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Smerconish: The Saudi chokehold on the US

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CNN's Michael Smerconish wants to know why Saudi Arabia holds sway over US presidents from both political parties along with major business leaders despite less American dependence on foreign oil and human rights abuses perpetrated by the kingdom. #CNN #News
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Dennis Grass (2 days ago)
How much of the U.S. stock market is owned by Saudi interests?
taurusx1000 (11 days ago)
yet Obama sold most arms to the Saudi's than any other president,so its not just Trump
Eddie Umaga (17 days ago)
americans should not allow money, economic gain to set aside principles
Eddie Umaga (17 days ago)
Americans should pressure its govt to side wity the ttuth
Eddie Umaga (17 days ago)
this wiil test the democratic process of u.s gov't. the Legislative being coequal component of derrocratic sys should exere its rights
Eddie Umaga (17 days ago)
u.s gov't should grab the opportunity of holding the torch of universal principles opp justice
Eddie Umaga (17 days ago)
u.s citizens should make united convictions for truth, liberty, freedom
Hamed Alrashed (19 days ago)
All are Saudis in a Saudi consulate How about we respect Saudi government investigations and then court ruling and then truly judge ❤️🇸🇦❤️ Too much hate and prejudice unfortunately- patience is wisdom
Peg James (19 days ago)
Oil oil oil oil and more oil.
Steve Kambiski (20 days ago)
Dont these people know complete power corrupts, greed is king in America. War's wouldnt exist if greed didn't exist. Its all about money to the high ups. Its all about power over the world.
Warren Moses (20 days ago)
Trump is so far up the prince ass he can see what’s in his stomach.
Leeanne Bishop (21 days ago)
Those that fidn’t Vote for Trump vote hard get your contry back and get rid of the smell of red trash
Leeanne Bishop (21 days ago)
You can thank Trump for that he’s the one that keeps making deals with dictators cross them at any point watch out caysecwon’t care who you are your screwed
Steve B (21 days ago)
You are a total shil for the psychotic mass murderers of 9/11 bitch. The inside job is not a friggin conspiracy theory . Where are the real journalists of this nation. To mention popular science's report on 9/11 is laughable. You have lost all credibility. KARMA for the psychotic mass murderers of 9/11.
Abdou Abdel-Rehim (21 days ago)
Qanta Ahmed what you are saying is non sense. Just to be polite. From where exactly you got the information that mosques in Europe are used to radicalize locals. Muslims in the west in general don't have enough money to build mosques. Go to any city or town in America and see how many mosques are there and how are they run. 99.99 are funded through donations of regular individuals. When the Saudi build a mosque it is usually on big cities like Rome or Washington DC. It is part of their support of Islam worldwide given they have the holy mosques and they have money. You know that about 70 years ago Egypt used to send the cover of the Kabbah in Mecca to Saudi.
Mushtaque Ahmed (22 days ago)
US should hold the crown prince responsible for the murder of the journalist. Simple
Michael Dob (22 days ago)
I'll tell you why but you won't like it. Reason is Israel. Israel is using Saudi Arabia to fight its fights. Because of that, US has to partner up with a backward regime that chops heads off regularly.
curandero88 (22 days ago)
The larger issue for these experts??? The larger issue is FUCKING RELIGION in the first place! It has single handedly fucked up freedom, peace, civility, since forever. LOSE your fucking religions. Study human anthropological mythology and deal with it.
Omid Reza (22 days ago)
ARE YOU STUPID? THEY GIVE US OIL FOR PAPER MONEY. ALSO EVEN BIGGER, THEY SELL THEIR OIL ONLY FOR DOLLAR - this makes the dollar strong and in demand in the world. Thats why we let them kill people and start unprovoked wars (like in Yemen). We have no Morals. to the Glasses Lady - stop completely ignoring the Saudi crimes. your colors are showing and so is your hair, be careful those wahabis don't get a hold of you without hejab
Mohamed omar Hasan (22 days ago)
Hey you lady the 2 Holly Mosques are situated in a rogue state of Saudi Arabia third Holly Mosque is in Apartheid state of Israel but as you believe US and Saudi Arabia friendship no matter don’t say Saudi Arabia represents Millions of Muslims around the world you are wrong compered to the crimes they do to people we go there because of hajj and Umrah don’t defend them for the crime they have committed you are nothing in Saudi Arabia second class citizen don’t repeat again to say Saudis represent all Muslims around the world
John McQue (22 days ago)
This is pure BS!! The Saudis, own some $3trilion in US bonds, and we are dependent on their oil, that is why they always get away with murder.
Ezra Daßer (23 days ago)
Did that woman just fold her glasses into themselves ?
Aziz Alrwaili (23 days ago)
There’s no American values no one killed more innocent people than the US
khin myint (23 days ago)
I am thinking what if real USA.born American was killed by Saudi like this ,how USA respond to murderer
James Ryan (23 days ago)
It's all about money and oil. Our so called leaders don't have a spine.
BOSTON GERR 12 (23 days ago)
Assassinate All in the Kingdom .. STAT !
BOSTON GERR 12 (23 days ago)
Assassinate Trump .. STAT !!!
copy print (23 days ago)
bad glasses disease , it's not funny, it's a real thing, maybe a little funny
Greg Woodworth (24 days ago)
" I don't get why the Saudis hold such sway" And you're supposed to be a journalist! 5 minutes researching the Petrodolar and you will understand
Suhayra Dollie (24 days ago)
Religion plus Money, Toxic Combination
Karen Hendry (24 days ago)
Because of Yemen and the third anti christ Will wer. Turan
Arthur Radtke (24 days ago)
It's all about the military/industrial complex as billions if not trillions of $$$ keeps our nations industries afloat. Pretty sad isn't it?
Michael Richardi (24 days ago)
Religion nothing but always causing hated n death
Gilles Cordier (24 days ago)
The Saoudies own a good chunk of the national US economy. Is that not reason enough for them to behave the way they do?!!
Salt (25 days ago)
Dr.Ahmed is quite dense in my opinion
Ind Pol Com (25 days ago)
Israel has greater and complete control over US
zee jay (25 days ago)
15 is saudi lucky no how ...1, 911 = 15 hijackers 2...Khashoggi = 15 death killers
OP Avarice (25 days ago)
Oh, now they wanna talking about 9/11 facts...
Muhammed Konneh (25 days ago)
She is scare to tell the truth lol
Khalid Algharably (25 days ago)
What the heck does killing the journalists have to do with religion? Saudi does not like that journalist because he speaks his mind. Saudi kills him in a stupid way. Trump turns a blond eye because they give him too much money. This is the whole case. What does it have to do with shia and sunna? Stupid fake news
Andy B (25 days ago)
These crazy leftists won’t be happy until the USA is in a war with someone.
Victorious Angel (25 days ago)
Why did an autopsy specialist come to a consulate?Was it to take out the journalist and silenced him?
1JAAJ (25 days ago)
Because saudis well know that they own US leaders. They know what ever they do they will get away with it. American’s bread is ditched to murdered innocent peoples children blood. Which morality of US talking about?
Fred Pfeifer (25 days ago)
Amazing to live in this times when one gets to witness the most powerful politician in the entire galaxy happens to be the one under the threat of all the juicy pieces of evidence in the hand of some Vladimir on his midnight engagements in Moscow a couple years ago, and, on top of all that, now also under the chokehold by Saudi. Luckily that politician is not the most powerful creature in the entire universe, which is presumably larger than our galaxy, or he could be even under the threat and chokehold of some Martian or Saturnian.
The jukebox (25 days ago)
Well well well, libtards mocking diplomacy
Rune Martin Guldberg (25 days ago)
That women. Does she have windscreen wipers on the glasses?
Kellie Everts (25 days ago)
a choke hold? hows that ......have any of our sevice men or women being held hostage....let US know.
desertrose (25 days ago)
The woman paid, at first second, Mohammad , prophet order , make election, for leadership, not dictatorship of Saudi arabia, this lady change the story, she paid , the kingdom was part of keeper of colony of British against ottoman empire not against shia, or Sunni, also kingdom are Wahhabi not shia or Sunni, and profit and wealth of Saudi people are for sale , and Iran have nothing to do, with such crime as she wants make money more,
desertrose (25 days ago)
why khashoggie did not hire a lawyer do the job, when he know they are looking to kill him , as opponent,
Joe (25 days ago)
Oil of course, but when that ends they will probably treat em like Palenstians.
delritmo la clave (25 days ago)
trump=mob saudi landering money projects....
ann hendrickson (25 days ago)
This is BS. Msm echo chamber Propoganda pie holes schill on behalf of the transnational elite profiteers. Why the selective outrage? Money. Corruption. Baugh, Muslim brotherhood CAIR , left alliance of Jewish haters , hamas hezbollah Iran boosters.
Stev Rex (26 days ago)
Not in any manner a question. All the people you pictured with mbs adore money. They worship money.
Reda Elhana (26 days ago)
$110 Billion dollars.
Ginny Oliver (26 days ago)
how can this woman worship a god that see her and girls from the age of 9 as sexual property of her husband with no human and civil rights?????????
BernieYohan (26 days ago)
They like Putin own Trump.
Gordon Hopkins (26 days ago)
Why is everyone ignoring the true crime here? Her glasses!
John Cass (26 days ago)
Randy Bell (26 days ago)
I Like Rand Paul, but not his hair.
Randy Bell (26 days ago)
This guy is the most desperate of any CNN reporter. He looks like a wolf ready to devour his prey.
Moeshaak Shakur (26 days ago)
This to guest are just as dumb as the anchor they do not know what they're talking about and they're all bunch of liberals three liberals discussion topics to have no qualification in discussing this is ridiculous
Moeshaak Shakur (26 days ago)
This woman is 100% wrong this woman with the stupid classes she is wrong there is only one Islam and that is the one which believe in Sharia law 100% know if no but all
jiji309 (26 days ago)
Trump would literally do a blow job to Saudi royals for money!! Trump worships money and has no moral values, but do not be fooled by Iranians Iran is no better than Saudi Arabia!! they both had their fair share in destroying the Middle East and letting it drown in terrorism
David Linx (25 days ago)
America leader of the free world, if it ever was, it sure has been reduced to a vague recollection
Richard Harvie (26 days ago)
It was Saudi Arabia money and personal who committed 9/11--now they are killings American citizens one by one!
Monique W (26 days ago)
He died in a fist-fight ??? Errrr, Ummmm, Where TF is the BODY ?????
yarnpower (26 days ago)
If Climate Change isn’t enough of a reason to invest heavily in renewables for anyone, getting independent of Saudi oil should be.
John Cass (26 days ago)
raidermax23 (26 days ago)
its not in america's best interest.. its in Jared Kushner and his Father in law's best interest.. We need to flip the House at all costs.. If we dont.. take to the streets and march on washington.
Bruce Mincks (26 days ago)
1:30 You assume you are not fake news, without realizing what you are being fed before you deliver it publicly.
K S TV (26 days ago)
House of $aud, House of Rothschild, Bank of Lloyds?!?
Hermand Lo (26 days ago)
Petrodollar - Saudi ditched USD or migrated to yuan, so goes the US hegemony
Miata Sport (26 days ago)
Is she a fuck robot that learned to speak and only has saudi cum pour out. Get the fuck out of the desert.
Baltazar Ibarra (26 days ago)
That lady is full of shit, is disgusting to see how anyone would defend those animals.
Gerhard Kutt (26 days ago)
Dr. Ahmed is incorrect. Oil was discovered first in 1908 in Iran, then moved west towards Saudi, where Americans first discovered it in 1938. So America was courting Saudi Arabia because of the prospect of Oil. The rest is history ..
Gerhard Kutt (26 days ago)
Trump was bought by people with money. The way they did that was to buy units in his properties. He mentioned early in his election about pay to play. Russians paid, by disruption - even manipulating Comey on Hillary emails - as well as $30 million cash to the NRA which paid for ads posted by them.
Kevin Junior (26 days ago)
And one day, pretty soon. America will smash everyone.. absolutely smash.. their tech is fuckin crazy.. you have no idea...
Tommy Hayfield (26 days ago)
Shocking is a small word to describe Saudi Arabia's continuing actions. Our ENTIRE peace of mind in America is in the hands of, apparently, a spoiled rich kid whose anger knows no boundaries. Surprisingly, the recent murder of the Washington Post journalist was just one thread of the giant quilt of suffering the Middle East has suffered at the Saudi's hands. God help them all!
Ruru Ve (26 days ago)
Its all about the oil
bob jones (26 days ago)
China's Chokehold on CNN
SuperUbermensch (26 days ago)
Israel loves pitting Sunnis and Shiites against each other but sooner or later they will bury their differences and attack their common enemy.
Alhassan Gangu (26 days ago)
This lady said 1.6 billion pray towards Makkah, so what? This lady is nuts!
unconditionalLove1 (26 days ago)
This lady is absurdly stupid. The first clue was her fucked up ass glasses. I tried not to judge from that but everything she said was totally useless and uneducated
Michael Gibb (26 days ago)
The moment Saudi Arabia fully nationalized their oil industry in 1980 should have been when the United States severed its alliance with the kingdom. What needs to happen now is not just the ending of that alliance, but also the US dollar being unpegged from oil.
ramo moreno (26 days ago)
$$$$$$$$How do you make the dog dance $$$$$$$$ DIVIDE & CONQUER orderd trump or "????" orderd him??
Anne George (26 days ago)
Paul Manafort managed Bone Saw Salman's American whitewashing...arranging his image improvement strategy. Ick.
LEGACY PROJECT (26 days ago)
Someone walked out dressed in that murdered journalists clothes. To make it look like he left. But cameras caught him going in dressed differently coming out with the clothes the journalist walked in with... journalist never came back out. it was premeditated murder.
The BOOKKEEPER (26 days ago)
TED Cruz INVESTED $5,000,000 five million dollars IN CAMBRIDGE ANALYTICA ! Russian election tampering ! Wow. Hadn’t heard that till O’Rouke told me 10/17. PLEASE help re-elect HeidiHeitkamp North Dakota SENATE. Very important to our U.S. democracy.
Bogore (26 days ago)
Because Saudis oil is traded in dollard. U.S.A will be brankrupt within 90 days If Saudia Arabia decide to trade their oil in a another currency. Michael Smerconish and CNN knows that but the elite will never bring the real debate to the public. Instead we get all this Islamist, Sunni,Chia bulshite propaganda.
bruno 416 (26 days ago)
bruno 416 (26 days ago)
watta fuq are those dumbass glasses that chick is wearing common
fijianz1 (26 days ago)
ms Ahmed.. the topic is the murder of the journalist not your sunni shia or extremism sidetracking..
Roland Munier (26 days ago)
Nainaa Sahil (26 days ago)
This doctor has a soft spot for MBS, what else do you need to know more about Saudias.
rooz bkhayr (26 days ago)
What a lier this good looking but evil Wahabi bought woman sounds? Money will do wonders! Everytime the Saudis and their evil allies do something egregious like bombing children in a school bus or in a wedding party in an underprivileged village in the poorest country in the ME, just bring up Iran to whitewash the whole crime! The US is blindly supporting a rogue ally, or maybe the whole world or most importantly the good American nation should realize by now that our evil government no matter the party affiliation is the true ROGUE STATE! We Americans should take back our country or it will be too late for the greatest nation in the history of the mankind!
Ernest Pacheco (26 days ago)
Most of you on here are nincompoop dumbass fucks. Without the Saudis and Israelis the middle east is an even darker place. Yes it's fucked up but you must be pragmatic you suicidal naive fucks.
Brett Hughes (26 days ago)
one word $$$$$$$
PLEASANTGIFFT (26 days ago)
$100 billion in weapons contract. Trump will pretend to believe anything you want. Trumpanzee kiss the Ass of Saudis at a price - fcuking Money Hoe
Nitro Express (26 days ago)
Moderate Dimms are just about extinct. Progressives are now battling Socialists for control of the Democratic party. you should be aware that Bernie and Ocasio-Cortez are wrong. the Dimms embrace fascism while condemning it. strange, right? Dinesh D'Souza Explains Why Socialism NEVER Works https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f99s5dNeQtY&t=284s
Malek Mahmud (26 days ago)
How come Iran is the Enemy and not Saudi Arabia. The Hijackers of the planes in 9/11 where from Saudi Arabia, Usama Bin Ladden was a Saudi, Al Qadda militant terrorists are Sunni Wahabbies that threatens and killed Americans..so how come Saudi Arabia is a partner to USA and Iran who has done no harm to USA is the enemy ???
Steven William Bayless Parks (26 days ago)
When an Empire sells itself to its client states, the end is near.