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Why 7-Eleven Failed In Indonesia

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Indonesia's first 7-Eleven opened in 2009 and became a popular hangout spot for consumers. At their peak in the Southeast Asian country, they numbered 190 stores, offering free Wi-Fi and a seating area for guests while selling fresh local meals and traditional 7-Eleven snacks like the Slurpee. Despite the chain's popularity, the franchisee, PT Modern Internasional, shuttered all remaining 161 stores there in 2017. » Subscribe to CNBC: http://cnb.cx/SubscribeCNBC About CNBC: From 'Wall Street' to 'Main Street' to award winning original documentaries and Reality TV series, CNBC has you covered. Experience special sneak peeks of your favorite shows, exclusive video and more. Connect with CNBC News Online Get the latest news: http://www.cnbc.com/ Follow CNBC on LinkedIn: https://cnb.cx/LinkedInCNBC Follow CNBC News on Facebook: http://cnb.cx/LikeCNBC Follow CNBC News on Twitter: http://cnb.cx/FollowCNBC Follow CNBC News on Google+: http://cnb.cx/PlusCNBC Follow CNBC News on Instagram: http://cnb.cx/InstagramCNBC #CNBC #7Eleven 7-Eleven Was Popular In Indonesia — But That Didn't Save It From Total Failure
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Text Comments (4516)
Gat & Kla TV (8 minutes ago)
Hayo yg indonesia harus like Comment ini jujur yaaa 👇
brendan prasetyo (1 hour ago)
I dont care
NoRaf Plays (1 hour ago)
Teens in Indonesia just get money 1$ for buy in 1 day
survivalers life (1 hour ago)
world just wait and see indonesian will be a leader of you all :'D
Nabila. jihan (2 hours ago)
YourOreo Has Been Taken (2 hours ago)
I miss seven eleven :( My friend say Their slushy is so good more then anything
Ice Bear (2 hours ago)
Karena Indomart yak 😂😂😂😂
Nexx To (2 hours ago)
Family mart masih bersaing di Indonesia?
Wilianto Yang (3 hours ago)
Simple, the products mostly are expensive import snacks. Indomaret which is the very first in indonesia, and its rival, alfamart, their products are cheaper.
Evan Gamer (3 hours ago)
Kalah sama indomart sama alfamart 😂😂
Alief Patria (5 hours ago)
lol indomeret
Habib Ainun Syifa Fadhurrohman (5 hours ago)
you wanna buy some snacks? go to warung... warung didn't have the item? go to indomart... or alfamart... you want to buy vegetables or meat in large bulk? go to traditional market... you want to buy soaps or other amenities in bulk? go to traditional market too... or carefour... or indogrosir... or whatever coffee? starbucks... or just buy the sachets from warung for 2000 rupiah (supposedly 1,700 but who cares) the only thing we go for 7 eleven is the hangout area... free wifi is free~ whee~ (Ps. it's not that impressive either)
ucuz12 (3 hours ago)
7 eleven is not even a cozy place to hangout, they don't have any competitive advantage to compete
SORRY BBY i dont post nightcore again:D (7 hours ago)
as a indonesian,im really sad after knowing that 7 eleven was failed at my country. I used to go there every night. Eating lays with cheese sauce and drink some slurpy's
mr syre (7 hours ago)
pahala pahala (7 hours ago)
even ruko in village that very village can open convenient store funny
pahala pahala (7 hours ago)
if wanna like kf* copy kf*
pahala pahala (7 hours ago)
your competitor is franchise system,price competitive,not internet
Handoko Davidson (8 hours ago)
I think the Indonesia government shuts the 7-eleven store in Indonesia for selling the alcohol drink. As we know Indonesia is a traditional Muslim country and also religion come first rather than technology in this world. That’s why the country still can’t develop and low education. This is very pity for Indonesia and their people.
ucuz12 (3 hours ago)
BS, the govt didn't shut 7 eleven, alcohol is the only competitive advantage that they have, when the govt ban selling it from convenient store, 7 11 ceased out from business. And I don't see any correlation between being developed and alcohol, alcoholics are also a problem in developed country, and selling alcohol doesn't automatically make your country developed.
hobidihobidoo (9 hours ago)
A real fact. Alfamart is my neighbour - really next of my house. Indomaret? Across of my house. 😂😂😂
Farras Danindira (9 hours ago)
The way she pronounces indomaret 😂
jjang ! (11 hours ago)
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mginhd (12 hours ago)
7Eleven : kita bakal jadi mart yang terbesar di indonesia ! Indomaret Dan Alfamart :Tak semudah itu Santoso...
Lavender Luver (12 hours ago)
Lmao Everytime when I see an Indomaret, of course there would be an Alfamart around there somewhere :")
Wiwit Darmala Putra (12 hours ago)
Religulion causes that
Charisha Purplensy (14 hours ago)
Rinduuuuuu sevellll😭😭😭😭
PINK TOFU GT (14 hours ago)
Hate indonesian TT
PINK TOFU GT (14 hours ago)
In bali there is 7 eleven and in jakarta
-Angga (14 hours ago)
Compared with local market like Indomaret & Alfamart. 7-Eleven is more expensive.
Ardi Wibowo (21 hours ago)
Yogyakarta, DIY ( Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta). That's my city! Lots of spot you can find here (Yogya).
Nicholas Raphael Rinando (21 hours ago)
Abdul Hanan (1 day ago)
Indonesia noob
Samuel Bonar Tambunan (1 day ago)
7 eleven gone LAWSON just strike from nowhere
I'm Shinki and I'm kinky (1 day ago)
"Why 7 Eleven failed in Indonesia" Ahem Indomaret ahem Alfa ahem dominating ahem *Watches* See-
Claudy Hanhart (1 day ago)
From experience, 7-Eleven is not price competitive, they sell imported beverage which is not cheap.
Kairul Yull (1 day ago)
Senang citer 7 11 ni utk negara yg berpendapatan tinggi je ..di malaysia setiap taman perumahan perlu ada 7 11 sebab kedai tu je yg bukak 24 jam klu tgh urgent cari topup ,air ,jajan, bayar oline beli brg kat lazada
Ervie 250118 (1 day ago)
Apa cuma gua yang belom pernah sama sekali ke 7 eleven? 😅
Bayu Aji Laxsono (1 day ago)
Yha maap
Arya Bima Putra (1 day ago)
It's not that easy, ferguso...
Asian Sweet Garlic (1 day ago)
aku EraMart sih 😂
Tri Mekuo (1 day ago)
I went to Indomaret and just wanted to ask where's Alfamart located?
Ahmad Fadli Nurrahman (1 day ago)
Local is good
Dumaguete Vines (1 day ago)
Here in the Philippines 7-Eleven here is still very popular among Filipinos eventhough there is a Rival Convenience store like MiniStop which is originally established in Japan.
N Fuad (1 day ago)
Mahal. kalah sama indomaret & alfamart 😁
Galaxy Mobile (2 days ago)
Orang Indo yang baca ini, like! Bangkit Indonesia! #IndomaretFTW wkkwk
N Fuad (1 day ago)
like pasar traditional
Galaxy Mobile (2 days ago)
Setau gw, 7 Eleven masih ada di daerah bali semenjak awal januari 2018, well okay :v
Fml Ki (2 days ago)
Dude, seven eleven was my fav place. they serve hotdogs and delicious slurpie and cheese. they even let me fill up my cheese flavored cheese with melted cheese. where am i gonna find those now???? im really saaad
Aprillia 04 (2 days ago)
Oooh, that's why i've never seen 7-eleven in here
Aprillia 04 (2 days ago)
Oooh, that's why i've never seen 7-eleven in here
Ernest Alfonso (2 days ago)
Bangkrut kejunya gua makanin semua padahal cuma beli citos :(
Muhammad Ridwan (2 days ago)
gw Out dr7-Eleven Indonesia sebelum kolep... kasian temen2 yg blm dapet pesangon.
Tagging 2135 (2 days ago)
but I still have a 7-eleven lunch box
Vv video viral (2 days ago)
Bye-bye 7 eleven and Uber
Dedi Syafutra (2 days ago)
terima kasih 7 eleven, kami bisa mandiri dengan retail kami... produk lokal, semoga kalian sukses di lain waktu
Reen vvv (2 days ago)
because Indonesian support local brands 😋😍
Kosong_ satuduatiga_ (2 days ago)
Because indo ecomics so poor, 7 11 so expensive.
Paulo Dybala (2 days ago)
Indonesia loves local brand
SNaeun _1094 (2 days ago)
Sebab kami masih mendukung pembelian di warung dari pada di 7 eleven
PADAMURAJA 1906 (2 days ago)
yeaah indonesia berprestasi bro :v satu2nya di dunia😅
minjiaddict (3 days ago)
That’d be because Indonesia already has Circle K, Alfamart and Indomaret. There i save you 4 minutes of watching this vid.
Moo Abdzar (3 days ago)
This is all because Indonesian has no shame. When they put something for free, Indonesians will take it for granted. Free sauce? They would bring a container from home and fill it. Also, when a store put a free wifi, usually people will buy many right? But Indonesian don't think like that, they will just come, use it, without paying anything. If they are forced to, most of the time they will buy the cheapest thing in the store.
ben vq (7 minutes ago)
most of them are teenagers, they don'y have a lot of money
ucuz12 (3 hours ago)
Yeah let's blame the customer, of course its because us right? Not because their incompetence, their bad strategy and their inability to understand the market. If you own a business and have this kind of thinking, you'll bankrupt in no time.
ucuz12 (3 hours ago)
Story of yourself huh?
tsylsriR Riralyst (11 hours ago)
Mr Skra (1 day ago)
Moo Abdzar not all, not trying to be racist, only the muslims do that
Obi (3 days ago)
Coz, we're broke teenagers who needs free wifi
emerald pilot (7 hours ago)
Weirdly enough, theres a lot of stores about alcohol NEAR supermarkets in malls and a lot of teen "like" alcohol
syarif arif (9 hours ago)
But indonesian anti alcoholic
Thehass singingslicer (9 hours ago)
Lol true
Yasmin Blink (3 days ago)
I love indomaret and alfamart
N Fuad (1 day ago)
i love warung mpok minah
metha almaida (3 days ago)
The only items i love in 7-eleven : slurpies
Maria Aurelia Pramitha (3 days ago)
that's why we love local brand
Muhammad Fauzan (3 days ago)
Karna org indo ke sevel cuma nongkrong doang smbil wifian jajan juga kagak wkwk
Rahmat Fajar Prasetyo (3 days ago)
Yang salah mungkin CEO yang di Indonesia karena cuma mikirin uang gg mikirin efisiensi makanya kalah saing. LOL,
Clark Adrian Jabel (3 days ago)
Because Indonesian are Ignorant..!!
Muhamad Ramdani (3 days ago)
Next: why UBER failed in ASEAN.
Mira Bhofi (3 days ago)
But i need 7eleven in jakarta now😭
Sudoku BB (3 days ago)
i is from indonesian
Tanamal Michael (4 days ago)
karna kebanyakan nongkrong
bubblegum cream (4 days ago)
gegara org indo pelit, beli slurpies satu, yg duduk betiga, lama lagi
sdney yours (4 days ago)
i wish 7 eleven open their stores in indonesia again
ahmad sadam (4 days ago)
Terkenal krna tempatya asik buat nongkrong, terpuruk jg krna terllu banyak yg ngkrong tpi cma beli air doank 😄😅
Firdan putra (5 days ago)
Kangen teriyakinya sevel :(
My favourite kookies are suga kookies. (5 days ago)
Lol here in britan there isn't a single 7-Eleven XXXD
natasya b. (5 days ago)
cuz ada iklan yg bunyi nya "cintailah produk produk Indonesia" dan dgn kasus sevel seperti ini menandakan iklan itu emng mempengaruhi pola pikir ppl indo, kita kompah bruhh. indomaret alfamart alfamidi
Parsiwi Paramaputri (5 days ago)
Di sini adanya Indomart sama Alfamart lebih bagus lagi dari 7-Eleven
designspedia (5 days ago)
Beli di warung aja
Orang Lama (6 days ago)
You missed 1 thing, there are also 212 Mart in Indonesia 😃
Misella Alputri (6 days ago)
sudah kuduga:)
Kii (6 days ago)
alfa mart,and indomaret more like alfa mart,and alfa midi
strel yui (6 days ago)
In my opinion indonesian's product is good for the people in indonesia because that is good for economic in indonesia 7 eleven is product abroad that make people use product outside of indonesia that is good if 7 eleven not in indonesia
Rayhan Naufal (6 days ago)
Buy a drink once. Buy a bag o chips drench it in the free cheese sauce+chilli gravy. Stays there for hours.
hilo itzputri (6 days ago)
Harganya kemahalan kali
land_liyin (6 days ago)
Circle K
Devi (6 days ago)
Never go to 7 eleven, and there are a lot of alfa and indo mart,
arius budiman (6 days ago)
Beli 1 minuman sama 1 cemilan nongkrongnya berjam-jam + free wifi hahaha..
itsmartinside (7 days ago)
There is a MAXX COFEE instead of my 7-Eleven now
Arka Rasika D (7 days ago)
Indonesian ppl cant move on so easily
Rahmat Hariyadi Gunawan (7 days ago)
Mostly buyer only hang out and enjoy WiFi more than 2 hours than shopping..
Christ GT (7 days ago)
Indomaret is good but alfamart in my place have cafe
Custom View (7 days ago)
failed because in Indonesia 7 is Seven (tujuh) not 7 Eleven (sebelas) ^^
Guntur Alim Pratama (7 days ago)
Akhirnya produk Indonesia dpt mengalahkan produk luar di tanah air, walau sebatas swalayan.
voltagesplash (7 days ago)
lol i see the top 2 rival in indonesia indomared and alfamaret
Andrew Yuniar (8 days ago)
Hahaha the research manager is clueless
Rino Strong (8 days ago)
Next Video : Why Uber Failed In Indonesia
Mr.Bitch (8 days ago)
Indonesia’s economic is not strong, 7-11 prices are expensive, leading to failure
Berserkkiller (8 days ago)
2:40 i know! Why not go to a time before this tagline, the ceo said it
Berserkkiller (8 days ago)
alfamart is taking over the philippines