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Do you have a favorite vintage vehicle? Here is our list of 20 vintage vehicle designs that define cool. POPULAR PLAYLISTS 💥 AMAZING FUTURISTIC VEHICLES That Could Change How We Travel https://goo.gl/re7Une CRAZY VEHICLES https://goo.gl/CU8bTY AWESOME SCOOTERS, MOTORBIKES and E BIKES (That Could Change How You Travel) https://goo.gl/LGmZ5V Royalty Free Music 🎧 Adventures - A Himitsu https://soundcloud.com/a-himitsu MINDS EYE DESIGN SOCIAL MEDIA ✅ Google+ https://plus.google.com/+mindseyedesign YouTube https://youtube.com/mindseyedesign 20 VINTAGE VEHICLE DESIGNS THAT DEFINE COOL #design #innovation #inventions #technology #mindseyevideo
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Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
📢Do you have a favorite vintage car? Let us know in the comments below!
Florin E. Ilicea (22 hours ago)
#2: Aurel is the name of the engineer, not of the car!
Daniel Rojomendes (13 days ago)
Caspar de Jonge (11 months ago)
All of them, I cherish the minds of creative people and the wonders they come up with. But my favourite is the Citroen DS. We had 3 at my parents home and me and dad restored one, pretty special.
Stormy Clason (1 year ago)
i love the phantom corsair. it looks almost exactly like the batmobile from batman the animated series
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
dick labobo (3 days ago)
Come on you have to be kidding this is garbage the coolest cars were the American cars 1950 - 1960s.
Blake Stone (7 days ago)
thx for the vid.
Petey Pon (10 days ago)
The Talbot boat tail made of wood? You get rear ended,,,,,,,you end up splintered?
Minds Eye Design (10 days ago)
Thats probably true. Very good point.
daniel de lewis (13 days ago)
Watch Tucker the man and his dream it captures the spirit behind every single one of these cars
KJER ERRT (23 days ago)
KJER ERRT (23 days ago)
KJER ERRT (23 days ago)
Minds Eye Design (23 days ago)
Had I made the title Cars so Ugly they're beautiful. You'd be over saying how cool and nice looking they are. We already tested this theory several times and its proven most viewers will say the opposite of the title whether they believe it or not.
Peter Surryez (24 days ago)
More like freak cars instead of cool cars. The boat car though was both freakish and cool.
John Greany (25 days ago)
The Tucker should have been made for year's. Good car
John Greany (25 days ago)
?????????? How drunk were the engineering department guys ????
Stephen Sellers (1 month ago)
#5 looks like a shoe
Maggie Leroy (1 month ago)
My favorite design would be the Tucker torpedo no 8. Great design! Second number 17 also a beauty. Don't care much for the tech specifications, I just look at what's a pleasure for the eyes!
Hartz 4TV (1 month ago)
Ich will so ein Boot Auto !
AtiB 007 (2 months ago)
Number 19, is that the inspiration for the car of gru; from despicable me?!
Lee Devilriding666 (2 months ago)
Do i have to pick 1? I can't so 20,17 and 13 are the best in my opinion Reacher MED 😁
Henrik Elkjaer (3 months ago)
did you make a video about ford's hemp car????
Gordon Robbins (4 months ago)
Thank you well done love it.
Scott H (4 months ago)
Thanks for the great video
A Adu (4 months ago)
Erlkönig (4 months ago)
2:15 "...pancake style powerplant..."??? Are you talking about a boxer engine?
creative grant (4 months ago)
The Stout Scarab should have been #1. Built by William B Stout who designed the Ford Tri-Motor plane and why we have engine nacelles on planes today. The Scarab was the first uni-body constructed car in 1935. Really it was a minivan with a reconfigurable interior. Made out of the precursor to aluminum it will never rust. The vehicle also sported rear-wheel drive with a rear engine. The engine, like the nacelle could be dropped with the rear axle in minutes and refitted with a donor set while the owners engine/drivetrain was being worked on. If you can find his autobiography read it. Its hilarious, enlightening, and a journey of the American Dream realized. BTW he designed toys, engines, motorcycles, cars, planes, boats, trains and even a hard sided popup camper.
Derek Thompson (5 months ago)
The English Bubble Car was a fantastic invention for motoring in crowded cities I voted it the best automobile of all time and still do
glockumollie (6 months ago)
The Russian car's interior looks the same as a Russian Utility aircraft cockpit.
glockumollie (6 months ago)
dakota B (6 months ago)
But i like the boat one
dakota B (6 months ago)
I like number 15
Harry Strickland (6 months ago)
I want a car like these
jwserge (6 months ago)
5: 55 fantatic! I bet there's no Russian who knows about this car! I myself got to know about it just here and now....
Stiefin1964 (6 months ago)
Una cosa hanno in comune. Sono tutte inguardabili.
keith kuehn (6 months ago)
check out the 1914 peugeot 153a colonial alpine with a all aluminum body, somewhere on the internet.......
Caboose 92m (7 months ago)
How did we ever think it was a good idea to let normal people purchase and operate their own personal nuclear reactors? With as often as people manage to blow up the engines in NORMAL cars, image Bubba getting his hands on a nuclear power plant and trying to crank that baby into overdrive.
mokokawi (7 months ago)
great show , I liked the shark car the best :)
GATO GATUNO (7 months ago)
super interessante, adorei ver tantos carros diferentes, parabéns pelo vídeo, agora estou inscrito no canal 👍👍
C Sbastianygaumnitz (7 months ago)
Natewatl (8 months ago)
# 10 winner of the Soviet Championship? Woohoo!
Cryptonitor (8 months ago)
Tucker Torpedo: Unfortunately only 48 made? Thats a recipe for accidents.... Rear engine, rearwheel drive, high dryweight and poor traction. A very bad driving experience.
RawenWarCrow (8 months ago)
So much commentaries about how you pronounce French words, trying to correct you by telling you ways to say it that aren't better that you do... Someone even put an "r" in the phonetic of "l'oeuf" :D :D :D As a French, there's three solutions here: continue to pronounce it as you want, do a quick search using translators wich give you the good phonetic, or ask to some French people; sure I'm not the only one to watch your videos ;) I know this video is months old, but I had to say it. Other than that, cool stuff dude, you have a sub (and as I said, I'm French, so my english could be a bit clumsy; sorry about that :) )
XHYD Arancibia (8 months ago)
COCO I have to do it You are going to be a little z You are going to of to d You aregoing to the public You are going to 😎📱
Luke Warmwater (8 months ago)
pan-ard....nothing close to spelling, it is English.... I know! it got me too! way more embarrassing cause it was in class. teacher was a dick.... you know what? say it how you want, fuck that guy!!
Minds Eye Design (8 months ago)
Lol great comment..cheers.
Dylan Ferrer (9 months ago)
Generous reverse grass count aside plus fund delicate.
KairoTheFox (9 months ago)
These cars really show how ugly cars are today and will be in the future... I mean, look at the Google car, it's the ugliest thing I have ever seen, it's revolting.
KarlJoelsen (9 months ago)
Not sea worthy, see worthy
M Hollman (10 months ago)
#16 is my personal favorite considering I was able to handle to exhaust 'stacks' while being HPC coated. Having also been blessed to meet the Jenkins on multille occasions. So yeah...Im pretty biased. If you want more info on the Mormon Meteor- it has been featured on Jay Lenos garage, as well as housed at the Prices Museum of Speed also in Salt Lake City.
M Hollman (10 months ago)
'Boys of Bonneville' film/documentary-tells the Jenkins story with the Meteor(s) released abt 6 yrs ago, narrated by Patrick Dempsey. Highly recommended, You won't be disaapointed. $1.99
Rancid Reducer (10 months ago)
a boat car that doesn't float that's some false advertising.
SSARO Gaming (10 months ago)
Do a old 55 car
alexander kasady (10 months ago)
It's never pronounced 'Pan-hard'. It's 'Pan'ard'. The 'h' is silent.
harry mack (10 months ago)
but what's the Doug score
77Pacer (10 months ago)
Awesome!! That's so cool!! I subbed, BTW.
Ramon Flores (10 months ago)
77Pacer should we go ahead
Kenneth M. Price Jr. (11 months ago)
Panhard Dynavia 1948. It defined the proper shape for minimum drag and got 80 mpg.
Russell Hajek (11 months ago)
I like the Chrysler turbine car.
Pax Humana (11 months ago)
The tail lights on the 1962 Invader GT look a lot like the tail lights of the Ford Maverick.
yoyohooyo (11 months ago)
#3 LOL
Knight See'er (11 months ago)
I'm surprised you did not note that the 1938 Phantom Corsair was the base used for the Batmobile in comic books of the time so in fantasy it was a secret hero's car. The other car ie the 1959 Ford nuclear did not make it to production for 3 reasons. 1) it mostly made of magnesium and titanium that at the time alone would have a sell cost of $175,000.oo 2) The nuclear pellets were about the size of a baby aspirin and 6 were sealed in the power disk that cost $375,000.oo but one would not need to get them changed out for a calculated 18,750,000 miles. 3) And the kewl thing was when you parked to go to work or home or shopping you would plug in your car to keep the electrical power grid on. So you had a car that was almost impossible to destroy unless you were in a very violent wreck. If it did happen the Nuke disk was way hard to even crack never mind bust apart so no free radical nuke fuel bouncing around. However, it would cause panic if it did get built & was in a fender bender. You would and could drive almost forever. At that time it was calculated for 750 years of what was one's normal miles per year that included going to grand mom's for Christmas or a vacation to Florida, California, Yellow Stone, The Black Hills or other. The oil and gas companies would be flat out broke in about 5 to 7 years for your total use per 2 or 3 years was 3 quarts of turbine synthetic oil ( that right now cost $5.95 per bottle ) and 5 quarts of a thicker antifreeze coolant that was also synthetic ( even now cost $9.95 per gallon ) every 2 to 3 years but no gas or oil was used. Right now and ever since th turbo pack is on so many cars and/or the use of Wankel rotary engine in Mazda cars or Suzuki motorcycles we have used synthetic oils since 1973 in some cars & motorcycles. However, we have been using synthetic oils and hydraulic oil in jet aircraft since 1950. SYNTHETIC is made from plant oils The good part was free electrical power and no more smog. The part that get's me is who griped the most about it, it was none other than California ...
Knight See'er (11 months ago)
Thank you guys that is very nice ...
William Rush (11 months ago)
all of these DONT look like cars!!!!!!!!!!! I like it
Caitlin Harvey (11 months ago)
Run gradually representative arrange surely exceed myself concerned.
Romaster 8035 (1 year ago)
Eyyy you forgot the 1947 ford which was AWSOME because if it broke down in the field farmers could just pull out there tools and fix it and no it is not this way just because it is old but was designed to be that way
S. Smith (1 year ago)
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
Will do!
S. Smith (1 year ago)
Jawas...disgusting creatures....
Bruce Alan Wilson (1 year ago)
Some of these designs should be revived.
1zanglang (1 year ago)
Look here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Y2y08a5KU First aerodynamic automobile in the world, created by the Romanian engineer Aurel Persu, in 1923.
1zanglang (1 year ago)
Jawa is a motorcycle manufacturer in Prague, founded by František Janeček, before WWII, and it is still making motorcycles today. making cars was just a try, but they stayed into motorcycle industry.
David Windhorst (1 year ago)
In case anybody's wondering: #12, the Invader GT VW kit car, was not produced until the early 70's. This particular example turns up elsewhere online, and apparently is *built on* a '62 chassis.
Sam Jonker (1 year ago)
does anyone notice that number 10 looks like a lifted shelby cobra
Adrian Fundescu (1 year ago)
1941 western Flyer,Nardi Giannini Bisiluro,Zil 112 Sport.1947 Morgan,Tucker 48,Framo Stromer.And of course Fiat boat car.
Adrian Fundescu (1 year ago)
Somehow ashame that I did not put the Persu one whitch is in my hometown,Bucharest technical museum and which I know since childhood.Allways thought that it looks funeral like.For sure it was a big step in terms of aerodynamics...but esthetically...
gregg guenthard (1 year ago)
The Golden Submarine is quite a cool car and well worth seeing. Too bad except for the first pick, all the other images were of another car, the Thom Taylor designed/Dan Webb built tribute car, done about 10 years ago! Might be nice if you got the facts right.
Cetok01 (1 year ago)
If you grew up in the 1940's or '50s, see if you agree with me that the 1938 Phantom Corsair (#6) was probably the inspiration for that era's comic-book Batmobile. Just add a huge bat-wing sail on the back.
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
+Cetok01 not from that time frame but I definitely agree. Such a beautiful vehicle! Way ahead of its time!
lazy RRR (1 year ago)
Bellyaching little #@∆¥ 😭 crying about PRONUNCIATION - - - Let's see YOUR videos ... sniveling school-kids How about we talk CARS ⁉
lazy RRR (1 year ago)
Minds Eye Design 📌
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
+lazy RRR I should pin this comment. I do find it ironic the ones nit picking and complaing about pronunciations are the same ones with zero vids posted.
Chip Anderson (1 year ago)
Matt Kustom Kostumes (1 year ago)
Awesome... finally some cars I've never seen before! ... Except 2-3 of course.
михаил николов (1 year ago)
ЗИЛ 112 СПОРТ , перфектна машина за времето си , бяха страхотни времена .
chemical mike (1 year ago)
does #16 remind anyone else of the bat mobile?
tuberesu (1 year ago)
For 'cool' read 'tasteless!
Kristof Gyori (1 year ago)
42lookc (1 year ago)
That 1923 Audi Jaray was unbelievably ahead of its time, body-wise!
Off The Jacks (1 year ago)
Truly amazing what the mind allows people to produce.
Bethlehem Eisenhour (1 year ago)
see the movie,, "if you could only cook - 1935" car designs 42:53 into the movie..
profnasty (1 year ago)
How unusual! A Mosaic Lisp.
Cinnamanster A (1 year ago)
Thems were the days man. When they designed and built a car that looked like a boat to be funny and creative. Nothing like that no more.
AldershotDave (1 year ago)
No.18 - the "h" in "Panhard" is silent, i.e. it's pronounced "Pan-ard".
Chance Swiger (1 year ago)
boat car, nucleon, and the shark are the I like.
Seth Tyrssen (1 year ago)
Cool stuff! (The Tucker was never called "the Torpedo." That was an earlier design -- which ironically looks like the sports car Tucker built briefly in Brazil. The well-known Tucker is always "the 48."}
Lann Copeland (1 year ago)
Hi, Not trying to insult you AT ALL. I thoroughly enjoyed your video and the selection of of off beat cars. Keep up the good work
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
+Lann Copeland thank you!
Lann Copeland (1 year ago)
I love his thoroughly American mispronunciation of every non-English word in the video! Tie-buron for example.
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
Thank you!
Dan Feeney (1 year ago)
A car got 80.7 mpg in 1948? I'm pretty sure that is impossible to achieve today. Am I missing something?
Kevin Mueller (1 year ago)
0:14 "I can't abide those Jawas" http://www.starwars.com/databank/jawa
Trevor Johnson (1 year ago)
Cool vid  !
pdufusc (1 year ago)
80 mpg, it's always been possible. Supposed 300 miles in a gallon of gas. Just can't keep the engine from over heating. BUMMER MAN!!!!!!
Dougie Quick (1 year ago)
The egg ....first oversized golf cart?
Matt Farah's Million Mile Lexus (1 year ago)
Nucleon - Extremely impractical, but at least it's radioactive.
Tyrone Simon (1 year ago)
the boat car is a fraud
Tipjar333 (1 year ago)
Good narrating.
GameFizzle (1 year ago)
Nice video. Love the cars.
Christopher G (1 year ago)
1934 Chrysler Imperial Airflow would have been a nice addition.
Doug Bittinger (1 year ago)
Nicely done. Some great cars and it was well narrated and produced. Thanks!
Doug Norwood (1 year ago)
Just found your great videos. New sub.
Minds Eye Design (1 year ago)
+Doug Norwood thanks for the sub!
04afretired (1 year ago)
The Soviet 112 S looks like a 1957 Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa. And the Phantom Corsair.....blind spot much?
Zagzagel Namir (4 months ago)
Blind spot? Perhaps, but remember there were far fewer cars to run into back then. And most pedestrians knew better than to challenge a car in a one-on-one confrontation.
Greg Gallacci (1 year ago)
Corbin Sparrow? Electric 3-wheeler, 70 MPH. Complete with golf-ball dimples for more betterly air-stuff.
5610winston (1 year ago)
Ah, yes The Sparrow. The Electric Nose.
Marshall Man (1 year ago)
WOW! A GREAT site ...... :) You could do a stand alone video on each car ...... !!!!! :)
richard westwell (1 year ago)
My favourite vintage car was my grandfathers, passed on to my father. A1934 Morris ten-six, Registration number BMP 861 Not many of then were produced as most people went for the ten-four. I hope someone has preserved this car because many years after it was sold I actually saw it on the road.
Derek Jensen (1 year ago)
Panhard was a French company. The H is not pronounced: /pan-ARD/
Pedro Scotta (1 year ago)
Art Deco wins!
Bhatt Hole (8 months ago)
Robert Cayse (1 year ago)