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Instant Karma - Instant Justice Compilation #67

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Text Comments (254)
mrdeath212 (19 hours ago)
I enjoyed the last guy roughing the offender up a bit.
Moo Kitty (12 days ago)
Anyone know the name of the song at 2:17?
Extra Fabulous (17 days ago)
3:18 "...of you, you caused that." Should have just started backing up right then and gone round. Let him chase his car all over town if that's gonna be his attitude. The blokes kind enough not to be angry you hit his car and is allowing you to use his car as a brake. Don't come at him like that.
littleonecute none (23 days ago)
They have such bad lane marking lines and street traffic lights. The traffic lights should be over the lane of travel not on the side of the road.
Chris Ogle (26 days ago)
Some country’s cop cars are just useless. For example Russia’s cop cars. They need to invest more in better looking cars.
Jeffrey Reeves (28 days ago)
Song at 3:30 is SUR - Stix + Stones in case anyone was wondering like I was...
02chevyguy (29 days ago)
Last one. So he drives an Infiniti. Since when did he become so special?
It's Arthur (1 month ago)
all these white people cheering is cringe af lmao
Humanoid Weapon (1 month ago)
0:52 dudes voice sounds familiar🤨 character voice in Skyrim😂😂
Humanoid Weapon (1 month ago)
Maybe im just high af fml
Mitchell Kissack (1 month ago)
I was wondering why the one at 3:30 looked familiar...I used to take that on ramp all the time when I left work. 😂
Bianca Nauls (1 month ago)
David Kennedy (1 month ago)
why do lots of videos have cracked windscreens
Royale Knight (1 month ago)
8:39 the car in the right trolled the other guy in the left. he made the other guy think that the lights became green lmao
J OConnell (1 month ago)
@ 4:30 YESS!!!!!
_ Yuriy (1 month ago)
Р466ОК39 Вот это долбоеб)))))
Pipito Paerata (1 month ago)
Like the laid back attitude of Russian cops. The consequences for attitude make most citizens behave.
Alex Robinson (1 month ago)
Person with the camera at 1:41 you are an awful person
Pete Bilik (1 month ago)
5:51 Stupid Bitch, Why are you clapping? You are so happy that some one drove on yellow that turned in to red light and got caught? You are dumbest Bitch i seen, I hope this happens to you and some one claps when you get pulled over.
Pete Bilik (1 month ago)
I like to comment on whole video, this is just beginning, (P.S. I will edit bunch of times) 1:03 Just watching that van trying to pass/overtake on the outside line is funny, and then trucker hits him, he is like,, WTF!! Well, stop breaking law you stupid piece of shit. 3:03 dumb and dumber; 2 fat guys are clueless wtf is going on . 4:05 is going to get caught unless he has good excuse. I was Driving My Wife to Hospital, she had seizures, and it was traffic so i tried to use the border lane, to get out on exit to the hospital. I was Stopped By Highway patrol, but when he saw my wife, he was almost petrified, he even escorted us to Mercy Hospital driving in front of us with light and sirens. He was Nice Lieutenant, he had heart.
Guido Sardouchebag (1 month ago)
Americans get pulled over for simple traffic violations. Russians get pulled over for almost killing someone.
Gamerswag (1 month ago)
10:00 LOL he didn’t shake his hand?! Left him hanging! savage!
Jorge Martinez (1 month ago)
This idiot @ 3:06 couldn't tell his vehicle was reverse? I mean the damn thing knocked him over. WTF!
David Chernack (1 month ago)
I don't think I've ever laughed as hard at one of these videos as when that guy at 10:00 tried to go for the handshake but the cop wasn't having any of it
Jckhammer hammer (1 month ago)
what song is playing at 7:58
NJ in the MJ (1 month ago)
Cheers for that van driver. Let em have it!
Circuit Dude (1 month ago)
2:15 Cop does exact same thing as driver, which if it's so unsafe to warrant a ticket, the cop shouldn't be allowed to do either... Right?
Circuit Dude (1 month ago)
VJLove BEAUTY I'm saying that's kinda messed up cause what he did was much more unsafe the the other guy, he did it when he could see the other lane a decent amount ahead while the cop did it on a blind corner, he should've at least waited for a better view of the other lane
VJLove BEAUTY (1 month ago)
Circuit Dude cops are legally allowed to do a bunch of things that the general masses can’t so that they can get to the offender without hindrance,
swindonbadger (2 months ago)
9:26 I love
Craig (2 months ago)
We dont have this in the UK, cause we don't have any police on the roads, just speed camara's. Idiot drivers can do what they want because speed camara's don't film them, only take photo's if they go over the speed limit.
Mark D. (2 months ago)
I love the reactions from the drivers when these idiots are caught! 😍
indy_go_blue60 (2 months ago)
And these are the people who allegedly stole the election from Killary Krodham Klinton?
Brenda Singer (2 months ago)
Ticket conga line for driving in the shoulder
YouTurble (2 months ago)
the lady at 6:08 pissed me off with her celebrating sounded like your typical no life old women
02chevyguy (29 days ago)
Paul Kennedy  6:00 Yeah, that driver probably doesn't get out much.
Paul Kennedy (2 months ago)
YouTurble I think you gave the wrong time. There's no dialog on that clip.
Voldemort's Nipple (2 months ago)
8:30 I'm pretty sure he saw the car on the right go forward and thought it was green because of that
afn29129 David (2 months ago)
The very last clip: Guy needs to work on his fighting skills. That should been a head-fake, followed up buy a combinations, leaving him unconscious on the pavement.
Barrel Rider (2 months ago)
0:50 Hey! Isn’t that Boston?
Xiva Knight (2 months ago)
1:02 Is it just me, or is that white van desperately trying to merge into the proper lane, but the guy in the truck is just teasing at giving enough space to merge, and speeds up to prevent a safe merging? It looks like there might not be enough space, or the driver is worried there isn't enough space, for him to pull forward or slow down and let the other vehicles pass.
Jeffrey Reeves (28 days ago)
Looked to me that the truck left enough room for the van to get over. Driver in the white van just suck at merging. The gap only appear to shrink because the traffic ahead of the truck was braking...
Xiva Knight (1 month ago)
There are all sorts of situations in which you might end up on the shoulder of the road or tucked up like that, and not all of them are malicious or because you're a dick trying to get in front. But lets assume that they were being a dick and trying to cut the line That truck driver still forced that van into an accident. The truck danger endangered lives. Easily could have killed the van driver in that situation 'too teach him a lesson' about being rude.
ANDROID 25 (1 month ago)
Xiva Knight But still , why would you go there? Can't you just wait like everyone else is doing?
Xiva Knight (1 month ago)
You can see the white van slow down several times though, and the truck filming the thing slows down with it. That was an extremely narrow shoulder, it's highly possible the van driver either didn't have enough space or didn't think he had enough space to get back. The crash happened because the shoulder ran out: At that point, the van didn't even have the option to yield, he could only get hit by the truck if the truck didn't let him in.
VJLove BEAUTY (1 month ago)
Xiva Knight when merging, you yield to traffic in that lane. The idiot in the white van was not yielding but rather forcing his vehicle into the lane.
John Patterson (2 months ago)
Why do people laugh when someone getspulled for doing something illegl? Most of us have been pulled over. Whether its for a taillight or being drunk
Cat S (2 months ago)
John Patterson because those of us who DON'T do illegal and dangerous things are sick of the assholes getting away with it all the time.
brad300ZXS16 (2 months ago)
Something about those Toyota drivers that think they're entitled... So fun to watch them get busted 😂😂
bouncegod (2 months ago)
*i love fishing* *pike* *PÖRCS*
Subangelis Gaming (2 months ago)
8:35 Why can't we have traffic lights like these in the states?
02chevyguy (29 days ago)
We have something similar here in Missouri., but it's meant for drivers driving with a green light how much time they have before it turns red.
Alice C (2 months ago)
More crappy Russian drivers
Lalalala B (2 months ago)
What the fuck was that dumb bitch laughing about? The car speeded up after the truck turned, he didn’t get pulled over, I didn’t see anything funny about that? Moron.
Ty Lito (3 months ago)
So glad he hit that white van
skywalker2109 (3 months ago)
Those pedestrian crossings are a hazard. They need flashing light.
Chris Mayer (3 months ago)
dumbass runs a red, with a cop RIGHT THERE! (oblivious much?)
Josef Feuerer (3 months ago)
The malicious joy is inbearable, how silly men can be ?
John B (3 months ago)
At 1:00 is that 93n tunnel in Boston?
nmtGurl (2 months ago)
John B yes
Go Home (3 months ago)
Что за мелодия играет на 10 минуте???кто подскажет?
алекс а (3 months ago)
диз только за рекламу
leodanbmx (3 months ago)
Min 0:46 thats i93 north Boston Ma i bet that mofo was coming from dorchester or Roxbury
Ramen Rampage (3 months ago)
So, remind me again how they got their drivers license?
Oleg B (3 months ago)
Dang, the russians are the rudest/stupidest drivers in the world!!!
Shannon Leigh (3 months ago)
Yee haw!!!!
AwkwardBlackGal (3 months ago)
Anybody know the song at 3:30?
Aiman A (3 months ago)
Search for the lyrics online. I would help out and do my best to figure out what he's singing and find it for you... but I have no interest in that song. I'm sorry. And many people around me helped "upgrade" me to Dickhead Version 2 (downgrades are not allowed anymore). It sucks to be me.
Jason Page (3 months ago)
My home state at 3:30 Spaulding Turnpike!
takingbacksunday54 (3 months ago)
Shave your balls!
Ben 247 (3 months ago)
7:05 the guy new he did wrong and put on his blinkers? What the?
Paul Kennedy (2 months ago)
Ben 247 Of course he knew he did wrong, but he stopped because he heard the siren and saw the cop car behind him.
LOUISE CHACON (3 months ago)
Guy at 3:17 did it on purpose hoping for insurance money. Clearly video will show his fraud.
Paul Kennedy (2 months ago)
I've looked again. And I've seen it many times before. It is very obviously not an attempt at insurance fraud.
LOUISE CHACON (2 months ago)
Look again. I've had this happen to me. They ran when caught.
Paul Kennedy (2 months ago)
LOUISE CHACON Don't be silly. It doesn't show that at all. It just shows stupidity, selfishness and incompetence, plus a hot temper.
TyphoonBlade, TheRelaxedFlier (3 months ago)
At least you guys get a timer on every light over there and not just the red crosswalk one like us Americans do. I'm jelly.
itsawinnerfereal (3 months ago)
I like the one that fell on his back like a turtle
Maximilian van Vliet (3 months ago)
Kellogs Crunchy Nut: Now with a drivers license in every box!
Reke Asin (3 months ago)
2:40 мин моментально откупится, для таких штраф, просто развлечение!!!
mynameisray (3 months ago)
1xbet is for poor shitlords
many684 (3 months ago)
david beckenbaugh (3 months ago)
The one @ 9:50 of the guy breaking the parking guard. Oh, gosh, that was perfect timing on the side of the police. As the officer comes towards the creep, he actually tries to shake the officer's hand. What for? Like the cop is his best friend or something? Hilarious.
john Baldock (3 months ago)
Thank You Russia for a fantastic world Cup! But your drivers are fucking MENTAL!!
MeFreeBee (3 months ago)
4:30 - an appropriate level of mirth 0:56 - must live a joyless life to find it THAT funny
Peizxcv (3 months ago)
Just proven without law enforcement society wouldn't work
GengarPlayz (3 months ago)
0:26 it’s a roblox driver
Cromoart Comunicação (3 months ago)
Oh love these. That last one was lovely! Rich people who thinks they have priority over "the rest"...
Cromoart Comunicação (3 months ago)
Awesome then!
Aiman A (3 months ago)
They do.
heyrod59 (3 months ago)
Weebles wobble and they DO fall down ! ! LMAO
ynotnilknarf39 (3 months ago)
Driving like a cunt sir, do not pass go, do not collect £200. people like this are the reason for the vast majority of the 1.25 million road deaths globally!
Jasim Al Jabri (3 months ago)
PPD OO7 (3 months ago)
justice was served, if not by police by righteous citizens.
Wazzz up (3 months ago)
Wut does the intro mean
xTheRealKestrelx (3 months ago)
3:00 great clip, you earn a sub & comment
Paul Kennedy (2 months ago)
xTheRealKestrelx If you like that clip you should subscribe to Dash Cam Owners Australia, which is where it really comes from.
gabrielle turner (3 months ago)
assure may trap language extent palm able declare chip.
ник ю (3 months ago)
подборка херня это старые видио
david S (3 months ago)
Mostly all bad drivers are either, #1 punk kids that are on cell phones 99.9% of their lives, and should not be allowed to drive till they are 21. #2 women of any nationality or race. #3 and anyone from a middle eastern country...
Hennessy * (3 months ago)
That video clip was hilarious ...
Exoticloverscanada (3 months ago)
Hey guys ive been watching cc tube crashes for a while and what is that intro lol i mean its cool but i dont understand lol i know its russian but I unfortunately dont speak that anyone kno
TeddyOnFire Daniel (3 months ago)
Stoney's Dashcam (3 months ago)
@5:35 - You can't fix stoopid...
Aiman A (3 months ago)
Oh it's okay 👌 Reason why Stoney was just a little slow today is because he got stoned 😂🤣👍😀✔
Stoney's Dashcam (3 months ago)
Sorry - bit slow today LOL.
Aiman A (3 months ago)
...Uh, ok. Refer back to your comment when I said my comment. You posted a timestamp. I said what that train would say. Sorry I forgot the quotes: "PEEK-A-BOO! I'm here!"
Stoney's Dashcam (3 months ago)
...and who are you?
Aiman A (3 months ago)
PEEK-A-BOO! I'm here!
China Traffic Daily Accidents (3 months ago)
Instant Karma!Works!
Cristian Hernandez (3 months ago)
9:29 the fishing commercial had me dead lmfao
M. Breadhard (3 months ago)
07:40 Одесса. Такая вот наша новая полиция. Чуть с дверью не расстался. Патрульные Тойоты почти закончились, они на Мицыки пересели осваивать(
HachiZenki (3 months ago)
So how many rubles does it take to bribe your way out of those tickets?
Rollo Maughfling (3 months ago)
00:52 Jeff Garlin in the car.
Devil's Adv0cate (3 months ago)
Icelandic Potato (3 months ago)
The last guy deserved to be punched in a coma.
Puckoon2002 (3 months ago)
I was going to say, I hope they prosecuted him for dangerous driving. Mr NJ67XRX shouldn't have a driving license.
OciXCrom (3 months ago)
Stop uploading same clips every time.
Car Crash Channel (3 months ago)
Nice video :)
Gershom A (3 months ago)
did the fucking cop at 11:15 pretend to see nothing and drive off????
Scar 0666 (3 months ago)
This make me so happy Stupid drivers
flex2000watt (3 months ago)
Last one the VW BUS driver did goood smacke the shitheads debil incest face, he should have knocked him completely out and throw him in his own boot.
Servus Bratans und Sestras (3 months ago)
the last video was perfect. the police did not do anything, that's the way it has to be. do not interfere otherwise there will be shots
Del Diablo (2 months ago)
потому что полиция имеет подразделения в РФ занимающиеся разным делом. и учитывая что там была легковушка и машина омона - скорее всего ехали на задание. в таком случае им ЗАПРЕЩЕНО останавливаться. и не вижу развязки этого ролика, они вполне могли вызвать наряд для решения этого конфликта.
Go Ap (3 months ago)
Yes, it seems (most over) like cage-wagon. Big gave-wagon, most this special vehicle have few less size. Maybe for take some political opposition (mass people) (because it russia).
Neptun2006 (3 months ago)
Servus Bratans und Sestras seems like a money or criminal transport. The officers decide to go an other way because it could be a trap.
hope - the p is silent at night (3 months ago)
put ur car in park m8
DoctorBohr (3 months ago)
I also pee silently on the side of the bowl at night. Doesn't wake people up
Toretto008 (3 months ago)
Думал ублюдки-обочечники есть только у нас.Ан нет!Они есть и в штатах
Aiman A (3 months ago)
7:59 HAHAHA That is awesome! Even the Police Officer in Russia drives like Russian drivers who block the path for people going in the wrong lane! That is friggin hilarious. All the police should do that over there, and inch forward every single moment that they could, to make it impossible for that car to even move. Once that goal is met, then give them a ticket, or whatever the Russian police does over the mother land.
Go Ap (2 months ago)
Hmm... Yes. Anyway, AimanA wrong.
Paul Kennedy (2 months ago)
Go Ap I think you're talking about 7:19, not 7:59.
Челыч Шариков (2 months ago)
Dude, it's not Russia, this is Kazakhstan..But your cliché is very funny!
Go Ap (3 months ago)
Ukraine, but almost Russia. Cop car parked on right side of two-line road with one-direction. All cars can go free. Video-car blocked way, because blocked himself.
DoctorBohr (3 months ago)
personally, I enjoyed the cheesy porno music on that clip :)
Aiman A (3 months ago)
5:35 PEEK-A-BOO!
Aiman A (3 months ago)
You right again
Dimas_Gaming_Chanel (3 months ago)
Aiman A rules are not for tram drivers)