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Paolo Nutini: Interview

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Paolo Nutini speaks to Geoff Lloyd about Wikipedia, kazoos and what his single 'Candy' really means.
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Text Comments (19)
Daniela Sánchez (3 years ago)
what is the meaning ? please. ..
Abara (3 years ago)
As he said, Candy stands for the special buzz it gives you being with a person you love. The rest of the lyrics are actually pretty self explanatory
l dr (6 years ago)
0:45: "oh sorrrrry man sorrrry" :D
uzanur (8 years ago)
i can't understand his accent :)
tornadoella (8 years ago)
i think u should put some subtitles there
PnPSc91 (9 years ago)
Does anybody understand what Dave says after Paolo is asked when he had an argument the last time?
6labi4 (9 years ago)
@hermythewormy aahahah ! me too, I had to watch it again.
Yvonne Shepherd (9 years ago)
You could easily get lost in those eyes wish he had played Candy now! :(
hermythewormy (9 years ago)
@simslover225599 I was so busy adoring him, I have no idea what he said through the whole interview :S
TheFinnola (9 years ago)
Gavin! Gavin's abs under the tshirt!
Nic Stride (9 years ago)
Really an exellent interview! :)
EA M (9 years ago)
He doesn't even have a strong scottish accent. ...That might be cause I'm scottish though /bias :D
Jonny (9 years ago)
aaah so the pieces all fall into place ;)
Elle León Gallagher (9 years ago)
He was born and raised in Scotland, but his dad is Italian.
Jonny (10 years ago)
scottish, but his names italian? o.O
Nazan Osman (10 years ago)
Yeah could we have a direct link if that's alright. :)
Calum O'C (10 years ago)
TheMissWee (10 years ago)
Great interview. It was really natural and didn't bore paolo like so many others do. I love him...lots....
OneWorldt (10 years ago)
lol! :D