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Why 7-Eleven Failed In Indonesia

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Indonesia's first 7-Eleven opened in 2009 and became a popular hangout spot for consumers. At their peak in the Southeast Asian country, they numbered 190 stores, offering free Wi-Fi and a seating area for guests while selling fresh local meals and traditional 7-Eleven snacks like the Slurpee. Despite the chain's popularity, the franchisee, PT Modern Internasional, shuttered all remaining 161 stores there in 2017. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #7Eleven 7-Eleven Was Popular In Indonesia — But That Didn't Save It From Total Failure
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Text Comments (5671)
Arief Dharma (7 hours ago)
"Indo Meret" 😂
The Daily Queen (22 hours ago)
I didn’t know Alfamart hailed from Indonesia. Heck, we have an Alfamart few steps from where we lived in Antipolo Philippines.
Edmar Sabado (1 day ago)
7-11 is very famous in our province here in the philippines. Right every single day you can see fight outside that why we choose to stay and hangout with aircondition and wifi ofcourse while drinking beer and watching fight😎😎😎 that's a big show even the security guard are watching hell men this the reason why 7-11 is still here.
Jeff C (1 day ago)
so why alcohollic bev were banned?
TheDesta82 (2 days ago)
Kalo ga salah karena peraturan pelarangan penjualan minuman keras di mini market🤣
homura akemi (2 days ago)
Never been in one before, but I think I saw the upcoming opening 7-11 at Merak Harbour. I might stop by to confirm the over-head price people talked about.
Jelly Sso (2 days ago)
Meanwhile in Philippines: 7/11, Mini stop, Family mart, Alfamart, Korean stores 😂
krafthiaaan (3 days ago)
ini baru pergerakan pertamaa menghancujrkan kapitalisme HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA
Sovayer 1337 (3 days ago)
Jepri Alamsyah (4 days ago)
VIBGYOR RAINBOW (4 days ago)
I love the services of both the staffs of Alfamart and Indomaret..they are very professional.. service with smiles and chat and the ones in Bali even open doors and give slight bows... and I only find similar services in Japan.. .. Sigh.. Too bad this don't happen and will never happen back home in my country.. Singapore.. in all 7-11 stores.. .. except for my neighbourhood store who is very friendly to all his customers..
drg -yo (4 days ago)
Gue sih kalo ke Sevel cuma beli Lasagna sm cheap beer doang sih, nongkrong dr subuh ketemu subuh lagi buat youtube an haha, dasar kaum misqueen gue 😝
Kristoforus Hanggara (4 days ago)
Beli slurpee-chitato.. ambil keju super banyak.. duduk 5 jam
Jasad (4 days ago)
Next: Why All international companies failed in north korea.
Fe Jobs (4 days ago)
Automonitor guy: "The problem is, they weren't spending money, they just buy one drink or one bread and then they sit for three hours." Warkop wifi gratis: "Hold my kopi."
Aziz Amrulloh (5 days ago)
Semoga orang luar negeri mau menerapkan konsep anak alay Indonesia mengenyahkan/menghempaskan 7eleven dari negara mereka
Nixon21 (5 days ago)
Why failed? The answer is 7Eleven is foreign entity and because of regulations, tada, no way to expand
Reza B (10 hours ago)
K-Circle, Lawson, FamilyMart: "am I a joke to you ?".
Top 4 Country​ many 7-11 in the world 1. Japan 20,033 2. Thailand 10,300 3. South Korea 9,200 4. USA 8,421
hezkiel timothy (6 days ago)
7 eleven = "see u on top honey" alfamart="hold my cendol"
Mirza Brotolaras (6 days ago)
kangen makanan nya😭
Ryan Ellharen (7 days ago)
Hello, I am from Indonesia. Nice to meet you
Someone Else (9 days ago)
Indonesia bangsat orang gila. Bisa sholat?
Aku in Ajah (9 days ago)
Let’s see 👍
Tertia Musidora (9 days ago)
There are still family mart in Indonesia that is actually pretty familiar with 7 eleven. So I am not really mad that 7 eleven vanished in Indo lol (Besides family mart's prices is way cheaper than 7 eleven)
Junjun (9 days ago)
Only indonesian mini market understand indonesian.
gato Negro (9 days ago)
Susulilio bangbang yudoyono
Ivan Bastian (10 days ago)
Alfamart & indomaret = strong local brands
Ainun Habibie (11 days ago)
7eleven terbenam terbitlah warung madura....
77soocheng (11 days ago)
Anything to do with corruption?
Hana Syakira (11 days ago)
haruka forever (12 days ago)
Orang indo tu suka produc lokal. 7 eleven kan luar. Beda ma indomaret. Dari namany saja dah indo. Berarti itu punya orang indo. Gitu aj pada g ngerti. Ganti aj namanya jadi indo eleven. Pasti laris.
Deva Shendy (12 days ago)
Indonesian people stan for Indomaret & Alfamart! 😎
Rusland Countryhumans (13 days ago)
Near my house in Cibubur, Jakarta there are like 3 Indomaret’s and 1 alfamart
Sheby Sabrina (14 days ago)
What I really want to see next is... *Why Grab failed in Indonesia*
Kusuma Wardani (9 days ago)
Grab kan masih ada, mungkin maksutnya uber ya ?
Sheby Sabrina (14 days ago)
Because we already have our own Alfamart and Indomart, we don't need 7-11 anymore. That's why...
wilson tamba (14 days ago)
We still love popmie☝
Ian_Carlo Santos (15 days ago)
7-Eleven in the Philippines Doesn't rely of Alcoholic Beverages. Maybe the Operator in indonesia don't know his market.
Be- q (15 days ago)
gw lebih tertarik & kepo knp cnbc mengangkat tema ini hahaha
Kㄥモ口乙 (15 days ago)
7-11 : were gonna ban alchohol 7-11 : looks like they dont like that 7-11 : ok so we can add alchohol back or close all the stores there. 7-11 : ok we are going with closing stores
Kㄥモ口乙 (15 days ago)
I cringed when she said “Indomaret”
BTO Co (16 days ago)
Indonesian is poor country that why nothing else .
Gamer Bar Bar (16 days ago)
That country you say indonesia not poor okey
Gamer Bar Bar (16 days ago)
He you need go to indo you will be supries
Isni Rashid (16 days ago)
Indonesia hebat ...boikot kedai ARAK ....kapan malaysia ku mau boikot 7e
dante ungas (16 days ago)
When it said it failed in....... I thought it was North Korea.
Pemuda Amatir (16 days ago)
Indomaret = Real Madrid FC Alfamart = Barcelona FC 7 eleven = Persekabpas pasuruan
Kay (17 days ago)
7 eleven owned by Japanese. Indonesia listened to the Chinese master they don't want any Japanese bullet train remember? I was told Indomart vastly controlled by Chinese. Correct me.
Salman Izzatul I (16 days ago)
what the hell
Rocky the little rock (17 days ago)
Аиша drawzz (17 days ago)
*swears in indonesia* BEGO ANJING BANGSAT NG*NTOT LU BACOT !
Inadhi Banimoyo (17 days ago)
Y they failed : they thought all Indonesian are like Jakartans (westernize), they're not.
Mank Otnay (18 days ago)
Harusnya 7eleven di ganti jadi 7tujuh pasti laku, karena lebih membumi.
Summie !xoxo (18 days ago)
I really loved the slurpees when i was in kindergarten ;c but now i don't remember what slurpees taste like now. ( Srry if i spelled it wrong i already forgot how to spell it)
Justin Bell (19 days ago)
Alfamart is boring and dry! Dont expect western company stores and resto will succeed in Islamic countries. You see why western allies like Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Korea were 7-11 stores are successful! ✔
Mohammad Fathan (19 days ago)
-Indomaret join the game -alfamart join the game 7-Eleven: i am a joke to you
Tri Handoyo (19 days ago)
Why 7- eleven failed in Indonesia? Simple, because Indomaret and alfamart know better what Indonesian want. So its cultural thing, and we are happy 7-eleven failed here
Haiku Dhai (20 days ago)
NEXT: *Why Pewdiepie failed in India?*
Indra Gunawan (20 days ago)
What indonesian did: 1. Buy cheaper foods and drinks from other stores 2. Go to 7-11, buy it's cheapest food/drink, one is enough 3. Enjoy the right to sit comfortably and sucks on the wifi
Achmad Angga (20 days ago)
1:28 "people weren't spending money". Yes because their price is too high. Compare with Alfa and indomart, much cheaper, with the same goods they sell.
Azhar Razak (20 days ago)
Di Malaysia ,aku lebih suka belanja kat kedai market Aceh, rokok seludup pun banyak. Tak cukup wang pun,boleh hutang🌹🌹🌹😊😊😊😊
Hidup Bahagia (7 days ago)
aku suka ...Teh Tarik 😊
Aiman Zakaria (20 days ago)
daren martin (20 days ago)
Even here in the Philippines, 7/11 is not that successful, cuz we have our own traditional store... Sari-sari store 😂
Khairunnisa Nilamsari (5 days ago)
Sari-sari store is warung in Indonesia 😂
Achmad Angga (20 days ago)
daren martin compare the price with alfamart and indomaret?
Maissya naila (21 days ago)
Yeah we're broke teenagers. Ofc.
BlazingBlace (21 days ago)
*7 Eleven joined the chat* Alfamart and Indomart: Hold our -beer- tea.
the missing light (21 days ago)
huuh i miss slurpee :/
Andry m (21 days ago)
Beri saya 10 remaja Alay.... maka akan saya hancurkan kapitalisme.....wkwkwk.... next Uber, Kfc, Mcdonald, Starbuck...
Oktarico Radhandi (3 days ago)
kfc,mcd,sbux udah jadi gaya hidup orang indonesia, gabakal punah. dimanapun ketiga itu buka gk pernah sepi dan selalu rame
Abang Sado (21 days ago)
Because Indonesia is poor country
Hidup Bahagia (20 days ago)
Because, Indonesian entrepreneurs are more powerful than Japanese entrepreneurs
RM Deni Hardiansyah (22 days ago)
Apalagi kalo indomaret dan alfamart nya yg GAK ADA KANG PARKIR nya :v Favorit bingits... 😘
Decard Cain (22 days ago)
Singapore:Do you guys have 7/11? Malaysia:Yes Philliphine:Yes Thailand:Yes Brunei:Yes Indonesia:No System message:Indonesia has been kick from the chat.. Singapore:Okay lets continue guys
Hidup Bahagia (22 days ago)
Business competition is normal and finally, Indonesian entrepreneurs are more powerful than Japanese entrepreneurs
Uwais Al Qarny (23 days ago)
Mate Space (23 days ago)
Di taiwan cina ,, 7eleven sangat maju .. di indo negara terbelakang mana mau maju 😂 kerjanya demo" nasi bungkus ,, 🤣
Hidup Bahagia (3 days ago)
+lavi aya bener ya...... Dari cara komen nya. Terlihat , Mate Space, IQ nya "............???.." 🤣 🤣 🤣 ga mudeng, ga nyambung...........
lavi aya (3 days ago)
Ngakak sama komennya hahaha sebenernya kamu nonton video ini mudeng ga sih?
Hidup Bahagia (7 days ago)
Itu tandanya,...pengusaha Indonesia....lebih hebat dari Jepun 😂 😂
Muhammad Haekal Sutrisna (20 days ago)
Mate Space hubungan 7eleven maju sama kemajuan negara kita apa yah ? 🙄 justru kekalahan 7eleven ini membuktikan bahwa indomaret sama alfamart ga kalah
samuraimiskin (23 days ago)
saja suka2 layan (24 days ago)
hebat lah indonesia 👍 harap2 malaysia boleh jadi macam indonesia ada martket sendiri tak perlu mart yahudi2 ni
Hidup Bahagia (7 days ago)
+saja suka2 layan Jika, saya ke Malaysia,......suka.....TEH TARIK dan ROTI CANE 👍 sedap
saja suka2 layan (7 days ago)
+Hidup Bahagia in sha allah mas kalo ada rezekinya
Hidup Bahagia (7 days ago)
Buatlah....kedai sendiri saja. MalayShop atau MalayMart 👍
Dini Song (24 days ago)
7 eleven mahal2 katanya.. kata tmn saya sih.. lebih murah di alfamart or indomaret..
David Rio (24 days ago)
Bcs, "NONGKRONG" Like if u Indonesian
ARR01 YT (24 days ago)
2:01 *indomeret* ;V
aa ngentote (25 days ago)
Also the price is higher than its competitor.
Garasi C9 (25 days ago)
24% drop off sales because of banned alcoholic product? No place for store that sell alcohol product here. Goverment do the good thing...
Idris Ramadan (25 days ago)
They selling what they want not what we need... Except their WiFi
doddy ismunandar (25 days ago)
7eleven didn't use local brand or company when penetrate Indonesian market... By Partnership.
Vlad Putin (25 days ago)
Yankies go home!
Rangga Yudhistira (25 days ago)
7 eleven is not good for local business ...
Anthemer 601 (25 days ago)
NEXT: Why ANGKAS was banned in the Philippines
Raden Mulyadi (25 days ago)
711 took it place in Indonesia as restaurant
monkey D luffy (25 days ago)
Because of ALFAMART 😂
being indifference (25 days ago)
Why?Wtf. I can make it less than 5 seconds. Its because of those prick who refill their cheetos plastic bag with cheese paste. Blame em!
Firandi Warut (25 days ago)
Indomaret ae. Ada indonya 😂😂
Encik Along (25 days ago)
Parah indon. Gmna gak bangkrup kalau rakyat datang disebabkan wifi, alcohol dan melepak. Long life jokowi
Hidup Bahagia (22 days ago)
Business competition is normal and finally, Indonesian entrepreneurs are more powerful than Japanese entrepreneurs
Mbah Dukun Garis Lurus (26 days ago)
Failed cuz the title 7-eleven is uncommon here! you must not stupid like that, change the title to similar with alfamart or indomaret! I HAVE SUGGESTION: SEKAKMART or SeMart MENDEM
Franklin (26 days ago)
7 Eleven: we're gonna control the market in indonesian Warung: hold my indomie
the red devils (26 days ago)
Di malaysia aja juga gag laku
hemm (26 days ago)
Because they can't sell beer anymore in Jakarta ...
Kari Ayam (26 days ago)
Semua 7 eleven tutp? Itu yg di stasiun jakarta tutup juga?
Boy naz (27 days ago)
Sevel bangkrut gara gara AHOK?... Krana BIR di tiadakan di sevel dlu sblom uud dibelakukan banyk ank nongkrong trmasuk gw pd nge bir di sevel klo malem
Michelle Kezia (27 days ago)
sorry USA, kita lebih memilih produk lokal
Naufal Mukhbit (27 days ago)
the way she said indomaret gives me nightmare
Salim Wijaya (27 days ago)
Kita punya indomaret
Dhali123 Hahaha (27 days ago)
Fate Fachrizal (28 days ago)
Alcohol ban is stupid But the Old Man Wine still around
Jovan Leon (28 days ago)
It's pronounced Indo-mah-ret. Don't use "meh"! Mah favorite convenient is not meh! Thank you.
Siti Meliah (28 days ago)
I prefer the local shops 😉. Thank you 711 for the short visit. Next!
Ikhwan Lazuardi (28 days ago)
Johan Sihombing (28 days ago)
maaf 7eleven lebih baik mmg gausah terlibat di negara yang suka melarang larang kyk Indonesia ini. susah disini. aku aja udh pindah dari sana krn sudah muak .
Tiwa Brutu (27 days ago)
Tinggal di negara Mana sekarang bg ?