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Suzuki GSX 1300R Hayabusa vs GSX R-1000 vs Nissan GT-R

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Text Comments (1128)
asd ádqqqwrj (14 days ago)
wawan epic (28 days ago)
Sub bcak
Anil Kumar Gouda (1 month ago)
Supar baik
NITEESH YADAV (1 month ago)
Super yarr
Rahmad Saleh (1 month ago)
Dom501 (1 month ago)
When it comes to drag runs like this a stock motorcycle will always be handicapped by the "Gentleman's Agreement"
Kyle Atherton (1 month ago)
Nah you need to be running serious serious power to smoke bikes in a car dude.
Mark (1 month ago)
/Guy Martin vs David Coulthard at Silverstone - Speed F1 Special albeit Guy will ultimately loose due down force power etc... but out of the gates the bike leaves an F1 ,,, what chance does a GTR what ever have
paulo santana (1 month ago)
Gtr had a very slow start....should be better
anselmi apina (1 month ago)
Hayabusa is mean mother fucker and with turbo, it's just impossible😬
Paul Visage (1 month ago)
At 600hp that gtr should stayed with that bike. Those numbers are obviously bloated or a myth
Graham Harris (1 month ago)
Bad start for the GTR should have eaten the GSXR and I own a 700hp GTR and a ZX14R and have owned a Hyabusa and that GTR is not 600 hp ! That is all love ya work !
Liviu Liviu (1 month ago)
Driver Nissan its a old man.. Car its faster...
Jack Box (1 month ago)
+Liviu Liviu not sure if you're joking or what. The Hayabusa does 0-100 kmh in 2.47 seconds stock. The Kawasaki H2R can do 400 kmh stock. Cars are NOT as fast as you seem to think. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_fastest_production_motorcycles_by_acceleration#By_0–60_mph,_3.5_seconds_or_less
Liviu Liviu (1 month ago)
+Jack Box no.. Car its faster.. Exemplu... Audi rs 700 HP 4+4.. 100 km în 3 sec.. T0p speed.. 350 km h.... Car its faster comparative uith bike..
Jack Box (1 month ago)
You've obviously never ridden a motorcycle... It's a turbo Hayabusa. Stop dreaming idiot and just be happy the GT-R wasn't beaten any worse.
William knorr (1 month ago)
Monster 💪🏼
Peter Charles (1 month ago)
Standard spec GTR would have no chance against those bikes !!
mohammed asadullah (1 month ago)
Busa is the best
Elie hermes (1 month ago)
Supercars are fast, until they meet superbikes 😉
Flow On (1 month ago)
Superbikes fast till meet agera r ahahaha
Діма Городенко (1 month ago)
В нисане наверно приоровский движок стоит.Она вообще не едет.
Captain Kaos (1 month ago)
Shitbox gtr gets smoked. It’s days are OVER 🖕🏻
Musan2234 killbot (1 month ago)
Nice driver gtr 🤣
ابو كيان المالكي ابو كيان المالكي (1 month ago)
CT Gilmore (1 month ago)
This video a waste of time. Asia should be nuked.
Hot Hatch (1 month ago)
GTR was a lot slower than expected.
jhoe1upGuy (1 month ago)
Hot Hatch it was a stock GTR for once.
jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt (1 month ago)
Why are Blacks so damn corrupt in every walk of life uneducated , the educated wtf is going on in these people's head . It's hard to watch nightly news in Atlanta no wonder why society frowns..Those that walk the line will always , always be suspect . "Black and I'm proud" rings hollow
jwttwjjwt jwttwjjwt (1 month ago)
Why should president worry building up California with walling , they're , Democrats , fighting him tooth & nail against it . Texas & Arizona first screw pelosi & her cadre should be last getting anything from Washington
Nightcrawler (1 month ago)
car vs superbike on this short track, no chance for the car
Ritesh Kumar (1 month ago)
Ro Hall (1 month ago)
Who was driving that GT-R Mrs. Daisy 🤣😂
zysidat (1 month ago)
Worst drag race ever
Jak Pryce (1 month ago)
That was just little wicked fast 💨 !
Ben van der Berg (1 month ago)
That Busa’s got a turbo on 🙄
Shawn Jones (1 month ago)
I mean duh. The Busa is going to beat both. Hands down
Luis Quesada (2 months ago)
1 1 (2 months ago)
Саня Стритрэйсер (4 months ago)
долбоёбы сбоку нужно ешё снимать чтоб скорость была видна
Roland Koczka (6 months ago)
Busa the King 👑
blackeagler1rider (1 month ago)
Not true
buddhastaxi666 (6 months ago)
in a nice car , with leather seats, radio playing, its raining...sitting on 200kmh....its pretty good as well
Rasmus (2 months ago)
Not gonna be cheap
buddhastaxi666 (6 months ago)
bikes are usually always faster off the mark ...bikes are quicker at accelerating than most cars at speed...eg a roll on at 100 mph...on my bike, in 6th gear i just leave them...thats a 200hp zx14r...its just physics...low weight, prob low drag and instant power from motors that have everything on them to rev up.............all the big bikes, from stock, do 9 or 10 sec quarter miles and about 150mph...point and go down the tunnel...totally stable
buddhastaxi666 (6 months ago)
the busa is a lovely bike and ive had a zx14 r and zx14 for 13 years
Ronald Uzcategui (6 months ago)
vale trozo el nissan
Blumpkin Pumpkin (7 months ago)
I feel bad for the expensive car
Pra Sen Jit (7 months ago)
Dodge Wrench (7 months ago)
you would need an insane car like a Rimmac to have even a slight chance against the busa
Vikram Kumar (7 months ago)
Old ass must b sitting on gtr...
Jrytsray jerry (8 months ago)
I wonder if F1 car VS THIS BIKE,... Who's will win?,...
Алексей Толмачев (8 months ago)
Куцевич, это же гениально, браток!
micro mario (8 months ago)
He took the gtr to the carwash during the race?
ÖmerR1 (8 months ago)
Üfffff Alet Nalet Moruuuq
Hairo Master (8 months ago)
Cars are bullshit
Abbas Ali Mitza (8 months ago)
Ivan Ivanov (2 months ago)
1st models of busa has 347 top speed
jilo kizito (8 months ago)
The GTR was literally walking. Some could've thought it overfed.
john iqbal (8 months ago)
It seemed as of the car is suffering from polio....it looked like it was barely moving man.....
GIANT VEINEY PENIS (8 months ago)
Well that was gayyyyyy!!!
orbarends (8 months ago)
The GSX R-1000 did better the second time!
IETCHX69 (8 months ago)
ididnotknowineededthat thaknyoumuchliers
Daniel Aguilar (8 months ago)
Yashwanth U (9 months ago)
Come on Gt-r is of nearly 4000cc engine Bull shit 1300 cc can't be comparable with that Gt-r driver cheated That beast can destroye hayabusa speed ♥️🖕
ぷにぷににく球 (9 months ago)
TomaCukor (9 months ago)
Tesla Roadster stock will eat all of these clunkers. Top speed 240mph+. Easy. =)
tatz gago (9 months ago)
Its all about powet to weight ratio..
spetsapula (9 months ago)
Is it really necessary to race.....it's like a turtle and a rabbit
MADMANB68 (9 months ago)
Well that was obvious of course the GSXR 1300 will beat the 1000 and of course the bike will beat the GTR it’s a no brainer 🤦🏽‍♂️
Bunhaven Honda (1 month ago)
MADMANB68 Some GTR’s can beat the ninja h2r’s Lmao , all depends on the upgrades to the car and the driver.
caliber ninja (9 months ago)
Perfecz (9 months ago)
Why is there even a debate about why the gtr didn’t win lol of course it got smoked it’s not even close to a fair race 4 wheel car vs 2 wheel bike not that hard to figure that one out
Dennis Yunas (9 months ago)
Gtr wasn't racing. It was just accompanying the 1000.
Johnny Rocket (9 months ago)
Yeah it's what I'd expect.
DS MotoTube (9 months ago)
I see the GTR wins!
Bobby G (9 months ago)
Only Cars that have 1200 HP Plus can beat a Modern Sportsbike
Chris Fryer (9 months ago)
1 mile?
MSA view (9 months ago)
I love sport Bike
Meme86ful (9 months ago)
Busa still insane
ajaz shah (10 months ago)
Three Master pieces from Japan,,,,,
Kojack (10 months ago)
1:22 honda civics vs anything
Piyush Panbude (10 months ago)
again try this bt another driver for GTR...
Anand Nair (10 months ago)
Why not use only stock vehicles?
Ahmed Khan (10 months ago)
R Junio (10 months ago)
Boose. Gets! It...again. Type in: Richard J... Busaman. 👊👊
firesk8ter1 (10 months ago)
That gsxr is a 750 not a 1000. Howd they get that wrong? You can totally tell from the front intake vents.
Sedat Şerefli (10 months ago)
İstanbul Türkiye geldi ama
Adnan Shaikh (10 months ago)
Gt_r ne wold fast bike h2 r ko hara diya hai to haya kya hai uske samne worst driver
Bullseye 77 (10 months ago)
omg hayabusa vs 600hp gtr lol
TheLorentziu (11 months ago)
after one hour come godzila raped in all holles hahahaaa
behel x (11 months ago)
i buy this gsx hayabusa 1300 lastday and i love it.
behel x (10 months ago)
i will upgrade to new suzuki hayabusa 2019 ...
Johny Samuel (10 months ago)
behel x Yeah i am sure you buy it and love it. Enjoy your gsxr
Dawngtea Khawlhring (11 months ago)
Poor nissan😨😨
Roman S (11 months ago)
Интересно, а если мотоциклисту в шлем попадет уаварабэй...что будет?)
Jack Ovich (1 year ago)
с гтр-ом джика стартовала!
M P (1 year ago)
Rossi won!
Andrew (1 year ago)
Да у ниссана даже шансов не было. Тем более GTR. Все знают, что точка говно.
MR. MAX (1 year ago)
Ебать еще б сровнили яву с запорожцем, клоуны блять.
slander mirassol (1 year ago)
Ai depois de meia hora o nissan cruza alinha kkkkkk
fox fox (1 year ago)
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Jason Katuk (1 year ago)
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Vadim Romanov (1 year ago)
ниссанер просто с ручника не снял
Vincent Adomat (1 year ago)
NISSAN only vehicle in that Video with sound
Денис Белоглазов (1 year ago)
время реакции водителя на турбе просто фантастическое
ᄒᄃᄆᄒᄌᄉᄅ (1 year ago)
xounta papadopoulos (1 year ago)
dukedalington (1 year ago)
Bikes are fast
R Arif Januardi (1 year ago)
Okay, So The GTR is for Loser.. 🤔😁😁
reymark jun vistar (1 year ago)
Lol..the car is fast...the problem issssssss the DRIVER...
Noah (1 year ago)
That gtr is way too slow the race has to have a weird setup
IBRanger (1 year ago)
Lloyd Balloon foot driving the GTR?