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Top 15 Masterpiece of Engineering Caught in Action

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Engineering's greatest feat and contribution to humanity. Watch and hold on to your trousers as what you will witness is an the Top 15 Masterpiece of Engineering Caught in Action! ➞ Facebook https://www.facebook.com/RodsburghNewsLive ➞ Second Channel https://youtube.com/rodsburgh ➞ Twitter https://twitter.com/rodsburgh Music Credits ➞ "Hand Trolley" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Rodsburgh News Live - RBN Live under: Rodsburgh Media Productions
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Text Comments (397)
mike .2k04 (4 months ago)
For once I wasn't clickbaited!
Motorsheep (4 months ago)
I have no idea what the guy at 5:00 and following is doing (looks like some sort of drilling equipment), but I'm pretty damn sure he's an absolute ace at his job.
Greg Chesson (4 months ago)
How did that train not derail...
Gregory Hawkins (4 months ago)
At 4:28 now that's hard work
Naail Nail (4 months ago)
6:57 anyone looking for a meme 😂😂😂
Mark Gigiel (4 months ago)
Why can't anyone, anyone, anyone turn their phone sideways when shooting video.
Megan Rose Robinson (4 months ago)
Anybody know where I can find this version of the song?
Chris Star (4 months ago)
That is one well engineered *fish*
Megan Rose Robinson (4 months ago)
Where can I find the song? It sounds amazing, but I can’t find this version anywhere.
Owen Rubin (4 months ago)
Ok video with some cool things shown, but WAY too many ads. And why was the video image mirror imaged? And please, that music track is annoying after about 30 seconds.
Potatoes Have 48 Chromosomes (4 months ago)
>342k views >108k subs >1k likes >17 comments
Kyle Owen (4 months ago)
That first clip with the jet was insane
lessevdoolbretsim (4 months ago)
Remind me to never pick a fight with that guy in the blue jumper on the oil rig. 4:26
Johnny J (4 months ago)
The cute girl at the end put the icing on the cake.
she dust have. red hair she. has red hair (5 months ago)
Did anyone else think I that the thumbnail kinda looked like a q-tip
Tom P (5 months ago)
4:27 also a wonder of human strength and skill.
Voscillate (5 months ago)
Wtf that airplane was insane. I’m surprised I haven’t seen that yet tbh
multi misa (5 months ago)
best peace of "technology" in this video is the guy on the oil rig.
bmh2004 (5 months ago)
No words to describe incredible!
Tom Varley (5 months ago)
Fuck me the jet pilot at the start of this video has balls of iridium !
Rose White (5 months ago)
why do the oilmen put the chain round the pipe?
Rose White (5 months ago)
what is first plane?
Joshua Flanagan (6 months ago)
Meanwhile.. in Russia.. Some of those tracks are just whoah.
Gerald Davis (6 months ago)
Move that body move that body
Willa Herrera (7 months ago)
That guy on that drilling rig is a fucking boss
Peter Crockett (8 months ago)
*It is epic to me!*
Lithuanian GLOCK31_NH420 (5 months ago)
Peter Crockett most epic ever!!!!