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20 Things You Didn't Know About Camila Cabello

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Everything you need to know about former member of Fifth Harmony, Camila Cabello 10 Beauty And Makeup Hacks For Beginners https://youtu.be/4HTgZKWDroc Subscribe: https://goo.gl/Hnoaw3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you aren’t a fan of Camila Cabello or aren’t sure who she is, don’t worry because we are about to make you love her. The ex-Fifth Harmony band member is pretty remarkable. And we are going to give you all the deets on what she is up to now that she’s gone solo. These are 20 things you didn’t know about Camila Cabello. This young singer’s backstory is pretty crazy. We are going to tell you where she was born and how old she was when her family immigrated to the U.S. We are also showing you how the singer taught herself to speak English. Fans of Disney will love that story! Then we will look into the people she surrounds herself with, like her parents, her sister, and her BFF Taylor Swift. After that, we are revealing some of the singers favorite things. Want to know where she stands on the pineapple on pizza debate? Well, you have to watch the video to find out. We will also tell you the reason why she left her famous girl group, and how Fifth Harmony reacted by throwing shade at the ex-member at the 2017 MTV VMA’s. Check out the video if you want to learn everything there is to know about Camila Cabello, like her obsession with Harry Potter, what her real name is, that time she was a One Direction fangirl, and much more. Once you are done watching our video, be sure to let us know what you think in the comment section below! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our Social Media: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheTalko Twitter: https://twitter.com/thetalko Instagram: https://instagram.com/the_talko ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- For more videos and articles visit: http://www.thetalko.com/
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Text Comments (3833)
5628 (1 year ago)
I kinda already knew everything except the Shark phobia and body measurement(tho I did know her height)
Dr DjDebUsa International (2 months ago)
Lubna Sayed (4 months ago)
+Silver Feather yeah ikr? And no problem btw lol
Silver Feather (4 months ago)
+Lubna Sayed Omg ik I kept cringing with this narrator when she kept saying ca mill a ca bell a!!! I'm glad someone said something!!! Lol thank you 👍
Kawaii Kitten (4 months ago)
Wait... so you knew her shoe size...?
Oussama Bouhtane (1 day ago)
My favorite artist/singer after SIA
Ajmal Babakarkhil (2 days ago)
10% I already knew 90% you’re pronouncing her name wrong
Elf on The shelf (2 days ago)
Taylor and Camila are a great friend relationship, seriously. But I never knew about the shark phobia. Who did?
Elf on The shelf (2 days ago)
Sharks ARE terrible. We can’t blame her. 😂😵And she has GREAT style. For real! 👍🏼😍
A Choudhry (2 days ago)
What annoys me the most is the fact that they don't know now to pronounce her name yet they know her measurements....What makes me trigger more is that they take her name literally even 20 seconds
Diya g Gupta (2 days ago)
One Direction ..... Who all are there, who are dying fans of directioners
Abby DeGrazia (2 days ago)
I’m a Pisces too
Syrian Dude 4 (3 days ago)
How did you know about her
moonlightxqueen (3 days ago)
8:56 ITS camila cabEYO
Haya Rizwan (3 days ago)
Cameela Cabeyo . Pronounce it right .
Egil Basumata (4 days ago)
I'm too a potterhead Love Harry Potter
camilizer cabello 97 (5 days ago)
Lalisa Blink (5 days ago)
welp you forgot something.... *SHE LOVES BANANA*
EBM (6 days ago)
Me: *Sees Camila’s nickname that Lauren called her* Me: *Cries for the millionth time* Also, every time they say Camila Cabello, I get SO triggered.
MUSKAN KUMARI (6 days ago)
Lovely camela
Dina Aryan (6 days ago)
Oof I know these things 😒
Emilia Huerta (7 days ago)
I love how her and Shawn both love hp
Meg Hargreaves (8 days ago)
It's ca-meey-la ca-bey-ow
Nandini Bhandari (8 days ago)
Camila cabeLLo
Tanishka Sharma (8 days ago)
Im in love with Camila cabello as well as camren...😍😍💗💗💗
Angeline joy ;-; no need for last name :3 (9 days ago)
Now that I am watching this video I noticed how similar Karla/Camila Cabello are similar
MrBiG (9 days ago)
She has a great bum bum n I'm not even joking. Maybe she got it from her mamah!
lucy shepard (10 days ago)
Pronounced Cam-EE-La
lucy shepard (10 days ago)
you guys are serious stalkers.
Camila Lozada (11 days ago)
Why do you say fifdeen instead of fifteen? I almost thought that she was 50 yrs old.
glydel solis (11 days ago)
Accio Potterhead
glydel solis (11 days ago)
seekr34 (11 days ago)
she didn't leave fifth harmony, she was kicked out
Josie Mukeli (13 days ago)
Why am I watching this
Chels Sarmien (13 days ago)
CamEEEEEEEla CaBAEo that is how it is pronounced
Ernan Rivera (13 days ago)
1:38 I lost my shit as soon as y’all pulled that photo out 😱that’s wildddd😭🤠
Superman (16 days ago)
To much talking, just go to the fact !!
Ancy G (20 days ago)
Omg she's me❤️
El Cubano Orgulloso (23 days ago)
Proud to be Cuban! 😁
Karl Burdak (23 days ago)
Sharks are Not terrifying!!! They are amazing creatures ! Humans are much worse than them, they cut of there fins for soup(the sharks are alive)
Camila Cookie101 (23 days ago)
Her name is the same as mine. It kinda triggers me when people pronouce my name wrong but I just deal with it.🙂
Gregory Swift (1 month ago)
Whoe's on 1st? Potato, potata? Let's eat🎵😜
Bashiran Gul (1 month ago)
I have the same life as Camila I take esl
Daniel Paraiso (1 month ago)
About the cartoons were both learn english all by our selves
Emil Grullon (1 month ago)
Omg i love hawaiian pizza
siti norbaya margarette (1 month ago)
Same goes to me. I am harrypotter fan, i love Hawaiian pizza, i born 1997. And i really scared when it comes to shark thing.
lookie YT (1 month ago)
Same in my school my classmates always go like "ssssssoooooo like do you like thisssssss" and then it kind of really *annoy* me
Hafso Abdi (1 month ago)
I wish i could meet her
Xx lazy potatoxX /my vids are weird (1 month ago)
I feel kinda weird watching this cause my name is camila
łĕ møņđē də čhåřłõțţė (1 month ago)
Camila birthday is my birthday
Emilie Hansen (1 month ago)
Camila Cabello is actually pronounced Cabejo two ll’s makes the “j” Sound
Blake Belladonnaluvklance (1 month ago)
Wow this singer is a pieces and she has so many things in common with me
ちゃん-はちみつ (1 month ago)
Um you pronounce Camila Cabello , Camila Ca-bay-o
Valetina Marquez (1 month ago)
Omg what if my great great great grandpa new her great great grandpa because my great great great grandpa faught in the Mexican revolution what if me and her are related ( probably not)😁😂 but either way I really love her
Daniel Suda (1 month ago)
im sorry, but did she just bite into a fucking tomato? 6:21
Chicken Nugget (1 month ago)
Please pronounce her name right.
Ava N (1 month ago)
katia aibeche (1 month ago)
I bet you're a camren shipper
LA Dodgers (1 month ago)
Christina Martino (1 month ago)
Allyra & Shawn mendes 4eva (1 month ago)
Her:cabello Me:it's pronounced cabeYo
Bacon (1 month ago)
people in the comments be pointing out that her name be mispronounced me being liek : i LoVe hArRy pOtTeR tOo
Franchesca Mercedes (1 month ago)
Lmfao why y’all say it’s not her real name. ITS HER real name just not her firsts name 🙄 y’all to make sure what y’all saying is right 🤦🏽‍♀️
leah xanne (1 month ago)
Why do her measurements matter?? I
Avery's_Art _ (1 month ago)
You forgot one thing that *any* big Camila Cabello would know. She's Bisexual you should've added that one it would take a big shock into people who didn't know and would be good for likes.
Thúy Liên Vũ Thị (1 month ago)
Im not even joking but i was born on march 3rd!!!!!!!! Omg im litterly crying!!!!!!!!😹
JimKookie (1 month ago)
Hannah Freed (1 month ago)
I kinda like Karla Cabello
Rosalie Dobrovolny (1 month ago)
Sea and shark fear tho...SAME
Unicorn Lover (1 month ago)
My brother name is alejandro
Chancho (1 month ago)
I guess you forget about the banana...
Lacy Powless (1 month ago)
She has the same birthday as me!! But i was born in 1992
{ Aesophix } (1 month ago)
Camilla and Kat (ItsFunneh) has something in common. HAWAIIAN PIZZA LOVERSSSS xD
sofia xo (1 month ago)
bruh the way she's pronouncing her name
yo itz quazzy (1 month ago)
Oh my goodness, one Direction did not split up, they are on a hiatus
David Hofmann (1 month ago)
Interesting things to learn. She seems very authentic. Good family values and support,she's a great role model for teens!
July Papatrechas (1 month ago)
lmao camiLLa cabeLLo.. smh its camEEla cabeYo
Andre Smith (1 month ago)
Why you always telling singers Secrets they probably don't want you to know their business to stop telling people's business
king Avi (1 month ago)
She said on a post..that she loves bananas..😋
Alex Danvers (1 month ago)
and there is one thing you still don’t know about her it’s camEEla cabeYo
lil nuget network ! (1 month ago)
21... Mabey had a crush on lauren
katia aibeche (1 month ago)
She confirmed it, that her celebrity crush is Lauren, so remove the word "Maybe" lol
Ann Zaidi (1 month ago)
is camila lil sis like meh i was born 2008 and was born in forida but not miami but close!! :)
Arianna Fasthorse (1 month ago)
awww ur gonna be a troom troom I'm un subbing
GroverKent (1 month ago)
This is 20 things too many, there's only 1 thing you need to know about her: she quit Fifth Harmony because she thought she was better than them, even though her own music is actually kinda lousy.
katia aibeche (1 month ago)
Yup so true, but people doesn't see that, like she seems that cutie girl so they though she was a victim and throw all the shades to the other members of the group.
Its Jade (1 month ago)
My birthday is on news years Eve!!
Haridev A V (1 month ago)
I think Camila was not famous in 5H that most people didn't even know how say her name
It’s Ashton James (1 month ago)
Yo you didn’t say her name right.
S S (2 months ago)
Angel 1908 (2 months ago)
Do they have on Normani?!! I would love o see that one better !!😍👍🏾! Normani! Normani!
Alicia Merriman (2 months ago)
Omg her star signs is Pisces and mine is Virgo (the couple that everyone ships) and I’m 5,2ft and weigh the same as her. But I was born in 2005. Pisces explains why I love her so much
Masha Tomlinson (2 months ago)
Jeongin Yang (2 months ago)
Camila cabello's favourite holiday is my birthday?! Wooo New Year's Eve!!!
mark addison (2 months ago)
prenses Story (2 months ago)
Camila❤️One Direction❤️Harry Potter.....We have the same favs.I love her so much💕💕
Brendan Haughney (2 months ago)
my bday is march 4,2010 and i am a pices
Elizabeth Hertweck (2 months ago)
😮 😮 😮 my birthday is march 3 2008!!!! Same birth year as her younger sister... and same birthday!!!!!
Salmonfaky (2 months ago)
Atleast pronounce her name correctly ...
Victoria Parker James (2 months ago)
love your channel, BUT if you could only focus a bit more on the proper pronunciation of some of the celebs names that'd be great.
Gacha GIRL (2 months ago)
I’m born 2008 too
GachaMe (2 months ago)
21st fact: Her name is pronounced *Cam-EE-La Ca-BAY-o*
Micaela Jelks (2 months ago)
i may be late but was i the only one who thought how she knew her exact body sizes
meia .pauline (2 months ago)
why are most of her fears and mental illnesses similar to shawn’s? (mendes)
EnderpiqG EQ (2 months ago)
To pronounce the name its "CamEEla CabeYO" btw I got really unsatisfied when you said it wrong but I still loved the vid!
Reese Robinson (2 months ago)
So is it 4th harmony now?😂😂😂
Chylux V (2 months ago)
That awkward moment when you are watching this in 2019 and you know that she left 5H because of SIMON F******G COWELL