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Cambridge Analytica: Just how important is it? (Explainer)

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What has Cambridge Analytica actually been accused of? And why should you care? All those concerned deny any wrongdoing.
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Text Comments (220)
Adam Hlavacka (1 year ago)
Stunning how they added Russia into this whole clusterduck although Russia was not involved with Cambridge Analytica whatsoever.
d dd (1 year ago)
The nutcracker.
Sasha Pooch (1 year ago)
Keep up the good work Channel 4 news!
Sasha Pooch (1 year ago)
Reading the comments below, makes it clear why this kind of psyop works! < And what the CA does is just data driven marketing, the same what any other marketing agency does on a daily basis> Really?? How many marketing agencies do you know who employ call girls to discredit a competitor? Put out gross distortions of the truth, outright lies and slander. These people are without morals. But, they've hooked you!
Michel Willems (1 year ago)
You have interests? You want a hate, smear or lie campaign? Local, nation or worldwide? Hire Cambridge Analytica to do the brainwash. "We made T president", "We made it here, we can make it anywhere."
Mike Barktic (1 year ago)
Check-out Oxford Analyticas boss.
Roman KFM (1 year ago)
Looks like a 'illuminati' card game. Played by desperate rich losers.
Paddy Theosophist (1 year ago)
CA, after making mountains of money colluding with "undesirables" using very questionable practices in manipulating ordinary decent people, now have to face the bitter end. I'm sure they're very pi$$ed off having lost that massive earning potential and now been exposed for what it is. And paranoid and irritated with having ITN-Channel 4 News investigators/reporters informing the public and following leads to other countries like a throbbing septic thorn in their side. Great work, and good stuff, ITN-Channel 4 News!
Hans Richter (1 year ago)
Lock 'em up!
Nathalie Dufour (1 year ago)
The minute you have the name " CAMBRIDGE " people drop suspiscion already..
Robby (1 year ago)
How is this video not gone viral?
Mark Plain (1 year ago)
ow many other "Cambridge Analytica" companies are operating right now?
tuber00009 (1 year ago)
Omy god! Cambridge Analytica hacked the election and Evil Brexit!
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
tuber00009 sorry I thought Russia hacked election lol. At least CA have taken heat off old putin lol
strattus99 (1 year ago)
wow....what a tough video to follow...unnecessary graphics!
Nathan McIver (1 year ago)
Maybe we shouldn’t put our lives and our thoughts on a publicly accessed network ala Facebook for the world to see? I mean, are we surprised?
ToM2CoOL (1 year ago)
Have you made your report about the remain campaigns over spending yet?
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
ToM2CoOL aye that nine million pounds on a leaflet to every home
Lucas Wilkins (1 year ago)
Can't help but recall brass eye when looking at these graphics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9mnVWJpMhuE
Kasun (1 year ago)
Independent researchers have found even deeper links to the Tories and MI6. What kind of weird psyops operations are these imperialist lunatics running?
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
Abradolf Lincler poisoning spies, info wars with the armies very own propaganda with brigade 77 and JTRIG
Malca's Grace (1 year ago)
gsr sounds like guicifer 2.0
numbersix100 (1 year ago)
More Channel 4 distorted “Fake News”. Disgraceful piece of anti Trump propaganda. No mention of the fact CA were used by Obama first. Worse FB set up this system to help Obama who they supported, then and now. As far as CA swinging the election? There’s no evidence which proves CA influenced the outcomes of Obama’s second term victory or Trumps victory. This is just mindless “schoolboy” distortion of the facts, something I’ve come to expect from channel 4 and it’s neoliberal narrative.
David Boson (1 year ago)
it is like humans are really easy to fool - yep we are.
kalbs89 (1 year ago)
This report is a perfect example of why freedom of the press is so important to a democracy. Well done Channel 4
TheWindAmongTheReeds (1 year ago)
Novacastrian Winter Correct. However, masses of dupes can't see this. They think people like Hillary Clinton and the EU have their interests at the forefront of their minds. They just do and think what they are told. "There are none so hopelessly enslaved, than those who mistakenly believe they are free" – Goethe
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
kalbs89 the inverse is true, a lot of this agenda is about shutting down free speech and freedom in general in the cyber sphere
Keith Locke (1 year ago)
How come whistleblowers don't mention parent company SCL work for MOD.
R4SCH1 (1 year ago)
Well made video!
Susan Fuller (1 year ago)
If a government was doing what Cambridge Analytical was doing, that is, attempting to change voting behaviour through psychological manipulation (without the subjects knowledge), the British Psychological Association would determine it UNETHICAL (corrupt & immoral).
Animated Stuff (1 year ago)
I am literally glued to my screen as all this unfolds
Animated Stuff (1 year ago)
TheWindAmongTheReeds Yes, at that time yes. But I should have mentioned it was actually my phone screen and my finger. And some sugar icing. It now seems like a stupid joke and this reply is taking too long to write.
TheWindAmongTheReeds (1 year ago)
Tikcus Twice (1 year ago)
I bet a million dollars that the clintons were using their services too.
Tikcus Twice (1 year ago)
People who post comments on youtube about this might also be their target audience just to keep us engaged behind somkescreens while the real problems and corruption remain unpunished and ongoing. Democrasy of hypocrisy, not only because crooked and evil statemen but also because of us, the people, who are easily misled and entertained but at the same time forgets about its own power to demand transparency and equality for all.
silveruby (1 year ago)
Obama and Hillary used legal data. CA used illegal data and they lied about deleting them but did not. Also, Trump campaign used foreign workers from UK, Canada and RUSSIA.
Amazing Polly (1 year ago)
They were using facebook data, as was the Obama Campaign. Honestly everyone does this. This story has broken many times in the past and the only reason people are paying attention this time is because the propaganda spin meisters upped their budget, had it play across all platforms / outlets simultaneously & they profiled their audience to come up with Pink Hair guy who they knew would appeal to their target audience.
Timothy Shaw (1 year ago)
A massive propaganda effort, in an election!?!
IGotAlotOfSocks (1 year ago)
Those who don't agree are living in an alternate reality.
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
IGotAlotOfSocks don't agree with what?
all snorts of stuff (1 year ago)
channel 4 is is publicly owned (government) uk
Gazza (1 year ago)
Jump to 5 mins in https://youtu.be/mZmcyHpG31A
brokecreole (1 year ago)
next people will be brainwashed into killing themselves on a random monday.
Linda Thomas (1 year ago)
Excellent investigative journalism!
Adam Prenger (1 year ago)
I'm not being manipulated. Are you?
Lee Tran (1 year ago)
Mind control works #Google. Thank you https://patents.google.com/patent/US6506148B2/en
AU Keković (1 year ago)
Did you use the research presented on the Richie Allen show to make this?
AU Keković (1 year ago)
Channel 4 should call itselves the "olds" for taking over a year to break this story
Rob Gilbert (1 year ago)
Just another cry wolf story in the endless liberal feakout.
mokkorista (1 year ago)
Rob Gilbert I know, it's hard to admit we are manipulated fool.
Walkin' Tall (1 year ago)
If this "whistleblower" had said this personality test was used in an attempt to help Clinton's campaign I'd have believed it in a heartbeat. But during the campaign conservative and republican support pages continuously got banned and shut down while liberal and Democratic groups got promoted. Facebook is notoriously liberal and promotes its agenda. So I just can't believe it helped Trump :-/
DarkMoon (1 year ago)
What The F Blog maybe you got personalised ads lol, imagine how ironic that would be
PRINCIPE754 (1 year ago)
i dont know why we´re all surprised. It is obvious that people who want to win elections will do everything to win, and then there are enterprises who help them to get it. That is how the market works. Demand and supply.
John Forbes (1 year ago)
This is speculation on a massive scale! What about the massive lying by the Democrats in relation to their links to globalists - & Soros Open Borders people & their direct links to C.A.I.R & the Muslim Brotherhood???
Teresa Harrison (1 year ago)
Yawn. 😪
Michel Willems (1 year ago)
By the way, I look for an alternative for YouTube to be really Sucker free.
Michel Willems (1 year ago)
Mercer, Bannon, Poetin and Trump (the puppet showman who wished he had never run for president). The Filthy Four.
Emily Ram (1 year ago)
Michel Willems fake news
Amazing Polly (1 year ago)
Chris Wylie is nobody. His entire back story is a fiction. Check my latest videos. I couldn't even fit in all the evidence I found, but suffice to say that Wylie seems to know the people involved with an organization called Effective Altruism Global, and that's they only evidence I can find of his life before this story broke. To me it seems that his role as whistle blower is an invention .. created by an agency who was paid to generate fake news in order to shape public opinion. They want international regulation of the internet. They also want to cover up previous fake news events they've staged before now by making it look like they are UNcovering fake news ... it's just a giant psy op.
Amazing Polly (1 year ago)
Novocastrian Winter Fantastic thank you for that link! I am listening now.
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
Amazing Polly Here he is http://library.fora.tv/2016/08/07/data_driven_movement_building He actually sounded ok, I listened for a bit, what changed?
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
Amazing Polly thanks for that, do you have links to effective altruism global and Chris Wiley? I searched the eag and wow they exist, blimey, what odd times.
Amazing Polly (1 year ago)
pre-packaged news brought to you by an organization just like SCL. How would the public know if this was fake news? (It is)
Chris (1 year ago)
Learn how to write english please,thank you.Then start reading books.
Sasha Pooch (1 year ago)
Tim, if the people posting here are an example of what passes for 'concerned, informed citizens' today, God help us all. As far as they are concerned, they really wouldn't bat an eyelid if Trump shot someone down on Fifth Avenue. I would not believe such cultism were possible, had I not expereinced it in comment threads such as this one for myself.
Sasha Pooch (1 year ago)
Reading your comments makes it clear why this kind of psyop works. <This is, after all, a NON-STORY. There is no meat here.> Really?? How many 'marketing agencies' do you know who employ call girls to discredit a competitor? Put out gross distortions of the truth, outright lies and slander. These people are without morals. But hey, they've hooked you! Very sad.
Tim Ballam (1 year ago)
Did you read what data they obtained Illegally? One person gives the "research app" their data and they were allowed to harvest all of their "friends data" without their permission. They admitted they had this data and told facebook they had deleted it! They never deleted this data they had no right to in the first place. This is fact they admitted it!
Midwest slotgeeks (1 year ago)
Amazing Polly what globalists? It’s so easy too divert to Rockefeller and Rothchilds construing they started the banking industry’s. You must have facts
MA TE R IA LI ST (1 year ago)
If you honestly believe people voted for Trump and Brexit because they saw an emotive ad on Facebook you're a fucking idiot
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
MA TE R IA LI ST exactly for starters older voters like Doris in Derbyshire were not glued to Facebook in June 2016 they were probably more content to enjoy the weather, their grandkids and perhaps some bowls.
Stuart Grant (1 year ago)
So by denying wrongdoing they are saying all their deeds are legal and that's that! The morality of it is of no interest to them.
Keith Pieterse (1 year ago)
Great testimony by Wylie today! Zuckerberg refuses to testify!!! The avarice, arrogance and shameless behaviour of the one percenters never fails to amaze! Free advice to the t-shirt wearing billionaire: 1. Recall ALL the printed ads sayng "Sorry" in the UK and use them as toilet paper; 2. Explain why he "killed the messenger / whistle-blower" on Facebook; 3. Offer ALL his FAKEBOOK users an explanation for the cover-up in writing; 4. The fact that you treat your users and their personal information as tubes of toothpaste which are packaged and sold, re-packaged and re-sold an X number of times in order to fill your already bulging wallet...AVARICE methinks? 5. Explain to the FAKEBOOK users for how many years you have been supplying intelligence agencies AROUND THE WORLD with access knowingly and with malice aforethought; 6. Explain to middle-class Americans and destitute Americans alike why it is that they pay taxes on a loaf of bread and a burger [social groups which do not buy caviar!] while you and your FAKEBOOK Machiavellian Monster / Machine EVADE and AVOID taxes across the globe? 7. Finally, you should be ASHAMED!!! Shame on you, your family atop the Sugar Mountain [Zuckerberg'] and your one percent clan!! Naff Off!
bob starr (1 year ago)
I do not care if a single charge is laid. politicians always use tricks to convince voters. I do care about the intelligence of the average voter. wake up people! Wake Up!
trippnface (1 year ago)
...So they basically did nothing Read about how Israel ACTUALLY controls and influences our Politics, here. https://www.foreignpolicyjournal.com/2016/03/22/the-best-congress-aipac-can-buy/
John Hooker (1 year ago)
Can someone please tell me why everyone in the media has finally begun to talk about Cambridge Analytica this past week, when the story broke in Dec. 2016?
FatCow (1 year ago)
Good question, Obama used these guys way back when and no one gave a toss, now it's the end of the world all of a sudden?? pleeeeease, I can't breath for all the wool over my eyes.
millerglvr (1 year ago)
Robert Mueller is getting close to the truth now.
Rob Gilbert (1 year ago)
John Hooker Gotta attack Trump, russian running out of steam, stipper getting sore.
Wendy Alexander (1 year ago)
Facebook said it wanted to be used for academic purposes. Wylie made it otherwise
See More Toys (1 year ago)
The 2012 Obama reelection campaign used Facebook, with Facebook's help, to contact young voters that only had cellphones by using Facebook's meta data. The Democratic National Committee (DNC) collected Facebook meta data on all most all Americans and their cellphone numbers. There is a great TED Talk from a young woman about this in which she goes into detail about what happened. She stated that the Republicans did not have the same data during the 2012 elections or after. Maybe this was to "Even up the Field"?
Glenn Leahey (1 year ago)
...russians are apparently still involved. The data was "mined" by CA...and then utilized by 'sends' from russian IP addresses. Hopefully expecting the Robert Mueller investigation to follow- in this area. IF the puzzle pieces fit, largest case of TREASON in US history.
Glenn Leahey (1 year ago)
yup...and the Obama campaign didn't send ou fake news...generated by russian computer techs! Big difference...violated US campaign laws...and possibly treason.
See More Toys (1 year ago)
Yvonne Amaral - No, the Democrats used the Facebook data for the 2012 reelection of Obama and made it public after the election was completed in Nov. 2012. Watch Ms. Davidsen's TED talk on the subject. She is quite clear in her statements on the subject.
See More Toys (1 year ago)
dancefan62 - But the Obama app grabbed all your friends info, without your approval. Watch Ms. Davidsen's TED talk, since your comments indicate that you do not like Jimmy Dore. She states that the democrats got the COMPLETE USA data base from Facebook and the Republicans got NOTHING. She said Facebook notice that huge amounts of data was being taken by the Democrats and Facebook said that it was okay because "we're on your (The Democrats) side". Then Facebook (said) that they shut the data grabs down in 2013 (NOT!). Seems to me that the Republicans (Bannon?) noticed what had happened with Facebook and the Democrats back in 2012 and took actions to get their round of Facebook data for 2016. Legal or not? That would be for the courts to decide.
silveruby (1 year ago)
Obama campaign didn't have help from foreign workers from Russia, Canada or UK like Trump campaign did.
Marcelo Monteiro (1 year ago)
A remarkable piece of work. Congratulations.
M W (1 year ago)
Marcelo Monteiro: A remarkable piece of propaganda.
M Allsorts (1 year ago)
We're being manipulated by the worst this world has to offer.
M Allsorts (1 year ago)
Just dont get sidetracked from these Cambridge dwelling set of manipulators. Every news source and human being is biased. That isnt controversial or the subject of these videos.
TheArtkaw (1 year ago)
Amazing Polly Why no mention of FOX, Breitbart, Info Wars, etc? Oh right, you're a fucking moron that likes to get fucked by the Mercers, Koch Brothers and Peter Thiel.
Amazing Polly (1 year ago)
yeah, Channel 4, BBC, The Guardian, CNN, CNBC, VICE news, Out Magazine, NPR, CBC, etc. They all take their marching orders from unaccountable people and they deliver you tailor made propaganda like this non-story of Cambridge Analytica so that you'll think you want more censorship and more international regulation of the internet. Who would benefit from that, do you think?
bob starr (1 year ago)
m allsorts, when you said the worst i think your group is a little on the small side i mean it should include putin, jong-un and many others....
M Allsorts (1 year ago)
Bannon, Mercer & Nix aren't from Israel as far as I know.
David Charles Francis Topham de Vere Beauclerk (1 year ago)
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2012/feb/17/obama-digital-data-machine-facebook-election - Thoughts?
bob starr (1 year ago)
everyone has been doing it since the beginning of democracy. it is up to us to find the truth. caveat emptor.
Gaz man262 (1 year ago)
Does this mean all elections are null now? Brexit American election Probably more This could be very interesting....
Myda (1 year ago)
David Vere That is not comparable AT ALL. What the Obama campaign did was allow Obama supporters to log in to the campaign website using Facebook, thus willingly letting the Obama campaign have access to their Facebook data. Did you even read thw article you linked? That's some fine mental gymnastics you're doing there to be able to say it's the same thing.
Mark Zen (1 year ago)
BdaMonkey I embrace the implications. Maybe you should stop melting and join the light side.
Ironhide (1 year ago)
Mark H Once again you are going for the simplistic response, and responding to things I haven't even said. You ignore the wider implications of this. But gotta put across that Brexit zealotry, I suppose.
Mark Zen (1 year ago)
BdaMonkey your arrogance of others and their judgement is very disturbing. You have absolutely no idea how or why people voted, you only believe the majority were "swayed" to vote the opposite to you, because YOU lost. Get over yourself. Accept it didn't go YOUR way and get on with YOUR life, and stop trying to dictate how other LIVE theirs!
Marc jackson (1 year ago)
This is another link into our FAKE president. Impeach.
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
Marc jackson Impeach for what? What precisely? The mueller probe is at end it has found nothing even remotely conclusive.
Victor Shackapopulus (1 year ago)
All said and done there will be no convictions for anyone concerned with Cambridge Analytica or Facebook. But a lot of spin on how we stupid people voted for Trump and Brexit. People are sick of being screwed so they are taking a stand against the establishment. Have a nice day.
Wendy Alexander (1 year ago)
Kevin Hagen facebook hired Asia Pacific six weeks ago to handle legal stuff. They testified before 4 Countries including Singapore and we're caught lying. The Minister in charge of the hearing is a lawyer and handled Milner beautifully.
Wendy Alexander (1 year ago)
Victor Shackapopulus just Trump. All their jargon, from Cambridge, Fake News, Drain the Swamp, we're passed on to Trump.
Wendy Alexander (1 year ago)
Victor Shackapopulus it has nothing to do with the two
Awesome Avenger (1 year ago)
Spreading fake news is one thing. But you are conflating two very different issues. A message. And the process of how a message is spread. The remain campaign had far more resources than the leave campaign. And we can all recognise that this story, hyped up in advance by the Guardian in preparation for later linking it to the leave Brexit vote, is just another way of saying the voters were too stupid to understand what they were voting for.
Max Biddick (1 year ago)
Nothing surprising here. With lack of regulation on data, we've now got businesses auctioning off positions of power/in politics - absolutely fucking ludicrous, cannot believe people are not more riled up about this.
Max Biddick (1 year ago)
And also can we stop speaking about HRC as if she has an ounce of credibility in this? She and her team are fully aware what they did was just as bad (ie, collusion between DNC/HRC campaign/MSM).
IamMANnumber1 (1 year ago)
Corbyn and the rule of law please.
Brian Nderu (1 year ago)
Morpheus (1 year ago)
Hillary was bad, trump is a moron. The DNC should have let bernie win with out the super delegets he woude have won.
trippnface (1 year ago)
" liberal conservative" No, that would be Clinton and the DNC.
MDJ (1 year ago)
He lost by 2 million viotes moron. Plus Brenie and his supporters are liberal conservative anyhow.
A New Perspective Films (1 year ago)
Can we just change the year to 1984 start calling them the Ministry of Truth instead?
Amazing Polly (1 year ago)
It's only because people are not engaging their critical thinking nor are they allowing themselves to believe people outside of their cult leaders in the mainstream media and the government.
A New Perspective Films (1 year ago)
I'm not saying they weren't or that one side is at fault and the other isn't I'm stating that our ability to publish misinformation and misdirect people to believe something they normally wouldn't have, looks a lot like 1984.
Graham6762 (1 year ago)
You clearly have no idea what you are talking about. Both sides were using these firms. Facebook is the one hiring ex stasi members to censor everyone that doesn't conform to the narrative the CIA puts out.
Amazing Polly (1 year ago)
BINGO. Right now they are keeping the guise of government controlling the corporations but really it's the other way around.
TexasTimelapse (1 year ago)
#DeleteFacebook #fuckzuck
chokinonashes61 (1 year ago)
wakaisgood What are fake "mews"? Are they houses that aren't really old mews buildings?!
Morpheus (1 year ago)
TexasTimelapse big brother is watching you!
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
The chattering classes conspiracy theory. So peeved by the plebs having alternative political horizons they will stop at nothing to get their own way again.
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
Ed Wilson Sorry what is your point? Three people, I suppose my comment really activated your remain derangement syndrome again.
Ed Wilson (1 year ago)
You mean plebs like Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jacob Rees Mogg, and the rest of the millionaire Tories?
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
edmonton ant colony 2016 I know, it is just that, cringe!
Thunderbird (1 year ago)
According to Goebbels, what was distinctive about the Nazis was "the ability to see into the soul of the people and to speak the language of the man in the street"... What distinguished European fascism above all was its discovery of new ways, a methodology, of speaking to the working class. The fascists were not ashamed of mass media and marketing... media was a new language with which the masses were now familiar, including its styles, forms, and assumptions. Fascists were at ease in this exciting new world and recognized that it could be exploited for political purposes, both as a source of methods and as a new kind of culture with a different set of governing assumptions. http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/fascism/2017/03/how_nazi_propaganda_encouraged_the_masses_to_co_produce_a_false_reality.html
KingArthurVIII (1 year ago)
Yvonne Amaral - Communists slaughtered more people than the Nazis but the modern Left only fixates on the Nazis while seeing the Communists either as benevolent or somehow different from themselves in terms of end goals. Both the desire for radical superiority or for radical equity both eventually result in genocide.
Yvonne Amaral (1 year ago)
The Mercer’s got their ideas from the Nazis
KingArthurVIII (1 year ago)
Thunderbird - my issue is with the cognitive dissonance of the left on this issue. Either it's okay for everyone to use data to win elections or it's not okay for everyone. I'm fine with either opinion but there is no consistency from the left. Why is it okay when Obama did it, but bad when Trump did it. The left has simply dressed up what Trump has done to make it seem worse.
KingArthurVIII (1 year ago)
Thunderbird - likewise the Democratic party used to be pro-slavery. The democrats presently also distort stats to promote activism and discord e.g. the feminist wage gap, in order to secure large various voting blocks. Why are you wasting your time identifying with or defending either party. Have your own ideas and opinions based on your own observations and assessments.
Thunderbird (1 year ago)
The Republican Party was found by and for Corporate Oligarchs. The Railroad Barons chose their own Railroad Lawyer Abraham Lincoln to be their inside man to rob 'we the people' and line their filthy rich pockets... https://www.lewrockwell.com/2003/10/thomas-dilorenzo/the-republican-moneyed-elite Republican Party has never changed... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uQUkaEVe7II&t=23m42s Even the 'Tea Party' movement was a front by Corporate Oligarchs... http://time.com/secret-origins-of-the-tea-party
aon10003 (1 year ago)
Yes and Obama had the friend on facebook to get elected. Conveniable forgotten.
aon10003 (1 year ago)
You should work a little harder to see through Karl Rowes and Media Matters propaganda.
tenchichrono (1 year ago)
Antony Stringfellow Conservatives and Liberals views can never be the same. Get that out of your mind. The mentality is all or nothing.
aon10003 (1 year ago)
Stringfellow Connection to russia. My judgement was moral, not geographic. And now we know why the republicans run on fear. But on a wider level The most interesting thing is the similarities between HRC and Trump. Both took huge amount of bribes from Russia the Arab states and the banks. Both where serial liers. Both had no ambition what so ewer to keep their promises to the voters.
Antony Stringfellow (1 year ago)
aon10003 And there was a connection to Russia was there? Or did you conveniently forget that?
Antony Stringfellow (1 year ago)
tenchichrono Didn't you know, it's conservatives who have a mental problem? Never realized that most academics are liberals? Conservatives have a heightened sense of fear. One study found that when their fear levels are reduced, they hold the same views as liberals. Google it.
J B (1 year ago)
Bannon plus Mercer. That explains it, they did it
TheArtkaw (1 year ago)
chokinonashes61 Must be a big fan of Jason Mewes. Snooch to the noooch!!!
chokinonashes61 (1 year ago)
wakaisgood Again! What are these fake "mews"?
Rollling (1 year ago)
Mueller gona put Facebook in prison. good.
TeefahXOXO (1 year ago)
This is scary on so many levels! If you need tips on how to protect your data on Facebook check this out: https://youtu.be/Fn0KxfFVXRg
nahimgood (1 year ago)
Morpheus (1 year ago)
Liberum Oratio hahhahhahahhaha fuckin Moron you are so retardet.
AU Keković (1 year ago)
Corbyn caves in to a mural.. Let alone the banksters themselves. Good luck thinking you'll have a political white knight
Thexxan (1 year ago)
Xenu#Scientology Africa, parts of Asia and South America are dominated by socialism. Try again.
Mattuiop (1 year ago)
*rotors start spinning*
Morpheus (1 year ago)
David Vere tell people lifing in the capitalistic paradises in Africa, south america and Asia the slums of Johannisburg to the gettos of Brasil starvation, violence and no Starbucks. To the Bangladesh where children make youre clothe. Capitalism is a pyramid.
California Bobby (1 year ago)
Finding out the US Election and the Brexit were manipulated: Just how important is it?
jeezychreezy1 (1 year ago)
Revenge voting during mid terms.
Novocastrian Winter (1 year ago)
Ripple XRP no they broke the manipulation. All the power was with Hillary and remain.
Consigliere (1 year ago)
Ripple XRP if campaigning is manipulation, then all elections in the history of mankind were manipulated in some way.