)
Always doing great videos!Thanks for this..
Shane Forsythe (1 day ago)
do A , how big is amway
hello moto (2 days ago)
I like Jeff bezos better than any other major infrastructure share holder. he don't let money corrupt his state of mind.
Harsh Sharma (6 days ago)
And now he is the richest person
Daniel Young (8 days ago)
_ _ (8 days ago)
old news
Tharakan Mathai (9 days ago)
amazon am A to Z zee-dee-en, Zidian of A to Z.
Terry Weaver (12 days ago)
Very good content. Thanks for the education!
Junaid N (14 days ago)
Good work buddy, I learned a few new things about Amazon
William Lauzon (14 days ago)
Wow, 5TH to richest, AMAZING!
Amazing Top 10 (14 days ago)
CEO Jeff Bezos is in the top ten richest list.
Joshua Henwood (16 days ago)
Does anyone think that amazon could be part of the beast system
M B (17 days ago)
Nice amazon
ShakeITyEA (19 days ago)
"developers compete for a 35000$ price to create the best picking robot" 35k dollars to power a multi billion dollar company, nice.
dosmastrify (21 days ago)
9:00 also if you have only one Harry Potter book on the Shelf as opposed to all of them, you cant pick the wrong one. On top of that you can put all the most popular items in the shortest walk path
Donald Scott (23 days ago)
Who cares if it's something you agree with--Loser McBoozer!
Allan Core (24 days ago)
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Sentoo Production (25 days ago)
CIA always used Oracle database and hardware since the start of Oracle.
daffyduck1937 (25 days ago)
As of June 19th 2018 Jeff Bezos Amazon is currently worth 141 billion dollars
Voello (25 days ago)
'I don't agree with one individual owning a media outlet'. Compared to Rupert Murdock that's nothing...
BADWEB On (25 days ago)
amazon is just a fraud .
ThePuffyrule (27 days ago)
Amazon in UK is sclavery, Amazon is shit
Secure Account (1 month ago)
Secure Account (1 month ago)
Jakub Geri (1 month ago)
could you do similar video on AT&T ?
Dmitry Shlomov (1 month ago)
A dobe. lol
Novaximus (1 month ago)
How Amazon gets away with not being recognized as a huge polluter due to the waist of cardboard and plastics to ship things like a drink which is yet another plastic container all to hold a little liquid that's worth 30 cents is beyond me. The whole business model doesn't make sense and sooner or later there will be huge consequences to be had.
Jay's Randomity (1 month ago)
Jeff Bezos is the richest man in the world now.
nathan sharkboi (1 month ago)
Bigger than a THOT
Ragith kr (1 month ago)
who will take amazon after jeff die? (1 month ago)
*Amazon is very rich.* They waste money, because money is easy for them. In my local office park, Amazon is the only company that does not switch off the lights at night. Not sure why, but they do that, even if there is no person in the office. Maybe they have a lousy facility manager or just too much money to spend.
Lyhour Chhen (1 month ago)
can u make video How VEVO make money and what is VEVO???
Wayne Steed (1 month ago)
Pardon my spelling, there's an "E" in Boeing.
Wayne Steed (1 month ago)
How BIG is Boing ?
Angela Baglieri (1 month ago)
Angela Baglieri (1 month ago)
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Angela Baglieri (1 month ago)
dennis045 (1 month ago)
What's left there when Jeff Bezos owns half of the internet?
Joe Sm (1 month ago)
Bezos is some one who truly practice customer happiness
Mohammed S (1 month ago)
Dagogo you are aweasome...
Bb Yum (1 month ago)
Well the reason why Amazon is able to deliver goods the next day, or at the same day is because they hire a lot of people and dont pay them livable wage and makes them pee in a bottle to be more 'productive'.
Stranger Danger (1 month ago)
Their packers dont know box to use I’ve gotten tons of items that come in a giant box and nothing to keep the item from moving around the box
yami yeager (1 month ago)
14:40 **cough cough richest person cough cough**
kevin joseph (1 month ago)
amazon = nightmares.
Roman Karper (1 month ago)
All your payments in one place!
Rahul Kale (1 month ago)
You efforts in the video and the content is amazing.. keep on making such entertaining and beautiful videos.. thanks
Bad Imagination Raids (1 month ago)
watching this in may of 2018 and wow amazon has been blowing up fast and at a enormous rate.
Sujeet K Sahu (1 month ago)
Plz watch this short film based on girls...if you like,plz share😊
Chi Chu (1 month ago)
The CIA uses Amazon cloud servicer as a dumping databases storages sites mostly for unclassified and older documents only.Because it is ways safer also cheaper and they uses Langley mega super computers networks only for on going missions and ops.Amazon is actually get paid for as the CIA garbages unclassified informations collectors.So any countries governments agencies or the U.S.governments agencies needed requiring and requesting past CIA unclassified documents that were they go through to get it is from the Amazon cloud servicer.
Mike jones (1 month ago)
Now Bezos is worth 125 BILLION the richest man alive.
Dukez Venom (1 month ago)
I use but i dont know if they are bought by amazon
LiteUnder (1 month ago)
Jeff Bezos is now the richest man in the world, valued at 120 billion freaking dollars. Damn.
Dave Underwood (1 month ago)
In Canada you would have to be a idiot to buy anything on Amazon. Most all things are shipped out of the states and they don't tell you what the brokerage or duty charges are. You can buy something for 100 dollars, pay 30 for shipping, which is no problem, and when it comes to your door the delivery guy can ask for 30-100 dollars for brokerage fees and won't give you the item unless you pay. Apparently free trade is bull sh!t.
Battlecam0 (1 month ago)
Al Gore started Amazon
Charles Williams Jr (1 month ago)
Loved it! Thanks!
steverl22 (2 months ago)
$7 a share.....a dream come true!
Christopher Johnson (2 months ago)
Guys I swear I just got free $1536_real money from this_amazing website>>>> Try once.
Dr. Wayne Manzo (2 months ago)
The Arrow looks like a 13" Reptilian Nazi Jew Penis!
Dr. Wayne Manzo (2 months ago)
The Nazi Jew CIA Controls all the books in Nazi Jew USA and Amazon started by selling CIA Jew books! Bozos real company is Murder Inc of Human people that use Amazon!
will16320 (2 months ago)
we spent 100k+ a month with AWS and considered it a bargain vs buying the hardware - AWS is the shit!
Kevin Fermin (2 months ago)
Eh it's an alright success story it's nothing compared to Samsung starting out as a grocery store
Allen Lichner (2 months ago)
I wish the United States would bomb London. You British people are annoying parasites on planet earth
Max Balasubramaniam (2 months ago)
I love how the cia and Netflix are on the same plane.
Adam Kent (2 months ago)
Jeff Bezos - Historically Rich, Historically Corrupt.
Carlos Fonse (2 months ago)
How big is cold fusion?.
SassyHershsey SassyHershey (2 months ago)
this is a fairy tale to those that know the crash of 2000.
johnny llooddte (2 months ago)
amazon LOST 6 BILLION in shipping over christmas.. can you spell bankrupt
johnny llooddte (2 months ago)
hahaha weve dug 200 miles of the transaqua canal across N afrikka, refilling lake chad, to help 1 BILLION people...fightng off disease, monsters, crocs and isis.. more than any other canal project in history...ahahaha 1800 miles to go...yall did what.. 5 miiles of warehouse ahahahha to look pretty ahahaha...sad
Yeah, Sure (2 months ago)
A dope systems... lol, it's A doe bee.
Moonshine (2 months ago)
Thank so much this video helped because im doing a powerpoint on amazon ty
Gino Tarabotto (2 months ago)
I don`t know why I keep seeing Amazon and Tesla as the perfect marriage, maybe is because Tesla and Amazon are technically young companies they both have the same vision on how they see the future. In regard of the delivery, I am not sure though about the idea of Amazon buying airplane whether use or new to delivery, I don`t think Mr Bezos knows what he is getting into, the logistic and investment to duplicate FedEx, DHL or UPS is beyond anything, seriously, in order for this companies to cover the glove, for example FedEx owns more than 600 planes (+/-) not only that but then you got the fleet of vehicles and warehouses, I think they should rely on the large parcel companies for delivery, they exist, and the delivery charge is reasonable, another area is the book store, I mean Mr. Bezos knows better than anybody else that people don`t buy books and magazine anymore, you can buy any book magazine, children's, adults, anything online this days, you can have more than a thousand book store in your portable computer without carrying the extra weight, it looks just like Barnes & noble store, last time I went to this store was more than 12 years ago, all I have to do is go online and see the latest on everything.
kamal ks (2 months ago)
NetFlix is a tool of the CIA CIA closely monitors the viewers .. thru the onboard camera on their display devices & TVs Fake Amazon staff gains access to subscriber homes .. in order to lace their drinks with barbiturates THAT is why Jeff Bezos wanted to name his company after corpses & cadavers Btw .. soon the CHINESE will own Amazon Actually, the CHINESE & the SAUDIS .. already own approx. 70% of all US Corporates Wait a minute .. why is my gatorade smelling funny ?? *GASP .. GASP .. CROAAAK*
Gabriel Long (2 months ago)
Amazon missed out on the opportunity to call the plane A-1... just saying...
DOOM (2 months ago)
Apple is the biggest tyrant, they make 20 dollar phones and sell them for 1000$ you just paying for a fancy camera
Sameer Ahmed (2 months ago)
wow, loved the video
neosomato hypergenesis (2 months ago)
CIA uses web access computer storage WHAT A BUNCH OF IDIOTS some one should be fired whos idea? huma abedin and the awan brothers? TREASON DEEP STATE
neosomato hypergenesis (2 months ago)
9:41 thats the brutal job that trailer may sit in the sun all day and you hand stack/load at 1 pm and "someone" calculates the size of each box if you waste space it won't all fit over 100 degrees in the trailer
Bob Stahnke (2 months ago)
Great video
Robert Jif (2 months ago)
They own twitch ? dang
Philip Ayiku (2 months ago)
April 2018... He's the richest man.
Watching TESHA (3 months ago)
Amy Turner (3 months ago)
that is great but robots are putting people out of jobs
Amy Turner (3 months ago)
I used to watch tomorrows world lol I'm only 36 !
Sertefa (3 months ago)
They basically own all minecraft's mojang servers...
Sushil Chandra Thapliyal (3 months ago)
In how big series can we we have a video on how big is Lockheed Martin ?
James Smith (3 months ago) entity
JB (3 months ago)
Jeff Bay-zose? it's beh-zos and dayta not dahta pmsl
Matthew Hutchinson (3 months ago)
600 sales per second
Anand ranjith kannan (3 months ago)
11:13 u just yawn didnt Anyway awesome video
Normal Human being (3 months ago)
Alexa are you connected to the CIA?
Donald Scott (3 months ago)
Why would they use only one employee's opinion to prove that Amazon wasn't a good place to work??? I sold Amazon in the late 1990s for about $36 a share, then bought it in late 2016 for about $500 per share. After peaking a month ago at $1,500 it is now trading at $1,400. I won't make the mistake of selling it again!!!
Kenny Hobson (3 months ago)
Do a follow up video on amazooon
TuranciHareket (3 months ago)
never ordered something on amazon and i dont intent to change this in the near future.
Freddusya (3 months ago)
10 years from now, we will be looking at this and go, "LOL OMG they used to have HUMANS to do the work "
Wilfred Deslauriers (3 months ago)
Wilfred Deslauriers (3 months ago)
Jef Pduct (3 months ago)
I like your video. Great info. I just didn’t like No. 1 because wouldn’t you want to capitalize in your own success. I know I would.
amr elsaka (3 months ago)
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Falcon ellirk (3 months ago)
Can you please make a video about Bell labs or AT&T :)
businesslaw JohnJames (4 months ago)
Sino Lamp (4 months ago)
well now he's the richest man, valued at more than 130B!